FAQ: Questions about the Orion Queen

By Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, wespenrevideos.com

The following are questions and comments that Ariel and I sometimes get from our visitors:

“Why doesn’t the Queen come and save us?”

“How could the Queen let the Invasion happen without being able to stop it if She is the Goddess with all that power? Are En.ki and the Overlords that mighty?”

“The Queen doesn’t care about us. She has abandoned us to let us perish from pain and trauma in this terrible Construct that En.ki has set up. If She was benevolent, She wouldn’t let this happen.”

“En.ki has obviously created a hierarchy on Earth, so it would be fair to assume that Orion is a hierarchy as well, and I’ve had enough of hierarchies.”

“Why are there wars in the KHAA (Greater Universe)? Why does the Queen allow this if She’s so compassionate?”

“Can’t we just bypass the KHAA and go directly to Source?”

Perhaps the reader of this article also has one or more of these questions. We have tried our best to answer them in our videos, and I also brought this up in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). However, it seems like many people still don’t have a clear picture of why our situation is what it is, so we are going to clarify this concept, and hopefully this will make sense. I am not going to answer the above questions in any particular order, but I will try to attend to all of them by putting everything in context.

We all know that this Matrix is based on hierarchy, and at the top of the hierarchy is the leader of the Invader Force–a being we call En.ki, who calls himself God of the Universe. He, and his son Marduk, rule this world by instigating fear, superstition, religious worship, to name a few—they keep humankind in bondage and gave us amnesia, so we don’t know who we are and where we came from.

Because of how this impostor “God” operates, some people in the spiritual field– believe that the Goddess, aka the Queen of the Stars and the Orion Queen, is of the same caliber. This is, according to our research, not the case.

In this construct, En.ki is God, and he has properties that we now associate with being Divine. He has also put himself in the position of being all-knowing, which he definitely is not. He’s a trickster, a narcissistic pretender, and a master manipulator, which has nothing to do with Divine properties. Still, many people compare the Queen of the Stars, who is the Creatrix of Universes, with him, as if they were clones.

Those, who think the Queen is an evil cosmic dictator, forget to take quite a few factors into consideration. The Queen is a direct spiritual aspect of the Divine Feminine, aka Source, and as such, She is Spirit in nature. However, in order to participate in Her own Creation, the KHAA (the “Greater Universe”), She inserted Herself as a soul, and thus manifested Herself in the same manner you and I are manifested, and every other star being in the Universe, as well. We all take our energy from the Central Fire in the midst of the Universe. She is the Creatrix of universes, but She now also became part of Her own Creation and from thereon has to abide to the same rules as everybody else—She can’t break Her own laws, upon which this Universe is founded. “The Law of Freewill” seems to be one of the most important laws in the Universe, and if She doesn’t abide to that law, the whole purpose with the Universe becomes void; She would need to destroy the Universe and start all over again.

Freewill means that you can choose freely what you want to create, but each creation has a consequence that the creator must be willing to take. Consequences lead to new choices, which lead to new consequences, etc. The Divine Feminine does not judge or take sides in Creation—bad choices are as valuable as good choices (from a human perspective)—everything is a learning lesson. The souls, operating on freewill, are the ones who create the outcomes and learn from them. All choices lead to expansion of awareness for the soul, and ultimately for the Divine Feminine.

A very important thing to ponder is that because we are extensions of the Queen, i.e. we are Her soul energy, we need to ransack ourselves first before we judge Her whether She is basically “good” or “evil.” Are we good or evil? We are both, aren’t we? Where does abusive behavior, reactivity, violence, control over others, and the rest of our “evil” behavior come from? Do they come from the Queen or from En.ki and the Invaders? Then, where does love, compassion, empathy, creative abilities, joy, and ecstasy come from? As the Queen is our Creatrix, and we are Her soul “children,” is there any doubt that these qualities come from Her rather than En.ki? And why would En.ki and his son, Marduk, otherwise work overtime to traumatize and suppress us so we can’t experience these wonderful sides of ourselves? We think this paragraph says it all…

We humans tend to make the mistake thinking the Queen is all-knowing, when, in fact, no one is all-knowing—not even the Ultimate Divine/the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is constantly learning though her proxies—the souls.

So why are there wars in the KHAA, and why doesn’t the Queen stop that from happening? The answer should start to become obvious now when you have read the first part of this FAQ—it’s because of freewill and freedom to create. Each star system is created as its own unique experiment in freewill, and the soul groups who are inserted into these star systems have their own unique environment in which they can evolve. They start from scratch and learn as they go along. Some soul groups invest their energy in wars and conflicts, while others evolve toward love, compassion, and peace. There are as many variations as there are star races. They all start out in a 3-D environment, and when they are evolved enough, they can, if they wish to, leave 3-D and become nonphysical Creator Gods, as we have explained many times in our videos. Wars and conflicts are very unusual in the higher densities, where the Creator Gods roam and create their own realities.

There are those who have read our material who think the Queen/the Goddess has Her own hierarchy in Orion and that the Universe is hierarchal in general, just like En.ki’s Matrix. They also think She’s an evil dictator, and they don’t want to have anything to do with it Before coming to that conclusion, we’d like to present something to ponder first.

If the Queen would have founded Her Empire, or the KHAA in general, in a hierarchical structure, it would negate Her own Creation:

The Queen is very much like us when She is operating in the KHAA—She is a souled being. She doesn’t overstep other beings’ privacy or ability to create by “reading their minds,” stopping them from creating, regardless of in which direction they’re going.  Of course, She has freewill, too, just like everybody else, and if something threatens Her and Her Empire, She needs to take counter-actions in one way or another, but in addition to that, She does not interfere with freewill.

There are those who wonder why the Queen let the Invasion of Tiamaat to happen and why She is not coming to save us. Well, the only way to do that would be to constantly overstepping other beings boundaries and start reading their minds to prevent them from doing anything She doesn’t personally agree with. Even the Invaders have freewill in a freewill universe. If She overstepped the boundaries She herself has set up, She would indeed be a dictator, and it would definitely be a hierarchy, and hierarchies are something the same people who want Her to save us don’t like. She would, in that case, put Herself on top and dictate what others should and should not do, and freewill would be out the window. So we can’t have it both ways, and we need to step out of our limited 3-D thinking.

The Queen does not like hierarchies. She does not put Herself above anybody else, showing off as being better than others. That’s arrogance, and a hierarchal structure prevents the Divine Feminine from expressing and experiencing Herself through Her extensions—the souls. The Queen understands very well that She can’t break Her own laws, or Her Creation would be useless. Can you imagine if She would say, “I only allow the Divine Feminine to experience what is ‘good’ and nice, but everything that is not is taboo!” That would be a dictatorship, where souls would feel very suppressed and anxious, afraid to think and act in a way that doesn’t please the Queen. Often, the same persons who don’t want to accept that She is not coming to save us accuse the Queen of being a non-compassionate dictator. If we step back and look at such thinking process, we notice that those who won’t accept non-interference want to have it both ways; they don’t want the Queen to be a dictator on top of a hierarchy, and they don’t like Her to rule them or place Herself “above” them. Then, on the other hand, they want Her to take authority and overstep humanity’s freewill.

It’s up to each individual soul, based on her freewill, what choices they want to make. Then, we can argue whether freewill has been violated in this Matrix, which I would say it has, but that’s something we need to bring up with the Orion Council once we’re out of here.

If we pretend we were the Divine Feminine, the All That Is, and we step back and look at Creation, we would see what we consider “bad” and “good” in a big mix. Because we, pretending to be the Divine Feminine, like to explore all parts of ourselves, we would be ecstatic over both “bad” and “good,” because they are both potentials within Ourself that are expressed by Her soul extensions. We would be pleased about how much we have learned. We would say, “Look at that star race—they are creating wars! Amazing! And look at those—they are creating, based on love and compassion! Wonderful! I love them both because they are all part of me, showing me my potentials. I learn something new about myself every nano-moment!”

We can compare it with an author, who is writing a series of books. The plot always happens in his or her mind first. He or she might think, “What happens if I write about love—how would that turn out?” So, he or she writes a love story. Then, it’s time for a new book, and new thoughts come to mind, “I’ve already written a love story. What about if I write a horror story this time? How would that turn out?” The author is creating his or her own world in the mind and then expresses it in 3-D. The same thing applies to the creation of all the different star races and their unique experiences in their birth environment, be it on a star, a planet, or somewhere else.

The Experiment was not meant to be this harsh, but even the Invasion became a part of the Experiment because it did happen. As soon as something unexpected happens, the Queen can’t just stop the Experiment. If She did, the Experiment would be on HER terms and no longer an experiment in freewill, and if it doesn’t turn out the way She wishes at all times, it’s not reason enough to terminate it.

We also need to keep in mind that She didn’t just pick a random soul group and placed it on Tiamaat. She inserted Herself into this Experiment, because we are splinters of Her own soul—in other words, we are Her. So, if we suffer, it’s parts of Herself that suffers.

The Experiment has been subjected to termination once before with the Deluge, but that was called for, and humanity cried out to have it stopped because of the En.ki’s abominable hybrids and monsters on Earth that stopped the Experiment from progressing.

So why doesn’t She interfere and save us? What about if it’s because she is loving and compassionate enough to have faith in us, our abilities, and our power to execute our freewill? What if She lets us freely choose what we want to do, without forcing us to do something that goes against what we consider being the right thing to do? What if She has reached out to us since after the Flood, but we haven’t listened?

The whole purpose with the soul is to create and experience. Sometimes, we create and experience ourselves right into a corner, but then it’s up to us to make new and better choices, until we learn. We need to stop using our 3D very limited perspective and start thinking bigger. I much prefer having it the way it is than to have a hierarchal ruler in a universe with limited potentials. Also, She takes other star races into consideration before making decisions that affect a large number of beings. Many star races don’t want this entire human soul group out in the KHAA in the shape we’re in because we are too much like the Overlords, and it would create additional conflicts in the Greater Universe if we were just let loose.

If we ask the entire human soul group today what they want, what would the great majority say? Would they want a Queen from “space” terminate Earth and take them all on a ride of the millennia right into Orion? Most people would think we’re crazy if we suggest that. The human soul group needs to come to a point where they, using their freewill, want to leave this construct. As it is, currently, most people would think such an idea is crazy talk, and although things are far from perfect here on Earth, they consider this their home and would not agree to having their “home” planet destroyed, leading to physical death, and land in the arms of some aliens from another star system. We hope you can see the dilemma here. There is no right or wrong in this—only individual and collective choices. People have the right to do what they want (freewill), and no one has the right to force anyone into something they don’t want.

We might argue that people are ignorant and don’t know better, but that is just partly true. “The truth is out there,” like they said in “X-Files,” but even if we stick it in front of most people’s noses, they would refuse to take it in.

It’s our understanding that if the Queen wants to change the laws of this universe, She would need to terminate the Universe and start all over. That would mean the termination of all souls in this universe, as well, because we’re made of the same energy the Universe is created of. Is that what we want? There are other universes with other laws, in order to have as many experiences as possible. It wouldn’t make any sense to terminate this one because some beings are unhappy with the way things turned out for them when they can just make other choices.

Some people, who are very exhausted from being here experiencing all this pain and trauma, have asked us if it is possible to “bypass” the KHAA and go right to Source instead. However, just because we’re overwhelmed here doesn’t mean we will be overwhelmed and tired after we’ve exited. The exhaustion is just triggers—we are drained of energy. Once we’ve shed our artificial soul, we will become ourselves again and regain our true soul energy. Our enthusiasm, joy, and curious nature will return and amplify to a level we have never encountered in this construct, so that part will take care of itself. Also, we can’t “go back to Source,” because we are souls and belong to this electric universe—our personality can only exist in the electric universe because we are made of bio-electricity, whilst Source is not made of energy. Source is not something we can fathom with our minds—if the KHAA ceased to exist today, we would all perish as individuals and would only exist as memories in Source’s “mind.” You, as you know yourself, would no longer exist.

Last, people are addressing concerns regarding going through the Grid after this lifetime (see this article for more information), expressing their fears that it won’t work out. This fear is understandable, but we want to emphasize again; don’t let your fear get the best of you! The exit procedure is simple; when you die, look “up” and spot a hole in the Grid above you and then set an intention and think yourself on the other side of it. That’s all! Everything else is just fear that we create in our own subconscious mind—nothing more, nothing less.

Our conclusions this FAQ is based on are a combination of many years of research, other-worldly contacts, dot connection, and “inner knowing.” This is what we can present on this subject, and we don’t require everybody to agree with us. All we want is for you to ponder what we wrote here and come to your own conclusions. If you still disagree with us that is absolutely fine. Everybody must connect their own dots.


    1. Thanks, Dreamer! So many people have questions about this–understandably–and when they show up, we have something to refer back to. More FAQ to come 🙂

  1. Sir….I like this turning wave. I feel that Wes@Ariel is a very highly intelligent team. Deeply Honoring Your Souls (and this are not just nice words but this is how I feel), here I have only one question : how can one protect himself, herself // her, his world from an invasion? Freedom is above free will? In theory a lower consciousness cannot reach and/or defeat a higher one.

  2. En.ki taking over this construct isn’t a limitation of our free will?If it were Orion to be uder atack the fre will,would no stand anymore,but erath being manipulated isn’t a violatin of free will?it is like there are many roads to heaven,but we are kept unaware of them ,and in stead we are presented only 1 or 2 roads/choises,both leading to hell.but,hey we made the decision to take one of that two choise,so they are not interfering with our free will!all i want to say we only have the limited fre will of choises we are given by AIF.
    and why wold we have to tell the orion council about this?they really don’t now?I guess it is al rigt with them!they allowed this?
    now comes the question:if it were that En.ki and humans attack Orion would the Queen see that as a violation of free will and interfere?of course!
    you say it depens on our soulgroup to make a decision to liberate ourselves.i thought we passed over that treshold long tyme ago,and as you stated many tymes it is an individual job now!
    do you believe that after millenia of surpressed knowledge,manipulation and AIF being able to read our minds,that are acually theirs,thay would’t have a solution to the holesin the grid?i thinh it is very simple to create a fke ,ilussory grid and fool us.it is not very difficult.so,after thousands or million of years of recycling souls they are that stupid not to find a way to fool us into believingthat the grid we think is real,is just another matrix?or any other solution to keep us trapped?

  3. This article should reduce all the orion queen questions both of you must get constantly. would love to see more like this article to help those trying to find answers trailing through all your great videos to find one. e.g. our loosh energy. of all the actions we do what goes to enki/his minions and what goes to the orion queen. especially those of us from abusive/traumatic lives that seek ‘highs’ either from food/drink-drugs-dangerous activities-sex/self gratification the list is endless. thank you. x

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