2. The Invader Force

This is the second part of our long series of short-movies about the history of humankind, from our cradle in Orion up to present time. After a long time of peace on Tiamaat–the true Golden Age and Garden of Edin–an enemy within showed its ugly face, and a war broke out…


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  1. Hi Wes, since you’ve quit Youtube I’m having a perplexing time figuring out which vids and articles are new and which are older ones (I am aware they are numbered, yet….?) Also how to keep track of watched videos? On YouTube there was the red strip under the watched videos, extremely helpful! How to tell now? I’m rather confused by the new setup which I now read/watch on wespenre.com site. Thank you for any guidance.

    1. People in general need to get used to stop thinking in terms of YouTube. Because of new rules that will be set in motion during 2020, there is going to be a mass exodus from YT (which is also what they want), and people are going to move to other platforms with other properties. We need to learn how to get used to change–not only with video platforms but in life in general.

      This blog site we have is not YouTube, and it has other properties and other set of rules; many of them we are not in control over. However, this setup is very much to be preferred, in our opinion, as we can integrate all our work (videos, articles, interviews, and so on…) into one place.

      Like you said, the videos–and even articles–are numbered, so it shouldn’t be any problem. It’s of course up to the visitor to keep track of their own browsing history–we can’t help you with that.

      1. Could you explain briefly why Google’s (YT) Overlords wish to have a mass exodus? One would think just the exact opposite as it is such an effective means of mind control for the masses.

        1. The “gods” have “long thoughts,” meaning they plan long-term. YT, as it has been set up, has reached the goal of its first stage–to gather information and data on as many people as possible around the world. They gave us freedom of speech, with few strings attached, just to strangle it when the first plan was completed. Now, it seems like they want to get rid of all creators that don’t fill the purpose of the Agenda. We will probably see YT develop into something similar to Netflix, etc.

  2. Hi Wes,

    Just curious. Did you create all the visuals in this two short movies? I assume so as you gave credit at the end for the music. They are stunning and beautiful.

    1. I wish I did, but I didn’t. I have a relatively good grasp of how these beings look/looked like, so I had to do some Internet search to find something that looks as similar as possible. I was positively surprised that such pictures DO exist. I also had some help from a Patreon “picture scout.” This person and I work together at picture scouting. I convey what I need and how it should look like, and this person and I find the pictures, working separately on it.

  3. In some texts we are told she at some point gave creation responsibilities to this “savior” to override enki’s patrix if the female nature was no longer respected, or was abolished. This someone would have a direct bond with sophias same conscious development, like the hundred monkey phenomenon, thus her temperment transpiring from war to peace, as she has. Relinquishing the queen of creation duty by bestowment, or conflict, this direct descendant would possess innate physical creatrix abilities in her own right. At some point this “matriarchal savior”, possibly when enki raped her and added to the queens, his dna, beguiled in eden ring a bell, this became secret knowledge among the monarch left and/or created here to become the bases of many conflicts, and her story was most likely replaced using the patrix’s own “savior” story. The patrix saw the need to enslave and mind control this physical creatrixes knowledge of herself, and any of her direct descendants, so they could have unlimited access to her innate procreation gifts and exploit them for STS interests. Noah and his family carried several stages of ethical creation results initiated by sophia, and enlil, that at the time of the flood, were already becoming corrupted by enkis unethical procreation experiment on the “dark-headed race”, aka his corruption of the Namlu’us as described by Credo Mutwa. My comment is based only on my personal conjecture; hoping to add to the detailed and highly regarded research of the WPP’s. Just hoping to blog, discuss what possible details others have found that can tie together hidden history. I hear the History channel has a new show about our origins, not sure how authentic it will be though.

  4. Dear Wes and Ariel,

    Thank you so much for all your effort to make this short movies.
    It really helps me to understand things better.
    So a really big THANK YOU!!

    I have two questions for now.

    The queen of Orion is using holy fire energy of the Divine Mother to create monsters to kill the enemie. Isn’t that black magic?

    Why do we only see petrified titans, trolls, trees, mushrooms and animals and no vulcans, hybrid animals, dakhs,mikh-makhs,, sirians, namlu’u,, etc.?

    Thank you for your answers.



    1. Black magic is when the “sorcerer” used magic and spells on others, them unbeknownst, and for personal gain. I don’t see that the Queen did that. She used her own soul fire to defend her Creation.

      Regarding petrifaction… I’m sure we can find that, too, here on Earth. It’s just that so few people have actually looked for these things, and from our perspective, the world is big. Also, the petrifaction we see happened in an instant, and whatever was present at that place in the moment was petrified. The chunk of Tiamaat that become Earth is just a tiny fragment of the original planet.

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