Video 197: How to Control our Thoughts and Diminish the Effects from Thought-Forms

The question is, how do we control our thoughts, and how do we prevent thought-forms from interacting with us, whether it is in manifested form or as voices or thoughts in our heads? Can we, for example, set up some kind of boundaries that keep both our unwanted artificial-soul-instigated thoughts and thought-forms away from us? Is it even possible?

The Quantum Pause by James Mahu of the WingMakers (PDF)

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  1. Thank you for this video. I felt as if it was created just for me❣️ Great suggestions for setting boundaries. I especially liked the reminder to breathe. I use to use the quantum pause regularly but got out of the habit. I do, however, use the term “cancel that” when I express something that I realize immediately should not have escaped my lips. As always, your videos and other information are always right on target.

    1. Yes, I figured it was good to bring up the breathing again–particularly as I forget to use it myself. :). It’s a great and important tool to regain soul energy.

    1. Yes, and I can feel that we were pretty confused when we woke up. I don’t even think we understood that was part of the Invaders. We knew him as one of the Queen’s Helpers, and when hell broke loose, it was just confusing to us.

  2. Thank you. Great info and reminder for the breathing practice. Why did Marduk brought over the petrified remains of the original beings from Tiamat? Wouldn’t he be want to hide our origins?

    1. He didn’t bring them over…they were “glued” into the environment. This happens when nuclear weapons are used. Another example of that is Sodom and Gomorrah. These beings became petrified in seconds when the nuclear weapons hit the target. There are even petrified trees and mushrooms still here on Earth. Google it, and you’ll find it 🙂

      1. Thank you Wes for clarifying. I have seen images of giant petrified beings and animals before and listened to one of your videos on this topic. I just didn’t know how did they get here. So basically when the second construct was created, our present Earth was “patched” together from the usable pieces of Tiamat along with some of the petrified population that glued into Tiamat due to the nuclear war.
        And because the Queen’s spirit was embedded into Tiamat some of her energies are also in Earth. That’s why you’ve been saying to those that want to save Earth, though it is a noble sentiment but this world is Enki’s and not our original home planet.

        I do have a couple of more questions related to this topic I’ll send them to your Q&A.

        1. Regarding petrifaction…yes, you are correct. So, you can imagine that out in the asteroid belt, many of these asteroids contain petrifaction, as well.

          Yes, because the human soul group is still here, the Queen’s energies are still in “Gaia”/Earth because we keep them there, and we are parts of Her. However, as you’ve noticed, the Global Elite makes sure we destroy that connection as much as we can by getting away from nature and Mother Earth (now Father Earth). Only a few percentage REALLY care about nature and the connection that is still there. The Singularity is the final blow against our connection both with Nature and our Mother (the Queen) Herself…

          1. Thank you Wes. I’ve noticed when I was making a comment from my iPhone (yes, iPhone:) I came up as anonymous. It asked me for my e-mail and user name again. I was puzzled because I have an account for a while and when I am commenting from my laptop it is automatically connecting me to WordPress. It seems that I have to enter my e-mail and user name on the smart system in order to be recognised as a WordPress user. I don’t know how it all works I’m just guessing. (Margareta)

            I was thinking the same, the Queen’s soul is also in the asteroid belt as part of Tiamat. The Queen still has some awareness of this area I suppose but not as much as she could have via our original chakra system. I’m referring to your earlier explanation.

            The effort of the few percentage doesn’t seem to be enough to keep humanity connected. Besides Father Earth’s reality was built to protect his own system and it is a brilliant trap. After the take over it was little hope for the trapped souls “spoils of the war” to ever escape. As Gandalf’s says “There never was much hope just the fool’s hope”.

  3. I’m an introvert person, and introverts are known to be easily drained and overwhelmed around too many people, that’s why we’re much comfortable to be alone or just in a little company. I just wanna ask if introverts are kind of people who lacks boundaries? Or this is really just our personality? Thanks!

    1. Introversion, if it’s our common state of being, usually comes from having been emotionally abused as children. The introversion and withdrawal from others is an escape mechanism. Yes, it becomes a part of our personality because we are born with a “clean slate” and we form our personality based on the environment we’re in the first 7 years or so of our lives. Many people in the spiritual field are introverted, and many people in this field are quite emotionally wounded. That’s why most of us started looking into spirituality in the first place.

    1. Yes, exactly! It’s a perfect example. Anyone who really looks at it can see that it’s a tree stump turned to stone (petrified). And because it’s just a stump, it’s easy to imagine how big the tree once was.

      About 1 1/2 years ago, I drove through Utah and Wyoming. OMG, many of the mountains there were petrified beings–many were human-like. There was no doubt about it. The interstate was fairly busy, and I thought that all these people who drive here everyday have no clue that this is something else but what they consider mountains. It’s quite mind-blowing….

  4. I love this. VERY useful. Hope ‘Cancel that!’ works on thoughts of chocolate too:) Thank you Wes.

  5. Great video wes. I have used the quantum pause breathing.
    It is similar to qigong used in the far east.

  6. Thank you for showing us these lovely messages and also how En Ki Senior had recreated close to what his mother the prime creator of the Universe had created before it was destroyed. I keep hearing about the Sirians contacting people and saying they are returning in 2033. Are they the same Sirian Starseeds as the evil ones that betrayed all that is good or are they another kind @wespenre ? It bites how some of the Vulcans also had betrayed what is good for bad and well, no surprise for Gula, mother Mary, or Nin Har Sag or Isis; the many names she tends to carry like the others. I get confused sometimes as to if she is Mother Mary or if it is our dear Prime Creator who represents Mother Mary? I am getting two versions and mixed messages.

    1. It IS confusing because they are not names–only titles. The root of Mary, for example, is “mother,” which of course is a title that even we human adopt as soon as we have a child. If you have a child, your name is not Mother, but you use it as a title to describe your new position. So, who is who? It depends on the circumstance and the context. Nin is one of the Queen’s titles, originally, but Isis used it, too, because she considers herself being the mother of homo sapiens.

      1. Thank you @wespenre I appreciate your insight and reply on the name confusion. It is still crazy that some consider Mother Mary as Isis or her other names and then Mother Mary sounds more like prime creator, the Queen of Orion in a being form, although she is all that is, which we are part of as her children. Then we are also Isis’ children is crazy, because she is not Prime Creator but daughter of Mikael of Orion or St. Michael the Arch Angel. So much to think of and understand finally. Lol!

  7. This video is inspiring. Thank you. I agree correct breathing is the key for a balanced mental state. I just don’t get that ‘quantum pause being developed by James Mahu’ when it was already developed in the east. A basic yoga technique.

  8. Hi, Wes! I still don’t get it!
    How come the Queen couldn’t save us despite all her effort.
    Wasn’t she supposed to be the most poweful being in this universe? No matter what kind of weapon they used in the attack, she could have prevented the harm. Or at least predicted the attack and done something in advance to avoid all that.
    What went wrong?
    Why did the evil win the good?

    1. Luisa…. Ya!!!!
      Forget prevented, what about her predicting that massacre? Did she know? If yes what does that show??
      —each question answered leads to ten more unresolved issues. Yar!!!!!!!!

        1. Ariel
          Lovely point about the differences between how enki wishes us to view him versus what this queen charactar is all about. Maybe she values surprises, learning and mistakes as means to more experiences and variety?? The lord of ea. rth is always convinced he knows it all and therefore cannot change. The queen on the other hand might be open to bettering herself through tough trials that lead to new things. Knowing everything would get old real fast.
          – i did like the wpp explanation of how we are hostages. Attack enki and he blows the lid off. That is a very plausable reason why there was no rescue party from orion later on.

          1. We live in a Universe of Freewill and Freedom to Create–the Queen is no exception. She doesn’t put Herself above that. She is more compassionate and knows better than being a Ruler or a Dictator. This will be long, but it’s a comment I made in the Member Section of our forum (

            It was not so much for young souls to “evolve” as we think of evolving. A soul out in the KHAA starts out in a soul group on a star or sometimes a planet and sometimes somewhere else. They start from “scratch” with a lower “3D consciousness” (compare with how scientists describe Neanderthals, etc.) and work themselves up in an environment that is created for that soul group in particular. Every star system is different in order to get more out of the different experiences between star races.

            We humans were born with Creator God abilities already, but we were lowered into the higher densities of the Third Dimension to have a physical experience on a planet and in a 3D body (Namlu’u). Contrary to other star beings, the Queen inserted Herself in us, so we could have Her soul and direct connection to spirit (thus, we hear every now and then that we are a “Royal” species). She created us as individuated units of consciousness (separate souls), so we could have a greater and more diverse experience. Could we operate for a certain time in a 3D environment and come out of that experience with more love and compassion than before we incarnated there? What would we create in such an environment? Would we bypass conflicts, control, hierarchies, elitism, and whatnot, if we were left alone? That was the test. If we would pass, She would continue with similar experiments to populate the KHAA with higher levels of consciousness when it comes to creator gods/goddesses.

            The Tiamaat Experiment was time sensitive. It was only supposed to last for a certain time (with Saturn/the Sun as Father Time, i.e. the set alarm clock), and then it would stop and the entire human soul group would be returning to Orion (graduate). Then, an evaluation would be done…did the Experiment turn out the way the Queen hoped for, or was it a failure? Well, we never got the chance to graduate, but the Experiment went beyond expectations until the Invaders came. As I see it, She let the Experiment continue–now in’s hands–to see if we could make it even under harsher conditions (this is all about the future of the Universe, and we were the pioneers to see if creator gods could create from another perspective than was previously the case…it’s all about expansion of the Universe). Mind you that She didn’t force some random soul group to participate in this–She has inserted HERSELF into this harsh Experiment (i.e. you and me and all other humans, who are all part of the Queen).

            However, messed up (as usual), and the Queen and Khan En.lil decided, with from what it seems, humanity’s consent, to end the Experiment. Thus, the Flood. But once again went behind Orion’s back and had prepared a trap for many human souls (such as us who are still here), and only some of the human souls returned to Orion. And isolated this Construct from the rest of the Universe and closed it. How did he do that? It has to do with sacred geometry… cubes, rectangles, and other shapes with angles, in contrast to the Queen’s creative preferences, which are the circles and the spirals (round vs. angle). See the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (our video series on him), and you might see what I mean. This goes beyond human understanding, but one day we will understand more about this…

            1. …”in contrast to the Queen’s creative preferences, which are the circles and the spirals (round vs. angle)”.True.

            2. Thoth tells people to move in circles while in the astray not angles cuz thats how they move in thus construct?

              -he also says you can conjure him by saying his name three times I tried this and it didn’t work, 👻

                1. Rex Bear, who is the host of “The Leak Project” evoked the Seven Lords mentioned in the Emerald Tablets by pronouncing the names mentioned there. He said that afterwards, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

            3. The curvature of the queen’s creation, cool.
              Ill bet particles are pixels in this patrix.
              Always thought of the construct as a rubix cube composed of an infinant number of fluxitating fractals that are themselves the individual timelines.
              Its a box. Perhaps this is why right angles dominant our artechature??

              1. …and then we have the expression, “thinking outside the box,” right? Interesting, isn’t it? And yes, this is a patriarchal system, where angles are dominant–particularly in architecture.

            4. Hey, Wes! Hope all is fine with you. Based on what you’ve just exposed about the Queen, should we consider Her a sacred being as the sacred geometry is considered?
              And do you think we should be grateful to the universe or to the Queen when we accomplish something in our life?
              Thanks in advance. :)))

              1. Hi Luisa! I think we should be grateful to ourselves for our accomplishments. The Queen dislikes worship and projections onto Her, when She didn’t do anything–it was we who accomplished something and not Her. IMO, if we ask the Universe for assistance and we receive what we ask for, it’s perfectly fine to thank the Universe. In essence, asking the Universe for help is nothing different from setting an intention, but sometimes it helps to strengthen our intentions by asking for assistance, and being grateful is a very positive vibration.

                1. Hey, Wes! Thanks for clarifying my doubts. It so kind of you to give us your valuable attention. May you have a very gratifying lifetime! \♡/ xoxo

    2. Hi, Luisa! Perhaps people are confusing and projecting their concept of God onto the Queen of Orion. The God here ( has convinced people that he is an all-knowing and all-powerful, indestructible being. Because of this manipulation and brainwashing, some people have mistakenly just exchanged the concept of “God” with “Queen of Orion” and projected the same qualities onto Her. “God”, as we have been taught to believe, is a false concept. It was taught to us by the one who wanted us to believe HE was “God”.

  9. I am delightfully astounded that the quantum pause is is mentioned! It is profoundly altering! It is part of the very first step, of my 7 step auricular acupressure sequence, that is simultaneously combined with acupressure applied with the fingers to the centre of the ear – the reflex rebooting the entire nervous system, the zero point!!!

    1. That is a good question. I need to look into that, and if necessary, upload it again. Please check in a little later, and it will hopefully be up and running…

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