1. Our Origins

This is the story of the origins of humankind. Our souls originate and were born in Orion, and the Queen of the Stars is our Spiritual Mother. She started the Human Experiment in our solar system on a planet called Tiamaat (Maldek by some). This planet no longer exists, but the remnants are what we now know as the asteroid belt.

Many Creator Gods from different star systems helped in the process of creating the Experiment. The human soul group at that time was androgynous and lived in peace and harmony with each other and with nature. The Experiment in complete freewill went above expectations, until …


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  1. Absolutely love how in this video you mention how lightening and water create life. I’m new to your site and in a previous post on a different page I told you how the doctors turned my physical illness into a mental health issue. My physical illness, epilepsy. (electrical). I had also mentioned how someone in 2013 called me out and asked me on 2 occasions, “what do you care?” This was the result of my co-worker wasting 6000 liters of water for no reason. This set up a chain of events that brings me to where I am today, a lost soul who had to enter his dark night to be re-born into this new life.

    1. Was this info gleaned from Sitchin, if not please let me know the sources so further investigation is possible, if many sources then main ones? Thanks so much.

      1. No, we don’t give much credit to Sitchin’s work, other than that he drew attention to the old texts. The video series you are referring to are directly taken from my papers, “The Wes Penre Papers” at https://wespenre.com . In the papers, there are plenty of references.

      2. Pisces – It may help to look to another source, “Galactic Historian” Andrew Bartzis. He has the ability of reading the Akashic Records, and researches from the original source. This is not to detract from Wes’ work, on the contrary, I think they both work together well. A. Bartzis has a series of videos on his website that go over our galactic history that is tremendously helpful and can give insights that otherwise are left out. He’s rather “advanced”, I find him at times hard to follow, but if you stay with him you’ll learn some things. I still come back to Penre’s work, as I, like you, am a Pisces and need to stay grounded and not get too unbalanced. Just trying to help.

  2. Essentially the earth, to include it’s various names as we know it, has been called a classroom of sorts for higher beings. It is rumored that Sophia brought in Eve (Isis?) without permission, supposedly in the beginning, though exactly when or where no one has been told as it has not come forth, if they do know. Most likely when enki and his creation began. In Aposthesis of the Archon it is pondered just exactly what went wrong in Sophia’s original construct. Was it self-emination, which is, as far as I understand, a universal violation, the origin of often conterproductive traits, e.g. enki the narcissist trait, and possibly the self-emanation physical trait carried by dracos. I understand she no longer has a role in influencing how or what develops here now, why? It’s never referred to, maybe due to this self-emanation, or possibly as the patrix changed management, its physical placement in space, or civilizations spiritual development to name a few possibilities. In the text also is mentioned that this secreted overseer of sorts task would be to conquer the patrix if it was corrupted, that is, lacking Sophias original hopes and dreams.

    1. It’s difficult to comment on this in a comment section, unfortunately, because what you refer to is the Gnostic texts, of course, which I don’t agree with. There was no mistake in the creation of the material universe–contrary to what the Gnostics thought. This is a universe of freewill, and that’s why the Invasion could happen and the Experiment be hijacked. We souls are here to express ourselves, to create and experience on behalf of the Source (Divine Feminine), who basically wants to explore all Her potentials. Thus, an Invasion was one of the potentials, so that was experienced. From the Divine’s perspective, there was nothing wrong with the Invasion–it was a potential that played out. The Divine is neutral and doesn’t think in good and evil–both good and evil are potentials and will manifest in many shapes and forms.

  3. Wow. This is powerful, I was trying lucid dreaming the other night and the lion face on your picture came to me.. I thought was Jesus as lion of Judah but now I see this was the Orion Lion Guard, when I saw the picture it stopped me in my tracks. Truly amazing. I feel for first time I’m finding out who I truest am, the awakening is happening.

    1. I also had a dream,in it from the video was Enki. He was flying around with a huge sword and destroying what I thought were enemies of somesort. The dream was about 7 months before the video. Pretty sure Ive never seen something similar but I knew as soon as I saw it in the video that it was the same as from my dream. Hooded, could only see a beak, flying around fighting with a sword. Thought it was an angel of some sort at first (michael) with the flying and sword. The feeling in the dream was sort of loving but also a feeling of sadness because of neglect due to being busy or in a hurry and forgotten

  4. Hello Wes and Ariel!
    I want to translate in Greek your short stories and put them in my blog.
    I hope this is ok with you.
    Also Is it possible to have an interview with you for my youtube channel please?
    Thank you in advance ,

    1. I would love if you want to translate the short stories. That would be very helpful, thank you!

      Unfortunately, I don’t do interviews at all. It’s just something I’ve decided not to do for different reasons, but thanks for the offer!

  5. Also one question please…
    At the part where you write “Queen and her helpers” the images shows dragons…????????

    1. Yes, dragons have a bad reputation here on Earth, don’t they? :). The “heroes” in our folklore are fighting the hideous dragons that are spitting fire. Also, in Enuma Elish–the Babylonian Creation Story–Marduk is fighting the Great Dragon, i.e. the Mother Goddess. That alone should probably make us question whether the lore of evil dragons is correct.

      What is fire representing? Soul energy (the soul is made up of trillions of bioelectrical fires). What is the Dragon’s Breath? Fire, i.e. the dragon is Mother Goddess creating soul energy. It’s a metaphor…it’s not that giant fire-spitting dragons are flying around in space. It’s metaphorical for Creation/the Creatrix of this Universe. This has, for obvious reasons, been inverted on this planet to make us think that dragons are evil and dangerous.

  6. The two first videos in this series were deleted by Vimeo. I was on Vimeo Plus, and I did not get a bill from them so I could keep my annual status, so they deleted many of my Vimeo videos. Fortunately, I still have the original videos on file, so I will upload them at my first convenience and let everybody know by making an announcement on this blog.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. Thank you for the brilliant video Mr. Penre. I can’t understand why when I watch these types of movies (our REAL creation history) I literally start sobbing, along with a deep sense of sadness for humanity.

    1. Hi Ms. O. Many people have said the same thing while watching this video. I am fairly sure the reason for getting emotional is because people are reminded of their far gone past–the time before we were kidnapped into this construct. We want to go home!

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