The Orion Creation Story According to the Wes Penre Papers (Part 1)

By Wes Penre, July 2022

The Milky Way Galactic Center–The Womb of the Mother

The following is an excerpt from the Wes Penre Papers, the Second Level of Learning. I will post some excerpts from the WPP in a few videos ahead because even those who have read the papers might not remember—it’s a lot of information to absorb. I will also comment on certain sections I’m quoting. The original papers can be found at and can be downloaded for free.




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  1. Hi Wes, I was always under the impression that the first thing Sophia did after becoming an Aeon, was to create without her consort resulting in Yaldaboath. And I look at that as the first result of the big bang, with the universe expanding ever since. However sounds like she may have created The big bang first and the heavens, and such and old yaldy coming later? I guess I’m caught up in the timing of things. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Wes, I like to make a comment on the so-called secret societies. I’m reading a book on Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist / occultist. He started out studying Thelema, a true goddess tradition in my mind, till Crowley eventually corrupted it with his version of AA, adding sex black magic. However I believe in Jack Parsons case he started out on a true path as Crowley probably did, but these rituals they performed I believe always let in dark entities that’s how they got more and more insane over time. Remember, as Wes talks about, there is no good conjuring from the astral. In fact Parsons actually corrupted the Gnostic Sophia calling her the whore of Babalon. And basing most of his occult work on that idea. Now I ask who gave him that idea? anyways folks if you think you’re going to get something through black magic it’s definitely a dead end Street. But the original goddess traditions of Freemasonry, OTO, we’re very high-minded and truly teaches us how to live among each other, however it all got corrupted in this realm. So if you study Mark passio’s work you’ll see the good in this stuff and you don’t need to run when the word occult is mentioned. God bless you all.

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