Video 83: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 1 of 2

Everybody is waiting for an Event that will save mankind from being stuck in this entrapment. Although different messengers have slightly different spins on this, there are also many things in common. All of them, from what we have observed, are talking about “Light” in one form or another. The New Age community has always talked about Light, Lightbeings, and Light-workers—it’s “old,” but all the other, newer trends are jumping on the Light bandwagon as well, and we’ll give some examples:

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  1. I finally found you Wes Penre. My only regret is that so few of my friends speak English. I wish your information were in Spanish too.

  2. Absolutely even I felt most of conspiracy theories are spread and propogated by these so called intelligence agencies calling themselves aliens or grey or reptilians…

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