Video 111: Is “Locked out” from Earth?

In 2024 BC, the two main factions of the Alien Invader Force (AIF) were in a raging war against each other on this planet. One side was led by Marduk, and the other side was led by The war was devastating, and there was great destruction. Even mainstream scientists acknowledge that the southern part of the Dead Sea broke out and ran south, and the area is radioactive up to this day. That zone was abandoned, and all life died there. The ancient texts talk about an “evil wind” that spread through the region. “Evil wind” refers to nuclear weapons, which becomes obvious if we read the Enûma Eliš—the Babylonian Creation Story. In the same time period, Sodom and Gomorrah, run by Marduk, were nuked, as well.

Transcript to the video


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