Video 227: Q&A Session #53

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, June 29, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session

QUESTION 1: If I am getting gnosis through your work or the Nag Hammadi texts, and I’m still interacting on any social media, does it mean that I’m still giving my consent, and I’ll get trapped in the singularity?

QUESTION 2: How are spirited humans in our current third construction expected to help enlighten the demiurge?  Most spirited humans, even the kindly ones, I find to be incredibly gullible and manipulated to malevolent and self-destructive suggestions.  As Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda indicated, their truth is the lies constantly repeated by the corporate media.

QUESTION 3: Relating to part 17 of the Gnosis series, I am somewhat unconvinced that a being who could create an entire universe, be it imitative and shoddy, would be so practically ignorant that he (Yaldabaoth) could not determine whether the murdered “Jesus” was on a soul level Sabaoth or Thoth. I would welcome your comment on this.

QUESTION 4: I have some confusion around who Jesus Christ is.  So there’s Thoth who was Enki’s appointee (false Jesus), who Christianity is based on (who was crucified?); Jesus the man (Barabbas who was let go?) who embodied the true spirit of Jesus Christ the Aeon. So, Khan En.lil, who is married to the Queen of Orion (Sophia), who represents (or is?) Jesus Christ, who also is Prince Ninurta and Archangel Michael all at the same time?  Where does the true spirit of Jesus Christ reside now?

QUESTION 5: What if a soul who gets through the Grid but has to make “amends” for their “wrongdoings” on Earth? Will the Orions recommend places to go to do that, so you can one day apply for citizenship in Orion? If “trust” is extremely important will they likely allow you to take the test to get in anyway? What if a soul decides, once outside the Grid, to go elsewhere other than Orion? Will they, once merged with their Oversoul be able to still be a Creator God/Goddess?

QUESTION 6: What really happened to the Dinosaurs that went extinct 65 million years ago? It has been suggested by some that the bones we see today have been “planted” there by scientist which as i see it could not have ALL been planted. Were the Dinosaurs tampered with at some point in their early evolution?


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  1. Thank you Wes and Ariel for the sixth level of learning. Question 4 on this Q and A has gave me a better understanding of who Jesus Christ was. I often go back to read and re-read the Gnostic texts, to understand them to the best of my ability.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Drew. Yes, the Gnostic texts resonate differently depending on when we read them. A year ago, I tried to dig into them, but it was not the right time. Now it is! And a year from now, I will probably find more nuggets in there.

  2. Hello Wes, Q4 has also clarified who Christ is for me too. I have to ask;
    1. Are there any other Archons who have rebeled against their creator and receieved Spirit from Sophia as well?
    2. If many Archons receive Spirit, could it also assist in waking Yaldabaoth’s Spirit within or is this mission only for us Spirited humans?

    1. The Gnostic texts talk about the Seraphim, the Cherubs, and Sabaoth’s/Ninurta’s Archangels and angels. It seems like at least the Seraphim were once Yaldabaoth’s minions, but they changed sides. Whether they are spirited or not, I don’t know, but my guess is that they do have at least some Spirit in them. Christ used one of the Seraphs when he descended to the Garden of Eden. The mission to wake up Yaldabaoth is a joint mission, but we humans are the ones specifically designated to start that task.

  3. Wes, in the various WPP levels of learning, my understanding was that the characters of Jesus and the Christ were related to Marduk and, so at what point did you understand a positive version of who Christ was? Also, I will have to re-read your answer to #4, but can you clarify the difference between Christ and Jesus/Yeshua…I’m getting the notion they/he are still not gods to worship…but what is their positive function, and are we supposed to find a way to relate to him/them? Thank you!!

  4. If the kenoma , earth and the archons are to be destroyed at the end of the age as you said in the last gnosis paper, to what extent are humans involved in that process? If humans are as involved in the project of redeeming yaldabaoth as you say, how can this be understood in terms of our involvement in the destruction? If gnosis is about realising how powerful spirited humans are then isn’t it a bit naive to await for a higher power to just come and wipe the slate clean? I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than to say humans are often extremely passive aggressive, not giving credence to our destructive urges. If it’s in the plan that all of this is to be blown to smithereens then wouldn’t living with a sense of purpose also include participating in destruction?

  5. I noticed that it was announced today that the Virus can be airborne and infect others if it is inhaled or gets in our eyes! It sounds like the elites are wanting to eliminate the masses so they can get our numbers down to a controllable size for the singularity! This is definitely hell in this construct! That is what this is and has been planned back in the 80’s! Any replies on this? We are doomed! I am ready to get out of this sorry place! I would rather take my chances out there beyond the grid!

    1. This is part of their game of fear and control, the virus is not nearly as seriously as they’ve explained. For example its that contagious but they have to stick a pole down your nose to get to the deepest parts to take a sample for a test, but you can cough to pass it? Should they be able to take a swab then?

    2. NONE of this is about a virus or protecting your health. It IS about control, degrading our humanity to it’s lowest level and changing how humans act and interact. If they had just announced one day that we can’t travel anymore, can’t leave the house without permission, can’t sing, dance or play certain musical instruments. No more concerts, no more theater, no more church, no school, no skating, no hotels small businesses have to close, no more freedom of speech, no parties or get togethers, you have to wear a diaper over your face, and 3/4 of us without work. I could go on and on listing all the rights/freedoms that have been squashed in the past 3 months. I agree, it’s turned into a sh–t hole, but please don’t fear a virus. Maybe they’ll release the real thing in the fall, but it looks like they won’t have to, since 90% are going along with the agenda. No fear. All the best.

      1. Agree! And the so-called virus is just a mind game and part of WW III–a new type of warfare. It’s not that some murder virus is attacking our bodies–the Elite are not targeting our bodies at all. They are targeting our minds–our FEAR. With Media and governments spreading terror and fear about a so-called deadly virus and repeat it a million times how dangerous it is, it will trigger people’s fear, and they WILL get sick. The mind, full of fear, CREATES the virus that the authorities describe but doesn’t exist. The mind triggers the body to let loose that, or a very similar virus inside the body. We create our sickness with our own minds. No fear, no virus.

  6. I have a question for your Q&A, could you explain indigo children, crystal children and rainbow children?

    The New Agers mention how the Indigos etc. are supposed to be the ones that the Gnostics mention to raise the vibrations of the planet. Interesting connection. Also, there’s a different spin on it, how the Indigos etc. are actually these new humans who toe the line more and go along with things easier. This title thing seems like a contrivance. Or it could be to categorize certain energies.

    Bob Marley; “Want you to know .. I’m a rainbow too”. (Even though rainbow children are supposedly this new generation) .

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