The Wes Penre Papers, Sixth Level of Learning, is now complete and uploaded: . Feel free to download the PDF, containing the full series in one file:

We now also consider our Gnosis Series complete, although we will still post Gnosis articles every now and then. There is more interesting information in the Gnostic texts that didn’t fit the narrative in the series, so we’ll post those over time as separate articles.

Hope you have enjoyed our series!



  1. I am wondering – Al Biesek time traveled to the future and did say that there was a deluge between 2020-2025 but when he traveled to the future, civilization was still being rebuilt from the deluge. He did say it was a techno society but people had the free will to not participate. What do you think about this, because the 6th level of learning says that their 7 heavens will collapse and their fake kingdom finally destroyed. But Al’s time travel it looks like there civilization is still alive and well in 2749. What are your thoughts?

    1. @Anonymous – “But Al’s time travel it looks like there civilization is still alive and well in 2749. What are your thoughts?”

      My thoughts are that I am skeptical of “time travel”. From what little I understand of the concept of time, there are infinite possible and probable “future” realities and none of them are set in stone because the variables that determine what those realities will be are too vast and ever-changing.

      Even the remote viewers that I know do not set more than a 90 day window ahead of their future-seeking. Anything more distant than that is too unreliable, according to them, and I find them highly credible.

      A lot of “time travel” experiences I have read about are not actual time travel, per say, but mind and memory manipulation. For example, many accounts of experiments at Montauk were nothing more than mind-shattering/fragmenting episodes of very traumatized individuals who were made to “believe” that they were taking a trip to Mars, let’s say, when all they were participating in were very, very heavily induced states of altered consciousness. They never even left the room they were in. They *thought* they had, though. For them, it was real. I can’t say that is true for all accounts, because I don’t know, of course. I *do* know that was the case for some of them, and so I suspect it was a high possibility for others who have participated in similar types of mind-experiements – especially at Montauk.

      I am wary and cautious of any narratives that come from participants in military psychological experiements. What came out of Operation Paperclip (from which all these projects were offshoots, including Montauk) were HUGE leaps in how to fragment the mind and alter the memories/consciousness of unfortunate participants. For this reason, the stories that are told by these victims, while fascinating and certainly interesting to consider and study, need to be reviewed with a LOT of objective reasoning and discernment – at least, by me. I’ve been hood-winked by more than one supernatural tale only to find out that it was a case of altered memory from an MK victim who was a participant in one of these programs or just someone who wanted attention and acclaim.

  2. Thank you SO much Ariel. You are right, this was a military operation and I didnt take that into account. My nerves are soothed. Lets rejoice its almost over!

    1. Thank you, Fiery. It’s more or less the same as our Gnostic Series on this blog, though. The Gnostic texts neatly finish up the Wes Penre Papers, making them complete.

  3. @* , I found this big collection of shortened transcripts on the topic of moksha:
    ( )
    And it has transcript for the “moksha” video by Brett Stuart😲 (at page 38)
    Somebody actually wrote down a summary of the video(or used speech-to-text, then edited it) !
    If anyone prefers to read rather than looking at a video, you can now read an ebook or print this transcript.
    You can do something like here: ( ), or you can order a print.

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ Wow! Thanks for this link! This is great 🙂 I see that Jonathan Dilas and Shiva Suraya are also included in this compilation. We had the pleasure of having Shiva visit the forum a few times, and their information concerning “holes in the grid” was a very hot topic of discussion. How nice to have all of this information in one place!

  4. For a moment, i got too hyped up, excited about this transcript collection. But it turned out to be summarized transcripts, instead of full transcripts – which is also good. But if i look closely and read closely, the text has problems with sentences structuring in some places.

  5. @Wes , the mobile version of your site/wordpress is sometimes incovenient to use. Since i mostly use a smartphone, i got used to it. @* , is there a mobile client for this site, or for any WordPress sites?

    1. I’m not sure…Try to go to and do a search there, maybe? Or google it. There might be some kind of app that makes it easier to view. Personally and in general, I like WordPress, but it still has its inconveniences and bugs after all these years in business.

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