Gnosis Series/Sixth Level of Learning Now in PDF!

We just completed the PDF version of the articles/6th Level of Learning!

I would like to ask you all a favor, if you don’t mind. Please download this file to your computer, in case something will happen with our websites in the future. That way, we know the information is safe. And if you haven’t downloaded Level 1-5, they are here:

Thanks a lot!


  1. Hello wes! Thank you for all that you do, and special thanks for this series I havn’t read it yet but I downloaded it and have some questions please:

    What do you think about Kabbalistic doctrines of Ein-Soph, Sephiroth, Adam Kadmon…etc, are there some truth in them? If so are they limited to the 4% universe? And is there is a connection with the Gnostic teaching?

    Thank you so much, your answers are really helpful

    1. I’m not familiar with these teachings, but if you are, compare them with the Gnostic texts and see what feels true inside of you and what does not. What doesn’t resonate with one person might with another–each individual has their own stepping stones that bring them forward on their path.

      1. Hi Wes

        Is this 6th level a compilation of the last 20 or so shorter Gnostic papers? I’m looking forward to reading the original texts. Your papers are very comprehensive and easy to understand. I appreciate it tremendously.

  2. Dear Ariel and Wes, first of all, thank you so much for the tremendous work on this sixth level of learning.
    I have a few questions, if there were two Jesus, what about the supposed apostles, did each Jesus have his 12 apostles and were the names repeated or something like that? What about Mary Magdalene and the royal lineage of both Jesus? Were there two mary here too? It is said that the Magdalene, once Jesus (Thoth) died and rose after a time, fled to the coasts of France helped by Herod Agrippa II, will this be the wife of the false Jesus? because the real escape from the crucifixion. What is your opinion about it?

  3. Hey guys! I have just finished reading the sixth level! What a great work!
    I feel I am in the middle: not being asleep but at the same time not doing anything to help wake up others … It is like I am only having the information on my head and it is fine for me just knowing where I came from and what I am… I dont know how to do more… My wife, parents, friends seem to be amazed by the things I tell them but not enough for them to feel excited and dedicated as I have been since a teenage…
    What would be the next step for people like me that KNOWS but has a hard time EMBODYING the knowledge?
    Thank you !

    1. @Fernando ~ This a very thoughtful question. Of course, I can’t advise you on how to live your life, but ultimately I see this as a personal spiritual awakening/transformation and we can’t force people into taking the steps to initiate this process within themselves. It is just something that happens when it’s time or when a person has reached that point in their own quest to know who they are. I am sure that you, like me, went through several steps that led you to this point and if those people have not gone through those necessary steps in their own lives (and they will be different steps for each) then this information will not be very helpful *at this time*. Just put it out there and then it’s up to them. You are creating an effect just by being you. In other words, your state of being and level of awareness has a vibration and a Light that *will* impact those around you, whether you are always aware of it or not. Maybe just focus on the mindfulness of that as you go about your daily life, and that’s enough for now. There are no rules about this as in “must do this” and then “this”. Maybe you are just in a space where you need to rest. That happens, too. 🙂

  4. “as in “must do this” and then “this”. Maybe you are just in a space where you need to rest.” … This resonated so much, thank you very much Ariel 🙂

    Sometimes in this path of awakening one seems to be in a rush to “get there”, “to know ALL” , to be “enlightened” once and for all, specially with how the world is being right now…

    but like you said “You are creating an effect just by being you” this brings rest to me…I am doing the best I can, and in peace knowing that at least my Heart is pointing the right direction and Spirit is flowing trough me

    Thank you again! have a great weekend

  5. I’ve downloaded all pdf’s and look forward to reading them. Many, many thanks for your work. It must have taken great dedication. The small amount I’ve read so far, resonates with me. Bless you my friend 💚

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