Video 276: The Shape of the Aeon Sophia’s Omniverse

By Wes Penre, October 9, 2021

UPDATE ON OCT. 16, 2021

Here is s revised version of Sophia’s Omniverse, extending the Earth “Dome” to include the Underworld. It only makes sense because Earth is a “copy” of the larger Universe, which, in my opinion is “egg-shaped” (see video content or transcript).

I have received a lot of questions lately about the shape of the Earth vs. the Universe.

There are lots of theories out there regarding the shape of the Earth, and I have done my best to review the information I have, my interpretations of the ancient texts, taken other researchers into consideration, consulted and discussed the matter with the forum member and researcher, “Sahib,” and, of course, pondered my conclusions from my Wes Penre Papers (WPP) years and come to the following present conclusions, subject to revision. It might seem puzzling how those who claim the Earth is a globe can present evidence of this, as well as those who claim it’s flat (or a disc). I would say it’s because it could be considered both (see the current image on the video screen, or if you read the transcript, the picture is at the top of the PDF file).

I think some people are at least willing to ponder or consider the following theory, which is not
complete by any means and needs to be expanded upon, but it is what makes the most sense to
me now. Here is my theory: …

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  1. Thank you Wes. I love all of your videos. So much vital information. Thanks for all of your study and work. 🙂

  2. Hi Wes, I can believe the egg theory, indeed ancient texts have discussed this. But the flat Earth I just can’t get my mind around because we could fly on a plane and see horizons and all the pictures from space showing a beautiful blue marble globe, I know NASA has faked a lot of this but that is just the big elephant in the room for me. So are you saying like in the Truman show the boundaries are the Antarctica and the ice? we can’t go beyond in physical bodies? Just hard to wrap my head around, no pun intended. Good stuff though it does answer a lot of my other questions. Also all the worlds we visited in the Star trek episodes we cannot do until we break the egg so to speak? Thanks.

    1. “So are you saying like in the Truman show the boundaries are the Antarctica and the ice? we can’t go beyond in physical bodies? ”

      Yes, I would say the Truman show showed a light version of the truth. In the end, he ascended (climbed the stairs) and went through the door (bypassing the Dome and going through the Grid into the ‘unknown,’) In a sense, the Truman show was more real than the Matrix series, even.

      1. Yes a Tru story about Waking Up. All the way down to the mind-controlled people trying to keep him asleep. Thanks.

      2. Wes, I had to watch the Truman show now and was amazed how the message was conveyed with so much apt and clarity. please can you suggest movies or documentaries that clearly depicts this message as it seems to awaken so much of what you share and brings so much clarity?

        1. Since I kicked this off, I would suggest the triple threat I always recommend to people: The Truman show, the Matrix (all three parts because they are all equally important), and finally They Live by John Carpenter (who I believe was an enlightened person). As a cherry on the top, I will suggest Mark Passios interpretation of The Wizard of Oz, from an esoteric viewpoint. I would love to hear other peoples suggestions as well.
          As an afterthought I just finished re-watching the Omega Man with Charlton Heston. Very apropos to what’s going on today.

          1. All great movies, seen them all. Mark Passio’s series,’What On Earth is Happening’ is fantastic. I have watched several of his presentations. I must have missed his interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. I have several favorites, but the Natural Law series, Fake-Ass Christians, New Age Bullshit, and the one where he talks about classic feminism vs Neo-femisnism. It might be in the Sacred Anger one, cant’ remember. I also loves his interviews with Sethikus from Black Earth Productions. If you really love movies and soft disclosure, check out The Ruiner aka Shane Sedore. He has a lot of knowledge and breaks them down. I also recommend Becky Barron from Find the Light rb, listening to her youtube channel and reading her blog. I am going to train with her next year. She also talks about the Matrix and how we are in an EGG Universe and she has seen other Egg Universes and Matrices. The last two people are George and Lauda Leon of Sovereign Ki. Lauda and Becky both say what Wes alluded too, that this ‘experiment’ was never meant to last. Yes, they are trying to extend it, but I believe the Divine has something to say about that. I hope so, I think we are all tired of the bs that is currently going on. I think we either graduate in 2 years, or …well, I don’t really know what will happen to those who don’t pull their head out and wake up. I’ve tried hard to wake them up, but to no avail. It’s on them now. At this point, I just want the truth of how it all began, why and how is it going to end. I think we are all ready to graduate.

  3. Hi Wes,

    So, what about the rest of the so called our galaxy, Milky Way? Is it where the stars constellation are, in your dIagram? What of the other galaxies like Andromeda and others, are they in other shaped universes or are they their own universes?

    Thank you Wes.

    1. I will bring this up in future videos, but in short; I am putting the stars and galaxies, and all the rest of it outside the Dome and in the Orion/Egg universe. This means we need to leave this construct to have access to them. They are outside the Dome and outside the Grid.

    1. To some degree Gnostic–yes. But also almost all ancient texts, including Sumerian and Egyptian, Vedas, Norse, worldview before Copernicus, as above so below (think about that), and not the least; if you’ve read the WPP, you can see that it’s in there, too.

  4. Hey Wes. Awesome video man. I’m pretty sure you know me. I have talked to you through Patreon a lot lately. Please be careful with these kind of videos (which I`m pretty sure your aware of by now). Since you have touched this subject, “They” (controllers and puppets) tend to go after people who touch on these kind of subjects more and more lately in between whats currently going on right now. I’m just trying to look out for you. But I`m pretty sure you can look out for yourself and have been for awhile. You have been talking about all sorts of subjects they would love to go after but fortunately they haven’t touched you. Just be careful man. Keep researching and spreading your information to us ones who see through all of their lies and deception. Keep raising your own vibration and we will keep raising ours and hopefully we will conquer these limitations and go beyond and help those who need to be helped and let the dark ones be and leave humans who are stuck in their darkness alone and let them figure it out for them selves unless it gets too late for them, then so be it for them. And again, Thanks. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Leo B. Yes, I know who you are. You’re right about that people with similar info to this video are being attacked on the Internet. This is usually done by ridicule and agent provocators, trolls, and others. That’s usually how the EL-ite handles information they don’t “like.” I’m not done, either. This is just the first in more videos to come on this subject. It will also explain the Antarctica phenomenon…

      1. Yes never ever give up, that’s why we are so deep in darkness and ignorance cuz those that who have known never expressed it out to others! Keep on truckin Wes!

      2. Good, Antarctica needs more explanation as do the poles and the relevance to the shape of this construct. P seems interested in that. A may of the lower five would be cool too
        Great video. Remember around 2016 when all the elites went down there-antartica in droves?

        1. “Remember around 2016 when all the elites went down there-antartica in droves?”

          Indeed, and the general public got no satisfying explanation for this.

  5. I always get excited for a new video :o) I will have to watch this a few times as this needs to sink in. It makes sense and it explains some things I couldn’t understand. I am still having trouble understanding the Antarctica situation because people have gone there, so it’s strange to think of it surrounding a sort of circular land mass unless some sort of warping of experience or perception is happening like the mirrors in a fun house at the fair, but in a much more advanced technological way. Sorry I can’t explain what I mean very well. I was thinking of the Game of Thrones ice wall situation but I didn’t really watch the series so I’m not sure it pertains. Thank you Wes!

    1. You’ll understand it all in time Julia. I promise. Alot of this stuff I have let sink in for about 5 years. I first found Wes’ papers (WPP) in 2017 and have awaken myself ever since. Ever since then, I have found truths left and right from different sources. You’ll get there. Trust me. 🙂

    2. Oh, and alot of tv shows, like live action, Japanese anime, and movies like lord of the rings, Star wars and star trek have some truth in them. For example, star wars I believe, the force is our energy and nature and if we connect with it, we can do incredible things with our mind and bodies just like the Jedi can basically (also I forgot to mention (OBE) out of body experiences). And star trek, Wes mentioned in this video that it’s “illegal” to interfere with other universes (eggs) development. In star trek: the next generation series, they say the same exact thing about other worlds how the federation can’t interfere with other worlds development. Basically, Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, and J.R.R Tolkien knew truths themselves and put them into their work.

      Bottom line is the EL-ite (controllers) put truths into media but so many humans don’t see it because they aren’t ready for it and they are blind because the controllers have made the masses blind.

  6. Thank you for the picture of sofias omniverse….it gave me s good visual image of how this are set up in our egg universe. I liked the matrix movies and they Live…..and the Truman show.

      1. Very fantastic research, Wes. Keep up the good work. I have a question. How does Tiamaat come into play in light of this information? Could you clarify this one in the next few videos?

        Also, isn’t the Experiment(Gaia) technically successful to a large degree? The only part that might be considered a failure(is it though?) is the Earth construct/Kenoma which nobody asked for to even happen except the Archons themselves. Hope this would be clarified in the upcoming videos.

        Again, thank you so much for your research, Wes. I truly appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe and have a wonderful life as always.

        1. It is my understanding that the Gaia Experiment is/was a success and that they “Graduated.” Now, We are the ones slacking behind because of the density here–we’re struggling big time and are watched by those who only have their own best interest in mind.

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