Video 275: Q&A Session #84

By Wes Penre, October 2, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Are all the humans on earth spirited and souled, or are there humans who have no soul and spirit? I am confused on this topic as you have mentioned in the sixth level that some humans only have an artificial soul just enough to keep them going. Can you clarify?

QUESTION 2: In Video #273 Q&A #83 you mention the word “reset” multiple times.  What exactly is a reset in terms of spirituality?  I have read the pandemic has been referred to as an economic reset.  Or is it a disguised reset for The Singularity?

QUESTION 3: Regarding reincarnation, is it possible that our “future” life happened in the past, according to our linear perception of time?

QUESTION 4: I have been wondering about the reasons behind filling the world up with soulless entities or Non-Player Characters in recent times. Some say up to 90% of people are soulless and not part of the original human soul group, which I know you have discussed on numerous occasions.  So, if there is a plan to get humans into the cloud and invade Orion, then I’m assuming it is the souls of real humans that are needed, but in order to achieve said plan, you would need many other soulless humans to dilute the obvious resistance you would get from souled individuals on their own.  To me the NPCs are therefore here to facilitate that strategy… what do you think?

QUESTION 5: I have learned through your papers, mainly through the Gnostic text series that as we wake ourselves up, we wake up to his spirit as well. Is there any indicator that Yaldabaoth is redeeming himself at this particular time? I clearly see that The Global Elite are infighting amongst themselves to get to this particular goal called The Singularity and this goes for the AIF/Archons as well. It’s apparent when you look at the world today, but what about’s redemption from Orion, will they accept it? Is he trying to redeem himself on any level at all? Also, do you feel it is important to “forgive” and have compassion for him?

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  1. These are very interesting questions and the answers as well. Regarding the question 4. Do those who are spiritless know about their condition? I would assume that they are just as clueless as the spirited ones. Is that so? Do they know that they live only once? That they will perish? 😊

    1. The way I see it is that they don’t know about their condition in the sense that they are “spiritless.” They only “know” or feel that there is nothing more to life than one lifetime and the five senses. They think spirituality is nonsense because you can’t see or touch it. I have had friends like that, and they do not believe life goes on after death, regardless of how much we discuss it. I remember in my youth, I asked such a person if that made him afraid to die, and he looked very puzzled and did not answer and did not want to discuss it further. Although even spirited people have been taught to be afraid of death, I think the ‘spiritless’ are even more so, but they suppress it and try to live their “only life” as best as they can and find the pleasures they can.

      1. You are so right. I have also asked some people about where they thought they would go when they would die. The answer was that they would not exist anymore. I was not sure if their response was based on their beliefs or if it’s what they themselves felt.

        Thanks for your quick response 🍀😊

      2. yes funny how some feel that life is all that there is, this is just the vehicle of experience for sure we are much more then this body. when you realise this the illusion falls away and you see life for what it is. we forgot who we were not of choice either the creation had been tampered with so all beings who came at this time to be here came with a reason the point that some not all awoke was because these ones were here to assist at this time.

  2. Yes this question about whether your spirited or not, I think is really moot at this point. If you truly believe in Gnostic Wisdom, and truly take this knowledge into your heart, I believe it won’t matter if you’re part of the original human soul group or not. Look how Sophia, our true mother, elevated Sabaoth, an archon who seen through the veil and wanted to know more and seen the whole sham and woke up. She gave him the breath of spirit! So in that sense I believe anybody can wake up and of course depending on your vibration when you leave this realm will decide where you go. This is why I believe everybody has hope, and we who know this knowledge need to help others to learn it, it’s never too late folks, to do what you can do!

  3. Wes,

    With all of this being said, I have been thinking about the whole mess. I want to give whoever or what ever is responsible for all that is happening here a new name-Poof gods! Poof, they send us here into these bioligical cyborg bodies and then arrange for us to live controlled life experiences. The whole gamut! All the while they are sucking the daylights out of our emotional energies. Then they arrange for our deaths, or I call murder of us in the many ways we can die, where we go poof, back to the void! We never know where all of the souls have gone. Could be trillions of us from the past, where are they? We are so caught up in the physical experiences here that we don’t even ask or know who or what can be held responsible for all of this. Here we have to pay for anything we do here. The Poof gods are never held accountable for any transgressions! And the beat goes on with these Poof gods! It is a truly Poof experience! Think about it! There is no contact what so ever with our love ones as they go Poof! when they die! Never to be heard of again!

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