Video 274: How to Reprogram our Minds

By Wes Penre, September 25, 2021

I have stressed this in a few videos, but it is so important that I feel I need to make a separate video on this subject.

The saying goes that we are creatures of habits, and this is very true. We also call it routine. It is nothing wrong with that, and it’s even necessary in order to function in an organized manner in life. This usually doesn’t harm us in any way, [but…]

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  1. Habits of doing something or acting some way because of peer pressure. Everyone around is like that so, they should also follow them.

    Fear and hopelessness also can lead to habits. They have tried before giving up smoking or drinking and, it led to nowhere. Just the thought of having withdrawal symptoms make them even more sick. And, when they have already been diagnosed with COPD, Cirrhosis of the liver and or Kosarkow symdrom then, they believe to be end. For what reason would they stop their habits?

    I face in my daily work a lot of patients who don’t even want to hear what someone has to say. They are stuck in their habits that they just have no more idea of what is happening. In other words, a therapy should be done when it is desired from their side. Nevertheless, the closest people can always try to help them and give them their support.

    Taken into consideration that we are still here in this construct, isn’t that a habit? Some would say no, we are locked here or, we have been manipulated. All can be true but, probably we never questioned anything until now. All seemed before to be normal, to die, get to the channel of light, seeing the so called angels or beloved ones, getting to BLA and all the process of the life review until the recycling would take place. Probably many have gone that process many times and were comfortable until now. This is the moment which I think some have noticed that this habit is a poison and, have started seeking a therapy. I might be wrong but, that’s just my view.

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