Video 273: Q&A Session #83

By Wes Penre, September 18, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Can you briefly describe what the difference is between incarnation and reincarnation vs recycling?

QUESTION 2: Some time a little before The Deluge, did plan on saving Noah’s bloodline and preserve the DNA of his original Global Elite alone? If everything was wiped out on Earth/Tiamaat, how was the Seth line (the spirited humans) preserved? How did the spirited humans (us) continue on in the current construct? Is it more of a metaphor?

QUESTION 3: You wrote in the WPP that there are star races that have gone through what we are going through, in terms of the rapid rise in technology in short periods of time, and a Grid surrounding their worlds, but have managed to break down their grids as a mass consciousness. Are you talking about positive oriented star races in the Kenoma or in the 8th Heaven?

QUESTION 4: We started as homo sapiens, then homo sapiens sapiens. Was homo sapiens also interdimensional? I’m assuming that’s when the modification began?

QUESTION 5: Regarding the concept that the multiverse, the KHAA, and the 4% universe we currently live in, is constantly being created through an expansion (big bang) and then being destroyed through an end cycle collapse process–what happens to all the created souls / spirited beings from the multiverse at the end of that cycle, when everything would seemingly be destroyed? Could we as spirited beings survive the end / destruction of our entire multiverse and continue living into subsequent universal creative cycles? If so, will we be able to live as independent and sovereign beings–assuming we successfully escaped our current AIF Earth construct / grid, or would we only be able to survive into subsequent cycles by merging with the Creator Mother Goddess before the end of our current cycle?

QUESTION 6: If travelling in our dreams is more or less astral projection, then wouldn’t we be able to see our silver cords in the dream state? I’ve never seen one myself, but is that because I’m not putting intention into seeing it, and would that apply to anyone else who hasn’t seen one?

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  1. Your answer to Question #3 says we live under a dome as opposed to being surrounded by a grid that has holes in it through which we might escape from this prison. Does this dome only enclose Earth or the whole solar syatem, or the whole galazy, or universe?
    I worked on the Space Based Laser and I will state that there is no dome enclosing Earth. We can, did and do go into space. NASA is not making this up. I am not aware of any problems going into space and having to hunt for holes in a grid or a dome.
    In reading your previous work, I understood that what we can see is the 4% Kenoma which would include all of the stars in this galaxy that are visible to us and maybe more than that while the Pleroma was the rest of the mutiverse. Now you’re saying that the Kenoma is just Earth within a dome. This doesn’t jive.

    1. Yes, there is “space,” but NASA is not explaining this correctly. They tell us that Earth is within the solar system. But everything is inverted (as we start realizing more and more…), so what if the solar system is “within” Earth? What if Earth with all its planets (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn… etc.) is its own Universe, surrounded by a Dome? If we look at the ancient diagrams of the universe/Kenoma, with its 7 heavens (the seven planets), this does jive. In WPP, The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 2, I believe it is, there is a picture of Krishna floating around in the transcendental waters, surrounded by a lot of “bubbles.” These bubbles are different universes, and one of the bubbles is the Kenoma, i.e., our solar system. Also, in ancient texts, “Earth” (the solar system), is portrayed as a Cosmic Egg, with a serpent embracing the egg. I see the Kenoma/the Earth System as a cosmic egg. For example: and

  2. I see the snake wrapped around Earth as the Brotherhood of the Serpent. I like your previous explanation about Earth being chopped in half by Nibiru and shifted to this location which would explain the flat side of it that we live on and a fake sun installed to revolve over it a fe w thousand miles away.But who knows? None of it makes any sense. Maybe we will learn the truth after death.

    1. I’m with you … none of it makes sense to me & seems no-one KNOWS what’s what … even all the Spiritual teachings that teach the “truth”, ie. saying they know what is what, say different things! So if each of them KNOW the truth, ie. what’s what, then how can they all say something different. I’ve stopped looking for the “truth” out there because, as Humans, I don’t think we CAN know the truth, it’s too big for us to know. With the whole World getting more & more crazy these days, I’m going inside to find my way to keeping myself sane … I now understand what its meant by, “The answers are within.”

  3. Hi Wes!

    I am still weak in English. I use computer translation. Always open 2 files in parallel.
    To level up. Amazon does not allow you to download trial chapters to a file.

    Please send 4-5 chapters to the mail.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Wes, This can be a little dark thinking. I have thought about if my wife who passed recently took my advice and looked for the holes in the grid and go thru them to the Orion Empire and the Queen, with you saying we lose our human attributes, whether my wife would be able to communicate with me in the astral or in dreams after going there? Is that possible? I have been meditating and trying to raise my vibrations but I still have not heard or seen any contact with my wife’s spirit!
    Is this what we are left with? We at first don’t really know who put us here and then we are killed off by these same beings or what ever they are and they show no empathy for the human race, are never held accountable for all of these trillions of humans that have past thru this demonic plane of existance! Truly a forever prison planet!

    1. I have been wondering the same thing about my son who passed in the beginning of this September. I haven’t sensed him at all nor I have had any dreams about him where I can communicate with him knowing he has passed away and talk about that. That happened over 30 years ago when my older brother left – he came to me in my dreams where we were communicating by knowing he is not in his body anymore. Yet with my son I do not have any such things even though we talked quite a lot about these things with him. I just hope he remembered and followed my advice to search holes and go through. It is a torture not to know.

  5. Oh, Thank Heavens for the Devine Feminine Queen. Now everyone will know that when we go thru the grid and to the Orion Empire, we won’t be scared out of our wits when we get there. Thanks Wes, great news.

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