Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A Session #2

By Wes Penre, July 28, 2023

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Hello dear Readers (and listeners). Welcome to the Second Orion 1 and 2 Q&A. This will be a mixed Q&A with questions regarding the Orion books and general questions. I know not all of you have read both Orion books yet, so in the meantime, we’ll have mixed Q&As. Please send more questions to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line. The Orion Books part 1 and 2 can be ordered at amazon.com by typing in Wes Penre is Amazon’s search engine.

Question 1: Bloodlines: As each marriage extends the connection to additional family bloodlines… at least for those not line breeding… then the bloodline pool for us non-elites is extensive and beyond staying in say your grandparent bloodline. One’s family tree becomes quite extensive within a few generations.

Comment: This is correct. That is why the true Elite must marry within the so-called “Illuminati Bloodlines,” or the “Bloodlines of the gods.” We average humans are a great mix because we breed between races and bloodlines. So, we have been constantly recycled into our current direct bloodline that goes way back, being born as our own great-grandchild, let’s say. But our bloodline is never “pure,” because each generation was marrying someone from another bloodline, and it immediately gets mixed. And that is our blessing. The more mixed, the better, because we become more difficult to control. But we must have a child of our own in order to be recycled into our own ancestral line. If we don’t have children, there is a chance we won’t get recycled at all. What happens to such souls, I do not know.

Question 2: You suggest that humans should now stop giving birth to new children. What if the world needs more Wes Penres to spread this knowledge? Can’t we train new children in this direction? I know we really can’t do anything for those who don’t want to listen, but even if few are awakened, don’t you think it worth the effort? Why I am saying this is because the Cyborg agenda is still not 100% accomplished and we can at least have some organic children whom we can train.

Comment: The question is basically answering itself, because in one to two generations, there will be no organic children anymore. The Singularity, i.e., the final version of Metaverse, is planned to be in place by 2045, when the human soul group will be trapped in a new virtual reality game. We are now 8 billion people on Earth, and the Overlords need about 192 million for their purposes. Therefore, the Elite will have us stop procreating, an agenda which started by introducing the “shots” (you know which shots I’m referring to).

So, it is already happening. Another thing that is already happening is that they are creating babies in laboratories. Soon, no one is going to be fertile, and there will be no sexual desire in humans anymore. Instead, all babies will be cyborg babies and created in labs, raised by the government. So, the 8 billion people will eventually die out, taken over by the lab cyborgs, which the afterlife crew will inhabit with human consciousness. Homo sapiens sapiens will be extinct in one to two generations, and the babies being created in labs will fit the number of people the Elite want to populate the world with. But no more children. That’s the stern message I got from Orion. More children will benefit the gods and the Matrix, and people who procreate even though they know this information will be held responsible in Orion one day. We don’t want to create more bodies that the Overlords can use for the Singularity agenda.

Question 3: I have a question, you write that Ninurta (En.lil), castrated En.ki  in Rigel. Couldn’t En.ki with all his intelligence and technology get another phallus? You were once going to write about silicone bodies, I haven’t yet encountered it in the second book? P.S. can’t wait when you do a speaking tour in Melbourne, Australia, I’ll be the first one buying a ticket.

Comment: The question about the castration is a good one. Maybe others have wondered, too. What happens when someone gets castrated? They get impotent. Impotent can also mean unable to act. What if the “castration” is metaphorical? Ninurta punished En.ki for having raped Ninurta’s daughter, Isis. This also goes back to the Osiris-Isis-Horus story, where Seth (Ninurta) castrated En.ki and incarcerated him.

So, what do we know happened, according to the Wes Penre Papers and other writings and videos I’ve made? We know that Ninurta cast En.ki/Lucifer out of Orion and “chained” him in the ABZU (a realm below us in density). He also stripped En.ki from creative abilities, and he’s been in the ABZU ever since. He was made “impotent.” He can still affect this world via proxies—his faithful human Elite, but he can’t come here himself because he’s imprisoned and can’t enter our realm in person at the moment.

Therefore, it’s not so much that Ninurta cut off En.ki’s private parts—he made him impotent. Yes, I said I was going to write about silicone bodies, but this has come to a halt. There is much more I need to know before I can write on that subject, I noticed. Regarding waiting for a speech in Melbourne. Don’t grow old waiting LOL. I’m not doing speeches, and I won’t in the future.

Question 4: What does it mean if someone feels great concern about whether they have spirit after they find the WPP and read enough to understand the concept of spirit? Is it any indication whether they have spirit themselves? I’ve heard of people being overwhelmingly occupied with this question and some fear they might not be spirited. Can you share your thoughts on this?

Comment: I agree that many people have asked me this question, so it’s important to comment on this in public. The way I see it, there are two categories of individuated units of consciousness who elevate toward the information I’m sharing. The first group are spirited humans (called 3-UCs in the Orion books). That is obvious.

The other group is the 2-UCs (soul-minds without spirit body) who were either hijacked by the Overlords and sucked into this matrix system and been recycled ever since or asked entrance, so they could experience how it feels to have sex. These beings must also be eager to get out of here. They are not humans but belong to other soul groups in the Orion Universe. So, how do you know which of the two categories you belong to? Here are some good indicators you are a spirited human: There is an inner “knowingness” that we are spirited, and another more prominent trait amongst true humans is our ability to create with our minds. We don’t need to be artists to be human. You can also sit and daydream, making up worlds, ideas, and scenarios in your mind. You are naturally curious, and you thirst for Wisdom, inner as well as outer wisdom.

Once on the quest for greater Knowledge and Inner Knowledge, you can’t stop. It becomes a life quest. If this is you, to a larger or lesser extent, you are almost certainly human. Do you have a wide range of emotions? Also a clear sign, whether or not you are in control over them. Those who are 2-UC may lack some of what I just mentioned. But it doesn’t matter because whether we are 3-UC or 2-UC, we all want to get out of here to go back to our lives in Orion. We are what we are, and we are all very important in the big scheme.

Question 5: I’ve been re-reading the WPP and trying to cross-reference it with the WingMakers material, for example the Neruda interview. There are two interesting things I want to ask for your perspective on; the first one entails the Earth-amnesia-syndrome we all collectively experience here – Neruda asserts that it’s due to the immense density of the Earth-plane, while your view is that it’s due to nefarious technology used against us. Do you believe it’s a combination of both these two things, or just one of them.

Comment: In different places throughout my material, I have stated both, and that’s my conclusion. It’s because of the density here, but it’s also done with technology—particularly in the Between Lives Area (BLA), where all our memories from the previous life is completely erased, and we start anew with a blank slate—no soul memories.

Question 6: The other question has to do with the functioning of the “Matrix” in general (and I must admit, what the WingMakers had to say on this almost gave me a panic attack). In the WPP and your research materials in general – you’ve asserted that the extent of the “Earth-simulation” is confined mostly to where “Earth” is. In other words, once we reach the universe outside this Earth-boundary, we’ve reached the real deal.

WingMakers on the other hand assert that the entire universe in all its unfathomable scale is a part of the Matrix which is controlled by the Overlords. I don’t know how to react to such a shocking claim. It begs the question of “if leaving “Earth” is not an exit, then where’s the darn exit?” Am I taking all of this too literally, and what is your perspective on this?

Comment: Yes, the Matrix, as we know it, is within the Earth boundary, or more specifically, within the Grid (same thing). Outside the Grid is the Greater Universe, which is called Orion or ARY.AN, even though the Matrix is in Orion, too—only contained.

Orion is not part of the Matrix, and in Orion, the Overlords are not in charge. They want to be, but they are not. The reason they are creating the Singularity is because they believe they can take over Orion by doing so.

The WingMakers Material (WMM) has a lot of truth in it, but the truth revealed there is twisted, just like the Gnostic texts and other certain sources are, as well. They point toward an All-Mighty male God (Anu in the WMM, later changed to Marduk, for some reason), on whom James Mahu, the creator of the WMM, credits a lot more power than he inhabits. Thew WMM is disinformation because James Mahu tells us we should reincarnate again and leave the Matrix as an entire soul group in 2080. Well, by then, humankind will be in Metaverse, so that’s not such good advice. Also, he promotes the Seven Super Universes, which are all within the Matrix (the Seven Heavens).

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  1. Wes! I’m not a great sports fan but I know when someone has hit a grand slam home run and you have done that with the Orion Books. There isn’t anything that can be built to last without a solid foundation, Gathering knowledge that resonates within and can be trusted is the foundation that we build our firm intention on, and you have provided that to the reader with your work. Detaching from elements in our lives regardless of what they may be isn’t easy until we have the intention to own them accept them as part of the experience and let them be. I’ve read your work aloud to my soon to be eighty six year young spouse who has later stage dementia and I’m amaze how her eyes shine when I read your books to her, I know she understands. The knowledge that you’ve made available to me and those that I share it with I will be forever grateful for. I look forward to meeting you on the other side.
    Be Well 🙏🙏

    1. Thanks Mike for sharing this, it brought tears to my eyes. This is what happens when we share this information, specially to see the Light in her eyes when she understands it, the Knowing, even in the condition you’re beautiful wife is in. May you all fair well in this life and beyond!

  2. I have noticed that about 99.5% of the comments on my blog are written by decent, respectful people, and those who criticize something do so respectfully and constructively.

    Then there are the 0.5% of trolls and very toxic people. Such comments will be deleted without warning. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for these people because they know very well what they are doing when they gaslight and try to sound innocent. They have no business here, where we try to build a non-toxic environment.

  3. It seems I need to be very precise in my statement for certain certain toxic people to understand my simple message. But that’s okay, here is the update (the last paragraph):

    I have noticed that about 99.5% of the comments on my blog are written by decent, respectful people, and those who criticize something do so respectfully and constructively.

    Then there are the 0.5% of trolls and very toxic people. Such comments will be deleted without warning. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for these people because they know very well what they are doing when they gaslight and try to sound innocent. They have no business here, where we try to build a non-toxic environment.

    Once such person is spotted, he or she is no longer welcome to post on my blog, regardless of what they post, trying to regain their “creditability.” Such persons need to understand they can’t hook me. They will just disappear from the blog.

  4. Unfortunately, I had to delete some of the responses to toxic messages, too. Not because there was something wrong with the posts. Quite the opposite, but when I deleted the toxic comments, the replies don’t make sense anymore. Thanks, though, for your rational responses.

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