Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A Session #3

By Wes Penre, July 25, 2023

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Time for the third session of the Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A. Thank you for your questions, and please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who haven’t read the Orion books yet, and are interested, you can find The ORION Book and The ORION Book volume 2 at amazon.com by typing in Wes Penre in Amazon’s search engine.

Question 1: Hi Wes, in Volume 2 you talk about En.ki being imprisoned in the ABZU as a cyborg. Zechariah Sitchin also talks about the ABZU in the 12th planet series; of course he came from the angle that En.ki was good, En.lil bad, etc., but I do believe a lot of his historical information was correct. So, that does mean that En.ki is totally reliant on his proxies . Is he able to communicate to any of them, or are they all on their own, just knowing his wishes? That does give Marduk an advantage, actually reincarnating here over and over through the ages, and I think that’s why we’re seeing the satanism roll out and just absolute hell to come.

Comment: Yes, En.ki is reliant on his proxies, and in a sense, Marduk is, too, although he is here on the planet, which makes things easier. He has his “lieutenants” all over the world, following his orders. Even though En.ki resides in the ABZU and currently can’t get out, he can still split his Avatar and thus communicate with the ancient Top Elite bloodlines. They, in their turn, pass orders and information necessary down through the ranks. And you’re correct about Satanism. That is Marduk’s work.

Photo: Alexei Boitsov

Question 2: Why was technology invented in Orion? Why did the Queen need it if she was able to create with her mind? Why did they need amnesia technology in Orion, or was that something En.ki invented?

Comment: Good question. Technology is normally not used in the upper dimensions of the KHAA. There, creation happens in the mind and can be manifested instantly in the ether. However, the deeper into the KHAA dimension we dive, the denser things become, until we get to a region we call the physical or material universe. This is where technology is being used to create physical worlds, where souls can be born on planets or in stars. We could say it’s a “playground” for souls, where they can develop from scratch (without amnesia), until the day they are ready to enter the rest of the KHAA and eventually become creator gods themselves (if they so wish).

It’s very difficult to create only with our minds in the dense “physical realms” and make it stick. Therefore, it is easier and more stable to use technology; for example, to create standing ranges of vibrations to keep matter in certain shapes. Star races in and on the developing worlds don’t have amnesia. They can die, but then they take a new body—no memory loss. Amnesia is something unique to the Matrix, and it is En.ki’s “invention,” although he is using Orion technology to achieve it. But as we know, technology can be used for good or for bad.

Question 3: Hi Wes, I am interested in the following: 1. a) Is it possible to swap a tunnel for a hole in the grid after death? For example, if the tunnel appears initially at the same distance as the holes in the grid. b) Does the tunnel always appear right in front of us, or can it approach us from a distance?

Comment: You will notice the difference between the Grid and the tunnel of light because the tunnel is just that—a tunnel, or a portal basically. The holes in the Grid will be distinguishable because you will also see the Grid itself, and in that Grid you will see quite a few holes—some larger than others. In some places, the Grid is really damaged, and the path to the Greater Universe (Orion) outside the Grid is wide open. When you have just died, spot your physical body below you. Then look “up” and you will see the Grid. In the astral, there is no up and down, and that’s why it can be helpful to have the body as a reference point. You will also have 360-degree vision in the astral. The tunnel can apparently, based on firsthand witnesses, show up in any direction. But I think this might be false. As I said here above, there is no up and down in the astral, so the witnesses probably perceive the tunnel to be in a certain direction, based on their own perspective, which differs between individuals. It might, in reality, always show up in the same place. That’s just my thought, though.

Question 4: I was just wondering about Romulus and Remus, the creators of ancient Rome, according to history, which we get our whole government structure from. How do they play into this cosmic melodrama? I hear they were brothers. Can you tell us more? Thank you.

Comment: I am afraid I can’t answer that because I have not researched it—yet. But isn’t it interesting? Here is the story of two brothers again. It seems to be a theme in human history. And much of the written history is also false, of course. They say history is written by the winners, which is true to some degree, but one could also say, “History is told by the Overlords, and selected humans have been their scribes.”

Question 5: About “paying back the debt:” In chapter 3 [of The ORION Book, volume 2], you mention, and I quote: “the Queen and her Helpers gave us full freewill with no strings attached to see how this would turn out. ‘No strings attached’ means  that if we humans in this experiment could graduate, we would not need to pay back the ‘debt’. Our human souls are not supposed to be a loan – it’s supposed to be a gift. However, the way things turned out, some adjustments to this needed to be done. ” In chapter 25 you write about redemption and that some of us have to pay back the loan still whereas others (good ones) are considered irredeemable. When did the gift turn into debt? I must have missed that part in the book.

Comment: Glad you brought that up. I can predict that others might have wondered the same thing, so I’ll explain, from my understanding. It is true that the Queen gave us freewill with no strings attached when the Tiamat Experiment started. We were meant to use energy from the Central Fire to boost our 3-UCs (the human complex), and to use that energy within the Tiamat construct to evolve. It wouldn’t matter how much energy we used to get to the point when we were ready to graduate as a soul group because we were going to pay it back in one way or another anyway. And we didn’t need to be creator gods either after graduation if we didn’t want to, and we did not need to pay back the energy “debt.”

This is still true, but some things have changed. Since the Matrix was created, we have used all the energy we have taken from the Central Fire to boost En.ki’s and Marduk’s System, and thus depleted the Universe from energy to some degree to feed those who use the energy entirely for themselves (the Overlords). This was unheard of when Tiamat was created. Other star races started complaining, and when Orion looked at the situation (which must have been quite recently), they saw there didn’t seem to be an end to it. We humans, in our ignorance, only took and took, but gave nothing back, and we kept very little for ourselves, and nothing for our own development. Instead, we have fed our oppressors and certainly still do. So, the Queen strangled the energy flow to the Earth Construct, and now the System is running out of energy. This stresses the Overlords out, and they need to hurry up. I suppose Orion waits for them to make mistakes in the process, so they can intervene before the Overlords can attack Orion.

I talk about redemption and repentance in The ORION Book vol. 2. Who is responsible for paying back the energy debt? Obviously, it’s the Overlords, but they refuse. Then it comes upon the humans who also refuse and work for the Overlords—wittingly and unwittingly. Humans who insist they want to stay here and refuse to leave, even if they have the chance to, also become responsible for the debt because now they have become vampires, just like the Overlords. Everybody will get a fair chance, but no one will force somebody to go to Orion. But if they refuse, there is a penalty for that to avoid further energy theft, and that is to go with the Overlords, which they want to do anyway. You who read or hear this might think it’s strange that humans would prefer to stay in this closed-in system when push comes to shove, but I think more humans than we think will choose to stay, to be honest. However, those who work on exiting through the Grid and are willing to contribute in any way to the expansion of the Universe will not be accountable for the energy debt, so long as we repent from the Matrix and don’t have attachments to it.

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  1. Very good comments! The situation about the Queen strangling our energy plays out, as above, so below, with how they’re trying to strangle our energy here on Earth also claiming man-made climate change (anything carbon-based is the problem). Just another piece of the puzzle, thanks Wes!

  2. Greetings Wes et al.
    without getting into a longish exposition/diatribe on the nature of the ‘debt of one’s existence’ it is perhaps more convenient/digestible to use an analogy.
    Whether one attended a public or private education system, all that school-buildings , furniture, teachers, administarive funstions etc has a cost, monetary, energy and knowledge cost attached, whether the attendees (students) are aware of same, or able to calculate it as it applies to each one, or not. Whether that cost is paid by the public through ‘taxes’, or the blood-family members for each student. How does the student re-pay this cost ? by applying in a societally-useful manner the learning made. Unless there is a feudal structure imposed upon the theme , there does come a ‘moment’ when that debt is paid….On different levels, planes and aspects of self-same debt.
    What is the debt to an inhalation ? the content of the exhalation…
    Some , in this case Oriental traditions, suggest that the payment of the debt, for a Human Soul, to the Milky Way construct (matrix) is 1000 ounces of alchemical gold AND 3000 Acts of Compassion….as in Individual (indivisible duality) debt…
    Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

  3. Great comments and answers! I see a situation of correspondence here (as above, so below), with the Queen finally starting to strangle the energy as they are also doing to us here on Earth, with the whole man-made climate change hoax, cutting off stable carbon based energy that has served us well through the ages, never causing us strife before! Also apologize if this is a second post on the same subject the first one didn’t seem to go through.

  4. Hi Wes, I am confused about the strangle comment though, at one point I thought you said that the Queen gave us a burst of energy, like a can of oxygen, against other star races wishes, but now you say that they want to strangle the energy which of course I can kind of understand from a spiritual standpoint, this system has got to come to a head, hopefully without too much more pain for us humans. But this would drive the overlords to maximum overdrive as we’re seeing.

    1. Yes, she strangled the energy-flow to Earth a few decades ago, from what I understand. Then came the nano-second in 1987, but like the Pleiadians also said, the light-energy had a hard time getting through because there was hardly anyone here to receive it (our construct was not receptive to retrieve it). But then she decided to give us a last boost, which must have happened around 2008-09, when Orion punched holes in the Grid, so energy could come in again and hit us in quantity. She wanted to give us a last chance. But after 2012, the energy was “shut down” again and has been ever since because the ones who took the most advantage of the energy boost was the Overlords. I could be slightly off with the dates, but this is nonetheless what happened.

    2. Also in volume 2 it’s discussed that human soul energy also is used to fuel the plant kingdom and animal Kingdom. And here is another Big Dot connector for me. In most cultures at kindergarten age, we’re taught about the symbiotic relationship we have to plants, that being we exhale CO2 they inhale it, they exhale oxygen, we inhale that. It’s All connected folks, they don’t even want you to believe what we learn in kindergarten. They’re telling us to chop down all the trees now!

  5. ………..but I think more humans than we think will choose to stay, to be honest. However, those who work on exiting through the Grid and are willing to contribute in any way to the expansion of the Universe will not be accountable for the energy debt, so long as we repent from the Matrix and don’t have attachments to it……………

    1. Yes this new worldcoin their debuting, which is just their lead into the world digital currency force, but they are bragging about how many people are lining up to just get their irises scanned for this with the hopes of getting some money from it. This is the way they’ll do it folks and there will be many that go to it. So sad.

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