Gnosis Part 12: On Star Races, our Bodies, and our Emotions

by Wes Penre, June 6, 2020

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Before we continue the story about the Second Atlantis and the creation of homo sapiens, we feel we need to explain what our physical bodies actually are and why Yaldabaoth Earth construct (Second Tiamaat) is a construct of Death. Also, we want to touch on who all the different star races in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) are and how they are portrayed in the Gnostic texts. What are “aliens?” (Spoiler alert: they are not what UFO and extraterrestrial researchers think they are). I think we need to start with the last topic to make this coherent.

Star Races in the Gnostic Texts

Thus far, we have only talked about Yaldabaoth and how he created his own twelve Chief Archons, who are basically mimics of the twelve Aeons in the Pleroma. Just like the Aeons, the Archons are androgynous—each with their own characteristics. These twelve Archons are, more or less, the only inhabitants of the Kenoma we’ve touched upon. But what about all the star races mentioned in the WPP and in all the UFO literature? Where do they come into the picture, and why are they called “star races?”

First, we need to grasp what an Archon really is. In the beginning of the Kenoma—before any humans were here—there were only Sophia and Yaldabaoth. Even the latter had Spirit in him, but he was just a half-creation. In the WPP, and in our videos, we have stressed how important it is that we learn to be in charge of our thoughts because we literally create with our thoughts and our intentions, and what we think and intend does manifest as a blueprint in what we call the “astral.” These are the thoughtforms we and others mention and talk about. If we give enough strength and power to these thoughtforms, they become self-aware, like a separate being with their own thoughts, emotions, and characteristics. When you create such a thoughtform, it consists of your soul energy. Therefore, we all, to various degree, have “soul children” in the “astral” (i.e. thoughtforms).

It’s no different when Aeons, Sophia, or Yaldabaoth create, and thus, in Yaldabaoth’s case, we have the Archons. They are his soul children—his thoughtforms that he’s given separate lives and individuality, based on the emotions and characteristics he emanated at the time of their creation. Therefore, if he created a thoughtform/Archon with anger in his mind, that would be the characteristic of that Archon. Sometimes, just like we do, he created/creates Archons spontaneously because he might be very angry or very jealous, for example. Sometimes, he might also be very joyful, which creates an Archon of joy, and so on. Each Archon is created as an androgynous being, so he/she usually has more than one characteristic.

At first, Yaldabaoth created the twelve “Chief Archons” and gave them rulership over the different Heavens and the different layers of the Underworld. These are his closest cohorts, whereof Thoth and Marduk (Athoth and Belias) are two of them.

These Archons, once they gained their own personalities, created their own archons (with a small “a” from here on) from their own emotions and characteristics. Thus, archons multiplied, and still multiply, in the Seven Heavens. These archons are the star races I discussed in the WPP—these are what the “aliens” people talk about in the UFO community really are.

Why are they called star races? To understand that, I believe we need to reconsider what a star is. A star is a luminary, isn’t it? What does the soul consist of? Fire/bioelectricity! What does an archon consist of? Yaldabaoth’s soul/fire. Would it then really be a stretch if we think of the archons as stars and maybe even planets? In telescopes, we see galaxies and stars—trillions and trillions of them. These are not part of the Underworld, where we currently dwell, but are located outside our current firmament. What we see are only reflections, like laser beams hitting a glass ceiling. Already in the WPP, I wrote that planets, stars, and galaxies are living entities. For example, a solar system consists of a star/sun in the “middle.” Let’s consider the sun being an archon. Around this sun, there are planets revolving. These would be a certain archon’s (sun’s) chief archons (as above so below, copying Yaldabaoth’s first creation). Either on that same sun/star (or on the planets), more archons are created with thoughts, intentions, and emotions of the main archon of the “solar system.” These “offspring” become the chief archon’s “children,” i.e. thoughtforms that manifest. Thus, a star race is born. By now, there are quintillions or more stars, galaxies, and solar systems in the Seven Heavens, and more are being born. We can also think of nebulae as thoughtforms coming together to form new archons.

Let’s say we have an archon that is mainly created out of fairly benevolent emotions and characteristics. Then, it’s quite likely that this archon’s star races/”children” will be fairly benevolent, too, but still ignorant, of course, because they lack Spirit. Remember, Yaldabaoth is the god of evil and good—he is of a dual nature—he is androgynous. This also explains why there are wars in the Kenoma/Seven Heavens. Moreover, it explains who the Sirians are; they are a warrior-like star race, created by a warrior-like chief archon.

Now, when we might have an idea of what stars, planets, star races, and star beings most likely are, let’s continue exploring how the human body is setup.

How our Physical Bodies are Constructed

In the construct, in which we currently reside, we have a broad range of emotions. Where do they come from? Spirit, in its pure form, as Aeons, is complete joy and bliss, and out of their own unique characteristics, they create. Only Pistis Sophia has a range of emotions because she was created that way, so she could gain Wisdom. Christ, when merging with Sophia as her extended consort, also has emotions because Sophia does. Therefore, humans have emotions, too, as well as Yaldabaoth, who inherited Sophia’s characteristics. Thus, Yaldabaoth’s archons have emotions and characteristics, ultimately based on Yaldabaoth’s emotions and characteristics.

However, in this construct, we have two types of emotions—the ones we inherited from Sophia and those we have inherited from the archons. In the First Atlantis, we were immortal and non-physical. We had bodies, but they were a direct part of the Genuine Soul (Avatars in the WPP). The bodies we have now are completely Yaldabaoth’s and his archon’s creation.

Here is a list of the main Archons, who created homo sapiens and attached themselves to us and have been attached to us ever since:

The four chief demons are:

            Ephememphi, associated with pleasure,

            Yoko, associated with desire,

            Nenentophni, associated with distress,

            Blaomen, associated with fear.

                       Their mother is Esthesis-Zouch-Epi-Ptoe. 

Out from these four demons come passions:

            From distress arises

                        Envy, jealousy, grief, vexation,

                        Discord, cruelty, worry, mourning.

            From pleasure comes much evil

                        And unmerited pride,

                        And so forth.

            From desire comes

                        Anger, fury, bitterness, outrage, dissatisfaction

                        And so forth.

            From fear emerges

                        Horror, flattery, suffering, and shame.

[Their thought and truth is Anayo, the ruler of the material soul.

It belongs with the seven senses, Esthesis-Zouch-Epi-Ptoe.]

This is the total number of the demons: 365

The Secret Book of John (short version)

This is the artificial soul Ariel and I have talked about so much in our videos. The Gnostic texts call it the “material soul,” “counterfeit spirit,” and “artificial spirit.” It’s all the same thing. It’s also what we call the “reactive mind.” When we get angry, sad, depressed, bitter, cruel, and so on, it has nothing to do with us; the Spiritual Beings that we are. These emotions, leading to (re)actions that are destructive, come directly from the archons. It’s them, keeping us in check, stopping us from waking up. By inducing trauma on us, these negative/destructive emotions inside us can be constantly triggered by our environment, and that keeps us in a loop of continuous reaction, rather than conscious action. Many people go through life without having many original thoughts at all—they are just responding to the stimuli from the environment.

In addition, by creating a second type of humans that completely are lacking Spirit and only have an artificial soul, letting the archons inhabit these bodies, they create narcissists and psychopaths who can further traumatize the spiritual population and keep Spirit in check. In worst cases, even spirited beings can become narcissists because their Genuine Soul and Spirit are so buried inside, due to immense trauma, that they take on the personality of the archontic narcissist/psychopath. A narcissist projects their own shortcomings and evil onto their victims. For instance, a narcissist gets angry at their victim, and the narcissist says, “I am not angry. YOU are angry!” The victim then triggers the archon inside, who is in control of fear and anger, and the victim eventually starts thinking that the narcissist is correct. Little by little they take on the narcissist’s persona—this is particularly common in children, who can take on the parent’s narcissistic traits via their own inner archons. But the damage that was done in childhood often follows the person during their lifetime, emotionally crippling them.

Are you sometimes (of often) hearing voices inside your head, or even hear “someone” calling your name in the ether? These voices are not yours—they are archontic, and from all I know, we all have them.

There is more to this, however, according to the Gnostic texts. Archons are the creators of every single organ in our bodies, and they are the overseers of them—one archon for each body part. The following is a long quote, but we don’t need to memorize all of it, of course. This is just to show how our bodies were created, by whom, and what is attached to us at all times (my comments are bold and within brackets [ ] ),

The multitude of the angels [archons] stood before him. They received the seven substances of the soul from the powers so that they might create the harmony of the parts and the harmony of the limbs and the proper combination of each of the parts.

16 The first began to create (starting) from the head. Eteraphaope Abron created its head. Megiggesstroeth created the brain. Asterechmen, the right eye. Thaspomocham, the left eye. Yeronumos, the right ear. Bissoum, the left ear. Akiopeim, the nose. Banen Ephroum, the lips. Amen, the teeth. Ibikan, the molars. Basiliasdeme, the tonsils. Achcha, the uvula. Adaban, the neck. Chaaman, the vertebrae. Dearcho, the throat. Tebar, the right shoulder. N[. . . the] left shoulder. Mniarchon, the right elbow. [… the] left elbow. Abitrion, the right underarm. Evanthen, the left underarm. Krys, the right hand. Beluia, the left hand. Treneu, the fingers of the right hand. Balbel, the fingers of the left hand. Kriman, the fingernails. Astrops, the right breast. Barroph, the left breast. Baoum, the right shoulder joint. Ararim, the left shoulder joint. Areche, the belly. Phthave, the navel. Senaphim, the abdomen. Arachethopi, the right ribs. Zabedo, the left ribs. Barias, the right hip. Phnouth, the left hip. Abenlenarchei, the marrow. Chnoumeninorin, the bones. Gesole, the stomach. Agromauma, the heart. Bano, the lungs. Sostrapal, the liver. Anesimalar, the spleen. Thopithro, the intes¬tines. Biblo, the kidneys. Roeror, the sinews. Taphreo, the spine of the body. lpouspoboba, the veins. Bineborin, the arteries. Aatoimenpsephei, theirs are the breaths which are in all the parts. Entholleia, all the flesh. Bedouk, the right buttock (?). Arabeei, the left <buttock. . . .>, the penis. Eilo, the testicles. Sorma created the genitals. Gorma Kaiochlabar, the right thigh. Nebrith, the left thigh. Pserem, the kidneys (muscles?) of the right side. Asaklas, the left kidney (muscle). Ormaoth, the right knee. Emenun, the left knee. Knyx, the right shin. Tupelon, the left shin. Achiel, the right ankle. Phneme, the left ankle. Phiouthrom, the right foot. Boabel, its toes. Trachoun, the left foot. Phikna, its toes. Miamai, the toenails. Labernioum <…>.


17 And those who animate the parts are, according to parts: the head, Diolimodraza. The neck, Yammaeax. The right shoulder, Yakoubib. The left shoulder, Verton. The right hand, Oudidi. The left, Arbao. The fingers of the right hand, Lampno. The fingers of the left hand, Leekaphar. The right breast, Barbar. The left breast, Imae. The chest, Pisandraptes. The right shoulder joint, Koade. The left shoulder joint, Odeaor. The right ribs, Asphixix. The left ribs, Synogchouta. The belly, Arouph. The womb, Sabalo. The right thigh, Charcharb. The left thigh, Chthaon. All. the genitals, Bathinoth. The right knee, Choux. The left knee, Charcha. The right shin, Aroer. The left shin, Toechtha. The right ankle, Aol. The left ankle, Charaner. The right foot, Bastan. Its toes, Archentechtha. The left foot, Marephnounth. Its toes, Abrana.

Seven, 7, [have power] over all of these: Michael, Ouriel, Asmenedas, Saphasatoel, Aarmouriam, Richram, Amiorps.

And those who are over the senses, Archendekta. And the one over the perception, Deitharbathas. And the one over the imagina¬tion, Oummaa. And the one over the assent, Aachiaram. And the one over the whole impulse, Riaramnacho.

And the source of these demons who are in the whole body is fixed as four: heat, cold, wetness, dryness. And the mother of them all is matter. The one who rules over the heat, Phloxpha. The one who rules over the cold, Oroorrothos. The one who rules over what is dry, Erimacho. “The one who rules over the wetness, Athuro. The mother of all these, Onorthochrasaei who is limitless, stands in their midst and she mixes with them all. And truly she is matter, for they are nourished by her.

Ephememphi is the one who belongs to pleasure. Yoko is the one who belongs to desire. Nenentophni is the one who belongs to grief. Blaomen is the one who belongs to fear. The mother of them all is Esthensis Ouch Epiptoe. The passions come into being from these four demons. From grief (comes) envy, jealousy, suffering, trouble, pain, heartlessness, anxiety, mourning, and the rest. And from pleasure comes much wickedness and empty boasting and simi¬lar things. From desire (comes) anger, wrath, bitterness, bitter yearn¬ing, insatiable greed and similar things. From fear (comes) panic, flattery, anguish, shame. These all resemble virtues as well as vices. The insight into their true character is Anaro, who is the head of the material soul which dwells with the seven senses Ouch Epiptoe. This is the number of the angels: altogether they are 365. They all labored on it until, part by part, the psychic and material body was completed. Now others whom I have not mentioned to you rule over the rest.

If you want to know about them, it is written in the Book of Zoroaster.

And all the angels and demons labored until they had created the psychic body [artificial soul].

The Secret Book of John (long version)

The Construct of Death

Everything in the Kenoma that is physical in nature, which is all of it, besides Spirit, dies, except in the Eighth and Ninth Heavens, where there is a Spiritual balance. This is the reason why the First humans, residing in the First Atlantis, were immortal. As mentioned, they did not have physical bodies. The First Atlantis was a preparation for the newborn human soul group—it was in preparation for our mission into Yaldabaoth’s realm.

The Second Atlantis, however, was an archontic copy of the first, and it was physical in nature. Only Spirit is immortal—matter is not—so our physical bodies deteriorate over time. In this realm, seemingly having existed in the Third Heaven, humans lived approximately 1,000 years because that construct was not as solid, like the construct we live in now, where our bodies only live at the maximum of 120 years.

Thereupon, since the rulers were envious of Adam they wanted to diminish their (viz., Adam’s and Eve’s) lifespans. They could not (, however,) because of fate, which had been fixed since the beginning. For to each had been allotted a lifespan of 1,000 years, according to the course of the luminous bodies. But although the rulers could not do this, each of the evildoers took away ten years. And all this lifespan (which remained) amounted to 930 years: and these are in pain and weakness and evil distraction. And so life has turned out to be, from that day until the consummation of the age.

On the Origin of the World

When the human Spirit descended into the archontic fashioned bodies, it was the Divine purpose to have us accomplish our mission in “one go,” which would be approximately 1,000 years, and we were supposed to make it as an entire soul group. Within this period of time, the goal was to shine enough Light upon the physical construct to partly wake Yaldabaoth up to Spirit. Then, Sophia/Christ would descend and light up the Kenoma, so Yaldabaoth’s Spirit could be redeemed/retrieved. This didn’t happen, and in future articles, we will explain why, and this is where the Flood story is of utter importance…

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References and Resources: The Secret Book of John (long version)
The Secret Book of John (short version)
On the Origin of the World
The Wes Penre Papers


  1. 🌹💙 You speak truth here regarding the Archons! I’ve actually had an encounter with an Archon many years ago—a face to face encounter; and, his expression towards me—the spirited human—was an expression of disgust and repugnance towards me!
    {Long story short—the Archon I encountered was a malevolent one who hated humans and one who relished a human’s physical death, as that’s why he would show up beforehand, to announce an upcoming human’s death with his appearance.}
    As long as I live, I will never forget the expression on that Archon’s face! 🌞🙏.

    1. Wow, very interesting. I would be open to hearing more about the Archon you encountered and what you learned from that experience.
      Thank you!

      1. @BruceBurns 🙂 If you’re on the Forum direct message me there, or post your email address here and I’ll be in touch! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏 ~~Barbelo Trad Witch 🌹💙

  2. Many doubts have arisen in me. I make my own analyzes but I want to know your opinion, I will try to be brief in the doubts. The war of the Titans occurred in the first Tiamaat since Sabaoth and the Vulcans are involved, because that beings belong to the Empire and the 8 and 9 kingdoms. But what happens with the pretified being wich form our actual earth that we thought were the Titans and the original ancient beings,they are simply the remmants of the beings of the second Tiamaat wich I supposed were giants, but the homo sapiens not , Because of that, the destructuon of Tiamaat referred in the war of the Titans its most posible that ocurred in the second which were more material and solid but where was the flood, in the second Tiamaat too. Im puzzled . The Fist Tiamaat you mention here was in the 8 heaven or in the middle zone but according to the graph exposed in article 10 it is located in the seventh heaven. This Tiamaat still exists in some way for being almost ethereal or was it destroyed like the second one? jajajjajjajaja I’ m so confused. Thanks in advance.

    1. Very, very good questions, Marcela. Thank you! And “I make my own analyzes” is awesome–that’s what we want to hear 🙂

      You are thinking ahead right now because we haven’t gotten to that part yet in our series, but you are so much on the right track here. The First Tiamaat in the 7-8th Heaven (or between) is still there, from my understanding. We just descended in Spirit from there to the Second Tiamaat. The War of the Titans, as discussed in Greek mythology and in the WPP happened on the Second Tiamaat (Earth actually, but in a higher density/dimension). That’s where we are in the story right now (Gnosis 11). The Titan War and the Flood story go hand in hand (13,000 years ago). Before the Flood, the Saturn stargate in the 7th Heaven was still open. The Titan War didn’t only play out on Tiamaat but in all the 7 Heavens, and after that was when the Saturn gate was closed. So, the original Tiamaat is most likely still existing in the “ethereal realm.” But more details about this in upcoming articles.

      1. Thank you very much Wes, something inside me made me feel that the original Tiamaat still existed and that there are even still Namlú’u sisters who were living in it at this moment.
        But I want to share something that I find interesting to analyze, we know that there were several deluges, the largest being the one that caused the destruction of the second Atlantis. We tend to relate that with the same deluge where Enki through Thoth / Noah save his lineage, the elite and the genetic material of the Homo Sapiens.
        But the fact that in the course of the excavations carried out in Tell Al Muqayyar by the “Anglo-American” team led by the archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley in 1923, where the ancient city of UR were discovered, they reached a fairly deep stratum dating back to 4000 BC, wer they found a layer roughly 8 feet thick of solid clay that archaeologists say may only have been deposited by a huge stream of water or flood, this layer ended abruptly as it began and under it, older remains of human settlement and very fertile soil were found, other archaeologists excavated at the same depth in other areas and were able to conclude that this flood had occurred on a large tract of land 644 km north to south and 161 km from east to west, in those days it would certainly have been perceived as a flood of enormous proportions. According to this team they had found the remains of the so-called Universal flood or the biblical flood.
        In addition there was the data that in the cylinders and tablets found in the Nineveh excavations, the history of the flood was mentioned in 12 of them, whose hero was King Uta- napishtin of Shuruppak, who synchronously reigned around 4000 BC, the same data of the stratum of solid clay found around all this big area of Mesopotamia.
        His story even states that when the waters had abated, “All mankind had turned to clay; the ground was like flat like a roof”.
        This has given me a lot to think about, because we have already linked the Biblical Noah with King Uta-napishtim. And it seems remarkable to me the appearance of that solid clay layer that when analyzed contained marine organic remains as if it had been washed away by a great current of water. My doubt here is, without a doubt, more than one great flood occurred, but it may be that the flood that sank Atlantis of epic proportions that also corresponds to the time of the end of the last ice age that we know and that of Noah were in different periods such as these findings show?
        Definitely something to keep in mind.

  3. Hi wes.. since the lockdown occur i am addicted in gambling.. i now thinking is this another characteristic of an archon and i let them control me through an artificial soul? Meaning i am not connected fully to my spirit

    1. @Ineedtoexit Any addiction is a coping mechanism for trauma or suppressed emotions. When we find the root to our addictive behaviors, we usually have a better chance to change them. Yes, addictions are “archontic” but we must not “demonize” that in our own minds because that only feeds them even more. Most people are more or less addicted to something, and it doesn’t have to be a drug, as you’re pointing out. Could be big or small things–distracts us and help us cope with the real, underlying problem(s).

      My personal advice, for what it’s worth, is to continue reading our series and also perhaps read some of the original texts. If you choose to do that, I personally had a lot of insights from “The Secret Book of John” (long and short versions), and “On the Origin of the World.” They can both be found online right here: .

      You have already gotten insights into why you are addicted, and you are absolutely right. That’s the first step. Then, continue your path toward Gnosis, and when Spirit inside is flowing through your soul and body, you will be able to override these things much easier because Spirit is stronger than the artificial soul. You will be able to feel when the urges to gamble comes up and you can see it for what it is and separate it from yourself because it’s NOT yourself.

      Hope this is to some help…

      1. What are thoughts on veganism and vegetarianism.. if we are here in this realm to eliminate ignorance and share more love and compassion.. killing animals is an act of ignorance. Thanks for your advice …

        1. @Indeedtoexit – There is more to ignorance than just being “right” or “wrong”. A person is no more or less worthy or righteous than another because of what they eat. This realm is one of endless suffering and one of those sufferings is that we must kill to eat. That means we must eat the life force of others in order to live. This is a very cruel design, I agree, but this does not only apply to animals but to ALL living things – including plants. Plants do not have the nervous system that animals do, but I beg to differ with anyone who would tell me that plants do not have a perception of their own reality. Do they turn toward the sun? Yes. They seek to exist and to live, so they indeed contain a lifeforce, and according to Robert Monroe (as an aside), they also emit “loosh”. So…for anyone who feels pious and righteous for condemning others for their choice of diet, I say we ALL must eat the pain of others to live in this hell-hole, and rather than encouraging division over such an irrelevant topic, we should instead learn to be supportive of each other and find ways to focus on what we have in common rather than where we differ. We have enough of that already.

          1. “encouraging division over such an irrelevant topic, we should instead learn to be supportive of each other and find ways to focus on what we have in common rather than where we differ. We have enough of that already.”

            Seriously! That’s such a profound response ma’am!

            Meanwhile, I can’t commend you(and Wes) enough! You’re such a blessing to this age! I so heartily appreciate your works and wish you both more insight and a better hold of this reality.


            1. @nnagoz – “I so heartily appreciate your works and wish you both more insight and a better hold of this reality.”

              Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been wished such a beautiful sentiment as this one! The same to you, nnagoz! 🙂

              1. That was deeply from my heart. I really wished to say more but so happy you could feel the frequency of my intention.

                With so much Love…

          2. @ariel.. i was once a vegetarian and what are you stated here is very true.. this realm is for sufferring and pain because it has death on it.. thank u for giving your time to me..

            1. @Ineedtoexit I also was a vegetarian (for moral reasons) for 23 years. My health eventually failed badly and I recovered by eating meat again and avoiding ALL else. Emotionally I felt bad about it, but then I realized that everything here eats everything else. As Ariel says “it’s a hell hole,” and I agree. I figure I did not make the rules here, I did not create this body that seems to need to consume meat instead of salads. I will have a few bones to pick with those who designed my different parts. Sloppy job in my estimation. I need to exit also. All the best to you.

          3. Ariel, that’s asking a lot. To concentrate on things we have in common.Love your thinking though.

          4. It’s been awhile since this article so likely not many will see this post but I’ll write it anyway.

            “Billions of humans eat meat. To provide it, we raise animals. We control, hurt, and kill hundreds of millions of geese, nearly a billion cattle, billions of pigs and ducks, and tens of billions of chickens each year.

            To feed these animals, we raise crops. To raise crops, we deforest and use huge quantities of water. To quench these animals, we use still more water.

            In turn, these animals produce staggering amounts of waste, waste that poisons water sources and soil. They produce staggering amounts of greenhouse gasses.

            To raise these animals and produce this meat, farmers and slaughterhouse workers labor in conditions from onerous to brutal.

            If controlling, hurting, or killing animals is wrong or if the production of these environmental effects or effects on people is wrong or if consuming the meat produced is wrong, then a breathtaking level of wrong-doing goes on daily.”

            Even fish feel pain and we kill tonnes and tonnes of fish. There is a hierarchy I believe. At least with plants, they can re-produce and they are not treated in the same conditions that some of these animals are treated. Have you been to a chicken farm? Producing eggs is forced in an inhumane way. Being vegetarian is not even enough as you still eat dairy, eggs, cheese etc which supports the killing of animals. There is a ‘good’ more humane way to kill for food but no one does it because it is not viable. Add in the antibiotics, hormones, etc. Yes some plants are also genetically modified (but there are ways to avoid that). Still I prefer to eat plant based for many reasons. If you are not well on this diet, then you are missing something – which can be supplemented. I am a fairly new vegan so I don’t have that experience as yet but there are many many vegans who are just as healthy or more so than meat eaters who have been on that diet for decades. B12, iron and omegas are some supplements I am taking. Another thing to think about – the poor animals FEAR the death they know is coming .. it just breaks my heart. The decay of the meat starts happening right away also. Think about it and what state it is in by the time you eat it. I think if you watch this video you will not want to eat meat again:

            I’m on a path of self-realization. I seek esoterically not exoterically. I highly recommend it if you are interested in getting to the ‘next’ level. You have to unlearn everything you learned exoterically. All the gods and stories may exist but you have to ask yourself, does it really matter? “They” know everything – they created the internet. So what is the point in discussing?

  4. Why keep blaming others for our own faults? It is so easy to blame the archons for every evil that we humans had done to our self. We are no angel, even without the archons we are just as capable of killing each other for pleasure. We are so close to the archons because by nature mankind are cruel and cunning. Instead of blaming our self and admitting our faults, we declare innocent and blame everything on the archons. How can we progress spiritually if we keep pointing finger at other? Work on our self first before we start pointing finger. I hope everyone understand we human are the actual archons, yes we are archons, and our purpose on earth is to learn compassion and wisdom so that we can spiritually progress.

  5. Let me tell you a truth. We are a living theater, we are all acting on a play of drama and trauma. Once the act is over and the is curtain drawn, the theater is empty. It is all an Illusion. Even spirit is an Illusion. It is all in the mind of the Formless. The Aborigines call it the Dream-time. It is the opera of the Formless dreaming. We are all dreaming the Illusion because we are the mind of the Formless!

    1. Interesting 2 posts SH Lim.. gets one thinking.. are these just your thoughts or is it information from a source that can be referenced? Thanks

    2. When an angel dreams, what did she dreams? She dreams of the Devil! Why not God? Because the Devil is the one who can teach the angel a lesson. If you see no evil then you cannot see the good. If you want to advance spiritually looks for the Devil as your tutor. The beautiful lotus grows in the dirty muddy water.

      1. If I remember correctly, Angels and Demons are all Archonic or “thoughtforms”. Yaldabaoth created 12 Chief Archons and a “demon” or an “angel” is just a reflection of the emotional frequency the thinker/reactor creates with. Love creates a loving thoughtform, joy, freedom, peace, fear, rage, anxiety all create thoughtforms from our reactive minds. I think the only Archon Sophia ever created was Yaldabaoth.

        1. That’s absolutely correct, according to the Gnostic texts. There was only one being in the universe in the beginning, besides Sophia, and that was Yaldabaoth. Then, he “multiplied’ an populated the Kenoma with uncountable extensions of himself. That’s the “aliens.”

  6. Are these light beings what many call guardian angel/spirit guides? Thank you Wes and Ariel, beautiful work

    1. @Norma Yes, some of them can be. Because Yaldabaoth is both good and evil, so are his “angels.” But also, many of these “angels” are also advanced humans, who are done reincarnating and have advanced in Yaldabaoth’s ascension program. They have now been assigned new tasks, such as being teachers, spirit guides, and like you said, guardian angels. Also see our video #187:

  7. People preferred to live in a world of fantasy and fairy tales. Who do you think want to come and save us archons? Wake up! Save yourself. Everyone who came to teach us got blamed and slandered and killed. We got no savior until we learn to live in harmony among all. If you think all angels are in such a big hurry to call on you then you better get educated on your ignorance. You expect to be special, to be saved by angels. But do you make an effort to save yourself? You are what the ancients called mentally lazy, people who depends on others and exploit others. Nowadays called human parasites.

    1. These are interesting thoughts. According to this latest series, Wes & Ariel point out that we were created in ignorance or recycled in ignorance because Yaldabaoth is. They write about the 3 Baptisms, Water, Fire and Spirit as essential in connecting with Spirit to correct/eliminate our ignorance and be whole again. Not everyone who comes to teach gets killed. Wes and Ariel are great oracles of information/knowledge/perspective I wouldn’t know where to get anywhere else.I don’t think “savior” is on the menu for the Patrix. What I discovered with my own research is how important it is to be able to recognize oncoming reactions and neutralize or eliminate them. I was blown away when they shared the information about the reactive mind. In regards to living in Harmony with All, you cannot begin this virtuous quesrt until you become in Harmony with Soul/Spirit. If I’m not mistaken, the goal isn’t to make heaven in the Patrix, this is essentially impossible. Our opportunity lies in the Kenoma/Khaa, our purpose here is to let this hellish existence be the cauldron that we work with and still wake up. Let go of your Patrix dreams and aspiration, practice emotional detachment. Every emotional “attachment” puts you deeper and deeper into a recursive Patrix Trance. It is important to remember you literally can’t take it with you to the Khaa, so if you have no more real use for it or you have an awareness that your exit time is near, let it all go. Avoid the tunnel of light, let this whole-making spirit guide you to what to do next. Heal, awaken, heal, awaken and find your path back to the Pleroma. I don’t judge the beings around me for not doing it my way, or a better way, or not being “woke” enough, etc; because I can’t love myself if I don’t love and accept them and vice versa, I have no love to give to those who may benefit from it greatly until I love myself. I don’t have all the answers, probably very few, but I have a desire, a burning desire to be free. Patrix Life has sucked so much for me in the incarnation that I wish to find enough peace to be able to invoke my freedom of choice and choose never to return.
      You can’t “educate” yourself out of ignorance. You must awaken enough to become complete as The Queen has.I think as you awaken the best way to teach is to lead by example.
      Your post sounds like you are in pain. You can let go of the pain and the Patrix now if you wish.Your Joy is my Joy.

      1. Excellent post, Bruce. I personally completely agree with you on all points. Interesting also that you mention “desire.” People who are completely “asleep” do not have the desire to learn and to be free. When we “(re)gain our desire to wake up–that’s a part of the Spiritual wake-up process in itself.

    2. We are not archons, however. We are spiritual beings in a flesh body, and the flesh body was created by archons. These archons now have a direct “channel” between themselves and our bodies, but not to our Spirit.

  8. That is what Wes & Ariel stated: don’t wait for any saviors(aliens-angels).That’s why all this work is brought ahead,so we may be epowered and do the work’s a preparation…

  9. Are you saying that Sophia is responsible for the destruction of Tiamaat
    ”In the beginning of the Kenoma—before any humans were here—there were only Sophia and Yaldabaoth. Even the latter had Spirit in him, but he was just a half-creation.”
    The Sirius’ empire didn’t exist then, if I understand well what you’re saying . In the begining These warriors were created to protect an imperfect creation. If Sophia created Yaldabaoth, she would not have been tempted to join the kenoma but decided to create alone without the pressure of anyone. Is it right ?

    What bpthers me about this speech is that the Aeons are divine emanations existing to create. She was part of the lower heavens and she lived down the heavens with the caracteristic of desire. It was the limit not to be exceeded for the Monad. Couldn’t there have been an original divine pressure on Sophia to create the kenoma.

    The realm of Aeons seems to be boring from what I have heard . Therfore, they used her to evolve through her creation without attenuating their original essence.

    1. If my understanding of all this is right, we have to become at peace with the polarized universe in which we live without elevating anyone above the other. We must however respect the emanation of the original creator despite the jealous ones…

      1. We are the Original Creator (Monad) as well as Sophia/Christ and all the other Aeons at the same time. We are separated on purpose, but we’re also deeply connected–almost like a spiderweb, if we want to use that metaphor…

        And you’re right…no one is “above” anyone else. Instead of looking at it as a hierarchy (from top to bottom), it’s more accurate, figuratively speaking, to look at it as a plane with circles within circles. If we draw that as a 2D diagram, we see that none of it is above anything else (of course, it’s not 2-D—it’s just a way of picturing it for comprehension).

    2. “Are you saying that Sophia is responsible for the destruction of Tiamaat’

      It depends on how we look at it. Because Sophia created the entire Kenoma, one could say that this is the reason for everything that is happening here. However, it’s also Yaldabaoth resistance to becoming enlightened that is the reason for wars and conflicts in the Kenoma.

      Right, the Sirian Empire came later, after Yaldabaoth (Y) created his own Archons, who created their own archons, and so on. It’s not necessarily the case that the Sirians were intentionally created for the purpose of protecting the Kenoma, but it turned out they became handy in that process eventually, as a counterpart to Sabaoth’s MIKH-MAKH defense forces (DAKH warriors in the WPP). So, in that sense, I agree with you.

      Sophia started out by trying to create in an effort to understand God (Monad), but she decided to do it herself and without her consort, so the creation became imperfect. She was searching for Wisdom per her characteristics and attributes, but should have created both from her feminine and masculine aspects. But she didn’t mean to externalize it (masculine). She just wanted to create inside of herself, so to speak. But when she saw what she had created, she wanted to “disown” it and “threw it away. It became an external thoughtform–Yaldabaoth. And with that, matter was also created. She entered her own creation in order to understand what she’d created, and a part of her got stuck.

      I don’t think there was a pressure to create the Kenoma, but it was Sophia’s freewill that created it. How she searched for Wisdom was up to her, although it says in the gnostic texts that the Monad knew an external creation of some sort would happen.

      The Pleroma existence is not boring, from my perspective–particularly not for us humans, who have the attributes of ALL Aeons together. Once in the Pleroma, we can create whatever we want to create.

      1. You are really cautious in the way you answer and that’s fine. Even if I disagree with you , many things are based on impressions without real data behind and will never be provable.. They always search for a hide who they really are …as the Enki team is doing… Only a mirror game. You deceived me a bit in the way you replied but give me more info on your agenda.

            1. The God agenda. Eve and Sophia are the same but also different. Several things to balance for many.I’m also cautious to respect the work of Wes who is debunking many lies….Great job by the way

  10. Hey Wes, Thanks again for all you do. Thank you for sharing your research, truths, opinions and everything else. I’m not sure if I would have been able to understand a lot of things if it wasn’t for your research and writings. Thanks for sharing and getting the word out there. It’s really helpful and important for those that understand what your true “agenda” is 👍

  11. Hey Wes, Thanks again for all you do. Thank you for sharing your research, truths, opinions and everything else. I’m not sure if I would have been able to understand a lot of things bring spoken about if it wasn’t for your research and writings. Thanks for sharing and getting the word out there. It’s really helpful and important for those that understand what you are true “agenda” is 👍

  12. Wes and Ariel, thank you so much for your work on Gnosticism. Frankly speaking, I find it a pain reading the Gnostics books (times in the past when I tried that is) as the language used is all so confusing, patriarch-ish, has strong typical religious connotations, along with the dysfunctional behaviors and I always ended up feeling disgust. It’s like trying to swim in mud. So I am so appreciative of both your work. It made me wanna look at it again – your work that is not the actual Gnostics books, not yet at least. Although, I must say I do try to connect the dots myself – using your info and others.

    My thinking is that Yaldabaoth is too far gone to be awaken. Just look at the direction this planet is going. Not very pretty. It’s only gonna get worse not better. As a Spirit speaking for myself, I’m not gonna waste my energy to wake Yaldabaoth up. Like I said he’s too far gone. Hell, I can’t even talk about these things with my family, let alone try to wake someone up who is so deeply entrenched as Yaldabaoth is since the beginning of creation. I can only save myself by educating myself about these things. Like you said in the comments which I think is profound: “People who are completely “asleep” do not have the desire to learn and to be free. When we “(re)gain our desire to wake up – that’s a part of the Spiritual wake-up process in itself.” – well, that goes for Yaldabaoth as well. Apparently he is in a deep, deep sleep – too deep to be awaken and he likes it there. Thanks again.

    1. @Nikki M Keep in mind that here you don’t have only spirited humans but also NPCs and narcissists, which in my opinion create the majority. You can’t wake these people up. Therefore, this planet will hardly ever go a spiritual path. You just have to do your own thing. I always felt Yaldabaoth ‘fell’ for us to give us a knowledge of good and evil.

    2. I can emphasize with your post and with how you think. It doesn’t look very hopeful when we’re looking at the world around us. Like Lia commented, not everybody here is spirited, either, and that sometimes goes for family members and friends, as well.

      However, just you waking up, like you’re suggesting, is a big help right now. We are not here to completely wake Yaldabaoth up–only to prepare for the real awakening, which will happen when the Christ Consciousness returns. We don’t know at this point what the current Divine plan is–we can only do the best we can in the meantime, and every spirited human counts. So your idea of waking yourself up might be all you can do, and it’s not a small thing :). Don’t waste your efforts on those who don’t want to see and listen, though. If you feel like trying to help someone else wake up, concentrate on those who show interest…

  13. I have a question Wes. I’m not sure where to put this. Been meaning to ask you for many years. I think it’s possible that the Kabbalah is what Thoth told humanity. I have not researched it, because I want my mind to stay clear. What is your opinion on it?

    If you want some summaries of things, Michael Wynn does an excellent job with his series The Soul Travelers on YouTube – If you have time to check it out I recommend you do. His videos are very well made. I watched it years ago. You can skip his thing on this Yoga practice, because we know to avoid that. This territory of knowledge, which is a lot to do with magick, and there’s a lot of material on this, I take with a grain of salt. I have to keep my energy clear. It’s an interesting story. I think maybe we are like of mind when I say that we want to manifest new things. Good things, in a more suitable place. I think you can handle his series. He’s similar to you because he’s unique in his research.

    Your views on the Kabbalah are kind of the last piece to this puzzle here. But you said before your series, I remember, back on YouTube, that most of this is just an expansion of what we already know.

    1. Thanks for the link–I will take a look. Regarding the Kabbalah…I’m certainly not an expert on that, but from the little I’ve seen, it’s another distortion of the Message of Christ. Truth mixed with misleading information.

    2. @Rhyme & Reason …. I watched a couple of videos from the channel you linked to in your post. This guy has done some deep research, and I really appreciate him. He comes from a slightly different angle than we do (which I like), but the information is basically the same as what Ariel and I have released. All in all, a good channel from what I can tell so far. Thanks for the link!

  14. Great. I’m glad it resonated with you! And you’re very welcome.

    I can assume that we all think this information should be available to anyone who wants to know. No elitism.

    You know, the Quran has a lot of interesting things in it too. I have heard.

    1. Yes, many teachings have truth in them. The big Question is–which teaching or teachings will let Spirit flow through us and which ones will not. Even those that don’t can be of value by being a stepping stone/springboard for the person to get closer toward receiving Gnosis.

      1. I was asking myself… what the heck with the hidden agenda behind? I laughed a bit when the muslim follower said yoga and magick are the same…. In the middle age , they were demonizing healers . Wow! really documented as statement.
        Wes , we are far away from unconditional love as the Christ taught us.
        Your bloggers are deraping. FEW Never learned about TRUE LOVE! Only concern by conflicts and polarization. to win over human kind and few archons behind playing the real guys and girls. Mirror, mirror who is who?

      2. @Wes You and Ariel had some great things to say about spirit. How it’s about balance and cooperation that’s important. And this is also what non duality is.

        I told a native aboriginal from Canada that we should be trying to transcend duality. And he said it’s all about balance.

        I’d always read about the evolution of certain spiritualists and how they come to the conclusion that it’s about connecting to your higher self and everything else is secondary, or of little importance. That is always the answer to what are focus should be on.

        Those of us who have the connection, we are divine spirit

  15. I understand that star races in lower realms are Yaldo’s thoughtforms, but what about Orion? If Orion is so vast that it’s 96% of the entire universe, there are surely star races there too, right? Who created them? Sophia? Are they Spirited?

    1. Yes, people with severe personality disorders (switching personality) are at the mercy of the archons inside. They have taken over.

      When the body dies, the archons (some of them) are still attached to our artificial soul layers (we have seven light-bodies), but those attached to the organs leave. Then, as I understand it, some of our artificial soul layers will detach some time after death, and the soul energy that’s been collected there from our emotions and reactions will be harvested by the archons and the System.

      Then, when we get recycled, we get new attachments, and the body demons will transfer parts of themselves genetically from mother-father to son/daughter.

    1. Not sure exactly what you mean. Orion and the Kenoma (4% Universe in the WPP) are both outside the Pleroma, if we think in those terms.

    1. @Patrick & Katherine Johnson … Absolutely. But we can avoid that when we realize they are there to manipulate us. We, in Spirit, can become more and more in charge of our own bodies and minds. We have given a lot of power to the archons/demons over the millennia, when in fact, they are completely powerless to Spirit. We learn to distinguish what is us (Spirit) and what is not. That way, we can keep the archontic forces inside us in check.

  16. Does the study prove what’s outside the Pleroma ? Meaning we know of the 96% the 4% however it must be a reasonable question of what’s the 100% or outside the Pleroma.

  17. Hey guys! Great info! This info is touching my Spirit , it is helping me remember my True Nature and my contact with my Divinity, so very greatful 🙂
    Some questions arised while reading and one that just popped was the co-relation of all this gnostic characters and the greek mythology ( or any mythology )
    For example in this article it says about Y and two of his creations Thoth and Marduk, and it reminded me of Zeus and his two brothers , Poseidon and Hades… o they co-realte in some way?

    WHat about this physical Earth? I see mountains and lakes and animals and I see beauty and I am amazed… I have always felt that this place is too beautiful…It is difficult for me to grasp the idea that it was created by Y instead of a Higher divine being! hahaha but then I think that he is Divine in his half nature and maybe all good and bad things in this physicall reality come from him? Am I right in that?

    Anyway, I have dozens of questions but maybe it is because I have read parts but not the whole of the WWP

    I am glad about this info guys, thank you and lets keep this Divine work of bringing more awareness to our own inner Sophia

  18. While going through this article, the following questions popped up

    1. Is everything happening within the Father(Monad) or away from it. The concentric circles you described in one of the images about the universes makes me visualize it that he (the monad) is the one experiencing all these. Is this true?

    2. If this is true, does this mean that there are other Monads who are different and unique. This makes me also think if the Monad is really the source or the subset of the Source.

    3. Why do we describe the source as the purest and pure light without duality? Is this not based on our dualized judgment of our knowledge? What if the source is both good and evil or Light and darkness? Does this not suggest why it can make mistakes like Sophia did?

    4. If we are in the Pleroma or closest to it where there’s no duality, is it going to be fun? Fun from our perspective is always in relation to his opposite without which we cannot differentiate. Kindly describe how light can even experience light without his partner?

    1. @Dee ~

      While going through this article, the following questions popped up

      1. Is everything happening within the Father(Monad) or away from it. The concentric circles you described in one of the images about the universes makes me visualize it that he (the monad) is the one experiencing all these. Is this true?

      **WITHIN, in my opinion. Imagine that the Monad is your mind. Where does everything that you imagine take place? In your mind or outside of it? This is how I see it. **

      2. If this is true, does this mean that there are other Monads who are different and unique. This makes me also think if the Monad is really the source or the subset of the Source.

      **Consider that YOU are also a Monad because you are connected to the Divine Mind.**

      3. Why do we describe the source as the purest and pure light without duality? Is this not based on our dualized judgment of our knowledge? What if the source is both good and evil or Light and darkness? Does this not suggest why it can make mistakes like Sophia did?

      **Perfection cannot experience imperfection inherently within itself, so it needs to have a “place” where something like mistakes are allowed to happen otherwise there would be no state of perfection, and we know there is. Paradoxes are real experiences not just thought exercises (or so I’ve read). We exist within one of these paradoxes; imperfection existing within perfection.**

      4. If we are in the Pleroma or closest to it where there’s no duality, is it going to be fun? Fun from our perspective is always in relation to his opposite without which we cannot differentiate. Kindly describe how light can even experience light without his partner?

      **Your definition of fun is just your own interpretation of what you experience. It might not be that way for others. I am not one of those people who thinks we can only know what love is by the presence of fear (or the lack of love). This happens to be the reality in which we sit, but this isn’t the ONLY way to learn, so I don’t agree with your interpretation of “fun” being contingent on polarity. Fun, for me, is that which brings me joy. I do not need to be unhappy in order to be able to feel joy, so our interpretations are different. That’s just me. 🙂 **

      1. Thanks for the clarifications @Ariel Glad

        The message that keeps going forth from various sources – Channeled, New age and even Gnostics is BALANCE… Why Balance and not Perfection or a Law-free world?

        Does the 8th and 9th Heaven function with the knowledge of good and evil? If yes, it suggests that the only place/construct without these laws is the Pleroma.

        If so, why is the Monad trying to retrieve his essence/enlighten Yaldaboath since it exists in the place without laws. Does this also mean that Y’s construct may remain forever and never be judged.

        I just keep trying to understand these paradoxes by trying to imagine myself as the Monad full of perfections without darkness. Is it really the Monad retrieving his lights or it is just the way he is?

  19. @Dee

    Thanks for the clarifications @Ariel Glad

    **It’s my pleasure to discuss these things 🙂 I’m not an authority on these topics, though. **

    The message that keeps going forth from various sources – Channeled, New age and even Gnostics is BALANCE… Why Balance and not Perfection or a Law-free world?

    **Couldn’t Balance be perfection? Think of a scale…the moment or position of both sides being perfectly equal is balance. What is your interpretation of Perfection? How do you see it?**

    Does the 8th and 9th Heaven function with the knowledge of good and evil? If yes, it suggests that the only place/construct without these laws is the Pleroma.

    **I don’t know. If I had to guess, I would say yes. If we can see good as those behaviors/thoughts which encourage life (love) and evil as those things which discourage life (fear), then from what I’ve learned there DO exist realms within this Universe in which mostly and (dare I say it) *ONLY* good things exist. Keep in mind that those things do not always appear to be what they are on the surface, which causes a lot of problems for us. A mother who pushes her chick out of the nest, for example, may be seen to be on the side of evil for creating the risk of death for her baby, but it’s actually the opposite by teaching him to fly on his own (love/encourage life). Dependency is NOT love or life encouraging, so we have to be careful and open to seeing things from a broader perspective when considering what is good and what is evil. In general, though, there are some things we could all agree to be evil, for sure. To the other part, I guess it also depends on what we each think the Pleroma really is.**

    If so, why is the Monad trying to retrieve his essence/enlighten Yaldaboath since it exists in the place without laws. Does this also mean that Y’s construct may remain forever and never be judged.

    **I don’t know because I’m not sure this is exactly what is happening or supposed to happen.**

    I just keep trying to understand these paradoxes by trying to imagine myself as the Monad full of perfections without darkness. Is it really the Monad retrieving his lights or it is just the way he is?

    **I can’t answer that because I don’t see it as a “He”. It isn’t a “being” to me, it’s more of a mind construct. Hard for me to explain so it mostly just stays as a concept in MY mind. I tried to write about it several times for an article, but I couldn’t and decided that I wasn’t supposed to. 🙂 **

    1. @Ariel Glad. It’s just so cool how you convey your answers with simplicity and without any compulsion to sounding correct or incorrect – I’m thrilled.

      I also understand that the Monad is actually not a he or she but somewhat like a It. I’ll really love you share your concept or share a link. It will really go a long way in helping us have a better understanding of ourselves.

    2. in terms of gnostic experience – arent scales musical notes that when put together create a harmony? or should we just go on reacting to the beating of the drum (black holes) to gather up the gold to make our stairway into heaven? i thought yalda was always trying to break into heaven or at least get in the way of those trying to do harmonious work. maybe hat is what i am, getting in the way of harmonious work!??

  20. from my personal meditation all of what i just read is a distortion below or outside of the pleroma. like playing in yaldabaoths playground. would yalda be congruent with the idea of Brahma, the cutting away instigating pain, and forgetting of ones self through pain, in order to experience ones self – ah the loneliness of a single organism. what rings true to me is that in the begining is/was stillness, and forethought created tension of a sytem trying to remain instillness, and tension creating motion, motion gives way to movement and from a 3d/2d point vector velocity stand-point described that as a wave function – the bubble appearing in the middle of the glass of water. the wave-function movement CREATES the perception of 2 wave forms – one above and one below. with one wave following the other, eventually the leading wave will encounter the next peak in a trailing wave which creates a distortion of frequency – 2 loud whistlers at a concert. this harmonic distortion or beat frequency IS yaldaboath – the 3rd wave form, bouncing around inside the 2 orginal waves and creating a disortion of sound instead of the low long wave harmony. this theory then consolidates other theories and evolutionary principles – and i dont have to memorize these strange names, which in my personal pantheon doenst make any sense at all – why would i have to memorize? then as i seek truth, the source being stillness or return to the beginning – back to wave function. i noticed in my meditation that some sort of distortion would enter my dream and build another similar dream, that felt fake – yaldabaoth experiencing himself as a mono or monad. the harmonies are the movement of the original forethought that we sometimes hear fleetingly and then yaldabaoth comes in to SHOW/pretend as the orginal stillness, in the form of the dark all seeing eye opening in the tar pit – but is that really stillness?? – i think knot! unfortunately there doesnt seem to be much in these treatise to create the real work of harmonies that reveal universal truth. The real work for me is to discover who i am so i can know when to DO and what work i need to be doing instead of standing at the shore of confusion memorized by the all seeing eyeball that just opened in the tar pit and says – but arent you tired…. yes i am tired, but i heard the music, and that is where the work is done – then all that is left is the why!

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