Video 166: Oneness Part 1 of 2 || Why are so Many People Fixed on Becoming One?

Of course, people look at Oneness differently; some consider Oneness as having the personal experience of being One with Source, which we (Ariel and Wes) call the Divine Feminine (DF). This is a private inner journey of self-realization and is not the subject for this video. What we want to focus on here are two other aspects of Oneness, i.e. when all humanity is coming together as One and will merge with Source/God after physical death, or when the purpose is to become One by ascending through the dimensions—one by one, or as a human collective, by increasing our vibrations. In both these examples, the goal is to eventually become One with Source. Both these options are common in the New Age Community.

Transcript to the video


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  1. What happened to the Transcript to Part 1? The transcript here is for Part 2… Can you fix it or where is it?

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