Video 185: Q&A Session #39

QUESTION 2: Hidden Hand – The Illuminati insider from GLP (Godlike Productions) kept stating the following quote a number of times throughout that thread:”The future affects the past.” What did he/she mean by that? How can that be? Does the future really affect the past?

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  1. There was a question you answered on if people are targeted well I think they do reason being is I used to be all into that new age ascension stuff at the time this happened. I was working healings and and helping people in thier lives going to channeling sessions etc etc, I was having acupuncture done in my crown Charka. I can telepathically talk to Animals, if someone talked about a person who had died I could feel on my body how that person died like if they got hit in the head I can tell you what’s side or what area they where hit. I’m very sensitive to energies I feel people if they are good or bad , honest or liars. So I was in a state of high vibration. So one at work I was tending the front counter serving and checking people out in the yougurt shop I was working at. There was nobody in the shop it was a slow morning when all of a sudden I could feel something coming towards me. Around 1 or 2 minutes a kid walks in to the shop he was this skinny white boy with black hair nerdy looking. He walks in and as he approaches the counter I can feel him before he even got to the counter. He asked for whatever, and I gave him that whatever he order he looked at me and said thank you very politely and slowly turned and walked out the store. I could feel that energy leave with him. For a moment the sound was gone whilest he was in the store and returned when he left. It was a very weird intense encounter. He didn’t scare me, his energy didn’t scary me either. However after I got home a few days later my cat got deathly sick and passed away. For me I have a hard time when animals pass away it’s like a piece of my soul dies with them. I can’t watch animals movies, when people tell me that their pets has died I can feel thier loss and end up crying with them. Just talking about it will make me cry. Animals and I have a connection that’s pure joy. My heart and soul and spirit hurt when bad things happen to animals. My life would not be complete without them in my life. I don’t know why I’m like this. Anyway from that point till now I have no longer have practice any of that new age stuff things in my life have spiraled out of control somewhat my home life is a constant battle with my husband more of my animals started passing away. One thing after another trying to keep me on a lower vibration.. I don’t know what that entity put on me or gave me when at work that day but it was something. So yes I do think they target higher vibration people. I don’t practice any of that new age stuff anymore I don’t pray to them. Anyways that’s one chapter in my life I’m still dealing with. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Dear Jessie. You are a compassionate person, that’s why you get emotional about animal suffering because they are not able to protect themselves in the manner you and I can, is that correct? And the loss of a beloved animal can honestly sometimes be worse than the loss of a human we know. I’ve been there…

      Regarding the rest of your message, I can only give advice for you to ponder and reject if that feels right. Try not to put the cause somewhere else than within yourself. I don’t mean that in a negative way but in a healing way. I am not saying anything here that is not my own experience. Always look at why you are feeling in certain ways and why you are pulling in certain energies. It’s not because of someone or something outside yourself–it’s always because there is a boundary somewhere we are not keeping up. We have weak spots–not because we’re bad or anything, but no one who claims to call themselves human is free from trauma. Spend time healing and learn more about yourself on a deep level (acknowledge your emotions and heal what you don’t like by override them) and the rest will resolve.

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