Video 184: Should we Open, Close, or Remove our Chakras?

In the WES PENRE PAPERS (WPP), “The Fifth Level of Learning,” I showed evidence that the chakras have been hijacked by the Overlords. It clearly states in the Vedic texts that the chakras were hijacked by Surya, Shiva, or some other god, which are the equivalent to the Babylonian gods Marduk and In other places, the texts convey that the Lord in charge of the chakras is Ganesha, who correspond to Thoth. This indicates even more that, Marduk, and Thoth are essentially one and the same being, like we’ve proclaimed before.

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  1. So I guess Ptah the the potter of Memphis spun the world egg into existence from his wheel-borrowed from his mother. ( A goose like mother goose I kid you not) I He had seven dwarves or elves-elf extremely low frequency. These Matrix machine elves made objects from sound just like Santa’s elves make toys.
    7elf’s seven chakras. Seven planetary (plan et or planet Aries) rulers or dark lords.
    What’s going on?
    Damn these chakras, I feel like a power strip, good grief! !

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