Video 38: Spiritual Narcissism as a Coping Mechanism

Published: July 5, 2018

The spiritual community is rife with narcissists. Because we are a community that seeks to understand what is wrong about this world, we are a vast melting pot of beings who, at our core, are extremely codependent. We are empathic, and we have a lot of “love and light” to offer those around us. That makes us a feeding ground for narcissists, who would infiltrate our self-made communities where everyone is loved, everyone is accepted, and all is forgiven. The proverbial love and light that is encouraged in the new age dogma is a program of this 3rd dimensional construct just as powerful as all the other religious programs. It makes sense that more programs would be tailor-made for those of us who have seen through the religious disinformation and begin looking for truth outside of these institutions. In the age of the internet, we simply must pick our flavor of the day and conduct a quick search of the World Wide Web to find testimonies, literature, “programs” for awakening, and guidance from and/or about literally every kind of experience…

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