Gnostic Musings #7: Where is Isis in the Gnostic Texts?

by Wes Penre, September 12, 2020

There are readers who have asked us how Isis fits into the Gnostic texts. Where is she mentioned? It is not immediately obvious, and the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) give distinct hints at this. Therefore, I am now going to reveal who Isis really is in the Gnostic texts. It took a while for me, as well, to figure it out.

Isis is an archetype, and she represents Eve (the Adam and Eve story), i.e. the Divine Feminine who descended through the Kenoma/Matrix.

Isis was portrayed as Ninurta’s (Sabaoth’s) daughter in the WPP. As those who have read my papers know, Prince Ninurta, the heir of Orion, helped the Queen (Sophia) to create humankind; something that is also mentioned in the Gnostic texts (GT). Thus, Eve becomes Ninurta’s “daughter” in that sense.

Then, I wrote in the WPP that Isis is “lost.” Ninurta is looking for her but doesn’t know where his daughter is. In other words, Isis/Eve/the Divine Feminine is lost here on Earth–forgotten about and nowhere to be found, so to speak. One of my contacts that I had while writing the WPP asked me something to the effect, “If she is found, do you think her father, Ninurta, should forgive her for what she has done?” This is yet another analogy–it represents the spirited human, wittingly and unwittingly siding with Yaldabaoth and the Archons. The question was if that should be forgiven, and this is where repentance and redemption come into the picture.

I also wrote that Inanna/Isis/ visited the Underworld, a story which is told in the Sumerian and Babylonian texts. This denotes Spirit descending to the lowest 5 Heavens, where humankind is now located and in which “Eve,” aka Isis, now “rules” together with Marduk and, where she is transformed into Ereshkigal–the Queen of the Underworld. In this story, the more spiritually connected Eve (Isis) descends and transforms into Ereshkigal; Isis/Inanna/Eve fell into Darkness/Ignorance and sided with Yaldabaoth/ and his Archons by abandoning her Mission, which is to wake up to Spirit—the original Eve. The Divine Feminine in this realm, allegorically represented by Eve, is “married” to Marduk and, rather than being connected to the Divine.

The old texts are almost always built on archetypes, analogies, allegories, and metaphors—most of it is not literal.

If we look at ancient Egyptian pictographs, we see that Isis is sometimes depicted as having wings and a cat’s head—as a lioness, which is a metaphor for being in cahoots with Yaldabaoth, who is presented as an entity with a lion’s head (see the picture of Isis as a lion at the top of this article). The wings could represent Isis as a fallen angel, i.e. she descended into complete Ignorance.

There was a time after the infamous Deluge, however, when the Divine Feminine woke up again to a certain degree, and this is metaphorically conveyed in the Sumerian texts (and the WPP) as Isis stealing a Tablet of Destiny from when was “drunk” (drunk from his own “victory” after having hijacked humanity and captured us in this current construct after the Deluge). At that point, Eve/Isis/the Divine Feminine repented and returned to serve the Divine—for a while. But she fell again, and now she is difficult to “be found.”

Moreover, Isis is depicted holding an ankh, which is a symbol for life itself. In Wikipedia, it says,

The ankh or key of life is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that was most commonly used in writing and in Egyptian art to represent the word for “life” and, by extension, as a symbol of life itself. The ankh has a cross shape but with an oval loop in place of an upper bar.


As I also proved in the WPP, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, and Aphrodite are the same “goddess” under different titles. Ishtar and Aphrodite are often portrayed as very sexual, and this is emphasized in the Sumerian and Babylonian texts, but also in the “Epic of Gilgamesh.” This represents the feminine sexuality, having its origin in Eve, who descended into this very physical and solid construct where we are now residing.

Moreover, it says in the Gnostic texts that Yaldabaoth “raped” Eve, which produced two offspring, Cain and Abel. He probably didn’t sexually rape Eve in a literal sense, but he corrupted the originally pure “bloodline.” In other ancient texts, raped Isis, which is the same story told from two perspectives.

So, in summary, we could say that Isis represents the journey of the Divine Feminine in Yaldabaoth’s construct. Isis is a representation of us…

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  1. Like Santos Bonacci says “there’s nothing literal in the Bible, only truth “ , I say there’s nothing literal in WPP, only truth :d

  2. What is the truth and what is a lie. They are part of our innate makeup that betrays us all. That realisation begins the inner work which is a reflection of the outer.

  3. @* , what do you think about Concave Earth theory? ->
    I followed a work of some person, and he points to the octahedron mechanism shown in the center of this concave earth model. He implies that this thing is related to AiF/archons somehow?
    I personally don’t understand what any of this means…yet. The whole theory is weird.

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ I think what is happening with all of these different “Earth” beliefs is that some of us are encountering and tapping into memories/beliefs that have become part of the collective consciousness of humanity over time. There have been times when humanity thought the Earth was flat, too. Some of us, unconsciously, are connecting with those collective belief thought-patterns and we aren’t aware that is what we are doing. The information feels modern because it is being brought forward into our awareness, and some of the proving methods use modern terms and technology, but the “thought” within the collective consciousness that the Earth is flat is as ancient as we are. That’s the part we connect to, and it’s an unconscious or subconscious collective memory, for lack of a better description. Just my theory. Same goes for the concave Earth or whatever Earth.

      1. @Ariel, could this also mean some of us lived on different Earthes, and we got mixed into this world? Just like some people explain Mandella Effect with hosting/gaming servers that merge and migrate.
        If all of these theories like Flat Earth are beliefs/memories, how can we know what are the true looks of our planet, how does it look like on a bigger scale?

        1. @Robin Obinray ~ Our collective beliefs really do shape our reality. What I meant in my comment wasn’t that these were different Earths, but rather different periods in time when civilization all agreed on a common belief – such as a flat Earth. That WAS a common thought among humans who lived here for a very, very long time. So, this theory that the Earth may be flat is a tapping into or connecting to that collective memory and bringing it forward into the conscious awareness of humans who are living right now. Does that make sense? I don’t know if I’m writing my thoughts about this in an understandable way.

          We also have to consider (I think) that our own vibration and ability to see things from more than one perspective *might* influence WHAT it is that we see. MIGHT. If you truly, in your heart and mind, believe that the Earth is flat and you feel you have all the evidence you need to prove that to yourself, then you will very likely “see” the Earth as flat. It doesn’t mean that others won’t see it as a round ball. Both can exist within the same reality and both can be true. I think we are getting a very good example of this being experienced by people in the world in which a deadly virus is rampant and poses a threat *at the same time* as a grab for control and manipulation which is being perceived by some as a “plan-demic”. Which one is it? Both, in my opinion. It depends on which side of the fence you sit as to what you will experience. Reality is really MUCH more fluid than we are willing to acknowledge, in my opinion. So, in a creative space like this, how do you know what the truth is? I don’t know because “truth” becomes very subjective based on the observer. Things can be “true”, but what is true for me isn’t necessarily true for you. When “true” depends on the observer, then “truth” is subjective. I’m sure there may be an ultimate truth or perspective from a much, much higher vantage point, but we aren’t that – that position belongs to the One observing US.

          Schrödinger’s Cat:

          1. @Ariel, so for now you have this template argument?
            I myself don’t care that much about the shape of Earth, because the multi-dimensional area of space we live in is somewhat a prison. But it’s interesting to know, not just what shape it is – how does it look like “from space”.
            I think the fractal honeycomb cellular Earth is one of the best theories out of all. It makes us look like parts of a giant organism, while encompassing giant organisms, nano-universes inside of our physical bodies.
            ( )

            1. @Robin Obinray ~ “@Ariel, so for now you have this template argument?”

              Not argument, per say. I really don’t care to convince anyone of my own theory. It’s just for me, and they are my own thoughts. Those types of things are purely out of my curiosity and fondness for thinking and trying to figure out as much as I can while I’m here. I can’t help that part. lol I will always be curious about almost everything. In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter and it certainly doesn’t add to my spiritual development to know these things. It’s just a side track that I take sometimes and candy for my mind to chew on. lol

              Since you are sharing things with me, I will share one with you. 🙂 It’s another perspective on our “construct”. It’s a design that has been researched by a group/team who go by the name FPV Angel on Youtube:


              I’m particularly interested in their conclusions titled “APM Research”. Their models are so interesting to me.

              1. @Ariel, i will share as well. This quite new Earth theory. This theory implies that we live in a crater of something, possibly a moon. And the moon we see in the sky is a reflection of our whole planet, not just what we call Earth…or “Earth construct”.
                ( )

                It is similar to Vyacheslav Kotlyarov’s Honeycomb Earth theory.

    1. @Ariel, @* , you know what i thought about (a little)… What if, Sophia + AiF/archons + us…is just a small thing for something, some other beings that are even more beyond?
      What if, what gnostics (or kabbalah) describe as Sophia is only one of many of similar beings or variations of mental manifestations…What if it’s just like with Flat Earth. We try to describe a small portion of something even bigger. Possibly infinitely bigger. And the gnostics tried to – it was an attempt that could probably had been rewritten, just like everything else genuine gets rewritten by AiF/archons – describe something certain, but instead described an portion or area, or impression of our Absolute Consciousness.

      If the phrase “question everything” applies to everything, then i can apply it to gnosticism as well. I have doubts about it for some unconscious reason.

  4. @* , what do you think about a theory, that advanced shellfishes, mollusks and other different non-human beings hid themselves in exoskeletons among people. They were part of the so-called “blue blood”, the riches. And right now we see their exoskeletons as armour of knights. This also has to do with cargo cults and how we possibly started copying and wearing same designs as those of their exoskeletons.
    I mean, this a fantastical theory. And to me it’s a very interesting thing to imagine.
    ( )
    ( )

    This theory reminds me of the main antagonist from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, Shredder/Krang. And i saw this when i was a kid.
    ( )
    ( )

  5. Hi wes and ariel.. i have a question and its not related to this article. It is about OBE.. have YOu tried OBE?

  6. A different topic, but recently I came across the work of astronomer Halton Arp. He discovered anomalies in galactic red-shifts. To be honest, I am not an expert on this but basically these anomalies point to a strong evidence against the Big Bang, Hubble’s Law, and the Expanding Universe. Worth looking into…

      1. What it is expanding into? Do you have any idea? Why is it against the big bang and hubbles law? @ariel and LC

        1. @Ineedtoexit

          The way how I understand it is that Hubble’s Law states that i.e. the galaxy expels quasars. Quasars start moving away from the galaxy. Further away they are more of the red shift the quasars have. The red shift indicates the distance and hence expanding universe.

          Well, Halton Arp pointed that when the galaxy expels the quasars, they don’t necessarily start moving away from the galaxies. He noticed that the quasars are actually attached to the galaxies by some sort of a cord and they have the red shift. He stated that the red shift is not an indicator of the distance because here the quasar doesn’t move away and still has the red shift. He noted that the red shift in some quasars actually diminishes with the distance.

          With these findings (and I am guessing there is more to it) he basically stated that Hubble’s Law is wrong. Hubble’s law depends on the expanding universe from the singularity (which is Big Bang). Hubble’s Law somewhat states you don’t need God to create the universe. It just spontaneously happened/expanded out of Big Bang and they are proving it with the red shifts that measure the distance. Further the object away more of red shift it has. With Halton Arp findings things change…

  7. …And this relates to picturing or communicating with Sophia.
    @* , be careful who you communicate with. And kinda be specific or certain to who/what you send out your intents. But at the same time don’t expect anything – let it flow however it is, let it flow freely, and observe.
    Try to be specific when you think of Her. There is a reason why people say “be careful what you wish for” -> i think this also may apply here, because there are entities who will try to imitate being Her.
    It may help to imagine Her by combining multiple facts you now know about Her. You can do this by combining multiple imaginations into one focus.

    * You can imagine that She is that, which created Yaldabaoth/satan + AiF/archons – Ai-based, robotoid, cyborg beings, beings dependant on technology – who invaded this universe and who created this matrix, and who rule over this planet. Imagine that they are Her tulpas/thoughtforms, they exist inside Her mind.
    Here is some reference point for imagining what AiF/archons could possibly be:
    ( )
    ( )
    * Then imagine also that She is that, which created this whole world, from physical, in which you live right now, up to KHAA. Here you can apply everything Wes Penre and Ariel Glad wrote about.
    * Imagine that Sophia is also a part of you and you are connected with it. And you are part of it as well.
    * Imagine that you exist in an area of Her creation. And this area exists within Her Divine Mind.
    Now try combining these imaginations into one target.

    These remote viewing videos may also help in your imagining:
    ( )
    ( )

    @Ariel, “I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to what I would consider a Divine or “heavenly” being.
    <- i think this may help:
    ( )
    ( )
    And this maybe too: ( )

  8. Ok then, but what now of the story of ninurta cutting off enki’s thorny cock?
    Yaldo rapes/defiles the pure spirit/eve? With what devices? Not his penis sure, but how?. What does ninurta take/make impotent ?
    Lastly. Why the need for res-errection?

  9. @Hizzah ~ “Ok then, but what now of the story of ninurta cutting off enki’s thorny cock?
    Yaldo rapes/defiles the pure spirit/eve? With what devices? Not his penis sure, but how?. What does ninurta take/make impotent ? Lastly. Why the need for res-errection?’

    All of that was allegory, just like all the stories of the Bible. These are metaphors, symbols, archetypes, etc. meant to convey a lesson, meaning, or concept that exists outside of this physical 3D reality in a way in which people can relate to it. Two thousand years ago (or so), they got stories about Moses, the Exodus, and the Garden of Eden. In the twenty-first century, we got stories about extra-terrestrials and a cosmic Space Opera (more or less). Rape doesn’t mean rape in the way we define it as sexual molestation without consent. Rape in this context probably means something more similar to the corruption of a sacred (virginal) Divine spark. We are all corrupted here, therefore we have all been “raped” by the archontic forces of evil – you, me, Wes, ALL of us. There is not one human walking on this planet who does not have this as part of their make-up. The resurrection is the “Life” you choose to give this Divine part of yourself. You don’t have to. It’s a choice. You can “resurrect” the light/Life within you or you can choose to operate from that corruption that was also seeded within each of us.

    edit ~ I need to put a little add-on here because it seems that things play out, energetically, at many different levels and I’m sure there are probably *several* scenarios in multiple realities in which these two archetypes manifested as actual brothers and some type of rivalry (another one is the story of Cain and Abel, right?).

    In my opinion, since WE also embody these archetypes, I’m sure we can find this dynamic played out repeatedly throughout our own history and our own individual life experiences.

  10. So, if Isis was just an allegory or representation of the divine feminine and Eriskigal the fall of it, how were the different physical elite bloodline produced which in you WPP you said the first offpring elite generation was from the union of Yaldaboath and Isis and the second from Marduk and Eriskigal?

    How does all this fit if Isis and Eriskigal are just representations of the same divine feminine at different ends of the spectrum?

  11. Cleopatra thought she was Isis. Her son Ceaserion/Horus and his father Julius/Osiris.

    Ceaserion’s middle name was even Emanu-el. This child of elite bloodlines was rumored to have been either sent east of egypt for hiding/training or killed.(Roman propaganda?)

    Wes, you have speculated on the idea of two physical Jesus characters existing at once. In a hypothetical: what if this ceaserion persona was the second Jesus born of an elite bloodline come back reclaim his father/Julius/osirus’s kingdom?
    There is even room for a thoth-type character to incarnate into such a bloodline. Later the story was twisted and re written and we all know what happaned then.

    Could Ceaserion Emanuel Hermes Thoth the Atlantian be the second Jesus that died on the cross?

    1. In this Construct, an action is met by a counteraction (reaction) (duality). So, if someone from outside this Construct would incarnate as a Teacher, the Construct would almost certainly counteract that with its own ‘teacher.’

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