On Shadow Work

by Wes Penre, September 13, 2020

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  1. I was a devotee of Yogananda 50 years ago and Michael Newton’s work 10-15 year ago. Leaving aside strong evidence of fraudulence on the part of Yogananda, neither of those individuals’ work dealt with the fact that we are living on a planet and in a reality controlled by demonic, multidimensional entities. IMHO “gurus” who leave out this condition are either not really aware of our situation or have a less than honorable agenda. Attempting real spiritual advancement in these circumstances is similar to weight training in a gym where you work out with weights on the edge of your capabilities. You may in fact succeed in increasing your strength, but it is also likely that you will cripple yourself. The existence of our demonic overlords is the elephant in the middle of the living room. When “gurus” leave out this factor, the net result is to increase one’s self blame and sense of failure. Furthermore, in relationship to this specific quote, it is my understanding that when one leaves the physical body, one can no longer experience visceral fear and panic, and as the writer of Dune once wrote, “fear is the great mind killer.” This is not meant to say that one should not vigorously pursue spiritual advancement in the 3D physical since here we are. I am just saying that the deck is stacked against you and is set up to hide the powerful demonic obstacles, thus magnifying one’s sense of failures, while in reality it should greatly magnify one’s successes. And as Barbara Marciniak often says, beware the Anunnaki Recycling Center.

    1. I’m personally not into “gurus” either, by any means, but there are truths and gems in some of their statements, like in this one, worth quoting. We are here on Earth in order to wake up to our Inner Spirit–that’s our Mission–and we do it here on Earth–not in the astral or anywhere else. It needs to be done here. To be able to accomplish that, as much as we can, the Gnostic texts are crucial to read, understand, and most importantly–take to Heart. Why this is, is explained IN the Gnostic texts (and in our Gnostic Series on this blog). Our only pre-designed option to gain real “enlightenment” is through the Gnostic material.

      If we choose not to work on ourselves at all, the “Anunnaki recycling center” is a great potential destination after death. And like Marciniak also said (through the Pleiadians), we take ourselves with us after death, the way we are at the moment of death–including all our attachments to this world. And those who are recycled again continue from where they left off at their previous death, until they “get it.”

    2. While I agree with Wes, to a large degree, I would like to offer a broader perspective…

      Wes said, “To be able to accomplish that, as much as we can, the Gnostic texts are crucial to read, understand, and most importantly–take to Heart. Why this is, is explained IN the Gnostic texts (and in our Gnostic Series on this blog). Our only pre-designed option to gain real “enlightenment” is through the Gnostic material.”

      This has been *his* experience, but each person embarks on their own spiritual process in their own way. My own spiritual “Gnosis” began LONG before I read anything included in the Gnostic texts (Nag Hammadi Codices or otherwise). The Gnostic texts, in my opinion, are not an instruction manual for how to “do life” or even “after life” but rather a catalyst that begins a process inward to self-discovery and growth. For some, that process was not initiated until they read the messages that were given in these ancient texts, but for others, it was a process that was generated within by other means (as mine was). In my life, it was generated by a series of inner, unending questions and curiosity about myself and my reality that began very early in my life. Those questions can form in many, many different ways. How the answers are given to you are unique and personal to your own journey, and where you are *in* the journey, as well. What’s more is that this will all come down to individual *interpretation* of those answers, and as I have discovered, those answers are often changing as my own vibration and ability to interpret those messages or answers change along with my evolving and expanding awareness and/or understanding. For those who are reading this and feel discouraged by thinking that their own spiritual process may somehow be incomplete without having read the Gnostic texts, please do not feel that way. Remember that you *already* know all the answers you are looking for. It’s the process of reconnection and remembrance that allows for the opening of those answers to flow. How that happens will be unique for everyone. My process of Gnosis is not Wes’s process of Gnosis, and ours will not be yours. To try and convince you to walk in the footsteps of someone else would be to really DIS-empower you and take away your own ability to rely on and trust your inner strength and develop your own KNOWING (Gnosis).

      YOU are the hero in your own epic quest to discover who you are and where you are. This knight’s tale is timeless and told in many, many ways all throughout fairy tales, literature, poems, movies, etc. You can’t take another hero’s quest, but you can go by the *model* that it represents to find all the ways that this journey is playing out in your own life and learn to see who your own monsters are, the lessons that strengthened you, your own individual path into the darkness which you entered, and now bears YOUR OWN footsteps and illumination. In this way, we each light up a little bit more of the unknown as we each take our own journey. 🙂

  2. So working on ourselves is the way to avoid te recycling center / tunnel of light? What about the hole in the grid? Just started reading my first book from William Buhlman, until now he’s talking positive about the tunnel of light.

    1. We’re not working on ourselves to avoid the recycling center, though, although that is a crucial “benefit” from it. We are working on ourselves to spread knowledge (Gnosis) in this 3-d reality; thus, it has to be done within the 3-d reality. That’s the only way to defeat Yaldabaoth and his archons and bring down the entire Kenoma (with some eventual assistance from “above”). That’s what the entire Gnostic texts are about (see our blog under “Gnosticism”). That’s why all of us are here in the first place.

      Also, we can’t get into Orion with all our beliefs and subconscious/reactive mind. We can only conquer this by truly connecting to Spirit. Yes, you can go through the Grid, which is our purpose, and you will get out of this lower Realm. But attachments to this world and being at the mercy of our inner archons are not allowed in Orion, which would be the next stop after the Grid, if that’s where you plan on going. If it were allowed, we would create the same destructive environment there as we do here…

      1. Each person indivjdually, needs to work on their attachments to the earthly 3d realm. Its not enough to simply just go through the grid, we also should strive to be let into Orion.

        It is so important to work on our own spiritual development while we are here and now incarnated in this lifetime.

        I made up an acronym for c.o.v.i.d. ……..control over viewing individuals daily 1984. You can use that acronym for any future writings Wes.

  3. Thank you both for the answer! Have read all your Gnostic articles. It is only so much information and English is not my native language, so I think it is more difficult to bring the many insights I gain from it into my heart. I certainly don’t see the hole in the grid as an easy way out. I am just trying to imagine how, despite much inner work and spiritual growth, you can escape the tunnel of light. It is and will remain a trap and if you fall for it, you will be shot back into a body with amnesia and you can start all over again, if I understand correctly.
    Wes, I’ve read that you don’t consider psychedelics necessary to achieve Gnosis. I think it can certainly be valuable for inner work. An Ayahuasca trip in 2016 helped me a lot to heal the trauma of the death of my father when I was 11 years old. It has also made me realize and feel that I am much more than a physical body. Without this experience I don’t think I would have ended up on the WPP and Gnostic path. Thank you for all your work!

    1. We are going to write another article on the Grid, which will be even more down to the point, as we see it. It will be released within the next couple of weeks or so, probably.

      Regarding psychedelics…the reason we are not promoting those is that people never know for sure what it is they are experiencing. Not everything is what it seems to be. Also, people who are generally quite fearful and/or emotionally wounded in everyday life can definitely experience a pretty bad trip. With that said, there are also those, like you said, who have been helped by taking them (under professional supervision), so I don’t mean that it’s all bad. We just don’t recommend them. Ariel and I are convinced that the positive results, and better, can be achieved just as well without any drugs whatsoever. We prefer THAT journey, but it’s certainly up to the individual.

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ Yes, in a way. I can feel a “vibe”, for lack of a better description. It isn’t always what I would call emotion, though. More often it is closer to what I would call intent or motivation from a person. Less often, but more reliable is that I might recognize a type of energy “signature” (I don’t know how to describe it) associated with that particular person if I’ve encountered them somewhere else. Can you?

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