Article 9: The Antediluvian Aryan Race and the World Beneath (Part 1)

by Wes Penre, January 15, 2021


Recently, we released a series of articles called The Divine Mind. In those articles, we tried to look at things from a larger perspective. This is all overly exciting, except when we need to convey certain messages where using linear time is essential to discuss them. In this article, we need to bring it down a few notches for this very reason. So, let us start with going back to the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) once more and the way they were presented, so I can expand on and clarify some concepts I expressed back then.

Over the last decades, much has been said and predicted about Nibiru, which Zechariah Sitchin called The Twelfth Planet. We have heard a lot of horror stories that there will be an impact, where Nibiru will hit the Earth and most living things on the planet will perish. Some claim they have seen Nibiru in the sky since at least the 1980s, but there has been no impact, and nothing else catastrophic has happened due to this supposed incoming celestial body. I’m not saying that incoming objects cannot be a threat, or that there are no incoming objects at all that can potentially hit us, of course.

The entire Nibiru narrative is a misnomer, however, as I see it. What I learned when I researched for the WPP was that Nibiru was the Queen of Orion’s “spaceship.” I also learned that the original Garden of Edin was inside that planet/spaceship. I also discussed the hollowed-out asteroids and planetoids that the Alien Invader Force (AIF) used and still allegedly use as their spaceships. Thus, they mimicked the Queen’s original hollowed-out craft, Nibiru.

If we try to connect the dots from what I have learned and hypothesized thus far, I will argue that Nibiru is in fact planet Earth, and the original Garden of Edin was the version of Earth that was manifested between the 7th and 8th Heavens, as told in the Gnostic texts. It was a higher dimensional version of our current Earth.

In the WPP, I used the term Namlu’u to describe the antediluvian (pre-Flood) species of humans, who lived on Earth approximately 13,000 years ago, and further back. I borrowed the word Namlu’u from the French writer and researcher, Anton Parks, but a better name to use would be Aryans, i.e., the human soul group, originating in Aryan/Orion. In this article, I will use the term Aryans for this particular human species. The Aryans were, as explained in the WPP, much taller and slimmer than today’s more sturdy humans. They had black skin and red hair, from what I have learned.

There are still some pieces missing in my research regarding the Aryans, but at least, we can hopefully connect a few dots. If what I originally learned is correct, we humans started out as a species living inside Nibiru, which was the original Garden of Eden—a Paradise where “the lion slept with the lamb,” symbolically speaking. There were no wars or division. The early Aryans were androgynous and “children of Nature.” In the Gnostic texts, we learn that the human soul group descended through the Kenoma/Matrix several times to experience Sophia’s shadow side and bring Light into the Darkness, which was also discussed in the Gnostic Musings Series on our blog. Up to a certain point, we lived underground, but later, when we experienced a denser reality, we started living on the surface.

When I wrote the WPP, I had some problem with timelines. I understand that linear time is an earthly construct, but to be comprehensive, we need to use time—and especially linear time—as a reference point in articles like this. By the same token, we need to think multidimensionally because time and space are not what we think they are. When we discuss different versions of Earth, I don’t see those as being different planets located in different parts of a space continuum. It’s the same planet, existing simultaneously in all dimensions and subdimensions. In addition, each dimension consists of a vast number of densities, which determine the solidity of an object. Therefore, Tiamat was a later version of Nibiru, and when I look at the information I have, it seems as if we lived on the surface of Tiamat—at least most of us.

So, just to be clear: the original Earth was Sophia’s “spaceship,” called Nibiru in the 7th/8th Heavens. Tiamat was Nibiru in a lower dimension, and Earth is Tiamat and Nibiru in an even lower dimension.

At one point in time, we are told that Sophia gave celestial bodies in the solar system to the Archons–we call these celestial bodies planets. They were, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (Sabaoth’s planet originally), the sun as we know it, and the moon. These are what ancient texts, including the Gnostic texts, call the Seven Heavens, where the Archons mainly dwell, although they also have access to some of the star constellations “out there” in the Milky Way. Tiamat, however, was Sophia’s planet, where the Human Experiment was taking place. For some reason, the Archons thought that the entire solar system belonged to them, so they were shocked when they noticed that Tiamat was populated with humans, and they invaded the planet, which was destroyed in the process, as discussed in the WPP, Level 2 and Level 4.

This is where it gets tricky because we are used to thinking in linear time the way time works here on Earth, while “out there” things are considered more inter- and multidimensional—it’s a matter of perspective. This is the reason why the WPP and the Gnostic texts coincide in so many ways, and in other ways they seem not to—at least at the first glance. Still, they do coincide, in my opinion—they tell the same stories, conveyed from different perspectives. This can be exceedingly difficult to wrap one’s head around, but it can be done by expanding and changing one’s perspective.

In the War of the Titans (Greek mythology), the invaders conquered Tiamat, and Zoë Sophia and her Helpers the Vulcans/Vegans were chased off, and many Vulcans and Aryans succumbed. Many Aryans and some Vulcans were captured and incarcerated by the invaders, and they are supposedly still “chained” somewhere inside Earth. Mythology tells us (in the Babylonian Creation Story, for example) that the invaders then took a chunk of Tiamat and created the current Earth. This could be literal, but it could also be metaphorical, making the Titan War the end of an epoque with a new beginning—the latter being lower in density and dimension. We descended to a lower dimensional version of the planet, which we call Earth.

The Gnostic texts are talking about the Divine bloodline during the most recent Atlantis (the antediluvian time), and I believe that this could be the surviving Aryans who lived side by side with homo sapiens. This had nothing to do with souls and spirited humans—both the Aryan race and homo sapiens were souled and had potential access to Spirit (instead, we are talking about physical bloodlines). It is interesting that ancient texts tell us there were giants roaming the Earth in these days. These giants have been denounced in mythology, religions, and alternative history, and maybe there is a reason for that:

When I connect the dots, I come to my personal insight (built on earlier and new research) that at least some (if not all) of the giants of old were the surviving Aryans. Depending on which ancient text we read, we see that not all giants were evil—it was a mix. Some were benevolent, others warlike, and some were even cannibals. According to the Bible and other older texts, the Titans (the original Divine “Gods/Goddesses”) saw the destruction that took place on Earth and instigated the Flood—a Consummation of an Age.

What I learned from one of my sources was that some of the Aryans turned against Mother Goddess and became adversaries. This fits quite “nicely” with the mythological giants. I think both homo sapiens and the Aryans had a difficult time adjusting to the lower frequency of the antediluvian times, compared to the earlier version of Earth, i.e., Tiamat and Nibiru. Wars and conflicts broke out, and everything escalated.

When the Flood eventually swept over the planet, many Aryans/giants died, while others fled underground and survived in conjunction with other species, such as the yeti that people claim to encounter even in today’s world, coming out from caves. Some of the giants were what we would call evil, but not all of them—again, there was a mix, just like with everything else.

After the Flood, Yaldabaoth (the masculine force) and an aspect of Sophia (the feminine force in this part of the Kenoma), genetically manipulated the antediluvian Cro-Magnon and homo sapiens, which then became homo sapiens sapiens—today’s humans. A few other species survived as well, such as the already mentioned yeti and several giants. There are even records of Europeans coming to the Americas encountering giants, and that was only a few centuries ago. Interesting also that the skeletons with elongated skulls found in Peru, for example, were giants and had red hair. However, giant skeletons have been found all over the world, but most of them have been hidden and locked away by institutions, such as the Smithsonian Institution.

Also, people with Rh-negative blood type supposedly have genes going back to the antediluvian Aryan race[1]. This goes for the Basques, the Irish and the Scottish people as well—many of them being redheads.

In the next article, we will discuss Admiral Byrd, Nazi Germany,  and others, who have allegedly been to the Inner Earth, and we will talk about the beings they met there. In the upcoming article, we will also list some interesting sources on these subjects.  

[1] See Robert Sepher’s excellent research on this and other subjects:


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  1. I like the name Aryan better then the name Namlu’u. Although when I think of the second World War the name Aryan has a less favorable connotation.

    1. I agree. I wish I would have used Aryan consistently in the WPP, but like you’re saying, people would associate it with the Nazis, so I decided not to. However, why did the Nazis call for an Aryan race? I will bring that up in this article series.

  2. Hello Wes.
    Why would Zoe Sophia pair up with Yaldabaoth to manipulate the Cro-Magnons into homo sapiens sapiens?
    I’m surprised she would work alongside him! I would have expected her to work with her consort-the real real Jesus Christ!!!!

    1. Sometimes she’s called Isis, Aphrodite, Ninmah, Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Hathor, etc… We tend to look at this from a human perspective, when it’s nothing of the sort. This Universe (Kenoma/Matrix/Orion) is a universe of multi dimensions and densities.

      Sophia is an Aeon. The human soul group IS Sophia but in smaller units, in lack of a better term. You and I are parts of Sophia, operating in the very solid 3rd Dimension. The density here not only allows but demands duality. Thus, we have the concept of good and evil/light and darkness. It’s no different with Sophia. We humans have our subconscious mind, as we know, which inhibits us from operating on the top of our capability. So does Sophia. The deeper down into the universal densities, the darker it is. Where we live is quite close to the bottomless pit. We are here to spread light in the darkness by relearning who we are.

      The Universe IS Sophia’s Mind and the physical manifestation thereof–no more, no less. If you look into your own mind, there is both light and darkness/good and bad, like with all humans. The Universe is within us. The Universe we perceive with our 5 senses is a projection of our inner universe–the small part we have access to in the 3rd Dimension (the 4% Universe).

      1. You’re right. It makes sense from that point of view. I guess I am appealed by Yaldabaoth and his minions!
        Thanks Wes!

  3. So that makes sense (Aryan/Orion) but why is Enki and his cohorts considered the Aryan race in Aldebran? And why did Hitler want to create this race? And this would be the 5th root race, half machine / half man? I just watched the interview again with Max Spiers and Michael Prince/Kerry Cassidy and he talks about 40 new boys that have been born in an underground base that is exactly this and thats the seeding for the new race (half machine/half man). Where do we fit in if we are part of the original Aryan race? Are we still here because we need to wake up to Spirit and then leave?

    1. There is nobody here to wake up. It never was. Before we weren’t even in the picture, Sophia offered enlightenment to Yaldabaoth, and he refused. It was evident to Sophia that we (her units) will not make any difference.

      As many of us learned in the past months, no one can wake up (enlighten) another person. Enlightenment or waking up is an individual choice.

      We learned that Sophia/Source wanted to learn about their shadow side. It is clear, that our journey was to descend with evil from one level to another and experience all the devilry each stage contains. For us, it meant experience first hand how evil (ignorance) operates while enduring all that came with it.

      Through our experiences, Source, Sophia and the rest of the Aeons learned.

      This learning process is still going on.

      Those who are willing to participate in the transhumanistic agenda will serve as an experiment—this way, Sophia and the rest of the Gods will learn something new. They’ll know how the process from human to machine unfold and whatever comes after.

      Those that choose otherwise will have different experiences and provide another perspective to Sophia and the rest to contemplate on.

      If we want to get out of here, despite all that’s what is going on around us and our personal lives, all we have to do is work up our vibration and be happy. It should be easy. After all, we are part of Sophia and all-powerful beings.

      1. Thank you Margareta. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful answer and it really answers all of my questions. Thank you!!

      2. Hi Margareta,

        Nice comment but also I can’t stop thinking about Eve eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. If she didn’t eat, we would continue living in ignorance and wouldn’t know the difference between good or bad. Therefore, I can see when people choose the transhuman agenda that it’s just another experience but something it’s telling me that it’s immoral and people will continue living in ignorance, hence comes the Tree of Knowledge.

  4. What an ANSWER! You covered a whole bunch of holes in my understanding of all this with that one answer!
    So pregnant with meaning! Thanks Wes!

  5. Great research Wes…..there was giants on the earth…even just a few centuries ago…..

    I look forward to the next article about the inner earth with admiral Byrd…I know the story behind it….I researched it also.

  6. Agreed, another round of Thanks to Wes AND Ariel. Just finished all levels of Learning (1-5) and am re-reading Level 6 with new eyes.

  7. Steven Ben-Nun was told last year that the incoming asteroid debris field would peak in March or April of 2021.

    This clip is from a video of his from July of 2020. He has said that same thing in another video, “the asteroid debris field would peak in March or April of 2021.”

    He says here, “We would first get hit by an asteroid belt. That’s what he told me. That would come first, then the planet comes and causes the pole shift.”
    “The asteroid belt, or the tail, is what hits first.”
    “The tail is in front, not out back, right, and that is what’s coming first, and that it is late March, early April that they anticipate.. (it).” – Quotes from Steven Ben-Nun, July, 2020.

    The Pole Shift is forecast for 2023, but the asteroids hit first.

    This is the same time frame Gill Broussard and Tio Abadom believe we will be encountering Planet X, around Passover, Spring, 2021.. the first asteroid storm.

    This is what Mark Elkin has to say about the tail end of the asteroid debris field, the tail of the great red dragon:

    “The ‘tail end’ of the debris field left behind by the brown dwarf star system actually begins to affect earth from January and is the main reason why we see such an increase in sightings/videos of fireballs streaking across the sky or reports of meteorites. As Earth makes its transit through May we enter a very dangerous part of the solar system.” – Quote from Mark Elkin. March 26, 2020.

    Mark wrote me and said that he would draw up an illustration to help visualize it. Evidently, the tail wraps around our entire solar system and it’s millions of miles long.

    From this video clip:

    Steven: “From sources that we have that they’re going to use this (A.I. chip/mark) to be able to track you AFTERWARDS, all right.”

    Jana: “They think they’re going to survive it and they want to grab the power.”

    Steven: “Exactly, and you know it’s almost like a reset. Every time, just like after Noah’s flood, it was a reset.”

    There’s that world, RESET. As in the “The Great Reset” aka the “Build Back Better” plan.

    This is the same scenario Mike just said on January 14, 2021.

    Here is a quote from “Mike from Around the World,” from Thursday night, “Right AFTER a set of disasters everything is going to be implemented.”

    This is the same scenario described by two masonic whistleblowers.

    The 2010 video, “The Anglo-Saxon Mission” with Bill Ryan.
    He said …
    a) that China will “catch a cold” .. ( that happened, we know it to be Covid-19.)
    b) that the Elite are preparing for “a major geophysical event”.
    c) that they need to put emergency preparedness in place .. ( we are seeing this now.)

    So that they, the Elite, would be the ones to rebuild a NEW WORLD ORDER to “Build Back Better” AFTER “the cataclysm”, so that this new world could be controlled by Anglo-Saxons, the Vatican, Illuminati, Royals.

    Jeremy (another masonic whistleblower) was told just last year in 2020 and shared this on aminutetomidnite with Tony, of an event of nuclear strikes in all cities. They are planning on using nuclear weapons the same time as the asteroids arrive.

    The real goal is to set up the post-cataclysmic world. To ensure “their” control of the “New World”.

    This confirms Revelation 12:3-5 that when the tail of the great red dragon (our Sun’s binary twin, a brown dwarf star/sun, aka Planet X / Nibiru) casts one third of the stars to earth, this is when the dead in Christ rise, and the Rapture of believers in Jesus Christ all happens simultaneously as the asteroids hit. Just like in the 200 dreams I have heard and read from believers.

    Revelation 12:3-5
    “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great, fiery red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”

    Passover is March 26/27, 2021.

    Passover 2021 will begin at sunset in Jerusalem on Saturday, March 27.

    Exodus 12:11
    “Now you are to eat it (the lamb) in this manner: [be prepared for a journey] with your loins girded [that is, with the outer garment tucked into the band], your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand; you shall eat it hurriedly—it is the LORD’S Passover.”

    Exodus 12:23
    “For the Lord will pass through to strike the Egyptians; and when He sees the blood on the lintel [above the entry way] and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow the “Destroyer” to come into your houses to slay you.”

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    “That which has been is that which will be [again], And that which has been done is that which will be done again. So there is nothing new under the sun.”


    We go through the debris field every year at the same time. That’s why everyone was freaked out last year. March 20, 2020 — “We’re in a live exercise here to get this right.” Quote from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


    This would explain 30,000 troops surrounding Washington D.C.
    I don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon.
    Another perspective, hope its helpful

  8. By the way, does anybody see the comparison of the picture on this page to an Australian Aboriginal? I just think the continent of Australia has been surrounded by mystique so not sure if this is a coincidence or if there is some fact behind this. But they do resemble the original Aryans as Wes has put forth.

  9. And where did the water come from that caused the flood?
    How much was added to the oceans? (some say 60, some say 200m?)
    And where did the water disappear again? (if so)
    Is this event related to Neptun? How? It popped up 12500 years ago too, did not it?

    1. These questions are also covered in the Gnostic series and in the actual Gnostic texts. Regarding the volume of water, etc., I have no idea. I don’t consider that important enough to research, and I would be surprised if there is any research on it.

  10. I wonder did Ishtar ever had title Ea?
    What race did she belong to? Planet?
    Did she have to hide her engineered daughter from reptiles? Where?
    Was it Eve?
    Was Eve first hybrid Anunnaki + indigenous primates?
    And those bearded Anunnaki depicted on tablets, what race and planet did they come from?
    Are Anunnaki bearded ones or do they look like from the movie Prometheus?
    Or maybe there are different types of them?
    Anyhow, can Taygetans be called Anunnaki?
    What is the relation between Anunnaki and P’Taal?
    Do Anunaki come from different universe?
    Or are they covered up only so that we are not chasing them when become interstellar?

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