Video 239: Q&A Session #64

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, January 5, 2021

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: What is the purpose behind the three major religions? Is it to have people in groups and help fulfill prophecy, which originated from the Overlords i.e., true ET’s? They all require worship, and all have a “savior” which is expected to return but, in a nutshell, is it just another “ascension” theme into’s program?

QUESTION 2: Do you believe there is an objectively high-vibrational action and an objectively low-vibrational action? Or are actions deemed “high-vibrational” or not depending on how we feel because of making that action? Could a murderer, theoretically, live a high-vibrational life if killing energizes him? Could a narcissist live a whole and fulfilling life? Or are they bound to a low-vibrational one due to their nature?

QUESTION 3: If  the Singularity takes effect, and a human consciousness is duplicated in digital form, what does it mean for the digital “soul?” Is a digital “soul” really a soul, considering that it was created in the 3rd dimension? What are some reasons for why I should be concerned if the AIF (the Alien Invader Force) has a digital copy of my soul?

QUESTION 4: Who or what is Abraxas? Curious to know your thoughts on this word, gnostic term, or Greek term?

QUESTION 5: When we die and go out through the Grid, we don’t interact with anyone, but while we are here on earth, are there genuine beings who want to help because that’s what they wanted to do with their reincarnation?

Also, I’ve heard that there are hundreds of beings who have no specific person to help and that we can call on them because they genuinely have our best interests at heart?

I know some guides aren’t for us, but do you think some are, or is this another trick?


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    1. @Anonymous ~ “Abraxas was also a channeled entity. I believe it identified as female and reptilian.”

      I realize that it is probably just a variation or a play on the word, but that person you are referring to participated in a discussion on the old Project Avalon forum using the name Abraxasinas not Abraxas. You can still find that thread archived on the internet.

      I thought about putting it in my answer, but since the question was specifically about the word “Abraxas”, I decided to answer the question in the way it was asked. Although that person who started the discussion did occasionally sign his/her posts using “Abrax” and “Abraxas”, I didn’t want to assume that the question was referring to this person.

      If the person who submitted that question was actually referring to that thread and discussion, my opinion of it is that it is very interesting and complicated for me to wrap my mind around in some parts. I read it recently (in the past six months or so), and I enjoyed it. It gave me a lot to think about and even added a lot to my understanding of things, but who that person actually was/is…I have no idea. I try to remember the likelihood that any internet postings like this *could be* nothing but role-playing, no matter how intelligent and far out they appear to be. Just because a person can convince others that they are an alien doesn’t mean they are. lol A LOT of people would rather believe in the fantastic than the mundane.

      If anyone wants to read it, search for “Thuban Q&A” as an archived link.

  1. Hello Wes, and happy new year to you both!
    I am a little confused now after reading what you said that some spirit guides may be genuine helpers and really be who they claim they are. In past writings you told us not to listen to anyone nor pay attention to them, that they may have uploaded our consciousness after death and adopted the image of of who we believe in. To look up and exit the Patrix through a hole.
    You have also written that the dead loved ones that may appear are holographic projections and not really them, with the intention of luring us into the soul recycling center.
    So, what are your thoughts on this conundrum of mine? Thank you for all you do.

    1. Hi Evelyn! We have discussed this before in our videos, but let me clarify this because I understand if it may sound confusing. The human soul, as long as we’re still in the Matrix/Kenoma, we first reincarnate over and over and over, until those “in charge” of the afterlife decide we have learned our lessons. We can then decide whether we want to continue reincarnate anyway, or we can become spirit guides. Then, we can advance to become teachers (channels, etc.), and a lot of other things to advance up’s/Yaldabaoth’s ladder.

      What we call spirit guides can be strangers or old relatives, who have taken on the role as spirit guides. They are not necessarily your mother or father, although in some cases they CAN be, depending on THEIR evolution in the Matrix. Either way, the spirit guides oversee our progress on Earth, and we can ask them for help to some degree, but these guides usually don’t know anything about that there is an existence beyond the Matrix, so they can only offer “Matrix help,” so to speak. Therefore, if we need help, it’s IMO better to direct that toward our Highest Self.

      In most cases, your relatives have moved on when you die–most of them have reincarnated again. So, most likely, the “relatives” some people meet in the astral after death are either holograms or other forms of mind-manipulation to lure you into reincarnation again. They can also be spirit guides who “shapeshift” into someone that is familiar to you, so you go in the designated direction, playing on your emotions. These beings are not necessarily evil–they just do their job, thinking they do the right thing. But if we listen to them, we end up here again, or elsewhere within the Matrix system.

      Much of the above info comes from channeled material, NDEs, OBEs, and regression therapy.

      1. I wish I could ask a spirit guide for its perspective. Doez the guide ever wonder why it has to deceive a person by shape-shifting? One shutters to think what this suggests.

        1. Ever read “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts? That’s as close to a spirit guide’s perspective as I’ve ever come across. I don’t remember him ever questioning why he was doing something. He seemed to know the purpose behind it all.

  2. Thank you Wes for your prompt reply!
    So based on what you’re saying, they or may or not be real, they may be good spirits trying to help or they may not.
    It all falls on me to discern who is who isn’t based of how they resonate with me, right?
    I have read books on Spiritism, like Allan Kardec and the Brazilian channel Francisco Candido Xavier who channeled Dr. Andre Luiz in books like “Nosso Lar”, “Life Goes On” and one the ones you suggested by William Bhulam, “Higher Self Now!”; where they describe what you are saying.
    Again, the trick is to be able to discern who and who isn’t. I truly hope and can continue to develop discernment, because anything seems possible. I would hate to ignore my mother or a previous teacher of mine, OSHO, an ascended master, just because I wasn’t sure if they really are who they say they are. This is not as simple as it may sound. Thank you again!

    1. The mistake we humans often make is that we look at these matters as black and white when it’s actually gray. Even those who we call our adversaries (Anunnaki, Archons, ETs, certain archetypes…whatever we want to call it) have shades of gray, and the Matrix system is not entirely evil, from our point of view. There are those in the astral whom we would probably consider more good than bad–particularly disincarnate humans, who think they are doing a good thing when they help us out on occasion, and if we can see the signs they are sending us. The problem is that none of these “beings” (whether humans or not) suggest how to permanently leave this Matrix system.

      When it comes to discernment, here is just my suggestion, so please take it for what it is: if I feel the need to ask for help outside this 3D Construct, I direct my intention toward the Highest Aspect of Myself Possible. Then, if I would get some kind of response, I analyze it to see whether it’s actually constructive and helps me on my path or not. If it’s helpful and springs me forward, it’s not so important where it comes from. The discernment, IMO, must be in the message rather than trying to establish from where the message comes.

      When we die and leave our body, why ask for help when we can proceed by ourselves? If someone approaches us and says they want to help us with whatever we’re trying to do (go through the Grid or whatnot), how do we know they are not trying to deceive us, EVEN if they look like our parents or a long lost best friend? If you know yourself, you can trust yourself and do it on your own.

  3. Happy New Year Wes and Ariel

    I got 2 questions
    Is it possible that ongoing Marduk’s singularity will trigger Enki’s second coming without enough human ask for his coming ?

    It is said that Enki dwell in Pleiades. Is this the real Pleiades or his copy of Pleiades inside this solar system ?


    1. We can’t know for sure what will happen–we more or less just have prophecy to go on. However, we HAVE actually asked for his coming. I highly suspect there was more than one Jesus–one “genuine” Jeshua, and one imitator (and there could have been more). If the Bible prophecy is built around the Hermetic (“false”) Jesus, he is the one people are waiting for, and that would be whom we call, or someone who will manifest that archetype. So, he’s definitely “called for” through religion. Not only Christianity–almost all religions are based on a Savior, who has promised to return, and he or she is the one whom the followers are waiting for.

  4. Happy New Year Ariel and Wes,

    I actually need a little clarification on reincarnation patterns.

    When we re-incarnate, how likely are we to come back through our family lineage cos if we have to learn our lessons, it means that we’ll have to show up over and over from where we left off and continue the journey of perfection till we get it?

    Does reincarnation really have a model?

    1. According to our most recent research and dot connecting, it seems like we are coming back to the same lifetime over and over until we “get it right,” apparently with the same parents, siblings, friends, enemies, or whatnot…We just hopefully make new decisions every lifetime, which will change our destiny slightly, until we “graduate” within the Matrix System. Thus, the so-called “life review” in the afterlife. We learn what we need to improve, and then we’re sent back (with amnesia[!!!]) to rectify our “mistakes.”

      To many, this might seem outlandish, but if you haven’t, watch our article series on the “Divine Mind” on this blog under “Gnosticism” and it might make more sense how it might work. We call it wheels within wheels, and my purpose is to break this wheel and continue my journey without being manipulated into reincarnating again and again.

  5. ***Just to add, based on my own thoughts…it may not be your *exact* parents (although it could be), but it will certainly be parents whose incarnation “package” or avatar/astrology/wheel will be conducive to what you need to experience or meant to give you certain opportunities to make specific decisions. If those in your life have moved out of your wheel, for whatever reason, you’ll get another one who matches very closely. You won’t know the difference from lifetime to lifetime, however. I get this based on an experience from Robert Monroe who faced a very difficult situation with the death of a beloved pet dog. In nine out of ten times, the dog was the same. In one life, he still had a beloved pet dog but it was a different breed in that one. Something about that particular incarnation, either for him or the dog or someone else, had changed. He still had the same love for the dog, though, and still had to experience the grief over the death of him.

    1. Thank you for your replies Wes and Ariel. I’m kind of thrilled and at the same time excited about your responses.

      I never thought of it this way. So I have the ”same/similar children, parents, siblings,friends etc” I had in my previous life? It means this was either like say 60 or 70 years ago – How do you calculate a lifetime, is it based on our earth’s time?

      I’m actually thrilled right now about how this reincarnation cycle works.

  6. Thank you, thank you! Now I feel less confused! Yes, this last reply clarified my doubts.
    Very satisfied Wes. The very best to you and may you live a very long quality of life so that you may continue to be there for all of us! So glad we crossed paths in this life! Namaste!

  7. Interesting. Nothing at all like my lifelong experiences. I wonder why.
    Assuming you are familiar with Anthony Peake…

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