Video 240: The Antediluvian Aryan Race and the World Beneath (Part 1)

by Wes Penre, January 18, 2021

A few days ago, we released this information as an article (Article #9) on our blog. However, it seems like many people prefer to watch videos rather than reading a text, so we decided to create both articles and videos for the Subterranean Series we’re working on, so you can choose how to approach the material.

When the article series is finished, we will probably go back to making more videos an d less articles.


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  1. Thanks Wes and Ariel. I would prefer that you keep posting the PDFs along with these no matter what you post. Then we can download them on a non-5g device and be able to peruse with no fear of severe electromagnetic exposure. Good stuff by the way as always. Thanks
    I also still have the question about the singularity being a timeline insert as well as the archons and yaldy using this eventually to ride our avatars against the Queen Mother and Orion, what say you on this? There just seems to be a more deeper meaning to this whole singularity business because they are sure gung-ho on it! And it looks like we’re going to let them continue unabated at this point. Thanks.

    1. I personally agree with you, Anon. Exactly how they are going to accomplish this, no one knows, except those who are in charge, but what I wrote about in the WPP and in my Singularity book still stands, in my own opinion.

      In the WPP I wrote that those who are in control of the nano-world are in control of the Universe. Nanotechnology goes all the way down to a soul level–the soul being of the nano/micro universe. So, it is apparent to me that the Singularity is important for our adversaries for many reasons. But yes, I believe they will use nanotech to “invade Orion,” so to speak. And they will use voluntary humans to do it–humans who will not even be aware of what is really going on. As we know, the majority of mankind is willingly but unwittingly getting lost in the technology, and being seduced with a promise of eternal life is of course attractive to people because most humans are afraid to die (contrary to most animals, who accept it). Eternal physical life is a good carrot.

  2. Yes thank you so much Wes, my own thinking as well, they’re causing this chaos right now to confuse people and just by the looks of the fact that three quarters of the population in America want to get “vaccinated” against a non-existent virus just tells you those will probably be the willing ones as well. Very sad indeed. But they have been manipulating man’s Consciousness up to this point so they know how this is going to go. We just need to keep putting the Truth out! Keep the faith folks!

    1. **three quarters of the population in America want to get “vaccinated”
      Do you mind sharing where you received this statistic? 

      1. Yes I heard about a poll that was taken several weeks back, you know how polls go but just my wanderings show a whole lot more people wear masks than not. Do the math. Now I don’t know how it’s going to go as people are starting to see people die from this and have complications, more may wake up before they get their injections but man… Remember they want to kill a lot of us too in this process.

  3. I see this happening all over the world right now with the vaccines. Here is the wild part about all of this…..
    I work in healthcare and for all the CV 19 cases there were in our facility last year, I never tested positive for the virus. Even now I still continue to test negative. For all of last year, we were short staffed, and many times I took care of 20 residents who were sick. Now management is trying all kinds of peer pressure tactics to have everyone vaccinated. Sadly most people I know, including family members have already had the 2 doses of the vaccine. They think I need it so I won’t get sick and die. As most of here on this forum know,
    The virus is non existent….and its no worse than the flu.

    I just hope they don’t make it mandatory to even go to the grocery store ……..I keep refusing the vaccine…
    And I will keep refusing it.

    What is in the vaccine is most likely nanotechnology.

    1. Yes the frankenshot is definitely nanotechnology. Like Steve Quayle likened it too messenger RNA, or dark angel as the messenger. The stuff will lead to transhumanism and the de-attachment from the Divine Mind. Know it as the sun comes up. And Wake Up and Wake Up those around you! You have to adopt the Christ Consciousness and spread this news, it may be little too late at this point but, you’ve got to try! If you learned anything from these Wes Penre series is that there is evil at foot. In any form you want to imagine it, it’s here, deal with it!
      You know Wes always suggests setting intentions for the afterlife, my intention is to help, however and wherever I can, in this fight against this evil. I will knock on the gates of Orion for this task if I have to. But it starts here as well, in this physical realm, in Educating yourself and others around you to the Truth and then living by it wholeheartedly!
      I’m sorry, I’m very emotional today because a Communist, new world order, dictatorship has taken over my country.

    2. Yes, I agree. I’m pretty sure there will be nanotech in the vaxx. Why wouldn’t it? It’s no secret that the EL-ite are putting nanobots inside us whenever and wherever they can. A mandatory vaxx would be the absolutely best place to put whatever nanotech they can think off in all of us (or those who take the vaxx).

  4. Ah the old fifth root race. Six there were or so they say. Two races didn’t make it, the rest are now blened with some remnants and holdovers. Looks like the 7th root race is on its way. I read a weird old book once that told this story. Cool stuff guys!!!!

  5. I wouldn’t so much call it as cool, as it’s sadly very few of us know the real agenda, thanks to Wes and Ariel for their papers and continued teachings. I remember when I first read Wes’s road trip to the singularity paper I just kept saying how are they going to get us to stay home and get paid by just communicate via internet and now we’re seeing it all unfold so the nanoworld is real folks and this is where the attack is coming from. And if you listen to Celeste Solums work, you’ll find out what they really got in store with this whole great reset, and Frankenshot. She also talks about how they’re going to put this in our food and the smart dust from the chemtrails, water, they will get it to us anyway they can. but a I think the frankenshot shit is the most effective, how they’ve always used vaccines through the ages to get things into us. This is a true consummation of the ages, and I would say the final one. I just heard Jay Dyer speak about the Communist manifesto and Marx’s teachings, and he mentions the luciferians how they want to “storm the heavens”, their words, and replace the Aeon with the eye of Horus. It blew me away when I heard this. Think about that a while. Is this not a direct quote to what Wes talks about?

  6. Is there nanotechnology in antidepressants such as Zoloft or any other anxiety medicines?
    I remember in the levels of learning papers, nanobots are in many different things. Is there a way to cleanse or get rid of these nanobots that are inside us.

    1. The first source I heard mentioning nanobots in medications, food, and chemtrails was Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians many years ago. Since then, more and more people have come out saying the same thing–unrelated to the Pleiadians. I don’t know which meds have bots and which have not, though. According to the Pleiadians, we can’t get rid of the nanobots, and we all have them. I know there are people who say they can remove them, and I have no way of knowing whether they can or not. These are often alternative healers, and it makes me wonder how they know that the bots are removed–they are nano-sized.

      1. Yes Celeste Solum says the same thing that once this stuff is in you it can’t be removed and it is bioaccumulative. That’s why they’re pushing several doses of this frankenshit, under the guise that the non-existent virus always mutates. There was no virus to begin with folks, if you know how viruses work, the frankenshot is the bioweapon. The baseball great Hank Aaron just died after his second dose, albeit he was 86 years old but remember the elderly are the first they want to go. Sadly he wanted to prove to the African American race that it was safe to take.
        This is the reason for my original question to Wes if he thought they’re going to organize an invasion or a “storm against the heavens”. Because they want to cull the population to see who dies first and then those that succeed these injections will be the ones used in their master plan, in my own opinion. Celeste also talks about being marked by the actual tests so they can barcode everybody as well.
        She also said she looked at every possible way to try to get out of this and sabotage it and she could not see any way out, except by spreading the Truth and getting the alternative Knowledge out there, that’s why I follow Gnostic teachings folks. And I will put forth the Truth to anybody who will listen to the point when I have to defend myself.

      2. On the subject of removing – or perhaps at least disabling – nanobots.
        I wonder if a Rife machine would be effective.
        It’s my understanding that Morgellons is the result of nano-invasion…there are ‘Rife frequencies’ for treating Morgellons, so I wonder if these frequencies (or related ones) are effective against nanobots. Sounds like an interesting subject for the “Rife and Zapper” community to take up.

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