Video 241: Q&A Session #65

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, January 24, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Can we change our destiny, and by the force of our creative powers change the future? Is the Singularity scenario the only option in this experiment or can we turn the tide and write our own, positive story?

QUESTION 2: If the Khan is Christ, then what did Utu mean by saying that we are one in Krist? Utu told you to post the message that says we are one in Krist. But the Khan is Utu/Marduk’s enemy. Why did Utu bring up his mortal enemy’s name to justify his cause?

QUESTION 3: …It makes sense to me that the original humans are genetically segregated from their “clones” created by the invading force, through the negative RH factor. If that is true, I also I would like to know if the blood groups (O, A, B, and AB) indicate any significant difference in terms of consciousness.

QUESTION 4: When it comes to Gnosticism and connecting deeper with the pleroma and aeons, is there any type of magic , meditations or even rituals for connecting more with the angels or aeons or the pleroma in general?

QUESTION 5: Is there a way I can apply your teachings or use my awareness of these teachings to improve my life? For instance, to make more money, find inner peace, strengthen my law of attraction, etc.  Would you share with me some ways in which the information you have has benefited you in your personal life?

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  1. Khan En.lil is an emanation of the Monad? Same Khan En.lil who had no objections against the Flood and was in fact the main proponent? And then he came here to teach “love and compassion” as Jesus? What arrogance!

    1. OK, just wanted to make sure. Yes, then you have looked at it from more than one side/perspective and come to your own conclusion, so that’s good…

  2. Hi, Wes! 🙂

    Thank you ever so much for answering my question!! That was a brilliant answer.

    We are all part of Monad/Source. That makes total sense.

    Can’t wait for the next vid!!

  3. I know Elite goes above and beyond to sway us on their side either via media, education and so on so we co-create the reality they want us to see. But once you start waking up to the reality/knowledge inside of you and you realize how powerful you are, that you can manifest or create about anything you want – you realize you can create the reality for yourself you want to see. Indeed, we all write our own story.

    1. @LC ~ EXACTLY. This made me really start paying attention to the personal story I am writing for myself. If my beliefs are writing my story then what I believe and what I take in as information or “truth” must be very carefully observed for what it is creating in my thoughts/mind. If creation is really *this* fluid (and I believe it is), then just simply discarding nonbeneficial beliefs undoes or un-creates A LOT of very harmful thought projections that I was using to create my own reality. Getting rid of those has really done a lot to bring me back to center – very quickly. I was able to see what I was doing to myself.

    1. @DOROS SPARTAN ~ “Beautiful answers Ariel but we are prisoners here which of course doesn’t mean we give up in anything or anyone.”

      I understand that you feel that way. I am just expressing that I no longer feel that way. We aren’t born here thinking that we are prisoners. Someone or something else makes us feel that we are. I realized who and what was making me feel that way in my life and I am learning to turned my back on those who wish me harmful thoughts. Very hard thing to do! I’m not a prisoner in my life.

      I am only a prisoner of my own mind which was telling me I should be afraid, that I am not capable of achieving what I want, and that it was the responsibility of others to give me what I want/need instead of taking it and doing it for myself. I know I am speaking to an empty room, here – most people are more comfortable believing that something more powerful than they is holding them back from achieving their goals. I get it. I used to believe that, too.

      My point being that I do not believe that anymore because I have realized what was truly holding me back and when that happened, all the invisible phantom gate-keepers disappeared. Quite literally! There is nothing to fear here. Truly. I guess you could say I woke up. lol

      We can agree to live and let live. I’m not going to expend too much effort anymore trying to convince people of what I think since I got to this point by going through a process (and still going through it because such is LIFE), and I think everyone needs to be allowed to move with their own process, but at the same time – with all the respect due to you, please don’t tell me I am a prisoner. I am not. Many people have been telling me that practically my whole life in one way or another, and I am finally realizing my own self-empowerment and working on making the necessary changes in my life. People whose intentions are to drag me back down to prisoner status do not have my best interest at heart or else they would not want me to feel so powerless in my life. So, hear me one last time when I say this to you: YOU ARE NOT A PRISONER. From MY perspective – there are NO prisoners here and I have this knowledge on GOOD TERMS. I trust it completely. Peace 🙂

      1. I’m not tryin to drag you anywhere Ariel.It’s the way i see it.Nobody is powerless unless he-she believes he-she is.I understand you fully sis and i respect what you say and i have no problem with it.From your perspective it is as you say.Be well sis.

  4. Crist is ADAM Kadmon the archetype of man…”The son of man”. We are made in his image. There are 4 Angels of presence.

  5. Hi, Wes and Ariel! As i said, i think that Christ is ADAM KADMON – The Archetype of MAN. In the New Testament, Christ said He is ”The Son of Man”. Man is made in his image and likeness. There are 4 “Angels of Presence” (Apocalypse of John): The Man, The Bull, The Lion and The Eagle/Scorpio. I think that Abraxas is the 5th…at the top…Draco. Take a look at the statues in the Vatican, and what represent those 2 Crossed Keys on the Flag of Vatican City >>>

  6. I found a text about the zodiac signs described by Thoth through Maia.

    Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation by Thoth


    In the Lemurian period, the Zodiacal sign of Aries was called “Pythia,” a term which much later in history was used in conjunction with the Oracles of Delphi in Greece. The Lemurian word, “Pythia,” meant to keep sovereign or pure. It also meant to “sustain, to mark, and to give in offering.”

    Despite the various meanings, the essence of all these definitions was “to hold above all else as cherished and without blemish.” To the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, all Zodiacal signs were feminine in their inner mystery, and masculine in their elemental power.

    Aries, or “Lady Pythia”, is the first sign of the Zodiac, and as such, offers the birth of the other eleven signs as her mark of purity in the heavens. She gives birth to the eleven initiations that come after her, for she contains the consciousness of all twelve within her nature.

    Yet all but the first, Pythia/Aries herself, remain unborn within the womb until humanity brings her consciousness into its being. In Mur-Atlan (the cross-culture of Lemuria-Atlantis) symbology, Lady Pythia was depicted as a fair-haired woman standing somewhat like the statue of liberty, holding a torch high in her right hand to light the way through the twelve Zodiacal initiations to follow.

    In her left hand she carries a red stone, held in her open palm, as in a gesture of offering. This stone symbolizes the blood of the womb, which we might now associate symbolically with the Blood of the Lamb. It is her offering of gestation. “From the womb of Pythia shall the sons of heaven and earth be born.”

    On Pythia’s’s left arm hangs a small woven basket, with three small serpents peering above the rim. These are the three-fold powers of creation in the earth: conception, gestation and birth. This symbol reveals Pythia to not only be an archetype of the cosmos, but to also be intimately connected with the rituals of birth and re-birth in the realm of the earth.

    Even though she is a being of “pure aether,” her works are performed within the serpentine creational fires of earth. The true role of the Goddess in the earth, or the feminine principle, is not to be found within the elements themselves, but as a steward or power over the elements.

    The divine feminine hierarchical station is within the world of the aether–an uncontaminated substance of fire/air. Her power is utilized to direct and protect the earth. The elements are comprised of cosmic energy which is crystallized within the matter plane of the earth, and which represents a masculine/positive polarity.

    With the progressive lowering of the planetary etheric vibration through the ages, it has been necessary for the divine feminine nature of the aether to descend ever closer into proximity with the bonding forces of the elements. She now touches the core of the fire within the atom.

    However, the quality of the negative polarity which is referred to as the divine feminine has never been, nor ever will be, the elemental serpentine fire itself. Therefore, in a higher plane of perception Aries represents the Immaculate Conception of all spiritual consciousness held within in the twelve Zodiacal signs.

    Indeed, the actual physical birth of Mari Anna, the Mother of Yeshua, was within the sign of Aries. Her birth date was April 16th; while Yeshua, the host for the Christ incarnate, was born in Taurus on April 24th. From the fiery aether of Aries, the “immaculate” gives birth to the sacred word or logos within the Taurean earth.


    Taurus is the sign in which Yeshua was born. It is the gateway for Christic energies as they pour forth from Orion through Ursa Major and the Pleiades into the center of the Earth. The vibration of the Christ interacting with the Buddhic current at this time of the year creates a Holy Trinity with the soul of the earth.

    Within this Holy Trinity, human souls are able to come into greater realization of their threefold being of heart (Christ-essential-supernal), mind (Buddhic-reflective-subconscious), and soul (earth-elemental-conscious).

    It was within one of the Taurean Ages long ago that a faction of the Melchizedekean Order in Lemuria fell from Grace. Many Oracle-Priestesses were destroyed or sent into exile during that time.

    Therefore, this zodiacal sign also carries the karmic consciousness patterning which emanates from the point where the Divine Feminine dynamic was dislodged from its true role. Taurus, of all the zodiacal signs, holds the most influence over the elemental soul of humanity.

    Within the sign of Taurus, the elemental soul has the opportunity to either advance its awareness of Spirit, which in turn advances the planetary consciousness, or to ‘revolt’ against its natural place of subservience to the higher spiritual soul with which it shares its living habitation.

    Taurus is the “Heaven House” of the Goddess, and serves as her point of spiritual insertion into the membrane of elemental creation. “Shamballa” represents the conscious spiritual intelligence of souls incarnated WITHIN the earth–the races of the Inner Earth cultures.

    Esoterically, Shamballa is also considered to be the point in the body between the third eye and the crown where inner vision and higher knowing come together to materialize as deep inner spiritual revelation. Shamballa is not a chakra unto itself, but a meridian-node created by the combined forces of the crown and brow chakras.

    Within the sign of Taurus, the “Shamballa” meridian-node in the body is activated through an infusion of higher consciousness radiating from the stellar regions of Orion, Ursa Major and the Pleiades.

    The degree of activation is determined by the spiritual evolution of the particular individual. The star system of Sirius also contributes to this dynamic by releasing trapped energies within the magnetic field of the individual during the reign of Taurus each solar year.

    Despite its Goddess association, Taurus was often depicted by the Lemurians and Atlanteans as a bearded male entity named Rhama. He stood upon the backs of two horses; one white, the other black, reins firmly in his hands. He wore a cape of stars, and upon his head was a crown of seven flames.

    His third eye was a diamond radiating ten golden rays. In the center of the diamond was an angelic fire letter. Suspended above his crown was a white dove. Rhama represents an infusion of the Divine Feminine within the masculine polarity of the elements. The feminine/negative polarity of the ‘creating Aether’ (the waters Biblically) stirs the masculine/positive elements into action.

    Therefore, Rhama is governed by the Divine Feminine consciousness represented in this archetypal image as the white dove over his head;it is the dove that bestows the crown upon him. The seven-flamed crown represents his authority to rule within the creational realm of the earth through the power bestowed him by the Christic Goddess-Dove–the Holy Spirit.

    The seven flames forming this crown represent the “Tongues of Flame” within the Holy Corona of our solar sun which are we call the “Kumara.” The Kumara spawn seven different sets of 144,000 Samurdii Flames within the Holy Corona. It is through the Holy Corona of any solar sun, that all life in that solar system is given its cosmic evolutionary directive.

    The cape of stars upon Rhama represents the greater cosmos–the macrocosm–through which he gathers spiritual insight and higher directive for the creational matrix of the earth. The two horses ridden by Rhama represent the Divine Intelligence and Power within the earth, for she is a dynamic and ensouled being of her own.

    Rhama’s third eye is alive as a highly developed vessel of Light allowing higher consciousness transmissions from the Dove and other divine stellar emanations from the universe. The golden ten rays emanating from the diamond in Rhama’s third eye represent the ten Solar Rays being transmitted through the sun of our solar system.

    These ten rays are threshold vibrations for the evolution of consciousness in our solar system, and yet the higher codes of illumination from the spiritual Hierarchy of Orion are modulated upon them.

    The angelic fire letter in the center of the diamond in Rhama’s third eye symbolizes this higher modulation, and represents the constellation of Orion as a seat of Hierarchal authority. The constellation of Orion is also the home of the Christ soul we know as Yeshua.

    During Taurus’ annual influence upon the earth, the Holy Corona of our solar sun fully opens its aperture and focuses its influence upon the earth. This tends to attenuate the elemental soul and its relationship with the physical body, bringing its evolution and harmonization with the spiritual soul to the forefront of a souls experience.


    The most commonly used Lemurian and Atlantean archetypal image for Gemini was a woman gazing into a pool of water. Upon her forehead is a band with a solar disk upon it. Looking back at her from inside the pool, as an opposite reflection, was a male youth with a band bearing the lunar emblem upon his forehead.

    As their eyes met, the woman receives the solar emanations from her masculine counterpart, and he receives lunar emanations from her. Through the divine Light image which is hosted by Gemini for this planet, the Seraphim extend their glory upon the raiment of the earth, their rays of spiritual similitude flooding this planet when our sun is in Gemini.

    The Mystic Marriage of compliments is signified by this sign, and is strengthened by its influence upon the earth. The ancients often performed the rite of marriage and other forms of union during this period. A mantram which was chanted within the reign of Gemini during the epoch of Lemuria is as follows:

    Au-ra-makai, kenta vau nasche tasmeh

    Acu-reh-manka, nos yoni avechumeng

    Reja, Reja, talak mon meru

    Akba nour asech veh haka ta-nak-che

    There is no direct translation available for this ancient mantram. In essence, however, this chant states that all rises like mist from the sea to return to a source beyond the stars, where the Shining Ones (Seraphim) anoint the sacred in each and every thing of pure being, and in this way, every thing that is shall find its ‘harmonic opposite’ thus resulting in ‘perfect power.’

    The Lemurians and Atlanteans believed that every atom of matter had a harmonic compliment in a ‘supernal atom’ within the Greater Heaven. Eventually, each atom in the universe passed back through the veil of separation and was united in a sacred wedding with the exact supernal match for its specific design and harmonic.

    By chanting the above mantram, the initiates of Gemini summoned a universal principle which would unite them with their divine harmonic compliment. The deepest truth of this concept was recognized as occurring at the atomic level.

    The concept was also believed to abide within the accomplishment of successfully finding one’s “soul mate” incarnate in a complimentary polarity embodiment (opposite gender). The ancients knew that once two souls who were inhabiting complimentary gender embodiments were able to find their resonant harmonic power, they would then be enabled to create a “path of return” to the universal harmony within their own souls/bodies.

    This type of accomplishment was also perceived, in part, as being the result of spiritual work done by the two souls in previous lifetimes. The ancients taught that the forces set into motion in previous incarnations brought the two individuals together once again to further their evolution, enabling them to transform the limitations of karmic forces in their souls and upon the earth.


    In the time when the Eyes of Mirab shown brightly, the cycle of Cancer was known as Mirab, the Mother of the Sea. She stood upon the back of a giant crab and wore a crown of seven stars which represented the Seven Priestess Stars of the Pleiades.

    The Eyes of Mirab were the two moons of earth (this was when the earth still had two moons), and Mirab was encircled with the korcoba, the Sun Robe, which was a symbolic representation of the solar infusion patterns within the heart, and is also to be found in microcosm within the atom.

    The Sun Robe is woven from the receptors of Divine Presence which are braided into the atoms of the subtle-physical body. In the stellar window of Mirab (Cancer), the focus in the higher spiritual worlds is on the cleansing of the astral and lesser akashic fields. It is a time for clearing away inhibiting and distorted forms, and for re-establishing sacred original principle.

    From the (Atlantean) “Book of Twelve Faces”:

    “The sisters of Mirab come upon the Earth during the time of the Queen of the Sea (Cancer), and sweep the tides with brooms of light, just as they sweep the places where souls dream and are reborn in the thought of life.”

    With the sun’s entry into Cancer we begin what is perhaps the most profound journey of initiation offered in the annual sojourn through the zodiacal cycle. Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother principle. Leo is the sign of the Lords of Flame, or Universal Father principle.

    Virgo is the sign of the Virgin of the World, who takes the fertilized planetary Christic embryo which has been a product of the cosmic dance between the Universal Mother/Father (Cancer/Leo), and gestates this embryo passing it on to the developmental influences of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius until it is finally given birth in Capricorn at Winter Solstice.

    If we align ourselves consciously to this movement within the Earth’s annual cycle, we can then place our soul directly in line to receive a greater measure of Grace for the birthing of the Christ child within ourselves. Each soul who is able to accomplish this, does so not only for themselves, but for the planetary consciousness as well.

    As Corrine Heline stated in her book the “Mystery of the Christos”: “Cancer is the portal where human egos come to rebirth. . . The transmuting of generation into regeneration is the new birth–that new birth which Christ spoke to Nicodemus when he came to the Master ‘by night.’

    The biblical keynote of Cancer is found in those words of Christ:

    ‘Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. . . Except a man be born of water (Moon in Cancer) and of Spirit (Jupiter in Cancer), he cannot enter the Kingdom of God (Neptune in Cancer).’

    This is one of the most explicit teachings on Initiation given by Christ in His three year ministry. All men know the natural birth under the Moon in Cancer; but few there are who learn to walk the ‘straight and narrow way’ of renunciation of the flesh and dedication to the Spirit implicit in the exaltation of Jupiter and Neptune in Cancer.

    Yet this is the true and only key to that elevation of consciousness whereby man is lifted from the natural or ‘water’ birth into the divine at-one-ment of the ‘fire’ birth in Spirit. Thus, Cancer is the sign which ushers us into the Cancer/Leo dynamic of Water/Fire initiation. The raising of the natural soul’s vibration to that of the spiritual soul is greatly assisted in this sign.

    Cancer also ushers us into the Cancer/Leo/Virgo initiation of Water/Fire/Earth. In this dynamic we are first baptized in the Universal Waters of the Greater Creation (Cancer), then infused with the Fire of Spirit–the Flame that Does NOT Burn (Leo-Love), and then wed to the Earth to be gestated and rebirthed (Virgo), as the product of a cosmic Immaculate Conception.

    Akashic definition of: Woman Clothed with the Sun

    Thoth’s interpretation of the “woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars”:

    “She is the Universal Feminine Principle of Life-Giver who is girthed with the Sun, the generative power of Solar Consciousness. She conquers in the Name of the Sun. Thus the Moon, the reflection of the glory of the Sun, and conversely the mirror of illusion, is under her feet.”

    “She stands upon the inferior firmament, and thus grounds Her principle within it; yet She is Righteous in the name of the Sun, the Royal House of Divineship which descends from the Indivisible One.”

    There are twelve stars about Her head, representing the 12 karmic passages of the emotional body as it moves through initiation, transforming into spiritual essence. The Lady is crowned with the Sacred Twelve, that is, She is exalted by their Truth and not subservient to their Will. She is seeking to give birth to this Truth to a world who knows Her not.”


    It is through the constellation of Leo that the “Golden Star of Mazuriel” is able to send its vibration into this universe. The Golden Star of Mazuriel is a pure “Spirit-Star,” one which has no fallen aspect and therefore no lower emanations of “fire.”

    Its flame is the Flame of Love which does not burn; the PURE FLAME of Divine Heart. The constellation of Leo provides the Golden Star of Mazuriel with a point of spiritual entry into this universe.

    The angelic Hierarchy of Leo is known as “The Lords of Flame.” This hierarchy ushered the initial “Divine Flame” for the Earth into being. This Flame then became the Great Inscription of Divine Light for this planet, validating its existence as a “sacred form” in the Greater Dominion.

    The “Greater Dominion” of which I speak is the realm of sentience which always remains perfectly aligned to the universes of Metatronic/Christic Light and ultimately the Godhead. All planetary worlds and universes within the fallen universes have their full-Light or pure aspects within the Greater Dominion.

    The Hierarchy of Leo also serves as the “Scribes and Guardians” of the Living Records of Flame, which lie beyond all planetary akashic modalities, residing within the Heart of the Universal Creator.

    These Living Records of Flame are inverted within the heart of the Adam Kadmon template as a reversed image of the original, and therefore must go through a phase shift of 180 degrees through the spiritual re-awakening of the Sons and Daughters of the Adam Kadmon within Earth’s humanity.

    In the time of the year when the emanations of Leo directly influence the Earth, spiritual initiates are offered an opportunity to effect this phase shift within their own being. This can be accomplished by opening your heart center to receive the Living Records of Flame into the core of your spiritual being and essence.

    I herein give you an ancient archetypal image which will help you attune to the dynamics of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Leo, and thus the Golden Star of Mazuriel. This temple image which I am about to reveal exists on the inner-planes in the spiritual worlds.

    It is known as the Temple of Salomae, from whose generation the Houses of David and Solomon were spawned. Salomae was once incarnate as a human being who served as queen of a kingdom long forgotten. This kingdom originated in the genetic peoples of the Shepherd Kings.

    Solomae, and the very existence of her kingdom, was eradicated from all historical records by the fallen Amun priesthood upon their overthrow of the Shepherd Kings from the thrones of Egypt. Salomae was a high initiate of the Christic Mysteries of Leo, an Enochian Master incarnate who was given the Flaming Garment of the Lion upon her Light body by the Lords of Flame.

    The Temple of Solomae in the spirit world is a bright and shining temple, with white columns rising beside stately steps leading to golden doors of the entranceway. There are five steps and then a platform with two living lions lying sphinx-like on either side of the temple. Beyond the lions, eight more steps lead to four pillars and the golden doors.

    As you move through the Golden Doors, within the temple is an altar upon which can be seen arising the Flame That Does Not Burn. The walls of the temple are encoded with yod-like fire letters, flickering gold and ruby, appearing and then receding intermittently from sight as the viewer taps into the vibration of his/her own specific Light Inscription.

    In this room is also a large cauldron of bronze, containing the “Molten Sea,” a molten gold liquid, which is the alchemy of Fire and Water in perfect balance, to which all matter arises in its highest state of being.

    On a pedestal just above the Molten Sea cauldron is another living lion. This one is in a sitting position, and is holding his left paw up, extending it. In the mouth of this lion is a large golden key. This lion is the symbolic representation of the archangelic being Tadzekiel, the Master of the Opening of the Way, and is he who holds the key to the resurrection of the Adam Kadmon Light Body within the physical template of humanity.


    The Madonna of the Starry Veil, the Great World Mother, is personified in the passage of Virgo. She is represented by the White Lily, her pale imprint is visited upon the souls of those whose life essence knows no stain.

    In Atlantis she was called Vironika, and in ancient Lemuria her name was Hellenous. “Hellenous” means to “seal with a kiss” or with a gesture of love. “Vironika” means “to encompass with love” or “to gather in love.” Thus, Helen and Veronica are names both derived from the ancient Goddess of Virgo.

    As the “Lily Queen,” Virgo showers her spiritual abundance upon the Earth. Through the Christic portal of Virgo the Sacred Cup containing the fluidium of life beyond all lower animations is bestowed upon the soul, thus quickening it to its own Eternality. This sacred fluidium is the SAF-FIRE blood of our true royal Christed-ness within the stars.

    As Corinne Heline states, Virgo “is the sign of Mother Earth who protects and nourishes her children as did Diana of the Greeks.”

    Like Diana the Huntress, Virgo sends her arrow of Love deep into the forest, where it pierces the heart of the stag, who symbolizes the Sun King (Solar Lord) of the planet. In this act of Love, a mantle of brazen light, an etheric “metal” of bronze and gold, is released from the Earth’s threshold of power.

    This is revealed to the world as a sword of spiritual truth (Excalibur) unsheathed in all its glory. The vibrations of the constellation of Virgo geo-physically enter the planet and penetrate into the central sun of the inner earth realm.

    This inter-penetration releases the pure forms of the ethers of the sovereign Earth. These pure forms are alchemically distilled into the “Life and Perfection” represented in the symbols of the “Cup and the Sword.”

    The Path of Virgo in the Earth represents a movement of consciousness symbolized through replacing the “Crown of Thorns” (the path of sacrifice) with the many garlanded and glorious “Crown of Light” (the path of spiritual perfection and Grace).

    It must be understood that while the path of sacrifice is a reflection of Virgo in the broken mirror of the current Earth’s reality, her true image is one of undefiled Grace whose passage is beyond reproach, and therefore not denied by any slayer of dragons nor men.


    In the ancient nation of Lemuria, the constellation of Libra was symbolized by a tuning fork. This fork was a “zipphir,” or vibrating device, used to levitate stone blocks during the construction of buildings.

    The zipphir was also used to attune these stone blocks, as well as human bodies, to be more fully aligned to the full-Light spectrum of divinity. Libra was assigned the zipphir as its symbol because the two vibrating prongs of this fork must balance in equal harmony in order for it to serve the intended purpose.

    There were two starting sequences in which to begin the vibration of the fork. One was the “amung,” which vibrated toward its center and therefor aligned objects within their own field of consciousness. The other was “quam ya,” which vibrated outwards from the center and caused the object to disengage from the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

    The faster the vibration, the less attached to the Earth’s field it became. Thus like Libra, the zipphir was able to “strike the balance” and release the weight. The ancient gemstone associated with Libra was called “cupola.”

    It was a stone very similar to azurite, only harder and with little light pink veins running through the deep blue body of the gem. This stone was very good for balancing male-female polarities.

    In the sacred temples of both Lemuria and Atlantis, Libra was known as Ashaur, the Goddess of Redemption. Men often paid tribute to Her in the hope of transmuting “hapai,” which was the ancient term for karma attached to the male energy on the planet, and that was originally created in the Fall from Grace.

    Hapai was the positive polarity of the planetary soul that aligned with and sustained the process of the Earth’s ever increasing fall into matter. Thus, those souls that incarnated into male bodies at the time, felt it part of their purpose to transmute the remaining dross of this imbalanced attachment within the human male energy system.

    Through Libra or Ashaur, the planetary dynamic of this transmutation was revealed, and with dedication and pursuit of Libra’s inner mystery, the half-Light codes of hapai could be transformed into the full-Light codes of the Metatron/Christ once again.

    In Lemuria there was a temple dedicated to Libra/Ashaur in which a large zipphir tuning fork five feet in height was set upon a block of white marble three feet tall. When a human came within a certain distance from the fork, it would vibrate to the frequency of the auric field of that individual, producing a humming tone which was the unique sound signature of the person before it.

    The tone would feed back into the individual and gradually adjust the frequency of their bio-physical system. As this occurred, the tone would then change in response. When the hum–and thus the human vibration–reached perfect balance a point of white light would appear between the two prongs of the zipphir.

    This was a sign that the two vibrational aspects of the individual had come together and harmonized. Libra aligns and balances the greater planetary fields of polar opposites, while Gemini resolves emotional energy within these fields.

    In the sign of Libra, when its stellar energies are felt upon and within the planet, the theme struck within the heart of an initiate is Realization of Perfection, Redemption of Perfection, and Living in Perfection. Perfection is Balance.


    The Lemurian symbol for Scorpio was a winged creature, part bird and part serpent, lifting Phoenix-like from a nest of flames. This was the Gheza, the mythic being involved both in the illusion of form and in the process of transformation simultaneously. This creature was to represent the intrinsic role of matter when thrust into the realm of form.

    The ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis knew the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio to be the gate or door of the spiritual temple. It offered the incarnate soul entrance into the place of greater mystery. Around the temple of this greater mystery was the labyrinth courtyard, the field of lesser mysteries.

    But once a candidate entered through the gate of Scorpio they entered the Grand Way, the realm of true manifestation within Divine Law. The candidate then became the true initiate, and began to ‘know’ that which previously they could only sense and contemplate.

    The cry of Scorpio to the ancients was ‘feed me, for I feed the flame!” It was a sign representing the insatiable hunger of the soul to absolve the bonds of form and embrace the eternal formless self; to merge with the universe in the bliss of divine reunion.

    It is through the gateway of Scorpio, aided by the Lords of Form, that humanity will come to its final conclusion in the Old Earth and move through the door of the temple into the Grand Way of the New Earth Star.

    When the earth is under the Zodiacal influence of Scorpio the Zodiacal threshold which emanates through that sign into the earth triggers a series of celestial programs of return, facilitating the earth in “dropping the frame” as the ancients used to say.

    This allows the earth to move into a new and more etherealized formation. In time, this will result in the earth’s ascension into the New Earth Star. In the very early days of Lemuria when there was little seasonal difference, the stars were not so variable in position within the heavens, for the earth’s axis was not tilted to the degree that it is in your current age.

    There was a temple site located at a point that aligned to Scorpio when it was in its most prominent position in the heavens. This alignment held for much of the time in those days due to the earth’s axial alignment of the time. In those ancient days, what you know as “death” was still a new experience for earth souls.

    Not long before that time these same souls had simply materialized within semi-etheric bodies which were simply converted to new forms (versus going through the death process) that would last for another cycle of “time.”

    However, when the Temple of Scorpio was built, the souls of the earth were just beginning to leave the old physical form entirely behind at transition out of necessity due to the increasing state of entropy in matter.

    They were, however, still able to inhabit a single form for several thousand years if they so desired. When they did finally leave these forms, they would go through a process of regeneration on the inner planes before re-incarnating once again in order to gradually adjust to the increasing density of Earth’s corporeal reality.

    This was a staggering blow to Earth’s souls – that they would be kept from the fluid process of existence on Earth they once had known so well. Yet they also realized that they themselves had created the limited reality in which they now must live.

    The Temple of Scorpio was built primarily for the purpose of souls leaving the body. In those days, an incarnated soul knew of their coming transition well before the moment it would occur. They would then proceed to the Temple of Scorpio, where they would undergo their transition much like the yogis of the East are able to achieve in our current time.

    Under the direct influence of Scorpio, and within a temple aligned to its celestial power for this specific purpose, the soul was granted a swifter and more powerful release through the lower astral density. This granted the soul a graceful passage into the higher heavens, where it would be prepared for eventual incarnational return.

    Of course even though there were far fewer souls incarnate on the planet then, not all humans could flock to this one temple at the time of their transition. Thus, those who wished for this ultimate experience were presented in a ceremony at the age of maturity, which was determined by a form of oracular procedure.

    For those who actually came to the temple to leave the body, they were first bathed in water which had been charged with the stellar energy of Scorpio. Then the ‘wayfarer,’ as they were called, was dressed in white linen and laid within a sarcophagus resembling the one in the king’s chamber of the Pyramid of Giza.

    The Temple of Scorpio was a pyramid also, and the chamber containing the Sarcophagus of Ascent was positioned at exactly the same point as it is in the Great Pyramid. The latter was known in the days of my time in Egypt as the “Temple of the Risen One.”

    It was from the sarcophagus in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria, that the soul would arise from the body into the cosmos like the Scorpio being called Gheza, leaving a fine white powder behind rather than a dead body. This powder was a form of Prima Matra or “First Sacred Matter,” similar in nature to what is now being called the White Powder of Gold in the New Age community.

    Only through this specific initiation within a temple thus aligned, could such a complete transmutation be possible in that age. Those who were not able to get to the Temple of Scorpio for their transition left the corporeal form behind, although a greater portion of its essence was lifted into an etherealized form than in your current age.

    During the time when I oversaw construction of the Temple of the Risen One in Egypt, so this temple was also employed for such purposes amongst others. Yet it was not geo-astronomically aligned to Scorpio, for there were other influences and purposes involving this temple which called for different cosmic alignments.

    Nevertheless, Scorpio still played a celestial and energetic role in the transmutation of the body within the Chamber of Ascension as it had in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria. In these ancient Egyptian times, the powder which was left behind after the soul’s transition, was known as ‘cum,’ meaning ‘sweet fire.’

    In pure alchemical procedure, ‘sweet fire’ is that which is taken out of the ‘sour’ or dis-harmonic dimension and brought into ‘sweetness’ or union with the divine through the fiery experience of rapture, or union.


    In Lemuria and Atlantis, Sagittarius was the considered to be the Zodiacal sign of the inviolate Spirit which abides in an incarnate soul. As such, the portal of Sagittarius was therefore believed to be the primary insertion point for divine inspiration from realms on high.

    Often, small temples for personal prayer and inspiration called “aki-anta” (Lemurian) or “serophas'”(Atlantean), were dedicated to the Lord Morana. This Radiant being was the archetypal power of the Sagittarian cosmic consciousness.

    Lord Morana was depicted as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed being, wearing a crown about his head–down over the brow–which had seven emeralds upon it. Each one of these seven gems represented a Sagittarian aspect of the Emerald Ray. This ray allows the genius of spirit to interpenetrate the soul-mind of mankind.

    The Seven Sagittarian Aspects of the Emerald Ray:

    1) Kamuthra – Light Unfolding

    2) Antovas – Light Revealing

    3) Mansanat – Light Expanding

    4) Laguhar – Light Enveloping

    5) Panthonar – Light Transporting

    6) Uralma – Light Receiving

    7) Yhorphim – Light Completing

    Each of these aspects contained within it a Light geometric movement/condition/consciousness which was incorporated in the creation of a Pillar of Light between the soul and the Genius of Spirit. So it is through the gateway of Sagittarius that the Godhead inserts divine intelligence into the field of man and the center of the earth.

    It is through the station of Sagittarius that the ‘White Stone’ of pure alchemical gold – which is in essence the Christic manna of Grace–is offered to the soul incarnate.

    Note: Corinne Heline states that this is “the Great White Work of the alchemist; the White Stone of Revelation; the White Rose of the Rosicrucians.” The Initiate has revealed to me that the White Stone is synonymous with the principle of Christic Grace. In other words, the White Stone can represent a direct infusion of the Christos Ray into the soul.

    This infusion is transcendent of any Hierarchical structures, either earthen or cosmic. When the consciousness of the White Stone (Christ) is moving from the higher spiritual realms into the generational realms of the earth, there is a “superlate” substance which then permeates all that vibration touches, transforming it through the Law of Vibration.


    “Behold that which walks with the night as a silver streaming across the sky! He is the Great Creature once of this world, who retreated from us as the eye was struck from the stars. Now he is revealed only as a whisper upon the sand, a trace of moonlight glanced from a distant peak, a shallow sound deep in the throat of a rushing stream.”

    “Yet still we see him in our dreams and in the quiet moment of solitude deep within the forested hills. His horn, a streak of lightning blazed across the heavens, reminds us that he shall one day return. And in the tide of Earth and Sun, when a flaming sea rises upon our shore, so his breath is upon the air and his heart is one with the Day of Man.”
    — from the ‘Huramai’, the ‘Days of the Opening Sky’, a text of the Atlantean Hibridean Temples on what is now the Isle of Lewis, off the coast of Scotland translated by Maia Christianne

    The above passage speaks of the Unicorn, a creature of Light and Air who once existed in this realm of Earth, and “who retreated from us as the eye was struck from the stars,” or when one of the two original moons of Earth disintegrated. This created an etheric energy shift on the planet, finalizing the departure of the Unicorn from the current world experience.

    As the electromagnetic energy of the planetary field descended in its vibration, the Unicorn remained in the higher worlds of electromagnetic energy, thus the Earth departed from their habitat. While these beautiful creatures are sometimes still able to move briefly into this world’s reality, they are no longer able to sustain themselves for long periods of time here.

    The Unicorn represents the undefiled consciousness of the Hierarchy of Capricorn. The “Being” within the form of the Unicorn is an “Angelic-Deva.” This is a spiritual creature created from the co-mingling of Angel and Deva in the early stages of Earth’s formation. They are from a realm of the Devic Kingdom that did not descend with the “Fall” of Earth.

    The Unicorn is a messenger from Capricorn for the Christed One. The Archangels of Capricorn create a path for this Blessed Creature into the heart of the Earth at the Winter Solstice. This is what is meant by the passage in the above quotation, “…in the tide of Earth and Sun, when a flaming sea rises upon our shore, so his breath is upon the air and his heart is one with the Day of Man.”

    As he proceeds into the Earth, so does the consciousness of the Christos ride with him, into the heart of the Earth’s central sun. In the ancient days of Lemuria upon the Winter solstice, a special and most sacred rite was conducted within the “Temple of the White Thorn,” dedicated to the Hierarchy of Capricorn and it’s messenger, the Unicorn.

    The Unicorn was called the “White Thorn” because its Purity and Light protected and concealed a sacred blossom (rose) of Spirit, the Christic Being. In the sacred rite performed within this temple on the Winter Solstice, a Unicorn was summoned and a beautiful virgin rode it through the “Gate of the Sun” up to a chapel overlooking the sea called the “Jewel,” where on the Solstice, the rays of the sun pierced an exquisite crystal contained therein, creating a brilliant and fiery “Jewel of the Sun.”

    Here, the maiden would dismount and enter the chapel, where she would lift up the sunstone to the heavens and chant a sacred verse. This would cause the Unicorn to sound it’s horn, and from deep within the forehead of the exquisite creature, an essence would form and rise through the horn, issuing forth as a single drop of dew, quickly crystallizing in the atmosphere to the consistency of pink amber.

    This “horn-star” would become the new jewel in the chapel, the old one taken into the mountains and fed to eagles. Corinne Heline refers to the coming Capricornian Era as the “New Galilee,” and indeed so it will become.

    This will be the Age in which the Unicorn returns, unleashed from the body of the creature, and in the form of a beautiful woman, the Mari in the Flaming Heart of Christ. She will bring with her the Seven Candlesticks of the New Temple and the 13th Star for the Crown of the New Earth.

    It was from Scotland–a land full of the ancient seed of Atlantis which itself was the “Child of Mu” (Lemuria)–that the Holy Grail Family migrated to the shores of Galilee in the Middle East, and co-mingled with a branch of their family tree dwelling there to create a mystery school at Mt. Carmel. This mystery school was, and still is (on the inner-planes), overlighted by the Hierarchy of Capricorn.


    Aquarius is the sign of mankind, and represents the Angelic-God Seed in humanity expressed through the template of the Adam Kadmon. In Lemuria and Atlantis, Aquarius was known as the “Gateway” because it was seen to be the opening for humanity to re-enter it’s Divine State.

    The symbol for Aquarius in those ancient days was a woman seated on a throne, with her left hand resting between the horns of a bull, and her right hand upraised, holding a califar, or Sword of Light. Behind the woman stood a man, wearing a crown of 12 stars. He is placing a crown with one brilliant star suspended above it upon the head of the woman.

    The symbolic representation is thus:

    The woman represents cosmic intelligence placed upon the throne of “Divine Knowing.” Divine Knowing is differentiated from cosmic intelligence as being the individuated experience of the latter. The woman’s left hand, which represents the feminine quality associated with the ability to feel and sense within the heart.

    The bull is the symbol of the Zodiacal sign of Taurus, which was identified by the ancients as the most “earthly” of the Zodiacal stellar houses. It was during the reign of Taurus upon the earth that the overthrow of the Priestess-Oracles in the Lemurian Temples of Melchizedek occurred. In addition, within those Temples, it was in the sanctuaries which were dedicated to working with the Zodiacal sign of Taurus, that the primary overthrow occurred.

    Thus, the sign of Taurus was overlaid with the energetic signature for the fallen Feminine Pillar on the earth. So from this perspective you can observe that in the symbolic picture I have related to you, the Divine Feminine is reclaiming and balancing that which she lost in the ‘Fall’ as she places her hand between the horns of the bull.

    The bull and cow were sacred to the ancient Lemurians, having been symbols of the Sacred Solarius, or Great Central Sun. These animals were used by them for the purpose of sacred rites having to do with solar resurrection and purification.

    The Lemurian ceremonies did not harm or damage these divine creatures in any way, those types of sacrificial ceremonies came along in much later times as a result of the loss of the true spiritual knowledge. The Bull carried the Sun between its horns as a symbol of the Divine Male expression, which then infused the divine feminine (the Cow) with its rays.

    In turn, the Cow gave birth to the Bull, who again would carry the Sun between its sacred horns for the Earth. Thus the female in this symbology, holds both ‘Power’ (the Bull of the Sun in the Realm of the Earth) and ‘Glory’ (the califar – divine appointment by the Greater Solar Logos).

    The right hand of the woman sustains the sacred califar, the Sword of Light, which represents the Greater Solar Logos. It was also identified with a beam of energy projected from the solar plexus as a combined force of all seven chakras, and then could be projected through the palms of the hands as well.

    In later periods of Lemuria and Atlantis, symbolic swords were created that were then charged with “Light” through sacred procedures. To the people in those eras, these Light Swords were a symbol of “divine appointment.” The individuals who were privileged to possess a califar, were the “anointed ones”; those who directly served the authority of the most Holy Heavenly Host.

    The man standing behind the woman is called the “King of the Mazzaroth,” (Mazzaroth is hosted by the system of 12 heavens in our Zodiac) an aspect of the Adam Kadmon that is still active through the Light-imaging thresholds of the Zodiac.

    He is placing the crown of the 13th aspect, or 13th Zodiacal sign, upon the head of the woman, and thus is acknowledging her as the threshold to the Greater Kingdom of the Mazaloth (Mazaloth is a higher system of 13 heavens). It was understood by the ancients that all incarnated souls contained both male and female dynamics within.

    Thus, this symbolic representation was designed to reveal the balance of power between these two polarities, and the evolution of consciousness in humanity toward co-regency of these two aspects of the Godhead in the human experience.

    While the sign of Gemini represents “equal rulership” between the masculine and feminine energies, Aquarius harkens to the divine power inherent within an act of co-rulership between these two polarity expressions in the divine image and similitude.


    The civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis perceived the Zodiacal sign of Pisces as the chamber or womb of the ‘Holy of Holies’ for humanity. The ‘Holy of Holies’ was the name given to the most central chamber in the Temple of Solomon, which contained the Ark of the Covenant at the time.

    However, this term was also used by the Lemurians and Atlanteans to denote the innermost center of any sacred temple, as well as the sacred center of each human being. Within the sign of Pisces the purification of the soul is begun.

    The soul enters the Holy of Holies and stands before the Altar of the Lord. Here, it supplicates itself and submits to the purifying waters of Love to wash away the encrustation of the soul’s past sojourns in the karmic sphere of life.

    Long before Christians used the sign of the fish to represent Jesus Christ, the Vesica Pisces was the symbol for absolution of karma through the Greater Love which emanates from the Universal Christos into the human experience.

    The Vesica Pisces was the all-encompassing womb of holiness which embraced the ‘unborn’ (ignorant) and prepared them for an illumined birth. The Lemurian / Atlantean archetypal symbology for Pisces was a woman profiled in a sitting position, the lower half of her body immersed in the sea, the upper portion emerging from the sea and appearing as a mountain. In her hands she uplifts a large pearl to the heavens.

    The symbology is thus: the woman (feminine aspect) representing the emotional body, raises up out of the sea of the lesser emotional realm, extending the well-earned ‘Pearl of Great Price’ or gem of wisdom to the cosmos.

    The pearl, which is initially created by impurity, is nevertheless the sphere of pure illumination that has manifested as a result of the soul’s journey of experience through the worlds of matter. By offering the pearl up to the heavens, so the soul unites the seed of purity in matter with the source of the seed’s purest and most ultimate expression. From this Immaculate Conception, Grace is born from the ‘Womb of the Fish.’

  7. *NEW EARTH STAR* — Earth Re-Genesis Project

    — PART 1 —
    Various Creation stories have been told through the sacred forms of ancient cultures. In more recent times, the creational mythos has been accessed via channeled receipt as given by specific beings or directly from diverse levels of the Akashic Records of the earth. What is presented here is an encapsulation of Thoth’s version of the Earth’s Creation.
    In the telling of a story so vast and beyond the pale of present human experience, of necessity the knowledge is brought forth through a great deal of mythos or symbology and archetypal representation. Yet the essence revealed is nevertheless at-one with the unfoldment of the Sacred which we have come to behold as ‘Earth,’ our celestial home.
    EVOLUTION of Earth within Multiple Realities
    Understand that the higher Light Body of earth did not become formative as a physical incorporation until the Epoch of Eros. However, all elementation at that time was still within a higher dimensional realm than it is today. This realm was not yet separate from the greater matrix of its 1st cause creational being–that state which is the First Principle of spiritual impulse in matter.
    Once humanity and thus the earth separated from the Inscription of Light, which is the sacred geometry of the Adam Kadmon template (in the Nadmen Epoch), the earth entered the Pathagara Epoch in which it currently resides. It is here that the fracturing of time occurred within the earth’s envelope and so began the overcoming of one reality to be replaced by another.
    This was not an instantaneous occurrence, but in the seeming eternality of time, it came into being as a flicker upon the celestial sea. With the time tsunami which destroyed Atlantis, so the final seeds of the creation of the rift had been sown. The OLD reality of the Ancient Days of Lemuria and Atlantis and all that had come before, was now largely replaced by a reality of a more base creational program.
    At this point, for greater clarification we will call the original reality (of Lemuria, Atlantis and the time before) the “Lotus”–the unfolding of the ancient form, represented by the lotus flower. The current reality caused by the time tsunami of the sinking of Atlantis, we will refer to as the “Kali”–borrowing its name from the “Kali Rift,” of the earth’s time tear.
    In the Lotus Time, all geophysical changes conformed to the higher template. There was cataclysm, but it was not so detrimental to the civilization of the Lotus time, due to the condition of matter and time itself in that period. Yet various alternate realities began to develop as the earth slid ever further into the fractured realm of the Kali Rift.
    As the Kali Time approached, one of these alternate “fractured” realities collided with the Lotus Time, and, because this Kali reality was the densest, it gradually replaced the Lotus as the most physical reality. The Kali Time did have similarities to the latter stages of the Lotus, so ALL in the Lotus was not altered, but some major events were. These major events triggered many other events which of course, did not exist in the Lotus.
    As an example, in the original Lotus reality Jesus was not crucified. We are not saying that he survived the crucifixion, but that he was not taken upon the cross at all. However, the event in the Kali in which he was crucified, was the last movement of separation from the Lotus for humanity and the world.
    Thus, the crucifixion of Yeshua is a “cross-over” event–that is, it exits in the Kali, but it has also written-over an aspect or sub-reality sheath of the Lotus. There are strata in the earth that contain the actual imprints of sudden reality/time shifts in the past. While in general, we have said that such shifts took place gradually, there were “moments” in time where these shifts were sudden.
    This is measured in certain strata of the earth, and in the near future, there will be scientists who will puzzle over these imprints, although even then they will not recognize them for what they truly are. For one thing, the strata which evidences these reality/time shifts are millions of years old.
    The actual shifts took place only thousands of years ago from the perspective of the Lotus reality. The geologic strata that contains the imprinting, however, is in the Kali reality. Only now are levels in the greater Akashic being opened on earth to reveal the nature of time and reality in this world. It was not possible for this planet’s incarnate souls to access it even 20 years ago. In the future, so the supra-Akashic will become accessible, which is now closed to the humanity of this sphere.
    The three alternate streams of earth reality referred to above Thoth calls the three millenniums (although they are not, in this context associated with 100-year periods).
    1. First Millennium: before the Kali Rift.
    2. Second Millennium: after the Kali Rift.
    3. Third Millennium: integration of 1st and 2nd Millenniums into new, dynamic template of consciousness for the human-earth reality.
    According to my Akashic insights, the history of continent of Atlantis spanned thousands of years. I have roughly divided this into the following epochs:
    A very “organic” period in which the inhabitants of Atlantis merged their being with the planet and its heartbeat. The material forms they created in this environment flowed within the patterns of the most natural style and rhythms of the earth.
    A time of interstellar communion with beings of other worlds. While Lemuria chose not to participate quite so actively in the technological advances as a result of this exchange, for the most part, Atlantis embraced it whole-heartedly.
    While technology was still in full force, there were an increasing number of Atlanteans who began to reject much of the advances of science. They saw that the natural spiritual “being” of the people was rapidly decreasing as a result.
    Groups began to form from among both the science community and the spiritual, coming together to work for a transition into a less mechanical world. It was not their intent to throw out all technology, but to simply bring it into balance with spirit.
    There was resistance to this movement by the large majority of those in power at the time. The people in general ranged from indifferent to concerned, but took no real action in support of either side.
    Severe cataclysms brought on by a combination of occurrences, including the breaking up of one of the earth’s two moons and a war of huge proportions, shake the world, submerging Lemuria and breaking Atlantis into a much smaller mainland with surrounding islands.
    Knowing in advance when this would take place, the Atlanteans sequestered themselves and their technology in the tunnels and caverns of Atlantis. They survive, However, they are seriously depleted in their resources to re-build.
    Slowly, a lesser form of technology emerges and a greater emphasis or spirituality comes forth from the ashes. The people now are awakened to the importance of keeping their lives in balance. The scientists become concerned by degeneration of the human DNA.
    Natural abilities are rapidly deteriorating in the human being. They fear the eradication of the species. A large number of the “old school” scientists gather together on a cluster of new islands, now part of the Atlantean chain (Bimini).
    They create a vast complex there for the purpose of altering the time continuum to “correct” genetic de-evolution. This complex is named “Ourhura.” The rest of the Atlantis is wary of Ourhura and their secret project.
    This complex and its islands are considered outcast from the rest of Atlantis as a result. The Isle of Ruta, on the other hand (once a part of a larger continental Atlantean province by that name), becomes the Atlantean “holy isle” of the people.
    More cataclysms batter the earth, tearing the remaining largest portion of Atlantis into sections. Using the tunnels once again, the people return to a changed landscape. They look only to essentials, re-building their temples and using sparingly their remaining technology.
    Ourhura manages to survive and continues its efforts to “save humanity.” Ruta become even more shrouded in an Avalon-like haze, almost invisible to the rest of Atlantis and to the world.
    The final spasm that takes place through a “time tsunami” accidentally created on Ourhura by their attempts to manipulate time at a microscopic level. The “time crystal” employed in this pursuit shatters, creating an involution of time waves upon the earth.
    Since this event was not an act of nature, there was no warning. However, many Atlanteans nevertheless knew the end was coming as a matter of common sense and also being attuned to the prophetic direction in which Atlantis was heading toward its own demise.
    As a result, there had been large evacuations from the remaining Atlantean islands —both into the caverns and across the seas. There were more people actually leaving Atlantis this time than simply waiting out the storm within the womb of the earth.
    Ourhura was no more, basically blowing itself into the time void. Ruta remained. Those who stayed on Ruta knew full well the fate of Atlantis soon to come, yet they were dedicated to holding the sacred power in that place, as an acu-node for the earth. When the time tsunami hit, it was Ruta that ascended in tact into another dimension.
    THE ORIGIN of Humanity and the Current World Condition.
    I decided it was time to sit down with my inner-planes mentor of many years —ThothHorRa — and ask some pertinent questions concerning the major shift we are now individually and globally experiencing which needed to include something about our origins as a human species. Since 1967 and directly from Thoth, since 1977 – I have received a great deal on all of this, but piece-meal.
    It is scattered through years of my material. And there were a lot missing pieces. So the following is my attempt to gain from Thoth a brief overview of it all. This is not my any means, a complete picture on these topics.
    I imagine a book could be written in answer to each of the questions presented below – but not likely by me lol. I know there are other “channels” out there who have said a great deal about these topics – some may agree with my akashic-Thoth insights and some do not. ‘Tis the way of the world. Each person must come to their own conclusions.
    Maia: Where do human beings come from genetically?
    Thoth: They are presently a combination of star lineages and genetically bred homo sapiens.
    Maia: In brief, how did they come about on this planet?
    Thoth: Originally worlds from Rigel in Orion seeded the higher realm or “LOTUS” of what is now Earth. They developed from plant-jellyfish-like (in appearance – yet high spirit) beings into more human-like forms.
    They descended into the LOTUS through the Inscription of Light for Earth. Each world domain contains an Inscription of Light, which is co-signed within all elementation of that world’s domain (planet).
    The Kadmon Template is the true human design, out pictured from the Earth’s Inscription of Light. It is from this Template that the first LOTUS humans developed into more human-like beings. This was an intended process, but in order for it to occur, the envelope of Light of this planet had to change – to become less shall we say, etheric.
    At a certain moment of vulnerability, some of the Children of Light existing in the ether of Earth impulsed to build a more physical creation within it. Understand, that what you call “physical” is simply a more magnetic energy within the Universal Hologram.
    It draws strongly upon “souls” to create, to form, to develop out of the “clay.” Some of the Children of Light were sorely tempted to move deeper into the creation in the clay. While others intended to hold a creational matrix within the LOTUS and not move into the deeper levels of elementation.
    This created a division of world envelopes. Those who chose descent into matter had to separate from the Inscription of Light into order to create a sub-template for their own purposes. Yet the could not truly eradicate the Inscription of Light for it is still there – largely dormant in the DNA.
    We use this Biblical term as it comes from the Hebraic Nephesh or Elemental Soul – that part which returns to the Earth after life transition (death), while the spirit soul ascends into the next revolution.
    The Nephilm were incarnated beings in human-like forms – from other worlds. They arrived in merkabah star ships. This story has largely been told, associated with the “Annunaki” of Sitchin Lore.
    Much of this telling is correct, some is not…but much more is simply missing, and therefor the larger perspective cannot be attained until more of this history comes forth. The Annunaki phase is only one small part of the whole, in regard to the Nephilim influence on this planet.
    The Nephilim chose the role of separation, yet some have come through that fire and are now working to clear this action (the Phree-Nephilim).
    Maia: Are you implying that the Nephilim are “Elemental Souls?”
    Thoth: No. They feed that elementation. They dwell upon it and work through it. They are not of it.
    Beyond the Hebrew Nephesh is the Atlantean Neph’El – those who borrow the Elemental Souls to do their bidding. This is another topic, but in Atlantis there were dis-incarnate beings who would take hold o f Elemental Souls, once the spiritual soul had transitioned.
    They would then use the energy for a period, until they could no longer operate within it. They could only use the Nephesh that had not been nourished by the spiritual soul. Those nourished are strong and vibrant.
    This all took place toward the end of Atlantis as it succumbed to a darker influence and caused certain portals to be opened that should not have been undone. Yes, as the “Annunaki” they did create a genetic “slave” species, but this species was not the human you are today.
    However, some Annunaki wished to correct this wrong by uplifting the slave species and giving them the Seed of Light through their own genetics. These are the Phree-Niphilm we speak of that turned back toward the Light…opened their Inscription (of their planet) and poured it into the Earth slave species.
    But that was not the final transformation. Also on this Earth from out of the LOTUS came the Ones from Orion – Rigel and other true stars of that space realm, as well as their Kindred from the Pleiades and Sirius (and some other of the Kindred).
    These beings encouraged and aided the Phree-Niphlim to re-generate the Earth’s Light program, and in the process, so they also, injected their DNA into the forming “human species” of Earth.
    Maia: Tell me more about the beings who carry out their agendas through what you call the “Architects” – or are they the Architects themselves – who really are the Architects?
    Thoth: The Architects are very ancient in the Earth. As “beings” they developed in the Epoch of Eros – the Time of Substantiation. They were at first, a mix of star seed and elemental (realm of faries, nomes, etc). They broke away and formed their own evolutionary pod.
    They chose to live underground in caves (which were much more vast and closer to the surface in those days). They were highly intelligent, but became more and more focused on what you might now call “personal ambition” but could be seen also as a survival of the incarnated condition and associative world focus.
    As time passed, they began to come to the surface of the planet, but lived a part from the masses. Their hearing is acute, and in the darkness their eyesight is also, but their eyes are very light sensitive.
    The Architects developed a propensity and talent for building, developing, creating things of the world….which they will sustain and guard at all costs. Eventually they inter-married with the more “human” beings…but this did not occur frequently until about 6000 years ago.
    It wasn’t until the 17th century however, that they began to truly take hold of the world dimension, building and controlling physical empires within it. The Architects have also created their own sub-family that is part of the human race.
    This breeding is always very selective – often unbeknownst to those whom they choose to breed with. They wish to integrate a certain amount of active Light genetics, but carefully paired with the K’alaba, as they call it – the “Righteous.”
    This is a false Righteous. To them, it means those who stand by the Law they created eons before. A Law of “Right to Rule.” Their doctrine follows alongside Hebraic-Christian Doctrine. It strongly influences Christian Doctrine today and to much extent, controls it…both Catholic and Protestant.
    So this “sub-family” we have referred to you in the past as the “Anti-Grail” or “Dark Grail” Family. The true Grail Family being descended from the Venusian Melchizedek through Mu, Atlantis, Egypt, Albion and finally through the bloodline of I’shoa or Jesus. The Anti-Grail Family take many of the Grail symbols and logica as their own, such as the “Right to Rule.”
    Note: “Logica” is a Thoth-Speak word meaning to create a system to contain certain logic – a system to contain and work through a specific logic form. In this case, the Dark Grail Family uses the logica to distort the use of the logic of the True Grail Family – for their own agenda.
    There are those “Off-World” entities who influence and aid the Architects in their world agenda. This is not a topic we wish to elaborate upon at this time.
    Maia: All the seemingly bad and scary things happening now for the Earth: Fukushima radiation, GMOs, genetic manipulation, 5-G…how should we be perceiving this?
    Thoth: Everything that is happening on the Earth is leading to the next level of spiritual fulfillment. Radiation is not “bad” – it is part of nature. All living things on this planet will adapt to the changes the Earth is undergoing.
    In the process of such change, there will be a change of “skins” – of outer form – what you call death and mutation – but this will pass into a beautiful transformation. The mutation of food also, will lead to a purer substance for the body, in that humans will turn to a means of energy for their bodies that takes them away from genetically modified and polluted foods.
    Note: Thoth is not suggesting here that we don’t do anything to stop these intrusions. He is simply giving a greater perspective on how we will ultimately deal with them.
    Maia: Why do many people – including myself – feel more and more an unreality in this current time frame as if we are already in the New Earth?
    Thoth: The Hologram is shifting for Earth and it’s inhabitants, It is transforming into the New Earth Hologram. The more this shift occurs, the greater it bears upon the senses and becomes “real” to the perceptions of human cognition.
    When the senses attempt to compare this new reality with what they see and hear around them, the latter seems the more dis-associative to them. It is fading away and being replaced by the hologram of the New Earth (see the Pyramidis Radius Matrix).
    Maia: How can we continue to be present with the present and yet stay connected to the New Earth that is now merging into our beings?
    Thoth: Do not resist the process. The human logica is in place to hold on to “reality” – to retain rational thinking through adhering to the status quo. “Up” is up and “Down” is down. It is like the inner ear – if you upset it’s referencing, your whole world spins out of control.
    It will take some time to adjust, but the referencing will change gradually so that you can still operate in the old and the new assumes the “Real” for you. Relax into it, and you will become more mutable with the transition – ride the wave instead of struggling against it.
    Maia: What is happening, will happen to the large majority of the population of this planet that is still so asleep to the reality of all this coming upon us now, and sweeping us toward a disintegration of the Old Earth as the New Earth Star Hologram assumes the planetary spectrum?
    Thoth: They will pass from the incarnational cycle of the Earth into one which that matches the frequency they choose to remain in.
    This means that they will begin to have much shorter life spans in current embodiment. However, there will be those among them who will Awakening suddenly – as if from a bad dream and become Candlelights for the world.
    The AKASHIC RECORDS and the repository of Thoth
    ‘Akashic’ is an eastern term which, according to Thoth, refers to the planetary ‘Recorder Cell,’ where thought, feeling and occurrences throughout all time in the planet’s history are stored as a record of knowledge within the subtle etheric substance of the planet.
    However, the nature of the akashic records are much more complex and far-reaching than might be imagined according to Tehuti, whom we also know as Thoth, and who holds the title of being the ‘Great Akashic Scribe.’
    He tells us that the akashicis an etheric subtle energy region arranged into bandings which are concentric shells within and around the Earth. These akashic energy bands or shells have a very high resonance with the God-Source emanating from within the human element.
    The electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of the planet are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information, also providing stability to their structure. These energy bands are formed through the interaction of two distinct dynamics, which then form a third that becomes the final qualification for the planetary akashic records.
    The first 2 dynamics are:
    1) The Divinity within Human Souls.
    2) The Planetary Soul.
    The Planetary Soul is the living essence of the planet, the heart of Gaia. These two dynamics interact to form the World Soul, which the Lemurians called the Sheila. Thus the World Soul is formed via the combined Light of the souls present within the planetary experience, in interaction and combination with the Planetary Soul.
    So it is the World Soul which is then the basic format for the akashic records held in the concentric energy bands previously mentioned. As they vibrate with the dynamic of the World Soul, fields of resonance with the God-Source are created within their parameters. These akashic energy bands interlink to form three dimensional geometric patterns.
    These patterns then comprise the ‘recording crystals’ within the Recorder Cellor akashic of Earth. Thoth tells us that the most basic of these patterns is called the acosha, and is actually a single ‘crystal.’ The acosha is in the shape of a dodecahedron. Upon each face of the acosha dodecahedron the thought forms of the World Soul create etheric ‘ripples.’
    The type of thought within these ripples determines where it ‘records’ its impression upon the crystal, and upon which face of the crystal it is to be recorded. Each recording crystal is receptive to receiving the impressions of specific types of thought forms, just which ones is determined primarily by the degreeand quality of the illumination contained within the thought.
    This is the manner in which the thought forms containing the knowledge, perception and wisdom, as well as the illusion of the ages of Earth, are catalogued into the library of the Recorder Cell of the planet. Within the ‘main library’ of Earth’s akasha, there are two major levels. There are the higher or Greater Akashic, and the lower or Lesser Akashic records.
    In the Lesser Akashic, every thought, feeling and expression of consciousness expressed upon the Earth is recorded and compiled according to the intensity level they find within the souls of Earth who produce them.
    In other words, whatever is continually ‘fed’ by the power of mind and emotion in humanity, builds a field of increasing intensity within the Lesser Akashic. Some of the most prevalent consciousness thought-forms in the Lesser Akashic would be such things as the world’s religions, common issues of survival, and politics. Many of these records contain accurate and true information.
    However, they are also liberally inter-mixed with many illusions that are born of mass belief systems as well. When accessing the Lesser Akashic, the individual akashic investigator’s thoughts, feelings,and beliefs will be magnetically attracted to information (true or illusional) that supports their own inner feelings and beliefs.
    If the akashic investigator is exceptionally clearmentally and emotionally, and not egoically attached to their ability to access the information available within the Lesser Akashic, they can move amongst the strong currents of lower magnetic energy present, and align with the highest truth to be found in the Lesser Akashic.
    The Greater Akashic does not actually store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul (those of the planetary consciousness) as does the Lesser Akashic. Rather, it alchemically extracts the nectar; the purest knowledge-forms from the Lesser Akashic and translates them into highly defined ‘Light Inscriptions,’ which are then ‘flamed,’ or inscribed, into the heart of each crystal in the Greater Akashic field of the Recorder Cell.
    Understand that there is only one ‘Recorder Cell’, with two main fields, or levels. These Light Inscriptions then emanate repeating pulses of Light Language imaging from the center of the recording crystal, which can be intercepted by a sentient being. In order for a sentient being to ‘read’ the Greater Akashic Record, they must first beable to receive this information deep within their own ‘Recorder Cell’.
    Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals.
    The information that is contained within the Greater Akashic which the individual has then ‘attuned to,’ is sent to their brain-mind complex from their own Recorder Cell to interact with the individual’s process of thought formation.
    Thus, it is through the individual’s thought formation process being modulated with this higher level information that some communicable understanding of the knowledge received is effected. Unfortunately, while the information received in this manner is relatively pure, it is also very difficult to comprehend when it is transcribed into the common languages of the Earth.
    This is due to the fact that in this current reality, we have structured our languages to communicate a very limited understanding of the Omnipotence we call ‘God’ and the many aspects and nuances of divine expression.
    Thus, often another translation factor needs to be applied. There are various adjustments that can be made, but in my case, Thoth supplys me with keys and codes, or ‘guidance commands,’ which I can use as a ‘Rosetta Stone’ to further translate the information.
    This is accomplished on a subconscious level, where by these key ‘codes’ are placed into my auric field and therefore ‘read’ by an area in my brain which is responsive to them. The codes are in the form of pictures or ‘pictographs’ that prompt and orient my language center into a greater comprehension of the knowledge being released from my Recorder Cell.
    In addition, Thoth often directly answers my questions, this information flow also comes to my conscious awareness via my Recorder Cell. In addition, when I need clarification concerning certain types of material, Thoth many times then guides me to other areas of the Greater Akashic in which the specific knowledge can be located to give me a larger perspective on the original information Iam attempting to translate.
    Since I play an interactive role in ‘de-coding’ the knowledge downloaded into my Recorder Cell from the Greater Akashic, Thoth refers to me as a ‘source translator’. This whole procedure for me, or anyone working primarily through direct receipt of the Greater Akashic is not an infallible program; most especially in that the mental-personality has to be involved at some level in interpretation of the information so that it may be brought into a pattern suitable for planetary comprehension.
    It needs to be realized that all humans on the planet interact with the Lesser Akashic. They contribute to it and receive imprints from it, both in dream and waking states, that influence their lives.
    Thus we have the Greater and Lesser fields of the Akashic present within the Recorder Cell of the Earth. The Lesser Akashic is influenced and greatly controlled by lesser human thought-feeling impressions; the Greater Akashic is impersonal and responds only to the essence of truth within the soul.
    Thoth states that in the case of the Higher Akashic, although it “does not store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul”, it does integrate with it, as it extracts the purest essence, or nectar, from the Lesser Akashic.
    Thus, this is the manner in which it integrates with the World Soul via the Lesser Akashic realms. Yet there is another, even greater realm of the akashic, which Thoth defines as the‘Supra-Akashic.’ This field is not within the Earth domain, but is comprised of the akashic recording crystals of the Universe.
    It operates similarly to the Greater Akashic of the Earth, but is not integrated with any individual ‘World Soul’. Instead, it contains the harmonic musical language of the Angels, Archangels, Elohim and all the Creator Lords of this Universe.
    Because the Supra-Akashic does not interface with the Lesser Worlds directly, only ‘master souls’ of Earth can as yet interact with its high level hologramic thought-form information.
    When this planet enters its ascended phase as the ‘New Earth Star,’ souls present within that reality system will then be able to start accessing some of this higher level information as the Supra-Akashic begins to feed select harmonics into the New Earth Star Greater Akashic field.
    Thoth tells us that as a planetary whole, we will integrate our individual Recorder Cells directly with the Supra-Akashic once our planet moves through the Mazzaroth (zodiac), and enters under the command of the Mazaloth (greater state of universal being).
    This will be a gradual on going process beginning with the Earth’s entry into the ascended New Earth Star reality, and will complete at the end of that next cycle, which he calls the New Earth Star Aeon. The Records of Thoth Now that a good understanding of the nature of the akashic records has been revealed, we can investigate the ‘overlay’ upon the Greater Akashic field called the ‘Records of Thoth’.
    As I have said previously, certain Master beings (including Thoth) have their own ‘repositories’ of knowledge within the Greater Akashic. These repositories are actually filters which define the ‘pure extract’ taken from the Lesser Akashic, in aspecific modality of divine encoding.
    Thus the souls who are meant to work with that certain form of encoding can more accurately discern its particular essence within the whole ‘Light-brary’ represented in the Greater Akashic.
    This is kind of like ‘flagging’ or‘tagging’ files on a computer hard drive for a particular operation, like when you do a back-up to a tape drive. The tagged files form a new ‘database’ of sorts, that can be considered a repository of information which has been created from the existing files onthe hard drive. Why is this necessary?
    Thoth explained to me that this world and all aspects of the universe in which the Earth resides, are in a process of returning to Source. In this process, the many components of this universe are all moving toward the full-Light spectrum (Source) at different velocities, or rates of evolution so to speak.
    In order for all these differing aspects of the fallen universe to move in a confluent manner towards Source, various levels and modalities of guidance must be inserted into the Light Program of Return issued forth from the Divine Hierarchy of Light.
    Within this framework, the ‘Masters’ have their service, and in concordance with that service, many develop and maintain their distinct repositories of knowledge within the Greater Akashic Light-brary.
    There are individuals who are ordained to the service of working within these repositories to re-insert the knowledge contained therein into the planetary consciousness aspect of the World Soul.
    This occurs in synergy with other souls whoare required as well, in order to effectively disseminate and hold that consciousness vibration within the World Soul dynamic. The net result of this activity, then, is to help bring some of the various components of this universe, in this case those primarily related to the Earth, into synchronization in their evolutionary movement with other aspects of the universe.
    In other words, the Masters are working to help bring the slower aspects of the universe up to the same speed as the faster moving components, by accelerating or quickening them via the release of the ‘pure’ information contained within their specific repository in the Greater Akashic.
    These releases are carefully timed by the Hierarchy, to assure that the acceleration will serve the greater purpose of synchronization, rather than cause further imbalance. From among all these ‘Master’ repositories, Thoth informs us that his is somewhat unique in regard to the manner in which it was originally formed, and in how it is organized.
    It is for this reason that the archetype of Thoth or Tehuti, which bears his name and higher mind impression, is known as the ‘Scribe of the Gods’ and the ‘Guardian of the Akashic.’
    There are ancient texts that state the living Thoth-Hermes was the author of some 3,000 books. We must consider that this master soul was upon the Earth twice where he used the name ‘Thoth.’
    In the first experience he came to Earth as ‘Toth-mus-Zurud,’a being from Orion who lived 5,783 years on this planet in that embodiment. Here turned later in the planet’s history as the Earth-incarnated Thoth Raismes of Aphra, who was born in Tibet and lived 300 years. Certainly in all that time, he could have easily written 3,000 books.
    This is how I had imagined it to be until he recently informed me that during his two consecutive lifetimes as ‘the Thoth’ on Earth, he actually wrote not one single book of any kind by his own hand or even through dictation!
    When I then asked him about the Emerald Tablets which he was supposed to have written, he replied that these tablets had actually been impressed with an ‘energetic fire’ coming from his chakras while his body was in a supra-luminous state.
    They therefore contain ‘fire codes’ which can be translated into a codified text. This is also true of several other ‘works’ which he inscribed upon gemstone in this manner. However, these are not comprised of actual written information as we would define it, and the gem-encodings of Thoth are few in number.
    However, in his embodiments both as Toth-mus-Zurud and Thoth Raismes, he directly inscribed several thousand ‘books’ directly into the Greater Akashic via the previously described process. This whole body of work which Thoth committed to codification and expression through divine fire, forms the original doctrine or overlay, for the ‘Records of Thoth.’
    As such, it became his repository of Knowledge and Wisdom in the Greater Akashic. In both the ancient and recent past, there have been source translations by other souls of the Thothic works in his repository, yet he informs me that they were never placed into the written word through any activity of his own.
    After his two ‘Thoth’ embodiments on Earth, this soul continued to incarnate into specific key experiences on the planet. All the while he maintained the template of his Thothic form, which he could re-create genetically at will.
    His soul would then return to this higher genetic vehicle at regular intervals between his other incarnations in the Earth’s experience. He is currently in his ultra-genetic ‘Thoth’ body within the Inner Earth realm. During the times when he is working in this Thoth form, this being has continued to ‘Light-inscribe’ updated information into his akashic repository: the Records of Thoth.
    This activity not only places Thoth’s signature of spiritual expression and mastery upon the Greater Akashic, as have other Master beings done with their signature as well, but also inserts these Light inscripted codices within the repository itself.
    These insertions then further enhance and direct the presence and essence of the divine programs contained within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell. Thoth also tells us that both Enoch and Melchizedek maintain Light inscripted codices in the Akashic.
    The records of Enoch and Melchizedek are composed of a few specific etheric ‘books’ which link into other areas of the Greater Akashic via specific Light encodings. Consequently, the development of knowledge within these repositories is dependant upon the entire field of the Greater Akashic.
    Without these ‘links’ to other portions of the Greater Akashic, the information stored in their repositories cannot be deciphered by human sentience. Thoth’s repository is singular in its form and operation, in that his many and voluminous Light Inscripted Akashic texts vibrate with the hologram of the whole Greater Akashic initialized within the very crystals that contain his recordings.
    In other words, Thoth’s repository of knowledge contains all knowledge inherent within the Greater Akashic aspart of its own form, but yet is not limited to that base of knowledge. In this way, his texts are still a part of the whole synergism of the Greater Akashic, but the ‘mountain’ comes to his repository, rather than the information within the repository having to move outside its own context in order to connect to the whole.
    This does not infer that Enoch’s or Melchizedek’s repositories are inferior to Thoth’s, but that the nature of their work is different. Indeed, it is the ‘nature’ of Thoth’s place in the higher planetary Hierarchy that creates the uniqueness of his presence as a Master being, an Archetype and a ‘Keeper of the Records.’
    INSTRUCTION in the Master Temples
    In this stage of development, the New Earth Star inhabitants will gather in temples oflearning which vibrate to the ‘chord’ within the individual that is in resonance with the ‘Seal of Light’ placed upon their forehead at the Ascension.
    As each soul passes through the Ascension ‘Star Grail’ (Stargate), they will be given a seal or signature within their brow chakra (6th) which identifies their ‘Master Template’, which is that form of higher mind intelligence and wisdom that has guided their soul through many cycles of experience.
    Certain Master beings such as those we identify as Jesus (Yeshua), Thoth, St. Germain, Kuthumi, etc., are the overseers of these Master Templates. Thus, when a soul leaves the old Earth behind, they bring with them a particular allegiance to a specific Master Form that is resonant with their ‘Seal of Light’.
    Even though the Master Template may be resonant to several Master Beings, through their own innerchoice the individual human will align with a specific ‘Master’ – usually one with which they have had repeated experience in the past.
    Their Seal of Light will draw them to the Temple of that particular Master Being. As an example, under Thoth this will be the Temple of Aramu. Within the chosen Master’s Temple, one will often have direct, physical contact with that Master incarnate.
    The initiates of the Temple will be opened to their inner wisdom as it was bestowed upon them in the Aeon of Light Inscription ofthe First Earth (the ancient Earth in its first stages of development).
    After a time, the New Earth Star inhabitants will begin to interact with other Temples and Masters, untilthey move freely through all resonant fields of New Earth consciousness.
    EROS — Substantiation
    The Earth now receives atomic bonding. Matter and Life as we can comprehend it in a linear sense beings. The more basic living consciousness such as microbes, break away from the Greater Body of Gaia Earth-Mind.
    While still linked at the electrical-neural level, these basic froms create their own world within the greater World. Plants are still highly evolved Devic nature beings, yet they now find themselves becoming firmly rooted in the expanding physical matter plane Earth.
    Direct manifestation from higher intelligence occurs much kess frequently now. This form of creation is now reserved only for the ELOHIM or Matter Earth-Builders, and those souls who work under them who are ELOHA.
    Highly evolved Devic beings who refused to take lesser living forms, now create their own passage into the Earth’s matter plane by combining their creative Light in a dance of unity, in order to design and inhabit the bodies of cetaceans such as Dolphins and Whales.
    SAMA — Trans-substantiation
    Adama as a nine soul unit breaks apart and the souls separate. The Earth now moves outside of its star-sun. It enters a period known as the ‘Time of the Mists, in which a fine etheric substance that can be imbued into a vaporous element is formed. This fine etheric substance is known as Azoth, and from this Prima Matra or first matter is created. Azoth is similar to Aether, but more electric in nature.
    Plant life now undergoes experience within pathways that open into an earthen-like sphere which is not entirely corporeal, yet not of the cloud-like quality of the Hyperborean Epoch. This earthen sphere is more like a density of tissue which is malleable and elastic in nature.
    The Sama is a stage in which direct manifestation of thought still occurs, but with less consistency. Other pathways are beginning to form now also, through which less direct manifestational processes can develop.
    NADMEN — Separation
    The Oritronic half-Light reality has taken over Earth at this point. The Adamic Race is set aside by the Divine Hierarchy. They have broken with their Inscriptions of Light by attempting to create with their God-given powers outside the full patterning of Light consciousness. Thus the ‘Adams’ are sent from the Garden.
    Lesser evolutionary forms are then created from human genetics, such as the apes, and later the human-like species such as Cro-Magnon man etc. The Nephilim at this point enter the Earth through direct physical incarnation, and further genetically manipulate the sons and daughters of the Adamic Race.
    The Nephilim create and then destroy a second Garden of Eden created in a separate reality zone. It is here that governmental structures come into existence to take the place of alignment to the Divine Hierarchy which has been lost. Entire kingdoms of separation evolve to develop an organizational matrix in which to define these separate paths.
    Lemuria and later Atlantis are examples of the early manifestations of such matrices, and thusly become powers of human Light and Will more so than the original Divine Light and Will. Lemuria is in time broken apart by cataclysms, then the Nephilimic wars take place, and next the time-crystal in Atlantis is incorrectly used, albeit with good intention to violate the pyramid-temple in the City of Lords located within the Cydonia complex on Mars. The Earth’s time tear which we refer to as the ‘Kali Rift’ is then created, all of which ultimately destroys Atlantis as well.
    PATHAGARA — Existing in the Time Tear
    At this point the Earth is existing in a fractured time zone. It then moves on a course separate from its true pathing in time-space contained in the Ranna Time Flow. At the point of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Earth is thrown fully into the Kali Rift or separation from ‘true course’. We still exist within the Pathagara.
    MERATH (New Earth Star) — Return to the Light Inscription of Metatron
    The ascension of the planet sometime after the year 2,000 will carry us back into the true time zone of the Ranna Time Flow, in which we will be received once again into the full Light Spectrum of the Metatron.
    These seven Earth stages, epochs or zones are divided further, into three main parts: From the Hyperborean through the Adama Epochs, the first four stages form what is known as the ‘ATHA,’ meaning Time of the Light.
    The second envelope begins with Nadmen and continues through Pathagara. The envelope of the fifth and sixth stages is known as the ‘VELA,’ meaning the Time of the Fire Within. This is the period when matter was engendered with Divine Fire in the cells and subsequently separated from the full Light of the Metatron.
    The third envelope begins with Merath, which is only the first stage in the New Earth Star. The New Earth Star is in the greater envelope of ‘ATHA-NUI,’ meaning The Return to Light. It is a re-direction of the full spectrum of Light Inscription back into the full-Light spectrum of the Metatron.
    To help us with the idea of world systems, Thoth has given us a scale-context to place it in. The Lemurians called a world system a “NA” or a fluid (progressive) cell. There are 29 “NA” in one “ATA” – i.e. a knot or binding unit.
    To put things into perspective, we are currently at “NA 1”. The New Earth Star will eventually take “us” through to the next ATA, where it will then become something else – a register within the Full Light Metatronic Spectrum. This could be called “World System II”.
    World System I — Oritronic or Half Light Spectrum. Entropic and trapped in a cycle of birth and death, with reincarnation the main dynamic, which is a soul-cycling back into the System.
    World System II — Metatronic or Full Light Spectrum. Non-entropic and “Open-Source” directed. The soul integration dynamic in World System II is manifestatonal flow from one Light Field to another in quantum propagation. This translates to: “Oh I think I will be a butterfly today!”
    In the expansion of Spirit into greater dimensions of experience, a sudden separation occurs in the Light grid of this and several other universes resulting in what Thoth refers to as the ‘Universal Tear.’ As a result, two Light spectrum grids are created, which could be seen in terms of sacred geometry as spirals.
    These are the full-Light Metatronic spiral (undescended Light) and the half-Light Oritronic spiral (descended or fallen Light). The Universal Tear exposes the central node where all energy ley lines of this universe conjoin, which Thoth calls the Eye of Ra.
    The star worlds forming the sacred trinity of Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius construct a high-Light energy pyramid to act as a capstone over the Eye of Ra, somewhat like a cosmic band-aid to keep this universe from self-destructing, and appointed the Sun Lords of Sirius as guardians of this structure, which is called the Telos.Aarkhara.
    The Telos.Aarkhara essentially re-creates time event horizons that feed to and from the Eye of Ra so that time fractures are not magnified and perpetuated throughout the entire universal grid.
    The point where all this universe’s ley lines converge. It is a pin-point of “leakage” into and from the next universe. From the Eye of Ra (also called the “Heliomar” by Thoth) is emitted the pristine, creation-substance into this universe. The double-dynamic of the “Eye” is a blinking effect that is a “flashing double-diamond,” responding to the quasar-like pulsing of the touching of the two universes.
    AKASHIC definition of the “Eye of Ra”
    Thoth: The ‘Eye of Ra’ is the convergence point for this and many other universes. It is the ‘Threshold’. The “outer membrane” is the actual ‘universal grid’ (both half-Light Oritronic and full-Light Metatronic) surrounding the Eye of Ra; containing the “worlds” such as Earth, that exist in the many universes.
    What is the nature of the rhombic geometric of the Eye of Ra?
    Thoth: What you are asking is a complex study. Very simply, and we stress, this is a very simple definition; its function is an enfolding of time apertures along the EVENT HORIZON, the latter which is very simply defined as the moment time and space identify one another’s reality and create from that reality reference points or sequences.
    These sequences allow both universal continua to ‘keep track’ or respond to the other, which in turn forms variant reality packages or conic flows within which engramic codes, like receptive nerves tentacle into the fabric of matter; matter being formed through the intensifying of these ‘identity referencing’ sequences.
    The rhombic dynamic then, with its enfolding process, creates torus ‘holes’ around which intense magnetic fields are enfolding. When Light ships travel through dimensions, they lock onto the holes rather than the torus energy which composes our sense of matter, dimension and reality. They can then instantly slip through the holes and manifest within the desired torus field.
    “Let us briefly look at the Eye of Ra for a moment. Thoth has told us that when the Universal Tear in consciousness occurred, the Eye of Ra was exposed. It is an intersection point of universal ley lines, much as there are intersections for ley lines upon the Earth, many of which are referred to as power points or vortices. So what Thoth is indicating here is that the Aeriopax / Isis Eye holds the key to healing the Universal Tear in consciousness, for that must be healed before the Eye of Ra may “return to Source”.
    It is the healing of this macro-cosmic aspect of duality that will allow the universal fabric to re-assume its cohesive ebb and flow, with the Eye of Ra being returned to its greater function of passing information between the higher Light worlds freely.
    The current condition is such that guardian matrices such as the Telos.Aarkhara have been installed upon the Eye of Ra to prevent ‘fractured reality energy / information from moving freely through this portal into the un-violated universes.
    “Thoth gives us an analogy to help us better understand the ‘wedding’ that must take place between the Aeriopax / Isis Eye and the Eye of Ra. He says that we can view the Eye of Ra as the living matter within a Nautilus, and the Isis Eye as the shell. Currently the Eye of Ra has been built a ‘nest’ where it is safe, but it is not able to take that nest with it, as does the Nautilus carry its home on its back. The ‘wedding’ of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Isis will give the former its mobility and full range of function once again.”
    TZO Stonehenge — Saturn Dynamic
    As we move into a deeper understanding and interaction with the TZO-Nadis Matrix, in this presentation we are being asked to follow the path of the Ranna Time Wave as it flows through the hexagonic portal of Saturn. Let us first look at Saturn as a dynamic “engine” in this solar system.
    Astrologically, Saturn is associated with slow-motion, limitation and steady pursuit in dealing with challenges. It sets boundaries (the limitation), but from the perspective of the Thoth Intelligence, in its higher dynamic, these boundaries are protective, and sustain the focus coming from Source.
    In the lower human nature, this can seem confining, like a child feeling a sense of deprivation if the loving parent will not allow them to play in the street. According to Thoth Intelligence, the mysterious hexagon of Saturn is a multi-faceted portal not only into other dimensions, but connecting to the Ranna Time Wave-Flow of the universe, as well as the related Nebula Strain. This portal was manifested into Saturn by the EL’OHIM Creator Lords.
    The TZO Field interfaces with the Earth’s Genesis Field Light Mathematic at the center of the planet, within the central sun atoma, wherein is nested the Planetary Genius. This Genesis Field Light Mathematic is registered within the Planetary Genius.
    A genesis field is a dynamic, intelligent energy field responding to the impulse of Creation. It is designed by Universal Intelligence to create specific, ordered “worlds.” These worlds can be microscopic or as large as giant planets. In this context, re-genesis is the quickening of an original genesis field into a new stage of evolution.
    Humanity can and must create an energetic reversal to the interference with our electro-magnetic field in our planet and in our bodies and brains. The Archonic faction of humanity is polluting and distorting the natural EMF by various means, and now with its activation of 5G we are indeed within the darkening shadow of peril.
    The most obvious way to attempt change in regard to 5G is through legislation. On this 3D level, here is what you can do, and I urge you to take this action:
    On the Sacred Academy of Global Evolution (SAGE) website (of which I am on the board as Spiritual Director), you will find this well-presented article on 5G written and complied by SAGE’s Founding Director, Michael Henry Dunn. I urge you to read it, and follow the links given to In Power Movement and International Appeal. Also A 5G Solution.
    In addition to acting in the ways given in Mr. Dunn’s article, please consider working on a higher level with this and other planetary impending crisis as well. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, and his assembly of souls which he calls Chariot of the Sun – have given to me what Thoth is calling the TZO Protocol.
    TZO is an abbreviation for TZO-Letic. It is a particular type of charge or signal that can be generated through the human heart chakra to connect to GAIA’s “Heart” or Central Sun Atoma.
    T Z O stands for: T = 20 Z = 26 O = 15 / Radial Frequency: 20.26.15 (can also be written 202615)
    Around the planet there are what Thoth is calling nadis nodes. These are natural acu-nodes, being enhanced and focused for specific energetic networking. Those who are guiding and operating this project are the Noblis Terra Nata (NTN) – a newly-formed co-operative.
    The NTN is composed of both Off-Planet and Inner Earth Kindred. They are assigned their powers by the Tashsab’va (The Orion Blue Fire Command). The NTN purpose is to work with the on-going installation and operation of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM).
    The Sacred Academy of Global Evolution is embarked upon a project being guided by Thoth (through me – Maia) to aid in the activation of these nodes. It is important to understand that No Other-Worldly Beings can “save” us.
    We must bend the branch, draw the water, rise up to the sun and ultimately plant the field. Yet these Shining Ones and their Helpmates are very much here to aid us when we take true Light-engendered action on our own behalf.
    It is not just about transforming 5G. This TZO system (grid and project) is holistic in nature and designed to help Gaia balance the entire Earth frequency realm. It would work on everything from Chem Trails to GMO pollution within the cells and DNA.
    I return now to the TZO Protocol. In and of itself, it cannot destroy or block the very real dangers of 5G or any of the other deadly interferences currently threatening this planet and humanity.
    Yet I have been shown by my Beloved Mentor ThothHorRa, that this protocol, in concert with all which is being created through the efforts of Many within the Inner Light Network (ILN) on the planet now and guided by the Noblis Terra Nata – has great potential in subverting not only 5G, but all the Dark Works behind this initial action of Archonic investiture.
    We will need at the very least, 102 persons to participate in this protocol to take it to a higher level. That is certainly not impossible if we all network it. While Shungite is an incredible defense against 4G, it cannot protect us from 5G.
    That is, not as it is now. I am shown how the Shungite Field around and in the Earth can update its intelligence and therefore, in concert with certain other substances, thought and ultra-technology, can be useful against 5G.
    However, as of this writing such an actualization has not yet been achieved. It is an essential to future developments by the NTN and could develop quickly with the right dynamics. Shungite is a 4G Buster! Not to mention an amazing healing tool in general.
    The TZO-Nadis Matrix or grid (which is a sub-matrix of the PRM) is being activated by two main sources: the heart or Central Sun Atoma of GAIA and the Pymander Elohim computer. Other important dynamics involved in the TZO Matrix and Working are found within the Middin Chamber of the Temple of the Risen One and its etheric double, The Temple of the Morning Star.
    All of the current planetary woes – not just the EMF frequencies – but all of it – can be shifted by the TZO Earth Re-Genesis Project in concert with other dynamics and ultra-technolgies. All of these ills are heavily under the influencing and indeed, enforcing mantle of the Archonic Cloud.
    So even the evils of mankind are hugely developed and sustained by manipulation of the electrical planet. The Archonic mantle (shield) over the Earth (which humanity originally allowed) can be dissipated or entirely dissembled, through the re-setting of Earth’s electrical, geo-magnetic fields.
    How The RANNA connects to the TZO-Nadis Matrix
    The TZO-Nadis Matrix uses Stonehenge to access the Saturn Portal and thus the Ranna Time Wave. The TZO then displays this signal throughout its Nadis array. In this way, a powerful boundary can be established keeping the World Domain for the most part, in falling prey to fractured Half-Light Reality-Time Lines.
    As I have previously stated, the TZO-Nadis Matrix is not just about neutralizing 5G. It is installed to work on many levels, all in communion with the HEART of GAIA and her stellar coordinates, leading Her and us on a path to Full-Light Being.
    The TZO is an installed sub-matrix with the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. It is a helping hand, but must be activated and worked by earth-human intention and application. When you work with the TZO Protocol, please include the drawing into your bones of the Saturn-Ranna frequency. I did not know when I was guided to tell one to bring the frequency into the bones that Saturn is associated with the bones.
    SATURN — The Omnicron — Omni-directional (dimensional) time
    The Eye of Ra (Heliomar) is a term that Thoth has used to describe an inter-dimensional portal that exists in the midst of the Universal time tear he refers to as the Kali Rift. The Eye of Ra is a higher Light mathematical gate function that allows passage of the pure Metatronic Light into the Oritronic universes.
    Likewise, this gate allows acceleration, and absorption of the Oritronic universe into the Metatronic universe as an ongoing evolutionary movement. The Eye of Ra is very closely linked in structure and function to both the Telos.Aarkhara and the Tryphoid function. It is called the Eye of Ra, as it is the sourcing for the Pure Sun.
    I have now asked Thoth if the ‘Omnicron’ and the “Heliomar’ or “Eye of Ra’ are the same thing. He replies; “The Omnicron with the Telos.Aarkhara capstoning it, is the entrance way to the Eye of Ra, the Heliomar”.
    TELOS.AARKHARA — Capstone on the ‘Eye of Ra’ Guardianed by the Lion-Headed Sun Lords of Sirius
    The Telos.Aarkhara is a repository of the Light Mathermatic harmonics for the hierarchical planof earth and it’s cosmic reality, which is positioned on the tele-plane linking various realitiesrelated to Earth’s “scroll” or spiritual time line (progression). It forms synergetic connectionsbetween various key energy points on the earth.The Telos.Aarkhara is the ‘capstone’ over the Universal Tear exposing the ‘Eye of Ra’.
    Now in 2019, I am shown that SATURN – in this dimensional passage of time-space – contains the OMNICRON (currently the “side-door” version). You might ask: “In the entire universe???” From the perspective of our hologram, the answer would be “yes” This is the actual Omnicron passage into the Heliomar “Eye.”
    In my recent missive on TZO Stonehenge-Saturn Dynamic, I stated:
    As we move into a deeper understanding and interaction with the TZO-Nadis Matrix, in this presentation we are being asked to follow the path of the Ranna Time Wave as it flows through the hexagonic portal of Saturn. Let us first look at Saturn as a dynamic “engine” in this solar system.
    So now, in adding another piece of the puzzle: that Saturn is not only a portal for the Ranna, but the Omnicron lens to the Eye of Ra…well, it really reveals sooo much more to me! So much, in fact that I was overwhelmed. It would take me writing a book on it all to even scratch the surface.
    I really don’t see a book in the offering, but I may try to continue with some blog installments. However, for now, let us peer into this lens a little more closely. Below is the map that my colleague William Buehler drew in the 1990’s, based on my information.
    The “Bangs” are major distortion Moments in the flow of the wave-form. There are probably more than listed here, but these are the ones I knew of then…and now. If you will notice from the diagram, the Eye of Ra is at the beginning of the Kali-Rift (the time tear coming out of the exposed Eye of Ra, which was cap stoned by the Telos.Aarkhara to keep it protected.
    Just the other day, another piece of the puzzle fell into place. This information concerning Saturn as once having been the Central Sun of our galaxy, concurs with what I am now receiving from Thoth Intelligence.
    However, there are some necessary tweaks needed in the understanding so that it truly aligns with the story in the Thoth Akasha. From the Thothic perspective, the Saturn “Sun” was really a different creature than the sun which we see now. It was never a “brown dwarf” as some postulate.

  8. — PART 2 —
    This “second sun” was a portal radiating what Thoth calls the “Pure Sun” of the Atassic (Golden Star of Mazuriel). The sun we have now was and is, also a portal but not into the Attasic. Once the Saturn-Sun was torn asunder by the Event which created the Kali Rift (an event Thoth has never fully clarified to me), The Attastic Sun’s main portal into this universe is in the constellation of Leo, residing in Denebola.
    The Saturn Sun was an aspect of that Portal…and in it’s lesser state as a planet, it still maintains the vibrational pattern of this Portal in its polar hexagon. This is not an empty field. It does still give us a vital link to the Pure Sun and the Ranna Time Wave. You might say, it is a side-door to the main theater.
    The GOLDEN STAR of Mazuriel (Pure Sun)
    Thoth has told us in the past that Leo was the constellation of access to the Golden Star of Mazuriel, which is the highest ‘threshold level’ Solar Logos for all worlds of this universal system. Ultimately, the Golden Star of Mazuriel represents the full Christic consciousness, and thus represents the future consciousness of this and many other worlds.
    The Solar Logos of Earth’s true planetary design in the ultimate configuration involving our physical sun, Rigel and Mazuriel, is the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. With the Golden Star of Mazuriel in the picture, the Solar Logos associated with the Blue Star Rigel becomes an intermediary logos, or bridge between the consciousness of our current physical sun, and that of the Golden Star of Mazuriel.
    Thus the Solar Logos of the Blue Star Rigel will generally be referred to as the greater Solar Logos for the Earth herein, and for all intents and current purposes it is. However, in the next level of cosmology beyond that logos, the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel would truly be the greater Solar logos for all worlds in this universal system. The Blue Star Rigel is the greater Solar logos only for the Earth and Venus to our knowledge at this time, but it is the stepping stone to the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel.
    Keep in mind that when we are speaking of Rigel being a stepping stone to the consciousness of Mazuriel, the stellar representative of the Christ, we are looking at some very long cycles in terms of linear Earth reality, literally many thousands of years. But in the higher dimensional realities where time is not so large a part of the reality, it is but one revolution on the spiral of the cosmic clock.
    Where is the ‘Golden Star Mazuriel’?
    Thoth: It is in the Third ML, the Gateway being through the Denebola in the constellation of Leo. Understand that this is a gateway and not the actual ‘Golden Star’.
    From the book “The Saturn Myth” by David N. Talbott:
    From the foregoing evidence a distinctive portrait of Saturn emerges. In the earliest age recalled by the ancients the planet—or proto-planet—came forth from the cosmic sea to establish dominion over the primeval Cosmos.
    The planet-god ruled as the solitary, central light, worshipped as the god One—the only god in the beginning. Saturn’s epoch left a memory of such impact that later generations esteemed the god as the Universal Monarch, the first and ideal king, during whose rule occurred the prehistoric leap from barbarianism to civilization.
    Throughout Saturn’s era of cosmic harmony no seasonal vicissitudes threatened men with hunger or starvation, and men suffered neither labour nor war. In the “creation” Saturn, the primal Seed, ejected the fiery material (“primeval matter”), which congealed into a circle of lesser lights (the Cosmos).
    The myths describe this resounding birth of the secondary gods as Saturn’s “speech”: Saturn was the Word or voice of heaven. The ancients conceived Saturn as the visible intelligence bringing forth the Cosmos as his own body and regulating its revolutions. Thus was the planet denominated the Heaven Man, a being eventually recalled as the prototype of the human race—the first ancestor.
    For, according to the Thoth Akasha, that is exactly what happened. Before this occurrence eons ago (I don’t know the exact time period as yet), The Earth was receiving its Solar Signature, directly from the “Pure Sun” of the Attasic. After the Great Time Rift (Kali), Only a small remnant of the STAR-SUN was left.
    This is our current Saturn. Yet the Omnicron is still present within it! Thus, the Ranna can be at least touched upon by those “initiates” who know how to receive it; and they in turn, can bring forth the thread of the true time wave-form to the Earth.
    In my Akashic Definitions, the Ranna and Kali are defined thusly:
    The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiades, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time.
    These worlds, including the Earth, are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Wave-Flow, but still aligned to it. Once the Earth had been created, further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractured away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Wave and the Kali Rift was formed.
    This is actually a fracture in the Earth’s time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time.
    In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid/ consciousness of the Ranna Time Wave, certain occurrences came together in Earth’s time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift.
    So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum. All this to me, develops a picture in my mind of a tiny crack in a mirror, which through dimensional pressures, becomes larger and larger, until it shatters the whole glass.
    Yet the fragments are still connected through the holographic field: each sliver of the mirror containing the whole image for those who have eyes to see. For those who follow and work with the TZO Earth-Regenesis Program, understanding Saturn as a unique remnant portal to the Attasic Pure Sun (Mazuriel) is a central keynote to the whole TZO dynamic.
    The TZO-Lectic grid, while a creation of the Terr Noblis Nata, is a true “ELectric Field” simply install in a resonate format for Earth to access. This TZO-Lectic is a modulation of the frequency patterns within the Saturn Hexagon (visible part of the Omnicron). It is also a modulation of the Heart of Gaia. Both “fractals” can be found within the TZO, creating a unique and binding geometry.
    LEO Constellation
    It is through the constellation of Leo that the “Golden Star of Mazuriel” is able to send its vibration into this universe. The Golden Star of Mazuriel is a pure “Spirit-Star,” one which has no fallen aspect and therefore no lower emanations of “fire.”
    Its flame is the Flame of Love which does not burn; the PURE FLAME of Divine Heart. The constellation of Leo provides the Golden Star of Mazuriel with a point of spiritual entry into this universe.
    The angelic Hierarchy of Leo is known as “The Lords of Flame.” This hierarchy ushered the initial “Divine Flame” for the Earth into being. This Flame then became the Great Inscription of Divine Light for this planet, validating its existence as a “sacred form” in the Greater Dominion.
    The “Greater Dominion” of which I speak is the realm of sentience which always remains perfectly aligned to the universes of Metatronic/Christic Light and ultimately the Godhead. All planetary worlds and universes within the fallen universes have their full-Light or pure aspects within the Greater Dominion.
    The Hierarchy of Leo also serves as the “Scribes and Guardians” of the Living Records of Flame, which lie beyond all planetary akashic modalities, residing within the Heart of the Universal Creator.
    These Living Records of Flame are inverted within the heart of the Adam Kadmon template as a reversed image of the original, and therefore must go through a phase shift of 180 degrees through the spiritual re-awakening of the Sons and Daughters of the Adam Kadmon within Earth’s humanity.
    In the time of the year when the emanations of Leo directly influence the Earth, spiritual initiates are offered an opportunity to effect this phase shift within their own being. This can be accomplished by opening your heart center to receive the Living Records of Flame into the core of your spiritual being and essence.
    I herein give you an ancient archetypal image which will help you attune to the dynamics of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Leo, and thus the Golden Star of Mazuriel. This temple image which I am about to reveal exists on the inner-planes in the spiritual worlds.
    It is known as the Temple of Salomae, from whose generation the Houses of David and Solomon were spawned. Salomae was once incarnate as a human being who served as queen of a kingdom long forgotten. This kingdom originated in the genetic peoples of the Shepherd Kings.
    Solomae, and the very existence of her kingdom, was eradicated from all historical records by the fallen Amun priesthood upon their overthrow of the Shepherd Kings from the thrones of Egypt. Salomae was a high initiate of the Christic Mysteries of Leo, an Enochian Master incarnate who was given the Flaming Garment of the Lion upon her Light body by the Lords of Flame.
    The Temple of Solomae in the spirit world is a bright and shining temple, with white columns rising beside stately steps leading to golden doors of the entranceway. There are five steps and then a platform with two living lions lying sphinx-like on either side of the temple. Beyond the lions, eight more steps lead to four pillars and the golden doors.
    As you move through the Golden Doors, within the temple is an altar upon which can be seen arising the Flame That Does Not Burn. The walls of the temple are encoded with yod-like fire letters, flickering gold and ruby, appearing and then receding intermittently from sight as the viewer taps into the vibration of his/her own specific Light Inscription.
    In this room is also a large cauldron of bronze, containing the “Molten Sea,” a molten gold liquid, which is the alchemy of Fire and Water in perfect balance, to which all matter arises in its highest state of being.
    On a pedestal just above the Molten Sea cauldron is another living lion. This one is in a sitting position, and is holding his left paw up, extending it. In the mouth of this lion is a large golden key. This lion is the symbolic representation of the archangelic being Tadzekiel, the Master of the Opening of the Way, and is he who holds the key to the resurrection of the Adam Kadmon Light Body within the physical template of humanity.
    VIRGO Constellation
    The Madonna of the Starry Veil, the Great World Mother, is personified in the passage of Virgo. She is represented by the White Lily, her pale imprint is visited upon the souls of those whose life essence knows no stain.
    In Atlantis she was called Vironika, and in ancient Lemuria her name was Hellenous. “Hellenous” means to “seal with a kiss” or with a gesture of love. “Vironika” means “to encompass with love” or “to gather in love.” Thus, Helen and Veronica are names both derived from the ancient Goddess of Virgo.
    As the “Lily Queen,” Virgo showers her spiritual abundance upon the Earth. Through the Christic portal of Virgo the Sacred Cup containing the fluidium of life beyond all lower animations is bestowed upon the soul, thus quickening it to its own Eternality. This sacred fluidium is the SAF-FIRE blood of our true royal Christed-ness within the stars.
    As Corinne Heline states, Virgo “is the sign of Mother Earth who protects and nourishes her children as did Diana of the Greeks.”
    Like Diana the Huntress, Virgo sends her arrow of Love deep into the forest, where it pierces the heart of the stag, who symbolizes the Sun King (Solar Lord) of the planet. In this act of Love, a mantle of brazen light, an etheric “metal” of bronze and gold, is released from the Earth’s threshold of power.
    This is revealed to the world as a sword of spiritual truth (Excalibur) unsheathed in all its glory. The vibrations of the constellation of Virgo geo-physically enter the planet and penetrate into the central sun of the inner earth realm.
    This inter-penetration releases the pure forms of the ethers of the sovereign Earth. These pure forms are alchemically distilled into the “Life and Perfection” represented in the symbols of the “Cup and the Sword.”
    The Path of Virgo in the Earth represents a movement of consciousness symbolized through replacing the “Crown of Thorns” (the path of sacrifice) with the many garlanded and glorious “Crown of Light” (the path of spiritual perfection and Grace).
    It must be understood that while the path of sacrifice is a reflection of Virgo in the broken mirror of the current Earth’s reality, her true image is one of undefiled Grace whose passage is beyond reproach, and therefore not denied by any slayer of dragons nor men.
    The KALI Rift and the RANNA Time Flow
    The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiadies, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time. These worlds including the Earth are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Flow, but still aligned to it.
    Once the Earth had been created further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractures away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Flow and the Kali Rift is formed. This is actually a fracture in the Earth’s time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time.
    In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid / consciousness of the Ranna Time Flow, certain occurrences came together in Earth’s time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time’ in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift. So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum.
    ORION — Guardian of The Gate
    All worlds in this universe have realities in both the undescended full-Light of Metatron and the descended half-Light of the Oritron. In the full Light Metatronic spectrum the constellation of Orion is the Guardian of the Gate, or the universal portal of return to the full Light Universe. The beings from the full Light matrix of the Orion star system act as a touchstone for Light Redemption, that is the return of the divine codes of evolutionized intelligence to the source.
    A gathering of Rigel (the blue star in Orion) human-like beings called the Blue Fire Command oversee the ongoing disparity of energetics that exist between the full-Light and half-Light intelligences in this universe, and intervene in the name of the Metatronic or full-Light consciousness when appropriate.
    Now we proceed into the Earth’s Stages of Descent into matter as an extension of the macrocosm outlined briefly above. The first stage began within the Ranna Time Flow, but after the Universal Tear and the advent of the Eye of Ra and Telos.Aarkhara dynamics had manifested.
    HYPERBORIAN — Pure Light Inscription
    The Earth is a highly luminous creation inside of its star-sun. In this era it exists in the spectrum of full Divine Light, although it is already in a de-evolving Universe created by the Universal Tear or separation from Source. The Adam Kadmon Template is delivered unto the Hyperborean Earth. The Seraphim Angelics usher souls into the Earth of the Hyperbora. From the Adam Kadmon, a supra-being called Adama (the nine Adam Kadmon souls) is created. This being is an intelligence in a hue-man like form of high ordinance. It is in the image of the perfect template.
    All beings in the Hyperborean Earth are amorphous and somewhat like jelly fish in form. In the first period of the Hyperborean existence there is little visual difference between these high forms of plants, animals and hue-mans, but as Adama comes into prominence, souls then take upon themselves somewhat more physical mantles of being. This first race under Adama is known as the Solomons. The Hyperborean Epoch is in the plane of pure manifestation through Light Inscription where thought can create form directly.
    At this point the Nephilimic fallen Lords begin their genetic manipulation, setting the stage for the angelic ones to then inter-mix with the Solomons. This divinely ordained inter-breeding created an angelic / hue-man species which Thoth calls the Nathana, and was conducted for the purposes of attempting to preserve the Metatronic full-Light orientation in the genetics of Earthbound humans.
    ADAMA — Cellular Fire
    As a result of the breaking apart of the supra-being Adama, a charge is sent through the time-space of Earth, and is received as Divine Fire into the cells of the Nathana. The Solomons have all now become Nathana through the interbreeding of Angelics with the Solomon as previously described, and they are now transformed into Adamic man through the release of this Divine Fire charge. Once the Divine Fire has been received by the Nathana souls, then all of the Nature Kingdom responds by sending the Divine Fire charge into the cells of all other living things.
    Before this occurrence the genetic pathings and codes had been contained strictly in the Divine Light. At this point the Divine Light becomes more engendered with a response to matter through fire, and the fire is contained within fields of matter, and these fields of matter are the morphogenetic fields of the cells in all living organisms.
    It is important to understand that previous to the receipt of Divine Fire at the level of the cellular morphogenetic field of resonance, the cellular component contained a certain aspect of self-aware or I AM consciousness, but the individual cells were not aware that they existed as singular manifestations of a whole.
    With the advent of the receipt of Divine Fire, each cell then became indelibly inscribed with the I AM Presence. The cetaceans embedded Divine Fire into their cells within the earlier period of the Eros Epoch, but this was accomplished through the development of a separate entity from the rest of the Earth experience, and is not a part of the I AM individuation of the Earth as we know it. In other words, the Adama cell of consciousness was not a part of this dynamic directly.
    ADAM KADMON — The Universal Man
    “Adam Kadmon” is an ancient qabballistic word for ‘universal man’. It is the template or design for the human being. The Temple Doors info on it is a bit complex, but may be of interest to some, so I included it below. However, just the first few paragraphs should give you a basic grasp of the subject. The primary reason for my placing this all on Spirit Mythos is for the art series which represents the “seven creational stages through which the Adam Kadmon Light body or prototype created the Adamic race.”
    This is a Thothic principle which I akashically translated several years ago and have now placed into my symbolic artwork. It was a very powerful experience for me to create these images and I now wish to share them with you.
    The connection of the Divine Feminine to the Universal Man: From my akashic perspective, it is She who envelopes the life-giving force field of the Kadmon template. Her presence is very much depicted in the images of the bird, the moon, the clouds, the rainbow, and other symbols I have used in my artwork in this series.
    Kadmon comes from ‘Aveer Qadmon’, meaning ‘primitive air’ or Azoth. Thoth tells us that the Azoth was the substance in which Prima Matra or First Matter was formed. He also states that the Adam Kadmon was a two-fold manifestation:
    1) A divine pattern or schematic which is a ‘Light Body’ of macrocosmic proportions
    2) A formulation of that sacred patterning into a being that was supra-physical, and from which the ‘Adamic Race was spawned.
    From the Azoth or primitive air in which the supernal world was created, the Adam Kadmon took substance as the ‘Kosmic Man’.
    From the Records of Thoth I have translated that the Adam Kadmon or Great Prototypal Man contained nine souls which were not layered but rather fully integrated. When the etheric veil of Earth began to lower its vibrational curtain, the original Adam Kadmon dispersed its nine soul matrix into the Galactic-Earth realms.
    This dispersal was done in several stages. Six of these souls became creator beings within the solar Sun. Two of the remaining three Adam Kadmon souls entered the ‘Lesser Heaven’ in which the re-genesis of earth was in formation.
    Re-genesis in this context, meaning a re-forming of the earth’s cosmic blueprint in order to accomodate changes brought on by the cause and effect of soul’s interacting with the planetary consciousness of earth.
    One of these two Adam Kadmon souls fully entered into the matter-world in preparation for the future incarnation of Yeshua (Jesus). The remaining Adam Kadmon soul existed incarnationally at times within this realm of fallen matter but did not enter it karmically, that is it did not absorb the frequency of re-genesis matter into its incarnating cellular structure, this was the soul of Thoth.
    The one remaining soul of those three Adam Kadmon souls which did not rejoin the Elohim, held the focus of the re-genesis Eden Consciousness until the Age of Christ, when it would then join with the one already descended soul via the Host Yeshua.
    The German mystic, Rudolph Steiner stated that the akashic records had revealed to him there were two Jesus entities. Both had descended from the House of David, but through different lines.
    The Jesus child of the Gospel of St. Matthew descended through the Solomon lineage of David, while the Jesus child of the Gospel of St. Luke came through the Nathan lineage.
    Thus, we have the Solomon Jesus child, who according to Thoth, was inhabited by the soul of the Adam Kadmon which fully accepted the experience of karmic matter, and the Nathan Jesus child who contained the Adam Kadmon soul which had not entered the fallen realm until the moment of birth as Yeshua ben Josef or ‘Jesus’.
    Both Thoth and Steiner affirm that at the age of 12, the Solomon Jesus child died and his soul was then received into the body of the Nathan Jesus child. Thus the still living Jesus child contained both of these Adam Kadmon souls — the one fully involved with matter since the fall, and the chaste soul that was then experiencing its first incarnation into the fallen realm, although it was not to touch the binding coil of matter within its soul essence.
    Thoth states this coupling of the two souls was designed in order that the Jesus vehicle be able to ground the charge of the Christ, and at the same time hold the high level of pure being necessary for union.
    It was not until the Baptism that the Christ actually descended into Yeshua the Host. It was then that the Archangel ARHAIEL merged with the “Sun Spirit”. As the Archangel Arhaiel Sun Spirit entered Yeshua at the Baptism, the Solomon (matter-descended) Adam Kadmon soul served as a vehicle to embed the Sun Spirit into flesh.
    In doing so the Solomon Adam Kadmon soul passed through the Halo of the Sun, and was thus transformed and taken into the Greater Heaven. This accomplished, the ascending soul of the Solomon Adam Kadmon which had absorbed large amounts of planetary karma like a sponge, was expurgated of this ‘heavy matter’, and in this way a portion of planetary karma was lifted from the world.
    The Kadmon soul that existed within the matter realm without becoming karmically involved and which is now known as Thoth Hermes or Tehuti, in the time of Jesus Christ was layered with the soul of Saint John the Beloved.
    The Thoth Adam Kadmon soul acted as a receiving mantle for the Solomon Jesus Adam Kadmon soul in the latter’s process of purification and ascension at the time of the Baptism, as the Thoth soul had not yet merged with the soul of St. John the Beloved and was still on the inner planes .
    The Records of Thoth also reveal to me that the Solomon Jesus soul and the Thoth soul incarnated in key positions throughout history. We find an interesting corollary to the multiple Adam Kadmon concept in Many P. Hall’s ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’.
    Mr. Hall refers to the Isarim, in which “the secret doctrine of Israel taught the existence of four Adams, each dwelling in one of the four Quabblistic worlds.” Within the first of these Adams “existed all spiritual and potential realities”.
    The second Adam “corresponded to the church of Israel that shall bruise the serpent’s head”.
    The third Adam was “clothed in a body of light”, and the fourth Adam was actually the third, after the Fall, when he “took upon himself the animal shell or coat of skins”.
    Thoth translates the above as the three remaining Adam Kadmon souls (comprised of the Nathan & Solomon Jesus souls, and the Thoth soul) after the original six re-merged with the Elohim in the Sun of this solar system.
    The fourth Adam mentioned in the Isarim, is the passage of the two which descended ‘through the veil’ into matter at the time of the planetary re-genesis, and is not technically a soul unto itself.
    Also in ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’, we find the following information:
    “One of the profound mysteries of Qabbalism is that set forth in the Notarikon based upon the letters of the name Adam (ADM). These three letters form the initials of the names Adam, David and the Messiah, and these three personalities were said to contain one soul. As this soul represents the World Soul of humanity, Adam signifies the involving soul, the Messiah the evolving soul, and David that condition of the soul termed epigenesis.”
    Based on what the Records of Thoth have revealed to me, we can see the ‘ADM’ as recognition of the incarnating procession of the Adam Kadmon through the Houses of first Adam, then David, and finally the Messiah or Yeshua ben Josef.
    The Records of Thoth record the animiotesh, or seven creational stages through which the Adam Kadmon Light Body or prototype created the Adamic Race. These are as follows:
    1) Diethopas – the ‘Bringing of Fire’ or command of Spirit
    2) Mythegaris – the ‘Issuance of Presence’
    3) Kyithos – the ‘Whirling Pillar’ or establishment of foundation
    4) Esoshaktes – the ‘Developing Thought’
    5) Kasemel – the ‘Plasticity’
    6) Endoshek – the ‘Breath’
    7) Lotii – ‘Duality’
    Thoth further explains the Adam Kadmon:
    “The Adam Kadmon begins as a Light Body that is created from divine imprint through the angelic field. This Light body is then integrated with a matter-molecule of part Light and part matter, which we refer to as the M-stra molecule.
    All humans on this planet contain a seed of the M-stra that in the future will once again become fully realized. The Adam Kadmon then, is not a single Light Being or Race, but a sacred geometry transmitted from the angelic heavens to the matter-world.”
    Thoth reveals to us that the Light Body of the Adam Kadmon is our pattern for a return home to the greater Light Body of Universal Being. This greater Light Body he refers to as the Asheroth, although he stresses that this is just one of its many names.
    The Adam Kadmon is the ‘photograph’ of the Asheroth which is encoded hologramically in the Zohar body. The Zohar is the light body that permits the physical system to move into greater dimensions and universes of experience.
    We as human beings, contain a hologram of the Adam Kadmon within the cellular interface to our Light bodies. This is the memory of our true Divine form, that will re-activate through the awakening of the M-stra molecule as we assume our roles of Priests and Priestesses of Light within the Universes of God.
    THOThHoRa Speaks on the Christic Archangel
    The Christic Archangel ARHAIEL is the Foundation Being for the Cosmic Christos — that emanation of GOD which infuses World Systems of the Universe with God-Incarnation. God-Incarnation is the Divine I AM – I AM THE CREATOR-GOD-SOURCE WHO CREATED ME.
    The incarnated awareness of this truth (I AM) allows humanity to carry forth the creative power essential for World Systems to evolve. Even animals contain an aspect of the GOD I AM through the Christic Ray, yet they receive it through the Opening or Gateway made by humanity of the planet.
    There is a universal humanity or “Unimanity”. There are of course many conscious beings in the universe that are not of the human species. They, too receive the GOD I AM but it is of a distinctively different focus. When the Christic Archangel ARHAIEL, along with a Sun Spirit of this Solar System rayed into the being I’shoa (Jesus) at the time of his Baptism, what was created was a unique aspect of HUMAN CHRIST PRESENCE in the Earth.
    Yet on other worlds of Unimanity, so the Christ has entered their world spheres at different stages of evolution, or will enter — here we grasp as straws to define this concept as time is a limited linear path to oursenses. What does Arhaiel offer humanity of Earth at this place and time in the Cosmic Unfoldment?
    The direction of the heart to expand the GOD I AM to greater and greater levels of awareness. Understand that the Christic Archangel still holds an aspect of His Ray ship in the human being I’shoa, who took up the body and is now present in the flesh in the New Earth Star of Earth’s“future.” His “home” is a planet of the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.
    Also be aware that the “New Earth Star” is / will be taken back within its Dwelling vibration of Rigel, from whence it’s Creational Imprint came. Through I’shoa acting as a Foundational Path for the Christic Archangel into humanity, this bridge allows the world to “gather it’s skirts” and align to it’s true Origin and Birth.
    This is not a matter of religion. Religions are human constructs which attempt to define Spiritual powers, principles and profound events. Such human beings as Jesus and Buddah hold strong defining points of Spirit that are so powerful they defy the common standard of comprehension and synthesis by the masses.
    Therefore religions develop around their impact on humanity in order to raise these events up as guiding beacons for all to see and re-live through the generations. Yet the actual Message of these Supremely Mastered souls is an energy beyond humanun derstanding. It simply IS and bestows a power of awareness to those who embrace it fully inthat IS-ness, rather than as an ideology or doctrine.
    ARHAIEL is a POWER of the Angelic State of the Universal Continuum. When a single human being is in deep heart coherency he/she opens to that POWER and abides AT ONE with it. It is then that hey live with full awareness – the GOD I AM.The Symbol-Shield of Arhaiel – by Maia The LAYOOSH Pillar of Light strikes the golden vertical rod, which symbolizes the grounding of Spirit into Matter.
    The Pillar of Light is the “Lightning Strike” as demonstrated in the Tree of Life, yet here it is straight as an arrow and not zig-zag, for it Arhaiel creates a direct path into the Center of the Earth’s Atoma (sacred inter-dimensional sun). The two horizontal bars of the cross represent the Solar and Lunar influences which carry His charge into the Earth.
    Jesus was suspended upon a wooden cross but his SOUL was at that very time infusing Him with the Glory of the CROSS OF LIGHT. The sphere at the top of the cross is the Kether-Crown of Mastership bestowed upon those who become Avatars of the Christos. The central egg is the Chamber of the Divine Feminine in the Heart, where the gestation of the Christ allows this POWER to become revealed to all parts of the whole being.
    The symbol in the circle below is Aboriginal, and chosen to represent the Primal Seed that is inseminated by the Lightning Strike of Arhaiel. Once could see this in a very earthly demonstration as the quickening of Mother Mari’s womb into creation of the Child I’shoa. Without the act of Creation coming from the Primal Seed, LIFE cannot embrace the Perfected…indeed it cannot BE.
    The Sun Born are souls who hold the Divine Solar or Universal Solar Codes of Completion – that is Return to Source. They contain these codes from the original “Big Bang”. There are original Sun Born, who were created with these codes – these are the Solar Lords – and there are souls who have come into that vibration to receive the codes and therefore become Sun Born at some point in their evolution.
    The Pure Born are those strains of the Sun Born who incarnated specifically through time in the Earth within the Christic Linage – the Grail Families. True Grail families and not mythic. The Sun Born – especially the Solar Lords – aid us in the passage of Solar initiation.
    Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the human soul into Solar initiation. In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine Fire through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take place.
    Sometimes such sacred Solar passages are held for entire cultures as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of the universal solar sea. The Race Spirit of a culture is an Archangelic presence which holds the greater design and evolutionary destiny path for that race or culture. There are times when an entire race or culture can go through a quantum evolutionary leap, which many times will require a mass initiation to take place.
    The Archangel Arhaiel, while far beyond being a Race Spirit does hold some of those same chords for the entire Earth. The planet as a whole has in the past and will in the future reach “critical mass” in an evolutionary “moment” when it will breach the void and experience (once again as in the past) another quantum evolutionary leap…this time into the arms of the New Earth Star!
    THOTH Identity
    “I came within a vesica of Light, a merkabah of golden and blue-white fire, from Rigel, through the ’Asefetas’ (The Belt of Orion), and descended unto ’Rastaru’ (Rastau), the etheric manifold of the plain of Giza. With me, I brought the Enochian Table containing the blueprint for the building of the Temple of the Risen One, later to be called the Temple of the Lion, which is now known as the ‘Great Pyramid.’ I was the Master Architect of this construction, which was begun in the year 10,400 B.C. It was completed in 10,348 B.C.” — Toth-Mus-Zurud.
    “When I returned to Egypt, the priests of the Great Temple saw beyond my physical body, into the auric veil which surrounded my form, and they knew that He who is the Tat-tet, the Tehuti, had returned. To those of my family and personal fold, I was known to them as Shansi, ’The Beloved’.” — Thoth, Raismes of Aphra.
    “It was not until 9,160 B.C. that I entered the genetic Earth born embodiment through which I would reassume my ‘Thoth’ role as Raismes of Aphra. In this Earthborn form, I would dwell for 300 years. After that time, I reincarnated on Earth as Amenophis, architect to Akhenaten, Imenhotep, architect to Zoser, and Hiram Abiff, architect to King Solomon, among other experiences.” — Thoth, Raismes of Aphra.
    “Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer. He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation, human kind were still ’angels unaware.’” — Thoth, The Illumined Enochian Master.
    ’Thoth’, ’Toth’, Tat-tet and ’Tehuti’ are all forms of the same root, which are titles meaning, ’one who gives breath to’, or the ’Grand Communicator’. Toth-Mus-Zurud was known in Atlantis as the ’Sword of Orion’.
    His origin is Ultra-Terrestrial, from the ’Eighth Sphere of Heaven.’ He tells me that this denotes the dimension of his realm, which is the eighth. In that dimension he contains the genetics of the Light Races of Orion with the sun of his creation being Rigel.
    As he communes with me in this time-space, Thoth or ‘Tehuti’ is both Toth-Mus-Zurud and Thoth, Raismes of Aphra translated as ‘mouth of sun of the altar place’. When he ascended at the end of his ‘Raismes’ life experience, he did not at that time take his physical body with him, but instead left it in a state of suspended animation.
    He later returned to re-claim this form, merging it with his higher Light Body as Toth-Mus-Zurud. In this way, he descended through the nine layers of the Earth into the interior world or inner cavity of the planet, wherein he now dwells with the Central Earth Tribes.
    ‘Ultra-terrestrial’ is a term Thoth uses to define the spiritually evolved beings from whom we are descended through our star genetics. ‘Extra-terrestrials’ cover an assortment of types from other worlds who are at various degrees of spiritual and physical evolution, but are not spiritualized within their heart centers to a high degree.
    Many of these beings are creations of the angels who ‘fell from Heaven’ with Lucifer, whom Thoth refers to as the ‘Nephilim’. Ultra-terrestrials come from the universe of the Metatronic Light spiral. This ‘spiral’ is the path of the full Light spectrum. By ‘Light’ in this context, is meant divine energy beyond the atomic level.
    The ‘full Light spectrum’ exists in what Thoth calls the ‘Attasic Universe.’ It is the Unified field of all consciousness where there is no separation. It is the coming together of all time fields and Universal strata striking a harmonic in the center of the soul’s atoma or central sun (composite of all seven chakras).
    We, on Earth as well as the Extra-terrestrials, dwell in a half-Light spiral or spectrum called the ‘Oritron.’ The Oritronic Spiral is incomplete, yet it is not warped. It contains the essence of the Metatron, but without the ability to create full consciousness movements.
    The starry field of Orion in the Attasic Universal Light Grid is the ‘Holy Home’ of Thoth. It was in Orion that the seam in the universe was rent in the event which created the ‘Universal Tear.’ Thus it is the role of the Orionians who remain in the Metatronic Light of the Attasic, to take the lead in the redemption of original Light, gathering this trapped, sacred energy back unto the folds of the Divine.
    Toth-Mus-Zurud was the ‘Sword of Orion’ to the Atlanteans because they recognized him as ‘sword of truth and light’ who came to the Earth as an emmisary of the Light Redemption Factor of Orion. In the Age when Toth-Mus-Zurud descended into to this world, he dwelt primarily in Atlantis, with periods of time spent among the Tribes of the Central Earth.
    Thoth’s entire ‘mission’ was threefold. One was to bring to Earth the ‘Enochian Table,’which was knowledge of sacred geometry for specific Earth structures to be built upon this sphere to aid us in our return to the Attasic Universe. Originally, those whom Thoth calls the ‘Master Builders of the Sun Bow,’ set up patterns and grids upon and within the planet, from which sacred temples arose.
    But as the etheric veil of the Earth deteriorated, greater consciousness patterns were needed to be nested within the Gaia-form of this world. His second planetary objective was to supervise these constructions, so that they would be accomplished according to the Greater Plan. Thirdly, he was to bring to this realm a great deal of knowledge that had been lost from the hearts and minds of the Earthborn.
    This he gave us in such works as the ‘Emerald Tablets,’ and many other books on such subjects as sacred geometry, alchemy, healing sciences, and the true Genesis of our universe. All of his ‘writings’ as ‘The Thoth’ were not done pen in hand, but as direct transmissions into the akashic records. Many channel-scribes through the ages have tapped into the Akashic Repository of Thoth, and written from his Record.
    In re-orienting this world with its true origins, Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were ‘angels unaware’. The full accomplishment of Thoth’s threefold mission was extended through his life as Raismes of Aphra and on, into this current day. His time with this world is not yet completed.
    While it was as Toth-Mus-Zurud that he was master architect of the original Temple of the Risen One (the Great Pyramid), as Raismes he again became its architect in greatly renovating it after the Atlantean Deluge. Also as Raismes, he wrote in the akashic most of the ‘Thoth’ texts, such as the ‘Book of Thoth’ and the ‘Pymander.’
    Thoth is an educational case in point in this regard. Rarely do we compare specific detailed information which explains that he (also named Quetzlcoatel – The subject of “Tutankhamon Prophecies”), was the son of Enki, brother to Marduk/Ra — thus clearly the pride of the human DNA defenders part of the Anunnaki fleet.
    Thoth states un-equivocally that he is of Pure Orion / Rigelian descent. Putting these 2 notions together may give us new insight into the Anunnaki Origins in the Orion sector, and why for example Thoth (as Hermes) built the Pyramid complex as a Golden Spiral starmap to Orion’s beltstars.
    Quote from Eldorado Analysis of North American Star Maps:
    Dolmen structures like Giza’s pyramids (massive tuning symmetry with respect to oribital mechanics and charge embedding) modulate planetary spin to stabilize them thru gravity effects like planet lineups, and such things as “Severe orbital problem due to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite. This resulted in a rapidly decaying orbit.”
    Job 38:31: “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?”
    In Sitchin’s “Calendar Tales” from “When Time Began”, he explains to us in great detail that Thoth taught the Moon cycles based calendar (which under his other name Quetzlcoatel became the Mayan Calendar) partly because it needed to compete with his arch-enemy brother Ra/Marduk’s Solar based Calendar’s. Seems like Jose Arguelles battle with the Pope has a precedent.
    The point here is the history of Thoth’s origins gives us a major new clue (Reference Sitchin). Thoth was taught by his Dad Enki, how to raise people from the dead. His brother Marduk/Ra was not.
    The resulting squabble lead to Ra’s booting Thoth out of Egypt precipitating his MesoAmerican life as Quetzlcoatel etc. What I find fascinating is if we combine Sitchin’s detailed scholarship demonstrating Thoth is Son of Enki, brother of Ra.
    And yet Thoth self proclaims: “I am pure Rigelian blood from Orion.”
    So we may be getting a little bigger picture of our Anunnaki genepool planetary origins. The word Origin is rooted in the word Orion. We have long speculated that Enki’s Dad AN, was of Orion blood.
    An’s son’s (Enki/Adonai versus Enlil/Yalweh) squabble over whether or not to en-soul/empower our genepool, their experiment, became the root of almost every war in the history of our planet, including and especially:
    1. The Enlil nuclear blast desertifying Sinai.
    2. Enlil’s treachery to destroy Enki’s Heaven which was Atlantis/Thule.
    3. Especially the Cain/Abel battle of brothers which is today labeled the Arab/Israeli war.
    Note: See Gardner scholarship “Genesis of the Grail Kings”, on Enki’s babysitting of Cain/Cayin/King to begin the grail bloodline.
    It would be natural for Thoth descending from the Enki side of the war of the brothers (aka “East of Eden”) to inherit the Adonai/Enki penchant for trying to slip some psychokinetic Muscle into us as a DNA experiment.
    This is very consistent with the Andromedan rumor that the Sirian/Orion trading house paid by the Orion culture to build Nibiru for gene splicing, was rebellious against the Empire.
    As a result, EA’s more ingenious kids (Thoth) slips a mickey into the (N/H)-ibiru genetic tea. The Andromedan’s called this Paa Taal or “11th Dimensional” DNA. This becomes the word Ptah, in Egypt who some (Helios for example) believe is identical with the person Aleph Hyperion.
    What may be more fascinating is why the AN/EA Orion trading house who’s family became Thoth, wanted to rebel against the strict Orion Queen laws against spontaneous and psychokinetic and unregulated DNA crossing.
    On the high side (if we are to believe “Inanna Returns” and Anna Hayes “Voyagers”) later the Orionian Anunnaki were abashed and apologetic about starting the fractionation of a genepool (here on EArth) without providing the stellar magnetic environment to re-embed that bloodline back into Star inhabiting, immortality, and Solarian able to navigate magnetically thru Suns.
    To do this required millennia of planning to get soul family groups back into the gravitic and familial pressures which could squirt them DNA wise back into stars superluminally. Anna Hayes discusses this in detail in terms of DNA braids. This is what Gardner describes as the ’raising of the highward fire-stone’ or SHEM. (Basically the symmetry of implosion — familialy, tectonically, architectureally, glandularly, genetically.)
    Essentially in summary, if you split off a branch (Scion/Jon) of a DNA familial, without the responsibility to provide a sacred temple format to re-integrate the memory of that bloodline back into timelord star families, then you get bad Karma. Your hand gets slapped by some Galactic Board.
    In “Inanna Returns” this translates into the Anunnaki being told (by the Guardian Alliance) that their present kin are stuck back on Earth till they help harvest redeem the whole errant genepool they started. This becomes a fearsome task.
    What I propose here is we become more cognizant of what Temple like, well star- mapped, and astrologically embedded – practices and rites for family groups will get their Bliss back into the star wormholes.
    A story Michael Heleus once suggested is that the Orion Syndicate Terror driven rulership of Sirius (Anunnaki Outpost), produced resentment there. The politics of fear eventually bred a kind of rebellion inside the wealthy EA/AN trading house (Thoth’s Grandpa).
    So the urge to slip some ’mickey’ to the same Borg cult which had fostered the “Orion Wars” may have been brewing in Thoth’s bloodline for sometime.
    The combination of good gene splicing skills in EA’s family, combined with the good fortune of having Orion investment in Nibiru as a gene splicing enterprise for Gold (powder) mining on outpost EArth, may have been too tempting to resist some uprising.
    Anunnaki and Nibiru/Hibiru being in many ways synonyms here, probably the Hevree/Hiburu (ones of the ’crossing over’), may have held a bit of resentment in the way their genes were crossed over originally between reptilian and humanoid.
    The passion/gland empowered side of the family line takes the high side in the Enki against Enlil brothers, and similarly in the Marduk/Ra versus Thoth brothers of the next generation. Interesting how the (Turgenov) — Sins — or yearnings — of the fathers visited on the soul directions of the sons.
    It took a fair amount of trickery to get such radically self replicating DNA droids installed on the mining planet, without arousing too much suspicion on the home star. One interesting story was in the original story of Enoch.
    He was the pride of the DNA’s droids of Enki’s fleet. He was the one submitted back to the Orion council when they demanded a specimen of the result of the genetic experiments on Earth, after they learned that the Anunnaki had crossed in their own DNA. And that is how the story of Enoch/scribe began with his epoch tale of travel to Orion Star home.
    Note: The word H’Ur-tak – author: “Keys of Enoch” means “Light from Orion”.
    This was all part of the Enki-Thoth subterfuge against Enlil and later Marduk. And why Enki & Thoth had to start Atlantis/Thule to hide Cayin’s kids. What I like is that eventually we – our genepool – gets to be the bullet in the Draconian furnace. Something Scorpio in me likes sting…
    The revolution against the E-LIZ-a beths continues? The Archeo-Geometry of America’s Spiritual Destiny. Individuation vs. ’new world order’ revolution — a microcosm of galactic Orion wars. A true to life galactic sequel to the “Empire Strikes Back”.
    In any case, very early on Thoth gets something of a reputation for defending the naive DNA droids here (us), against the parasitism of his more vampiric (Draconian) cousins.
    If we are interpreting the Thoth myths properly, perhaps his education strategies still today put him at the forefront of those who would protect our genetic dignity in the face of galactic parasites quoted from link below here:
    “Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer. He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation, human kind were still ’angels unaware’”
    This whole plot gets much more thick if we take even slightly seriously Maurice Cotterell’s book long scholarship (“Tutankhamon Prophecies”) insisting that Tut was Quezelcoatel (Thoth) Then (and I am not so sure of this but find it important to point out) there are more than one whole book of scholarship insisting Tut was Jesus — “House of the Messiah”.
    In Hinduism “avatar” means “a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.”
    In the virtual worlds, such as Second Life, they are the image you use to navigate with and communicate through – in that world. ThothHorRa for me is both. Although I would qualify the first definition for him as a manifestation of an divine teacher and realized soul able to either incarnate or project physicality at will.
    Since my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa requested that I bring him into the virtual world of Second Life some eleven years ago, I have been on a never-ending quest to create an in-world avatar that in nature and energy and to some degree, physically, resembled this New Earth form.
    Eleven years ago, Second Life (SL) was quite primitive compared to today (2020). In all these years, I have never really been satisfied with my attempts to create his true image…until now. No doubt I will continue to refine it, but I am very pleased with my current version.
    A little about how an SL avatar is created. There is the Shape, the Body, the Head and the Skin. How that avatar looks is determined by the combination, which you purchase separately although mesh heads generally come with a beginner shape. The shape is modifiable.
    To create your unique look in an avatar, you work with the shape to change the features. They can only be modified so much, but there are many different heads to start with (from different stores). Then, you are choosing what skin to applied from many, many different ones available.When you put this altogether, you come up with a unique look.
    This is what I have done with my own personal Avatar, Thoth’s and his Twin Flame, Sara’Fana A’Du’Ra. So why would Thoth request he be imaged in Second Life? The answer to this question is given in an article on my Light and Beauty in Second Life site.
    Just before the first day of 2020, I created this most recent avatar of ThothHorRa, and also his abode in Second Life. In actuality, he abides within the Inner Earth in the “Blue Mountains, along with Sarafana and other members of the Merkabah of the Host. He also employs that same form in projecting into the future “New Earth.”
    THOTH and The CHRIST
    Thoth is what I (Maia) refers to as a Grand Illuminari. While his purpose and function in the spiritual Hierarchy that serves the earth in its evolutionary progression is somewhat different than that which was accomplished by the Christed Master Jesus (Yeshua / I’shoa), it is nonetheless complimentary, and the activities of Thoth fall under the authority of the Office of the Christ.
    The Office of the Christ is a direct spiritual deliverance from the Most High and Holy God to the human soul. As such, this Office is beyond the scope of any Hierarchical agency, function, or specific station of Light.
    The individual divine beings which serve under this authority, such as Angels, Archangels, Masters, and Illuminaries, offer themselves to this Office in divine service. However, the potential of divine issuance available through the Office of the Christ, is not limited by the capacity of any of these Hierarchical beings or agencies, they only serve as a co-creative facilitative force with the Office of the Christ.
    Jesus’ and Thoth’s souls are two of the 9 souls of the Adam Kadmon Supra-Being which holds the form of the pure divine image, or Image and Similitude (Heb: Bat: Salmaynu-Kidmoothenu), for the earth.
    In fact, the higher akashic records of the earth reveal that only 3 of these 9 souls have ever had any experience upon the earth in an actual embodiment. The third of the nine Adam Kadmon souls which has had incarnative experience on the earth is the second Christic soul.
    This soul is differentiated from the pristine Christic soul of Jesus, in that it took a path of incarnational service in the earth through a series of lifetimes prior to Jesus’ birth. The purpose in doing so, was so that a proper genetic lineage could be prepared for the one and only divine incarnation of the Christed Master Jesus.
    As of 2016, it was revealed to me that this incarnational Jesus soul was the same as that which embodied in Osiris. The soul of Thoth has also taken numerous embodiments prior to, and since, the time of the Master Jesus. His purpose was to become engaged with the earth’s genetic strain without becoming karmically involved.
    Other ascended Masters have taken karmic involvement with the earth in order to blaze a fiery trail back to the Divine Kingdom, so that others could follow their lead. Thoth has been assigned the function of being here to help hold the envelope of Light through which the Ascended Masters were commissioned to blaze the path back to.
    The soul of Jesus however, incarnated upon the earth to lift the karmic veil of the earth for the many beautiful souls who had become entangled within the snares of matter. This great soul did not become karmically involved with earth either, despite the physical tribulations He endured.
    The element which made this possible is the supreme manifestation of His Divine Love. When a soul is in the expression of Divine Love to the degree that the Christed Master Jesus was, then there is nothing that a fallen world such as earth can do to place a stain upon it.
    Thus, He “died for our sins”, meaning that He made an ultimate sacrifice of physical incarnation in a world wrought with cruelty, materialism and hatred, as a divine service to the souls of the earth, including those who in the end destroyed His physical life and form.
    Thoth’s embodiments before the time of Jesus, were designed to hold a specific focus for the primary Christic soul of Jesus (the Pure Soul). This focus was a complimentary and balancing force for the work of the second Christic soul (Osiris), which was within incarnational experience, and of necessity was also karmically engaged with the earth in order to prepare the genetic lineage and path for Jesus’ incarnation.
    It was intended, that the Pure Soul of Jesus should incarnate only once upon the earth, thus the secondary Christic soul and Thoth’s soul, offered themselves to help prepare the way for His coming. Both Thoth’s and Jesus’ souls are from the higher stellar worlds of Light in Orion, worlds referred to as the Mazaloth (2 Kings 23:5) in the Holy Bible.
    Thoth brought the Enochian Table to the earth from Orion, from which the design for the Great Pyramid at Giza was derived. He was known to us then as Thoth Raismes of Aphra, an embodiment he had in the ancient Egyptian experience.
    It must be understood that the most ancient Egyptian culture, which dates back much further than current archaeological information indicates, was working with a monotheistic format, and included symbolic and conceptual elements that are comparable to the current Christian symbology and theology.
    It was only later in history as the degradation of the Egyptian (and many others) culture became prominent, that the numerous archetypal deities which represented the various aspects and qualities of divine issuance, became associated with a separative and polytheistic expression.
    Thoth is also a divine archetype. Divine archetypes are patterns of consciousness. Many times these archetypes are imbued with the essence of a soul who exemplified and embodied the pattern, other times they are universal and have no corollary to any specific soul.
    The archetype of Thoth could be best be described as one which holds the pattern for spiritualization of higher intelligence, mind, and ego, through the consciousness of the heart.
    Thoth’s current purpose in interacting with the souls of the earth in order to revivify the sacred mysteries of the entire earthen experience, so that we might re-capture the golden essence of those experiences within our souls, and then carry that forth into the – future as a heritage for the New Earth.
    These sacred mysteries as revealed by Thoth, are held in a special Akasha repository called the ‘Records of Thoth.’ In brief, these records hold much of the pure sacred knowledge form for the planet. You could think of them as an original record of the planet’s entire sacred history.
    We can use the analogy of a computer hard drive: if you were going to let someone work with some valuable computer files, and wanted to be sure you did not lose their original form, you would make an additional copy on your disk (or place a copy on the Cloud).
    This way, the original version could be referenced from time to time to be sure that the alterations which are being made still contain the essence of the original. The second copy corresponds to the Records of Thoth.
    There are akashic records which are commonly available to all the souls of earth as part of their evolutionary process. As this process is taking place, the akashic records (the available copy) are of necessity being altered as well.
    While much of the alteration serves a positive purpose, many times the records are also purposefully manipulated by dark forces, or slightly distorted through the misunderstandings and limited perceptions of those using them.
    Thus, when Thoth allows information from the Record of Thoth to be released at various points in the planetary experience, the original knowledge is re-introduced and provides a correction to the current accessible version.
    This occurs in a way where the useful knowledge which has been added to the original as part of the earth’s evolutionary process is maintained as well.
    Thoth has shown me (Maia) how, as I translate his Akasha and release it to the world, so it corrects certain portions of the original. I am certainly not stating that this is the only way they are being corrected. It is just one example of this process.
    CHARIOT OF THE SUN — Osiris-Rem-Nebket
    Thoth / Sun: We speak to you now of Osiris-Rem-Nebket. Osiris-Rem-Nebket is a abouet, an energy vessel created by Osiris and the priests and priestess of Khefum-Ra in the Days of Egyptos before the Deluge.
    In the Temple of Khefum-Ra, so the priests and priestesses entered the Halls of Amenti and beseeched the Lord Immortals to create with them an abouet which would serve to initiate ‘Sun Born’ throughout the ages, long after their time as guardians of the Solar Threshold had passed.
    Thus was Osiris-Rem-Nebket created, through the portal of the Great Osiris and into the Vault of Osiris in the Temple of the Risen One. Like His Host, Osiris, He is the ‘Black Lord’. His skin is a brilliant blue-black, his eyes are of sapphire, his hair a dark auburn. In the center of Osiris-Rem-Nebket’s chest is a diamond-shaped crystal, appearing liken unto a star of blue fire.
    This is the kether-ath, the binding stone; that which is the master control for the Osiris grid between the Earth and Orion encompassing the Earth as a member of Orion, enabling it to cross the solar threshold during LP 40 and return to its true star-sun.
    Osiris contains the master program for the bonding of the greater star fields to the lesser through the Threshold of Orion. As his projection is brought through a series of stellar apexes, so it creates the vesica, the Eye of His Sun of Suns — Horus. In this central whorl which is the Eye of His Sun, so realms are created from the kor and the alm.
    These ‘Realms’ include not only star systems and biophysical forms, but realms within the heart and soul given as solar emblems of Light formation overlaid upon the zodiacal charting of the Adam Kadmon memory within the current human form.

  9. — PART 3 —
    OSIRIS & ISIS & HORUS — The Holy Family of Egypt
    “Osiris,” “Isis” and “Horus” are all archetypes representing cosmic functions and dynamics. However, they developed in connection with real human beings who became strongly associated with those archetypes. After the original persons who were THE Osiris, THE Isis and THE Horus, there came others bearing the same titles just as “Thoth” is a title which began with Toth-mus-zurud.
    I have chosen to write about here the first three representation of Osiris, Isis and Horus. In the case of these three archetypes, the titles were always bestowed to a Father, Mother, Son “Holy Family” whom was believed to be the incarnations of the First Holy Family.
    I will not go into any great detail on the archetypes themselves as “The Immortals” is about living persons who embodied a great deal of light in their cells and were thus able to live for along period of time.
    The opening of the universal vault is contained within the nine energy bodies. As above so below. Osiris is both the Vault in the Heavens and the “Body” that reflects the Vault in the human passage. The body-vault is the merkabah or ship of stars. As such, it can be subjected to the corporeal, but it is always resurrecting to the Age that will sustain it’s Sacred Journey of awakening.
    The Mother Principle in both reflective and generative modalities. Isis is not earthbound. Her “Mothership” is a Star Seed planted in the fertile delta of earthen potency. She can be the still waters of the Lotus Pool, reflecting the wisdom of ages; yet she is also powerfully present in Creation.
    Not only as a channel for birth but as an inseminator of sorts. In the traditional mythic story, when Osiris is dismembered by Set, it is Isis who collects the 14 parts of his body. Not able to find the phallus, she creates one, with which she is inseminated to become pregnant with Horus. Isis is not a stay-at-home baby-maker. She is a powerful universal force equal to the task of bringing together the star fields in new and dynamic patterns within the cosmos.
    The Son of Suns, Horus is the Eye of creative focus. It moves through the cosmos asa spherical imprinting devise, rolling across the star fields imprinting the divine logos or word or breath of activation upon each and every particle. Through the Hori (Hor Eye) the whirlwind of breath expands and contracts the vision or focus of worlds in motion.
    Consequentially, the Eye of Horus (representing the primary Horian principle) develops the Language of Light and the many signs, symbols, sacred utterances and language which come out of that font. Horus as a whole system develops contact between the Creator and the created, which are both really the same things from different perspectives.
    These perspectives are beheld in the “Eye” and translated into specific Light Mathematic functions. There is kinship between the Eye of Horusand the Eye of Ra, the latter being a focus / alignment with the Solar Principle of Creation, the former more a imprinter of worlds. the “HOR” is the falcon, in whose talons the sun ascends tothe sky. Now to the three individuals profiled here for The Immortals.
    The First Osiris was Ky’ementu. He was from the worlds of the constellation of Orion. Unlike Thoth, he was not from Rigel, but from Betelgeuse. Ky’ementu was born in that world and noton earth, yet came here at a very early age and was raised by an Egyptian family (kind of a Superman thing). No, he didn’t arrive in a fiery cradle from heaven.
    His “sponsorship” by the Egyptian family was part of a then on-going program of introducing off-earth genetics into our planet. Ky’ementu was by inclination a healer who worked primarily with crystalline star energies in the body. He founded a university and trained practioners in this art. He later became a Priest-King of Egypt. He was united with Lihanta as his beloved and wife before becoming Priest-King.
    Together they ascended the throne as the Osi’ri (Osiris) and Sais (Isis). Lihanta was part white-Egyptian (there being white, brown and black Egyptians in that age) and part Sirian (not of the lion-headed strain). As a young girl she began to experience profound visions. As a result, she entered the Priestesses of Meru — an order of female visionaries. When her visions revealed her future life with Ky’ementu as the Priestess-Queen of Egypt, she came to him as he sat in contemplation upon the banks of the Nile.
    As she stood before him, Ky’ementu saw a shining light rise from her spine through the crown of her head and unite with his energy bodies. Was it “love at first sight” between them? From a perspective of spiritual union, indeed it was. The Hori Nebkemnuru was born to Lihanta after his father, Ky’ementu, had made his transition. Yet Ky’mentu continued to be present for both his wife-queen and his son.
    He communed and appeared to them often, for he had not “died” but instead engendered a greater light field within his body to move him into a more refined plane of existence that was not ordinarily visible tothose in the energy state he left behind. As a youth, Nebkemnuru was a chanter and participated also in sacred dance.
    He loved horses, raising incredibly beautiful Atlantean horses (Atlantis was still a continent then), and then created a new breed by mixing the genetics of the Atlantean equine with a Sirian strain. The horses of Sirius rarely could survive on earth, but it was revealed to Nebkemnuru that breeding them to the Atlantean horses created a stable equine strain.
    Nebkemnuru co-ruled with his mother until she chose to receive the greater light mantle and join Ky’ementu in the Tenth Realm (as that state of Light Being was then called). Nebkemnuru had eight wives during his stay in this realm. They were all mortal (not queens) and thus transitioned one at a time, long before Nebkemnuru chose to enter the Tenth Realm. His children were many, but only three were “Immortals”, that is, able to live over 300 years if they chose.
    MENON — Master Behind the Mask
    The Sirian Enochian Master Menon — the Lion-Headed One, stood before the incensors which emitted blue smoke. He wore the ceremonial golden lion mask cloaking the powerful countenance of his face from the uninitiated.
    In the Mystery Temple of The Eye of Heru at the foot of the ‘Sen’ mountain (Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Moses), so the Grand Master Menon officiated before the Sacred An (Ark of the Covenant) to an elect gathering of his disciples.
    He who would initiate Akhnaton and Moses in a future age, now raised his staff — an ankh-headed jeweled scepter, and time slipped from its Eternal Wheel. All present were transported with Menon through the portal, and passed into a primeval forest of the Dawn Time.
    I first became aware of Menon in the mid-1980s. His presence was brought into my experience by Thoth. I have never to my knowledge had any direct contact with him in this incarnation, but I do feel that I knew him in his earth-life as ‘Menon,’ a Master of the Enochian Mysteries.
    This being was the initiator of both Akhenaten and his son, who came to be known in the Bible as ‘Moses’. Menon’s Temple of Learning and Initiation was in the Sinai Desert. This temple was really a collection of small structures and an underground labyrinth. Menon performed his most sacred work with the ‘An’, the Ark of Grace (one of two ‘Arks of the Covenant’) in a chamber within Mt. Sinai (actually currently named ‘Mt. Moses’).
    Menon’s life began in the Upper Eurphrates of Mesopotamia. His mother was Assyrian and his father…well, his father was a ‘God.’ His mother had been a temple priestess who was ritually impregnated by a Star Lord for the purpose of creating the ‘Blessed Ones’, a hybrid race who were to guide heal and watch over the People.
    Menon’s father was from the star Sirius. He did not physically arrive here in a Ship of Light. Instead he stepped through a portal in space-time to embrace Menon’s mother, who was most willing to serve the Lords. These particular Sirians (there are several completely different types of beings within the vibrational strata of Sirius) are those who are known to me as the ‘Sun Lords.’
    They are a cat-like race, which I believe were written about in Murry Hope’s book, The Lion People. These beings contain great Light. The Sun Lords who interacted in this manner with the Assyrians were attempting to re-infuse the genetics of the human race with certain original Light codes which humanity desperately needed to regain at that time in human history…but that is another story.
    As a result of Menon’s unusual parentage, he was kept apart from others as a child. He was carefully instructed and allowed to explore the strong psychic and healing abilities which he inherited from his father. As a youth he was sent to a great university in Sumer.
    Menon’s features prohibited him from walking normally among the population. He resembled a human in most ways, but his nose was decidedly cat-like, his cranium somewhat elongated and the pupils of his eyes mere pin-points in bright light. For all his ‘supernatural’ talents, it was difficult for him to see in normal sunlight. His vision was excellent in the dark.
    As his inner work progressed, he spent much of the time in the dark, in a deep trance state, moving into the magnetic pulse of the planet and feeding it the Light that rayed forth from his cells. By the time he had his Temple of Initiation in the Sinai, Menon often kept himself within several dimensions at once for days at a time…opening pathways of starlight in the earth for the healing of the planet.
    When he was with other people, it was to give them a transfusion of Light in stages in order for them to embody the Raiment of the Sun for their individual sacred work on the planet. When appearing before others, Menon work a mask of gold that hid only the unusual nose, for the bold cranium and startling eyes were still very much visible; but Menon did not wear the gold mask solely to hide his appearance.
    The mask was a tool which he imbued with a thought form. It allowed persons to look upon him and remain calm. The energy that radiated from Menon’s being was so powerful it needed ‘dampening’ in the presence of mortals. He used the mask as a dampening tool.
    I must admit that in re-creating Menon for my akashic portrait of him I tried in vain to duplicate his nose. Neither my software nor my skills managed to take me there. Instead, I opted for the masked version with the metal human-looking nose. I was able to successfully capture the eyes, although they really cannot be seen well with his mask on.
    Here is a closer look at the eye of Menon. I found it ironic that about a year or two after having been made aware of Menon, the TV series The Beauty and the Beast made it’s debut. Menon is still very much active on the inner-plane and is one of the Physicians of the Blue Pharaoh within the Chariot of the Sun.
    LORD MELCHIZEDEK Initiates the Generational Grail Blood Path
    According to Thoth, the name Melchizedek can be used to refer to two different entities. The first being the greater universal Melchizedekean archetype as a composite being beyond the vibration of what we understand as a soul. Secondly the Lord Melchizedek, who was an ensouled yet illumined entity.
    The latter is the being Thoth claims as one of his previous incarnations, and will be the one we refer to herein. When the Lord Melchizedek came from Orion through the portal of Venus to ancient Lemuria, he brought the Archangel Crystal – also known archetypally as the Philosopher’s Stone – with him to Earth.
    It contained the vibrational imprint or template of higher wisdom concerning the Christ consciousness and its destined patterning in this planetary sphere. The Archangel crystal was a light geometry brought to earth my the Venusian Lord Melchizedek to Lemuria. He inserted this code into various crystals through the ages.
    The one above was the first “Archangel Crystal” and was located in the outer court of the Temple of Melchizedek. It was set in a circlet of gold, fashioned with solar rays extending outwards from the setting. The crystal in its sun-circle was positioned atop a pedestal set with gemstones and sacred inscriptions.
    In mediaeval alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone was seen to be a magical formula for turning lesser metals into gold. Spiritually, it was also perceived as that elusive portion of God-Self which when discovered and utilized, will transform the human condition from its fallen state.
    Thoth reveals to us that this concept was originally derived from the lesser version of the Archangel Crystal. This lesser version of the crystal was set upon a staff attached to the first Ark of the Covenant. Thoth refers to this first ark as the Ark of Grace.
    There was a second ark that was created by Moses and his priests after the debacle with the golden calf when the first ark was withdrawn from the people of the Exodus. When the second ark was constructed, the staff with the crystal was then attached to it. However, this had occurred against Moses’ command, and the second ark destroyed the staff.
    The crystal was unharmed, and centuries later came to be in the possession of Gwenifaer, King Arthur’s Queen. The crystal is currently kept in a small cup inside an ankh-shaped box, and now rests in a chapel on the Avalonic Star Island of Iovia, on the other side of the etheric veil.
    It is also beneath the crystal sarcophagus of Torhannah (additional information to follow) in her etheric vault inside the Tor. Thus, the Archangel Crystal is bi-located (and shape/size changing) in the etheric in order to serve more than one function within its greater purpose.
    The swastika symbol is sacred to many races including the Hopis and the Tibetans, and became the infamous symbol of the Nazi Party who reversed its outer arms in an act of reversing the Christic current.
    This sacred symbol – in its correct form – is a variation of the original Lemurian Melchizedekean symbol for the Archangel Crystal set in its ‘sun-circlet.’ This same crystal is always sought by the incarnate Anti-Christ of the age – Hitler being the last empowered Anti-Christ thus far on the earth.
    Returning to the thrust of Lord Melchizedek’s role in the initiation of the Grail Blood Path on the Earth: Lord Melchizedek made two appearances in the earthen experience; the first being in the Hyperborean Epoch, the second during the period of Eros in very early Lemuria.
    It is the second of these appearances on the Earth with which we are concerned in this article. It was at that time that he established the first Melchizedekean Temples in order to anchor and perpetuate the consciousness of the Order of Melchizedek.
    This Order is an inner planes group dedicated to the perpetuation of the greater archetypal Melchizedekean consciousness design in all worlds of form. There is much that could be said in regards to these early Melchizedekean Temples, but in keeping with our main story line we will simply relate that they served as the birthing grounds for the first Grail blood lineages to be founded in the earth.
    The Lord Melchizedek held the living vibration of Christic consciousness within his blood. Thus, one of the major components of Melchizedek’s intended earthen mission was to create generational Grail blood lineage(s) in this planet’s genetic streaming, thereby infusing ‘lost’ Light codes into the genetics of mankind.
    In a later age, Yeshua the host for the Christ incarnate, would spring from the vine of Melchizedek to re-vivify these codes and take them into a new octave of experience. It was as a direct result of this greater divine plan, that the pure Solarian genetics of the Lord Melchizedek were inseminated into 12 carefully selected and prepared female initiates, who then each birthed a child as a result.
    We must keep in mind that even though the Fall had already occurred, the consciousness of those souls embodied on the Earth at that time was still operating at a high enough spectrum of vibration to keep such an act of perpetuation in the context of its sacred and divine purpose.
    This was especially so for those women who were chosen and carefully prepared for this role, as they were high initiates of the Lord Melchizedek himself. The souls of the those first 12 children who were born as a result of this sacred creational process, were also chosen by the spiritual Hierarchy to ensure the success of the first generation of Melchizedek.
    These original 12 lineages were perpetuated through the Lemurian experience until its latter days as a nation. However, while it was in ancient Lemuria that the Christic Grail was originally seeded by Melchizedek, the true format of a Grail ‘mystery’ was not actually created until ages later in Atlantis.
    From the Record of Thoth the following outline is revealed. During the cataclysmic destruction of Lemuria, which occurred over a long period of time, the remaining descendants of the Lord Melchizedek migrated to Atlantis.
    When Lemuria began to falter as both a nation and a land mass, the few remaining generations of Melchizedek came to Atlantis with the purpose of creating and perpetuating the Grail mystery for the future of mankind. These Melchizedekean descendants were the first Grail families.
    Once they re-established themselves in Atlantis, these ‘Grail-Born’ designated a Grail Priest-King or Priestess-Queen for each of the 12 Melchizedekean family branches. Each of these 12 Kings/Queens established temple-communities in Atlantis for their family-tribe.
    In the perception of that age this was not seen as an act of elitism, but as a means to preserve genetic consciousness which could be accessed through these family-tribes for the good of all the world.
    Between the arrival of the first Grail family-tribes from Lemuria and the final demise of Atlantis, was of course a period of many tens of thousands of years. Consequently, there were many Grail-Born who assumed a seat in one of the 12 positions during that length of time.
    It was an age in which human beings, especially ‘Sun-Born,’ had life spans of many hundred up to even two thousand years. All Sun-Born have a certain amount of Ultra-Terrestrial genetic lineage, as did the Grail lineages through Lord Melchizedek.
    Sun-Born came from the bloodline lineage of the more ancient star-races that came to Earth in several migrations beginning in the Hyperborean Epoch. The Grail-Born came out of the Sun-Born of the Melchizedek lineage begun in the Eros Epoch.
    The following are the first twelve Grail Priest-Kings/Priestess-Queens of Atlantis. All other Grail Kings/Queens on the planet after that time descended from their generation.
    1. Arien (king)
    2. Mershova (queen)
    3. Alabast (king)
    4. Pentargan (king)
    5. Helekyal (king)
    6. Emorghan (queen)
    7. Kaval (king)
    8. Lyngyendara (queen)
    9. Topaz (king)
    10. Hartsoma (queen)
    11. Brendar (king)
    12. Annubal (king)
    In addition to their individual temple-communities, the Grail Kings/Queens established a central gathering place where the 12 would come together for decision-making crucial to the perpetuation of their family-tribes, and also to enter high states of synergic awareness in order to aid in the re-spiritualization of the planet.
    All of Atlantis held the Grail Priest-Kings/Queens and their family-tribes in high esteem. These were not Kings and Queens who attempted to actually govern the people of Atlantis. They were given this title to acknowledge them as persons who carried the Royal Blood of Heaven for all of Earth’s kind in their evolutionary return to Source.
    They were men and women who lived their lives in service to God through humanity. Thus, they came together reverently, to assist the world condition in its return to Source. The service of these Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens was more than a homage of faith.
    They were capable of traveling through the inner-world portals and communing with illumined beings of other stars and dimensions. Their purpose was that of ‘spiritual magicians,’ who used their superior powers selflessly to promote the Christic Presence in the world.
    The gathering place of the Grail Kings/Queens was a rather simple circular building called the Sar-Hanok, meaning the Dragon Star. It was named thus because Melchizedek was known as the Dragon Star, the one who came upon the fiery breath of the dragon to Earth.
    This was the ancient description of the brilliant merkabah that descended to Earth transporting the being Melchizedek from Venus to this realm, a story which was still remembered and told after all those ages had passed.
    The inside of the Sar-Hanok was composed of two concentric circles, the first being a narrow hall-width around the circumference of the second.
    This outer circle was the Hall of Generation, within which was inscribed the history of the Melchizedekean generations. There were also niches in this hallway provided for talismans and other objects of sacred significance to the Grail families.
    Positioned in the center of the larger inner circle was the Mobad, or Crystal Round. This was a large dodecagonal (12-faced) table made of pure quartz crystal. Inside the crystal were thin wisps of a plant form known as ‘imcea’.
    This plant was one of the ancient survivors of another era when plant life was more highly developed and sensitive to the energies of Spirit. The imcea lived entirely on the piezoelectric currents created by pressures within crystal and rock in the Earth, thus they could be found attached to rocks and often inside cracks within stones.
    They often grew inside crystals as they were forming. The imcea were especially fond of crystals. They responded to any piezoelectric currents running through the crystal by discharging light from their hair-like tendril forms.
    Sealed in transparent crystal the imcea resembled golden fern-like angel hair that came to life, firing illumined charges through the crystal when the high level sentient minds of the Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens interacted with the crystal the imcea was embedded within.
    The high level thought energy of these Kings/Queens triggered the same response as the piezoelectric currents of the Earth within the imcea. Although an impressive sight, there was a much greater purpose for the Grail-Born having created their Mobad from quartz containing this miracle plant.
    When the wispy tendrils trapped in the crystal table lit up, they also opened an etheric channel in their immediate proximity which cleared away all astral density and thus lesser astral forms, thereby providing a stronger threshold of attunement to the higher levels of the Otherworld.
    Upon the surface of the Mobad were carved 12 sacred symbols representing the 12 thresholds of the Mazzaroth – the command thresholds of the Zodiac – with the 13th Mazalothic portal beyond the Mazzarothic Zodiac represented by a symbol in the center of the table.
    These inscriptions were inlaid with gemstones. In their Otherworld work, these Grail Kings/Queens entered various channels of Light-pathing attuned to one or more of the Mazzarothic thresholds. The Mobad was programmed to accommodate them in this passage.
    The Sar-Hanok housing the Mobad of the Grail-Born was situated on the Atlantean Isle of Ruta, in a small alpine valley nestled between three mountain peaks: Umar, Talachet and Moria. These three peaks were called the Children of Zhor. Zhor was the Eagle-God, or more aptly according to the belief of the Atlanteans, the ‘Devi’ or nature power of high places.
    Ruta was the portion of Atlantis that did not succumb to the sea in the final deluge which swept the rest of the continent asunder. Instead, Ruta like Brigadoon, ascended into another electromagnetic zone of the Earth, where it remains to this day. Although the Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens had already departed Atlantis by the time of Ruta’s ascension, one of the guardians of the Sar-Hanok remained.
    Removed from the effect of time as we understand it, this guardian is still in attendance at the Dragon Star. His name is Chesed, also known as the Eternal Watcher. It was he whom Hestor, Merlin’s father, visited in his Otherworld journeys. This being also became the guide of both Merlin and Arthur.
    Thus the Grail families and legends were underway long before King Arthur and his round table of Grail Knights. Much of those legends however, find their roots in the tales of these early Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens, as is witnessed by the round table itself.
    As we will see, these Grail lineages continued on in a somewhat altered form after the demise of Atlantis. In the remaining age of that great civilization, another migration began which allowed the Grail blood lineages to be perpetuated on Earth elsewhere.
    There were several facsimile reproductions of this original Rutan crystal table and its containment structure. Some of these were:
    1. In the Hibernian temple complex on the Isle of Lewis;
    2. A post-Atlantean deluge Hyperborean colony in the Faeroe Islands between Iceland and the Shetland Islands;
    3. King Arthur’s castle-fort on the Isle of Man;
    4. A ‘Round Table’ which still exists beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza.
    A sacred and Divine name that speaks of a theme that is timeless. Melchizedek is not necessarily just the name of an individual who once lived upon Earth, as many may presume. It is also the name of the Cosmic Priesthood that exists through every dimension upon every sacred planet.
    In ancient days, Melchizedek temples were set up for the purpose of teaching dedicated initiates how to unfold their spiritual gift so they in turn could help their brothers and sisters to freedom. The Melchizedek Priesthood comes in many forms.
    All of your favorite Ascended Masters and Gurus are each Melchizedeks in their own right. No matter what ideology or religion, every saint, sage, guru and master must go through the Melchizedek Initiations, whether in a temple or in the inner planes.
    Even today, many secret priesthoods continue, holding to the cosmic laws, to their own inner vision and sacred purpose. The power of the Melchizedek remains in the etheric retreats and in the subterranean cities, nurtured and guarded until the time when the outer temples can again be re-established.
    The time for the Melchizedek to reawaken is NOW! As each of us recognized our mission and reclaims our personal power, this will become a reality. Touching every corner of the globe and reaching every aspect of planetary society, those who serve the Melchizedek will be a healing balm to the ills of humanity.
    All life-forms, all bodies, all planetary forms, and everything even beyond that, all came out of a simple little round ball. Once we created this external universe, which in actual fact was an experiment for us, we then decided to get into it.
    It is no problem for Spirit, for Great Spirit, for God to be in more than one place at once. In fact, God can be in all places at once. And so, God actually divided himself/herself. Part of himself/herself, beyond sex, remained outside of the experiment and part of God moved into the experiment.
    And again in a very, very specific way, using the very form that created the experiment – that very specific pattern and shape which is sometimes referred to as the MERKABA – the spirit of God moved inside and began to experience directly what was created. That consciousness is now referred to as MELCHIZEDEK CONSCIOUSNESS.
    It was formless and there was nothing but Spirit and consciousness. There was no created anything other than the format. From there, the consciousness of God through Melchizedek divided Himself/Herself one more time into the consciousness of Christ.
    And that consciousness took on and contained the possibility of form. All form at all levels, no matter who it is and where it came from, came from the Christ and through the Christ. But when the MELCHIZEDEK CONSCIOUSNESS divided itself into the Christ, it automatically created a third component – something beyond itself and beyond the Christ, which could be referred to as the Supreme of Ultimate Personality of the universe, that which contains all life.
    That Ultimate Personality is very often referred to as God. It is Yahweh. It is given a name because it is within waveform and can contain a name. It is definable. But the aspect of God outside of the created universe cannot be defined, cannot be even discussed, can’t even be talked about.
    There is nothing inside of us on any level what so ever that can reach that, except there is Who We Are which is that droplet of the original – but there are no senses within us that can reach that point.
    We went on for a very long time in this particular way. These three components, in modern day times are usually referred to as the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT.
    The FATHER is the ULTIMATE PERSONALITY, and the SON is the CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT (the formless) is the MELCHIZEDEK aspect.
    If we search our hearts, it is easy to remember a lifetime in which we served in the temples of the great civilizations, now past. A lifetime dedicated to reaching the human potential of transforming ourselves from Human to Godman.
    By consciously choosing to be initiated into the various levels of the Melchizedek, we humbly take the first step to return to that state of being.
    Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek are being talked about more and more in various spiritual circles. In the larger cosmic sense, the Order of Melchizedek has no “name” as such because it is identified by its work and dedication.
    It is composed of evolved beings who have dedicated themselves to the work of promoting spiritual growth wherever that is possible. It is the one true SPIRITUAL PRIESTHOOD.
    The spirit that has come to be known as Melchizedek came to the Earth before it was truly formed, while the nature of this experiment was still being shaped by the Elohim, those beings who had taken it upon themselves to attempt a new and daring attempt at combining free will and spiritual awareness.
    When spirits began to descend into physical bodies, beginning with that society we call Lemuria, the spirit of Melchizedek began to incarnate and offer guidance to these beings. As the experience Of Lemuria reached an end and it was necessary to descend further into the physical, what we know as Atlantis began and Melchizedek’s work shifted to that area.
    The violent end of Atlantis caused a serious disruption in the natural descent and plunged humanity deep into the physical without any conscious connection to its spiritual nature. This situation called for some sort of drastic action.
    The spirit of Melchizedek finally arrived at a plan to restore self-aware spiritual growth and with the help of many other advanced spiritual beings, the Egyptian Mystery Schools were established. The goal of these schools was to elevate individuals into that awareness that has come to be known as Christ Consciousness.
    Some of those achieving Christ Consciousness stayed in Egypt to carry on the work there, others went off to Salem to work with Melchizedek in founding a community of Christ Conscious beings. (Note that this Salem is not the town that grew into Jerusalem, but a center in the Caucasus mountains, from which other teachers have come.)
    So the name of the Order derives from this historical Melchizedek, the Old Testament personage described as the “King of Salem” and “Priest Of The Most High God” who met with Abraham as he returned from his battles. (Genesis 14) Melchizedek received Abraham’s tithes and gave him bread and wine, foreshadowing the communion established by Jesus.
    Paul speaks about Melchizedek at some length in Chapters 5-7 of his Epistle to the Hebrews, and justifies Jesus’ priesthood on the grounds that it is like that of Melchizedek.
    But for all its involvement with human affairs, the Order has for the last 4000 years been a shadowy presence at best. While members were involved with establishing various organizations for manifold purposes, the Order itself was never a public organization.
    But at this time, as humanity approaches a vital cusp in determining whether it will make a vital leap in its ascension out of the gross physical, it was deemed necessary that the teachings of the Priesthood begin to be made more open.
    A prime involvement of the priesthood, still, is promoting Christ Consciousness, which could be defined as having a fully opened heart chakra and centering one’s being there rather than in the lower chakras.
    Once Christ Consciousness is achieved, the individual stands on the threshold of possibilities that include viewing the breadth and width of universes around us, being able to stand outside space and time to view the realities of existence from that perspective.
    PYRAMIDYS Radius Matrix (PRM)
    ThothHorRa has brought to my attention that a new Earth Grid is forming which is now the primary matrix for this planet’s “Ascension” (transformation / frequency shift) into the New Earth Star consciousness-realm. The working name for it is “Pyramidis Radius” but Thoth refers to it as La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus matrix.
    The Pyramidis Radius (PR) or the La’Sha’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix is now the major Earth matrix. All other matrices-grids of the planet are being energetically encompassed within it as it develops rapidly into it’s 1st stage form.
    This Matrix is the engine for all Ascension interfaces of Earth. It is a system of networking all elements into “new state” process, so that the most basic life structures are able to communicate with what my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa is calling “new state” frequency. This frequency builds the sacred geometry of the New Earth and our future Pure Gem bodies.
    Every plant and animal is being “brought into” the envelope of the PR…as is each human being. However, this process is a one-by-one assimilation with humans. Flora and fauna are coming in at a more rapid rate.
    What we call “Light Groups” – people coming together either physically or at a distance via the cyber-world to focus on specific spiritual activity, are also being brought into the Matrix.
    By this is meant that the field of energy which that group forms is now (or soon will be) directed by and developed within the PR. This will at first be true even when individuals within the Light Group may not yet be personally (energetically) within the Matrix.
    However, eventually all of Earth and it’s Kind that choose to engage the New Earth Star Consciousness will come into the Pyramidis Radius. Those who do not choose…they will go on in a World System I field of reference, as opposed to transferring into a World System II New Earth reality.
    Of course, all eventually will “get there” at some point in their evolution. I am speaking here of the Earth planetary experience, for when “Ascension” takes place on this planet, those who do not choose the experience, will leave the body and become part of another planetary incarnational field within a World System I realm again.
    The actual “on the ground” schematic for the World Ascension dynamic is what Thoth calls the “Ascension Temple” or Templa Mar. I have written much about it in the past, so won’t elaborate further in this article. You will find a link to this material on the Pyramidis Radius ref. page. The PR is the Matrix for all modus operandi of the Templa Mar now – at this stage of development and through until the final stage begins.
    According to my Thothic transmissions, WE are the jewel – the sacred geometry. The heart of all quantum existence is embedded in the human element. As part of the LOTUS matrix of the La’Shan’Ka’Ra , so we are the “Jewel in the Lotus” and thus becoming activated through a re-genesis to command the very dynamic of the universe which we are currently engaging as (for lack of a better terminology) Ascension Mechanics.
    The definition of Ascension which I receive from the Thoth record of the Akasha is the quantum burst of LIGHT being activated through the Quantum Cube, or holographic intelligence field within the DNA. This ‘burst’ is ignited in the heart, which is the actual Seat of the holographic intelligence field (the DNA being it’s ‘work force’).
    Only through the principle of DIVINE LOVE can we become the ascended being. Planetary ascension, which translates living beings and earth to another vibratory world dimension is only an offshoot of the true ascension of the heart.
    In the Osiris Arising Project, which Thoth asked me to bring forth, we see the quantum trigger for full planetary ascension to incorporate the following:
    As the OSIRIS penetrates the Violet Ray into this center space, so “He” – OSIRIS – The RISEN ONE – He who offered up the LIGHT of I’shoa on the Cross – will then ascend through the VIOLET FLAME into the Higher Heaven of the 8th Octave, as the FIRE STAR KACHINA, carrying ALL the Kokopelli codes back to the Greater Creatrix. This ACT [the process outlined by Thoth here – of ascending through the Violet Flame] is the Dance of the Fire Star Kachina.
    Say the ancient texts of this event:
    “I AM the O’SIR’RIM Peacock Dancer – the FIRE STAR of the 8th House with the 12 Pillars. The SHIMMER of my STAR FEATHERS reveals the EYE OF HORUS – the SUN of SUNS. It is through His Eye of Perfection and Light that the 144,000 shall pass into the Realm of Splendour.” – from the text of O’SIR’RIM — Early Alta-Egyptos — migrators from Atlantis to Egypt.
    We do not “rise up” into the Heavens, nor does the Earth. The process however, does involve an ascension of frequency and consciousness, which in turn translates our Hologram into another star system – that of Rigel, in the constellation of Orion.
    The story as revealed to Maia from the akashic Library of Thoth: The original “ark” was gifted to the earth and it’s humanity eons ago. It was ‘translated’ from a planet inside the ‘Blue Star’ Rigel in the constellation of Orion. According to my (Maia) akashic perspective, higher intelligence beings exist in ‘planet’ or world systems inside their star-suns.
    One of the purposes of this gift was to aid in the re-balancing of the supra-magnetic sheaths of this planet and thereby re-aligning them more closely to their ‘Mother’ realm of the ‘Blue Star’. The higher energy sheaths of earth and Venus did not originate in this solar system, but were projected from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.
    This is a story to this that I will tell in the future, but the topic is vast, so now I return to the ark itself. The ancients called this first ark, the “Sacred An”. My inner-planes mentor Thoth has referred to it as the “Ark of Grace.” The greater purpose and function of the Sacred An was to act as a conduit for high-frequency signals sent from a devise in Rigel to earth, which radiated the “Light and Perfection” as it was called, of the original divine template of mankind.
    This “Light and Perfection” Thoth has referred to also as the “Inscription of Light” which is self-inscribing within the hearts of all human beings, and which connects us to the ALL. However, he also has revealed to me that humanity separated from the Inscription of Light. They did not leave it. One cannot leave something that is atthe core of their very existence; but they removed their focus of intelligence away from it, and therefore their consciousness was separated from it.
    Yet it still burns for each and every one of us inthe center of our hearts. The Sacred An was sent to aid humanity at a very crucial and difficult time. The planet was in great turmoil. Consciousness vectors were changing, causing a re-structuring the geo-physical earth. Our DNA was suffering from this shift as well. People were becoming more in command of personal will and thus more division of thought and desire were manifesting within the mass consciousness.
    In those days the “Sun Born” lived among us. They were humans who had strong Ultra-terrestrial (illuminated extra-terrestrial) genetics mixed with human races. They lived much longer than ordinary humans of that age. They were taller, stronger and more physically radiant. A “Sun Born” was obviously different on sight than other humans.
    They were kind, good and very loving. Yet they were somewhat set aside by the populace for the obvious reason of ‘difference’. It was the Sun Born who were granted guardianship and operation of the Sacred An for the earth and all humanity. It was in the Temple of A’kirana in what is now Lhasa, Tibet that the Sacred An was delivered.
    A special chamber was prepared for it there. The image above shows the Sacred An in it’s chamber in A’kirana. My depiction is of course not exact, but I do feel that I have managed to capture it fairlywell.The actual ‘An’ was inside the box seen above. It was never outwardly revealed to anyone but the guardians, priests and priestess of An.
    The outer casing and winged creatures were fashioned in A’kirana by the Sun Born Craft of the Brazen Serpent. As you can see, there was much gold used. All the gold in the outer casing of the An and in the chamber itself was created alchemically. There were various types or vibratory levels of this goldemployed.
    Alchemical gold is usually very light in weight (there are exceptions). In fact, if a small token of alchemical gold were to be placed in your hand, you would probably feel a moment of seeming weightlessness, dizziness and disorientation. The Sun Born had no such problem in being around and handling large amount of alchemical gold. Such gold was radiant with the “Light and Perfection”.
    The golden panel behind the Sacred An contained plates with what we would now call “circuitry”. Each plate corresponded to a dynamic within the Sacred An. Understand that the chamber itself was as important in the whole operation of the Sacred An as was the box itself. The An cannot be fully operative without a “Thresholding” chamber.
    The An box itself contains:
    1. Alchemical golden plates, similar to the ones on the panel behind the ark, but notidentical. Instead they “face-match’ with the Thresholding plates. These plates inside theark box contain what Thoth calls the “Alphabet of the Ark”
    2. Five conducting terminals or “gemstone quill scrolls”.
    3. The Ka’tiim sphere which contains within it a duplication of the feminine human hearttriple-poles. While men have one heart node, women have three.
    The winged beings on the casing helped to control the modulations with the actual An box by the positioning of the wings. In addition to the problems most humans had in touching or handling–or even being in the presence of–large amounts of alchemical gold, when coming into physical contact with the “Light and Perfection” frequency of the entire Sacred An energy devise, such a contact would reverse the electro-magnetic current in an ordinary male human body, causing the heart to immediately stop.
    This was due to the fact that most humans cannot maintain life current without the electro-magnetic flow. It had no ill effect on the Sun Born, who did not totally rely on the electro-magnetic current. Most human women, while perhaps somewhat affected by touching the An, would not receive a serious current reversal of their electro-magnetic energies, for the simple biological reason that they were on the same wave-length as the Ka’tiim sphere inside the An.
    While Sun Born males guardianed the Sacred An, it was the Priestesses of An who operated it and became the living oracles when necessary, for the transmissions received through it. Shortly before the destruction of Atlantis, Thoth, Raismes of Aphra was informed by the High Priestess of An that the ark must be moved to Atlantis in hopes of stabilizing that continent.
    It had to be carried over land and by ship over sea by Thoth and his “Companions”, rather than be transported via Light Merkabah, as the An had to move across certain ley lines of the earth to then rest at the acu-point of Atlantis. Thoth and his Companions made the journey with the An to Atlantis while the new Thresholding chamber was being prepared for it there.
    When it became apparent to Thoth that the Sacred An would not stay the hand of fate and Atlantis would soon be no more, he then transported the An to Egypt, where it eventually came into the keeping of the Sirian being, Menon and was housed in a special Thresholding chamber inside Mt.Sinai now called “Mt. Moses” by the Egyptians.
    The An had been kept in this Thresholding Chamber once before and then returned to it’s chamber in Tibet. Understand that the Sacred An adjusts and heals the planet by moving it across and placing it on various earth acu-lines and points. Centuries later, Moses, the son of Akhenaton, who were both adepts of the Solar Mysteries, came to the Mountain to claim the Sacred An for the “Promised Land”.
    However, it was made known to him through the obvious actions of the people he shepherded on this journey, that they would not be able to abide the high-frequencies of the An. It was at this point that Moses made the decision to create another ark. One that operated at frequencies that would be more beneficial to the people he shepherded and to the plan laid out before his etheric vision of the ‘Promised Land’.
    This second ark Thoth refers to as the “Ark of Karma”. Since the Hebrew Priests of that age did not condone a woman to be in the presence of ‘holy objects’ of power, such as the Sacred An, they adamantly would not accept that only a woman (or a woman at all) could handle and be the oracle for the ark.
    To this point Moses condescended, as he was conflicted in his own feelings about the matter, and also he felt that without the cooperation of the priests, the ark would not be of use to the plan which he envisioned. So the second ark was ‘adjusted’ in order for the priests to be able to interact with it.
    It was a wooden box with gold plating only. Some of the gold was alchemical, having been transported with them from an Egyptian temple, but it was mixed with gold mined from the earth. The Ka’tiim sphere was somewhat duplicated, but a certain component was not included, so that the priests could more easily work withthe ark.
    The rest of the internal mechanism was also duplicated in a fashion, but it wasn’t until King Solomon’s reign that the Ark of Karma was given a true gemstone scroll. Solomon then had four other arks created, each housing a separate scroll, so that there were five in all. These arks worked with the main Sacred An (Ark of Grace) at a distance.
    Even with the modifications, this second ark could not be directly touched by most men. There were no more “Sun Born” in that age. So the priests operated the second ark through by using certain tools that were non-conductive the frequencies of the ark, and this greatly limited their ability to work withit.
    It has been speculated in the present time, that the “Ark of the Covenant” was an electrical devise that shocked anyone who touched it unless they knew the secrets of it. However, it has been my akashic perspective that while there was some low-level electrical current running through the arks, the greatest damage to the human body came through the dynamics I have explained in this article.
    From Moses day on through Solomon’s and to the current age, were women were never allowed near any of the arks again with the one exception being the Sacred An. Yet the Sacred An and it’s offshoot arks are still with us. The prototypes are guardianed at various places, but the Sacred An itself is now (after having been moved many times hence) once again inside Mt. Sinai.
    There the Priests and Priestesses of An hold vigil with this object and continue to administer the “Light and Perfection” it radiates. Of course we need no physical objects to unite with the “Light and Perfection” within. Still, such sacred tools do serve a purpose in aiding us along that journey to acknowledge ment of the Reunion.
    This writer believes, as do others, that much of the Mosaic material originated in Egypt, and also Moses was strongly influenced by the teachings of Akhenaton. It is even conceivable that Moses was a student of the Egyptian Mystery Schools during the reign of Akhenaton.
    THE SCROLLS of the 14 gemstones and the 5 Arks
    The Sacred An (Ark) was translated to Earth at the point which is now Lhasa, Tibet, it contained within it, set in specific conducting terminals, the five gemstone quill scrolls. These quill scrolls were transferred to a lesser ark by Moses at Mt. Sinai acting upon instruction from JEHOVAH Command.
    When this secondary ark came into the guardianship of King Solomon, he constructed four more similar arks and placed a quill scroll in each of the five arks. From Solomon’s Temple, these five arks carrying their five quill scrolls, each set in a conductive terminal, were sent out into the world.
    All the while, the Greater Ark, the Sacred An, also traveled from point to point and back again. The five lesser arks all feed their Light Codes intothe ‘Mother’ Ark or ‘An’. The names of the five arks, their correspondent scrolls, and the name of the scrolls:
    Ramm / Golden Scroll – Ag’Meh Chem / Ruby Scroll – Tikan Hagmal / Sapphire Scroll -Haugha Telkios / Emerald Scroll – Vatmii Ghal / Amethyst Scroll – Kumbah.
    The Sacred An differs from the other arks in the following ways:
    1. It is the original ‘master’ template created in another world, originating from the Blue Star Rigel.
    2. It contains golden plates which line the inside of the box upon which engrams of Living Light Language (LLL) are inscribed, like the circuitry of a computer. This circuitry interfaces with the Kobol Spheres of Rigel and Betelgeuse. Kobol Spheres are spheres which maintain Light Programs for this universe, including Earth.
    When the gemstone quill-scrolls are placed in their ‘terminals’ inside the An Ark, they become the ‘software’ of the human program in this realm. Like the other five arks, the An is also an electro-magnetic capacitor, but far more advanced than modern scientists are speculating, for these arks have the ability (when connected to a quill-scroll) to interface the electro-magnetic currents of the earth with the human DNA – and further, specific points or crystalline fields in that DNA.
    The five lesser arks listed above are now dispersed around the world, and are all connected to the An, that acts as a main terminal for the entire ‘unit’ of arks. The Urim and Thummin are crystalline energy overlays which interface programs of Light into the planetary grid. Each of the five Gemstone Scrolls contain the vibrational register of all 14 gemstones.
    Within each of these five sets of 14, two of the gemstones carry the overlay of the Urim and Thummin, respectively – one carrying the overlay for the Urim, and the other for the Thummin, in other words.
    Then, the full spectrum of the Urim and Thummin as a separate vehicle, capstones the 70 gemstone vibration of the five scrolls (5 scrolls X 14 gemstones = 70 specific vibrations), which brings the vibration of the Gemstone Codex (of the five scrolls interfaced with the Urim andThummin) to a vibration of ’72’, which corresponds to the Rose Mystica numeric.
    14 Gemstones Defined: Etheric crystals which hold the Light programs for the earth’s human DNA return to the Adam Kadmon template. The highest form of these etheric crystals are composed in ‘scrolls’ or specific consciousness-sensitive templates. These templates are re-created physically in the five quill-scrolls of the arks.
    QUANTUM PHYSICS — Time & Akashic Records
    As a collective, we tend to think of the past as an immutable reality…one cannot change the past. However, according to my akashic insights and my “conversations” with the Illumined being, Thoth, time is a mutable wave of energy that reacts and thus changes in accordance with variations in the anomalies of the time line.
    What I am referring to as the “time line” is a sequential field of perceptive consensus–many souls agreeing on a flow of sequencing and how one’s reality is created within that flow. Ironically, in a world that has so much diversity and conflict, we are on this planet together because the majority of souls incarnated here agree on the parameters of the time line we are jointly creating.
    We may think of this consensus as one body with a pair of eyes observing a flow or path of energy. It has recently been confirmed by physicists that time can be changed through observing it. In July of 2002 I wrote about an article which I had recently read. As it relates to the topic of the mutability of time, I reprint it here:
    In the article, “Quantum Aspects of Life and Health” by Gary A. Scott, posted on the HeartMath website – 6/28/2002, the topic of ‘Quantum Computers’ is discussed. Mr. Scott begins by writing about consciousness as being the “controller” of health and well- being. He refers to this as being the “Quantum aspects of life and health.”
    Whether the bits of matter are particles or waves has long been known to be determined by observation. When we observe it, it becomes something different than when we do not observe it, indicating that we are indeed, the creators of our universe.
    The author then discusses an article in USA TODAY entitled, “Quantum Computer.” The USA article reveals that scientists are at present working diligently to create an Atomic Quantum computer (QC). These QCs would have immense speed, far beyond our current ordinary computers.
    Such speed would be possible as these Quantum computers would have the ability to operate out of the space-time limitations! Mr. Scott states that “a Quantum computer would be a billion times faster than a Pentium III PC.” According to Mr Scott in his paraphrasing of the USA TODAY article:
    “The Quantum computer holds an infinite number of right answers for an infinite number of universes. The computer just gives you the right answer for the universe you happen to be in at the time.”
    So in order to believe in Quantum computers…which is a FACT, since functioning prototypes have already been made, mass consciousness will have to believe in parallel universes! Then there is the process of what quantum computer scientists are calling “entanglement.” As Mr. Scott explains it:
    “When two atoms are observed by the same force, they become entangled and remain so even though they may be light years apart. Their spins are all in position at once, but the instant one entangled atom is observed its spin goes one way. At the same instant, the spin of the other particle locks in the opposite direction, even though they are then light years apart.”
    So in essence, Quantum computers would be employing this system of related-ness between alternate universes / realities to compute beyond the normal limitations of time and space. Returning to the topic of observing the time line, we can see the relationship between the observer and the observed in this context.
    When we individually or collectively look at any place along the time line, so it is altered to some extent. If many people observe a point along this line differently, it can become “conflicted,” and create an interference field of alternate versions of that past event.
    Actually, there are always unlimited versions in the “alternate universes” of any point or occurrence along a time line, but when souls debate that point within the belief of its immutability, so a conflict of energies takes place within the consensual reality of the collective.
    This can bring multiple effects into the picture, for the alternative outcomes of cause are attempting to come together in the ordained immutable framework that the multiple observers have established as their reality.
    This confliction will eventually result in the breaking-down of dualistic perspectives (either “this” or “that”) and bring us into the unified field of full Christic awareness, or what Thoth calls the “Attasic Universe.”
    Another aspect of the mutability of time, and thus the past, is the movement of all stars toward the center of their galaxies. It has recently been discovered that “all” (at least those which have been thus far observed by scientists) galaxies have a black hole at their centers, and that far from being ominous, it forms the creative nucleus of the galaxy as a dynamic system in the universe.
    According to my conversations with Thoth, all existent time lines in a galaxy (of which there could be billions) are effected by the stars being pulled toward the black hole at the center of its galaxy. As our planet processes through its cycles around its sun, so it feeds from that star’s light quantum dialogue with the galaxy’s black hole.
    There is a communication ongoing between every star and “ground zero” or what Thoth refers to as the “cauldron” (black hole” at the center of it’s galaxy). This communication, or “light quantum dialogue” allows the individual stars to adjust to the dynamic field radiating from the cauldron at the center through a series of “jumps” in time.
    The jumps or quantum leaps of the individual time lines allow all bodies within the reality frames of those time lines to maneuver in accordance with the constantly new programming coming from the central black hole of their galaxy.
    There is the pure time streaming coming from the unified field of the cosmos. The pure time streaming is that which all time lines access as the trunk of their tree, becoming branches stemming from that one source. So as the sun is in light quantum dialogue with the central black hole, the earth is feeding these codes into its core.
    As a result, time bends, warps, expands and contracts all around and within us, yet most of us are oblivious to this dance. We have our clocks, time zones, day and night, number of days in the year, etc, and we adhere faithfully to them. We have history books with all the “facts” of the past which are the mortar that binds us and that tears us apart.
    Yet all of this is a consensual drama. Certainly it has a purpose. It is part of our sensory output and our ability to create in the universe. Yet there is so much MORE to the whole cloth of time, reality and beingness than our linear way of thinking can hope to reveal to us. This is a large topic.
    I only wish to reveal here a smattering of this perspective as an introduction to better understanding the Akashic Record–at least from my “Thoth-engendered” perspective. When I bring forth information on the past from the akashic, I am mindful that as I observe it, so it changes. This would be true for anyone in the position of observing the past, present or future.
    So what can we trust…what can we know that we know? Who are our savants, if what they/we see is what they/we have changed it to be? I have no answers to these questions. However, I do believe that humanity will never be happy with the reality that spawns such questions.
    In order to receive the peace which it so ardently seeks, mankind must individually and collectively move beyond the paradigm of dualism and personal preference, i.e., “I want it to be this way,” before individuals can truly be free to accept the fullness of divinity within them.
    ‘Languages of Light’ in this context are divine outpourings from Beings (angelic, star tribes and earth-human) in the form of etheric script and etherial soundings. They are often set into the Universal and Earth Akashic fields for humans to access when the codes are unlocked for them to do so by the Angelic Record Keepers.
    The Light Languages usually appear to individuals through the third eye (brow chakra)…either inside the head or in front of the physical eyes (both being generated through the third eye). They do not have meaning on a word-for-word basis. They contain codes with open the field of awareness to the individual receiving and viewing them, which in turn gives him/her access to specific knowledge sources in the Akasha.
    In later periods, the Aloi’i and it’s variations were written, but they still were “read” with the inner eye. The example scripts of Light Languages below you will notice are all fairly similar. They are all really aspects of ONE Light Language source; yet they vibrate at different frequencies, and therefore open different “libraries” in the Akasha.
    1. Angelic Flame Languages — Also known in the Hebrew Kaballah as the ketav einayim.. I have chosen here only three of many. These three I believe to be the three ‘Trithphiya’ or primary patterns forming what the Lemurians called the ‘Janta’ or Chord of Light into the human being of earth.
    A) Suvat — First Heaven Harmonic: golden tone: 9 point Light geometry
    B) Husha’him — Second Heaven Harmonic: silver tone: 6 point Light geometry
    C) Ami’i — Third Heaven Harmonic: indigo tone: 3 point Light geometry
    The Alphabet of the Ark is an encoding of the 24 Eye-Flames of the Trithphiya. Each of the 24 letter-symbols of the Ark Alphabet represents a ‘stanza’ of Universal Flame rushing through the Janta and into the incarnated soul. Universally, the Trithphiya pours forth through the interface of the Archangel Metatron. It is also the ‘designer script’ for the Amatrix ‘Re-genesis’ Angels.
    2. Akasapuur — Elixir-Light Language of the sun spirits (of our solar sun-star)
    3. Lakla’eiloi, or E’lohim Creation Script — The Creation Script of the E’lohim wrote the Divine Program of actual creation codes for this planet.
    4. The Sun Bow Glyphs — The Sun Bow ‘Master Builders’ arrive in their merkabahs of Light to seed the earth with what could be called ‘memory seeds’ at points on the planet where as the Hawaiians say, “heaven meets earth.” There ‘blueprints’ are contained with the glyphs they leave in this planet’s akashic records.
    5. Aloi’i — The first language of the Adam Kadmon soul on earth. It is derived from the impulses of the brain. This language naturally came into being as humanity began to substitute telepathy with speech and written language. There are many variations of this the Aloii. I am choosing the earliest written form to present under this title.
    6. IorIan, Blue Star Script — The Illumined Star Beings from Rigel, in the Constellation of Orion gift the earth with the “way home” through the IorIan Light or ‘Blue Star’ Script.
    7. Lemurian Kadmii — One of the earliest Lemurian languages, derived from the Aloi’i.
    8. Atlantean Asi’pa or ‘Calender’ — The Atlantean Calender Language came out of the astrological font of the cosmic connection of the Atlantean Race with their star heritage.

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