Video 29: Narcissism and Dis-eases

Published: June 25, 2018

One thing I believe we can establish is that virtually all dis-eases have metaphysical origins. Most people think that it’s natural that the human body gets sick at times, or that we can get serious dis-eases in our bodies without any metaphysical cause, but lots of evidence indicate different. Even a general cold has metaphysical causes; i.e. if the immune system wasn’t already decreased, a person would not get the bug or the virus. So, why does the immune system get suppressed on occasion? It is often because the person is affected by someone, or a life situation, that requires the immune system to work overtime. If we then trace this down to where it started, we might very well find an abusive person or a narcissist plotting or acting out. Only watching the news on TV is abusive enough and can certainly decrease the function of the immune system…

Transcript to the video


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