Video 29: Narcissism and Dis-eases

Published: June 25, 2018

One thing I believe we can establish is that virtually all dis-eases have metaphysical origins. Most people think that it’s natural that the human body gets sick at times, or that we can get serious dis-eases in our bodies without any metaphysical cause, but lots of evidence indicate different. Even a general cold has metaphysical causes; i.e. if the immune system wasn’t already decreased, a person would not get the bug or the virus. So, why does the immune system get suppressed on occasion? It is often because the person is affected by someone, or a life situation, that requires the immune system to work overtime. If we then trace this down to where it started, we might very well find an abusive person or a narcissist plotting or acting out. Only watching the news on TV is abusive enough and can certainly decrease the function of the immune system…

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  1. Thank you for all these videos, Wes and Ariel. They are the answer to a recent quandary: “I need to start working on myself again, but where do I begin?”

    1. Begin with reading up on narcissism and codependency on the Internet, using good sources, such as Sam Vaknin, Richard Grannon, Dr. Ramani, Danish Barish, and any others that are helpful for you. To avoid getting into these situations again, we need to be well-educated on the subject, so we recognize them in an early stage and can leave.

      When it comes to healing, there are many different schools. One might work for one person but not another. The sources I mentioned about talk about healing quite a bit. Personally, I use a technique that has been very successful for me, and I presented it in a video: In addition, it can be extremely helpful if you have a friend or a romantic partner who is on the same track as you are and whom you can trust. If so, communication is essential! You can literally heal from having open communications back and forth about the traumas, without judgment and evaluations of the other person’s experiences. Help each other heal and grow. It’s miraculous and way better than any professional therapy, although that can help, too.

      Good Luck!

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