Video 31: Important Message from Wes and Ariel

Important Message rubber stamp. Grunge design with dust scratches. Effects can be easily removed for a clean, crisp look. Color is easily changed.

This video series is built in the exact same manner as the WPP, i.e. Ariel and I post things as we go along. We have a general idea of what we want to publish, based on previous work we’ve done together, but the particular videos often contain information that we have gathered through recent research and from bouncing ideas and insights between each other. In other words, we learn as we go along, and we publish as we learn. It’s a little bit like sitting in on a livestream and hear our insights taking form, expanding on previous knowledge and insights that we’ve had. We are, to a large degree, connecting dots on an intuitive level, but still basing it on what we’ve previously learned. Therefore, the viewers will be able to follow our own progress and epiphanies as we move on—it’s like being able to follow our research and cognitive insights more or less in present time…

Transcript to the video


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