Gnosis Part 14: The Second Atlantis | THe AnteDiluvian Timeline

by Wes Penre, June 10, 2020

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Not much is being said in the Gnostic texts about the antediluvian time, i.e. the time in the Second Atlantis before the Flood and the destruction of Tiamaat/Earth. In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I have more information on these times than is mentioned in the Gnostic texts, so for those who are interested in more details, please visit

Missing, for example, is the story of Lemuria/Mu, which was destroyed, according to most annuals, before the fall of Atlantis. If the destruction of Lemuria was another fall of mankind, I don’t know much about that, other than what I wrote in the WPP. The only possible reference I’ve seen in the Gnostic texts about Lemuria is from the Secret Book of John (long version), where it says, “Again, he planned to bring a flood over the human creation.” This implies that there was another Flood before the Flood that happened about 13,000 years ago. This corresponds with my research for the WPP—there has been more than one Flood, although it’s difficult to say whether the quote above refers to Lemuria or not. It might also imply that Yaldabaoth had thoughts about bringing on the Atlantean Flood before but hadn’t executed the idea. The text doesn’t give a good context, so it’s been impossible for me to interpret.

However, there is some information in the Gnostic texts about the antediluvian time, and the following is what I have gathered.

There were ten generations from Adam to Noah, to show how long-suffering is the Lord [Yaldabaoth], for all the generations provoked Him unto wrath, until He brought the deluge upon them. By reason of their impiousness God changed His plan of calling one thousand generations into being between the creation of the world and the revelation of the law at Mount Sinai; nine hundred and seventy-four He suppressed before the flood.

The Book of Noah[1]

Thus, there were ten generations of humans from the time when the Second Atlantis was created up until the Flood, about 13,000 years ago. This might imply that this particular realm lasted for perhaps 10,000 years. The names of those of the direct Spiritual male bloodline are Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah[2].

In Gnosis Part 13, we discussed how Sophia put Spirit in Adam and Eve, and Christ, in form of a Seraph, sprinkled some Light into them, as well, which remained dormant at that moment, so Yaldabaoth would not be “overwhelmed” by the Light and flee, without first gaining at least some Knowledge/True Light.

And the seed existed like this for a while: providing assistance, so that when the Spirit descends from the holy aeons, it will correct (the seed) and heal it from the deficiency so that the entire Fullness might become holy and without deficiency.”

The Secret Book of John (long version)

So, this was the plan. In the future, when time was right, Christ/Light would descend into the Spirited humans, so we could fully wake up to who we are and spread full Light across the Construct. The soul was/is a loan for a thousand years. Humans lived for 1,000 years in antediluvian times, but the rulers wanted to shorten our lifespan. However, because of humanity’s Destiny, they couldn’t shorten it more than 70 years to 930 years per human–each of the seven rulers were able to take off 10 years[3]. When the thousand years expired, the soul, with Spirit attached, was reincarnated again, as discussed in previous articles in this series and were potentially given a new soul.

By instigating the murder of Abel, who inhabited Spirit, the Archons thought they had managed to solve their problem regarding the Spirit of Light being attached to the archontic human bodies because Cain only had an artificial spirit/soul, while Abel’s body only inhabited a Genuine soul and Spirit. However, Eve bore a third son, which was Seth, and in him, Christ preserved himself. At that time, Sophia’s part of the Spirit was strong enough to keep the archons inside in check, so they didn’t let their lives be run by the attached archons.

And Adam knew his partner Eve[4], and she became pregnant and bore Seth to Adam. And she said, “I have borne another man through god[5], in place of Abel.”

The Hypostasis of the Archons

Then, as time went by, the human archon-fashioned bodies multiplied.

Again Eve became pregnant, and she bore Norea. And she said, “He has produced for me a virgin as an assistance for many generations of human beings.” She is the virgin whom the forces did not defile.

Then humankind began to multiply and improve.

The Hypostasis of the Archons

I suggest you keep Norea in mind because she is going to appear in the next article on the timeline, which will be about the Flood.

According to the Book of Noah and Luke’s genealogy, Seth was destined to be the ancestor of the Messiah (Jesus), and according to Luke, Jesus was born from this bloodline and was of the 77th generation[6], through Noah, Abraham, and King David. Luke’s list shows that Jesus descended from the Davidic line through David’s little-known son, Nathan, rather than Solomon. Nathan is only mentioned briefly in the Old Testament[7]. There is no full list of names in the genuine Gnostic texts, unless I have missed it.

Humans were put in hard labor, so they wouldn’t have time to think too much about their spiritual origins. The Archons knew very well that at least part of Spirit was embedded within their human bodies, but they didn’t know how much and how powerful it really was. All they were interested in was to suppress whatever was in there.

…they [the Archons] threw human beings into great distraction and into a life of toil, so that their human beings might be occupied by worldly affairs and might not have the opportunity of being devoted to the holy spirit.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

However, as time went by, certain humans started to wake up, which again disturbed the Lords of Chaos.

When the Chief Ruler knew that they surpassed him in excellence—for their thoughts were higher than his—he wanted to restrict their planning, for he was ignorant that they excelled him in thinking and that he would not be able to restrict them. He made a plan with his authorities, that is, his powers. Together they committed adultery with Sophia. And through them was begotten bitter Fate, which is the last of the counterfeit chains. And it is such that (it makes) each one different from every other. And it is painful and it oppresses that (soul) since the gods and angels and demons and all the generations have intermingled with it up to the present day. For from that Fate appeared every iniquity and injustice and blasphemy and the fetter of forgetfulness and ignorance and every harsh command and severe sins and great fears. And this is how they made the whole creation blind so that they might not know the God who is above them all. And because of the fetter of forgetfulness, their sins were hidden.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

This is a very interesting quote, to say the least, so keep it in mind and go back to it, if you need to, and we’ll discuss what it says in more detail at the end of this article.

Up until this point, the pure Seth bloodline had made sure they didn’t mix their genetics with the Cain bloodline because they knew that this would be detrimental for their purity and pollute them.

The Rulers eventually figured out that the human Spirit was incomplete (the masculine part lay dormant), so they decided to take advantage of this, and that’s when the real problems started. They decided to mimic the masculine side of Sophia and seduce and rape human women. It was not because they were beautiful and irresistible—it was for another purpose.

Thus, the meaning of committing “adultery” with Sophia.

These were in the days of Noah, when Noah was still relatively young. Yaldabaoth, still being nervous about the human Spirit, whom, as far as he knew, could potentially succeed him in power and threaten his plans and his Kingship. Thus,

… he [Yaldabaoth] had regrets about everything which had come into being through him. Again, he planned to bring a flood over the human creation.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

However, when Barbelo, the Divine Feminine (Pronoia), found out about Yaldabaoth’s plans, she warned Noah.

But the greatness of the light of Pronoia taught Noah. And he preached to the whole offspring. But those who were strangers to him did not listen to him. It is not like Moses said that they hid themselves in an ark, but they were hidden — not only Noah, but many other people from the immovable generation[8].

They entered a place [a spaceship of sorts, according to a Source I had when I researched for the WPP]. They were hidden in a luminous cloud. And he understood his authority. And she who belongs to the light was with him for she illumined them…

The Secret Book of John (long version)

While Barbelo hid those who were awoken in a “luminous cloud” (which pertains to Spirit), the Archons went along with their plan to seduce human women,

And he [Yaldabaoth] created a plan with his powers. He sent his angels to the daughters of men so that they might take some of them for themselves, and they might raise a seed, to be a respite for them. And at first they were not successful, but when they did not succeed, they gathered together again and made another plan. They created a despicable [artificial] spirit in the likeness of the Spirit who had descended so that through it they might pollute the souls.

And the angels changed their own likenesses into the likeness of each one’s mate, filling them with the spirit of darkness, which they mixed with them and with wickedness[9].

They brought gold, silver, a gift, and copper and iron and metal and every sort of thing belonging to these classes. And they beguiled the human beings who had followed them into great troubles by leading them astray into much error.

They grew old without having enjoyment. They died without having found any truth and without having known the God of Truth. And thus the whole creation became enslaved forever, from the foundation of the world until now.

And they took women; they begot children out of darkness according to the likeness of their spirit. And their hearts became closed and hardened by the hardening of the despicable spirit until now.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

As mentioned earlier, Cain’s seed contained no pure Spirit—only Yaldabaoth’s artificial spirit/soul, and by mixing the Seth and Cain bloodlines, the offspring would become even more ignorant, and the Archons could add their artificial spirit into the by now weakened bodies and souls of the Seth line. Sophia/Christ wanted to keep Seth’s bloodline completely pure, so someone of that bloodline would be “strong enough” to receive Christ’s Spirit when it was time to wake Yaldabaoth up and enlighten the entire Kenoma. If the bloodlines were mixed, the bodies would possibly not be strong enough to receive the Divine pure power of Christ’s Spirit—not everybody would be able to wake up. By seducing women from the pure bloodline, the Archons wanted to make sure the Spirits within the true Divine Bloodline could not wake up. It would be too corrupted, and no one, or very few, would be able to funnel the Spirit of Christ.

As it says in the gospel above, this was the beginning of the problem we have up to this day. The only bloodline that was pure after the Flood was Noah’s. Other Spirited humans were also waking up and hidden within the “luminous cloud,” but Noah was a direct descendent of Adam and Eve.

After the Flood, the new Earth was populated with impure RNA and DNA, artificial spirit, and a corrupted mind, but Noah’s bloodline was pure and therefore hidden by the Divine Power. This was probably the only bloodline, leading up to Jesus, that Christ from the Pleroma could funnel his powerful Spirit through via Jesus, the Man. Once again, the ancient texts, dictated by the Archons, are inverted. There it says that Khan En.lil (Jesus Christ in the Eighth Heaven) was instigating the Flood, and (Yaldabaoth) hid as many “beloved” humans as possible, so he could go on with his experiment after the Flood. It’s completely reversed and inverted, like is usually the case when it comes to the Archons.

If we look at today’s situation, when the Second Coming is supposed to happen, how pure are our bodies? They are full of chemicals and poison. Society promotes junk food, pump chemicals into our bodies, “force” vaccines on us, and pollute our bodies in all possible ways. How pure are our minds? We are bombarded with Wi-Fi, 5G, TV, Media, Social Media, jobs, movies, pandemics, riots, fear, terror, drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll, We are constantly distracted, so people in general don’t feel they have time to think about spiritual issues. They are busy dodging all the real or perceived threats in their environment—people are in survival mode.

This is all per design! It’s not primarily to kill us but to prevent us from waking up to the best of their ability. They know that there will soon be a Second Coming, so this is their tactic to stop that from happening.

Today, not all bodies can receive Spirit at all. This is why, in a family of five, maybe only two bodies are capable of receiving Spirit—the other ones are “empty vessels,” only possessed with artificial spirit. Here we have narcissism and insanity in general playing out. I would suggest that the main reason we have more narcissism per capita now is because many bodies have become too polluted to receive Spirit.

Unless Jesus’ bloodline lived on in secret behind the scenes up to this day, we might ask ourselves if there is any body on this planet that can funnel the entire Spirit of Christ, in case Christ needs to funnel his Spirit through a certain person, like he did 2,000 years ago. Obviously, people are waking up, but it is probably going to be more and more difficult the more polluted our minds and bodies become.

So if we go back to the Gnostic texts, two major problems now arose; Yaldabaoth was planning on destroying his entire creation with a Flood, and he had also, by trickery, polluted the pure spiritual bloodline, from which the Spirited humans were supposed to wake up.

At that point, Christ decided to interfere together with his helpers from the realms above…

[To be continued…]

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[1] The Book of Noah is a Hermetic text, so we need to tread lightly and use our discernment when absorbing this information. The text is almost a direct inversion of the true story, which is somewhat helpful when it comes to interpret it. The entire book can be read online:


[3] The Secret Book of John (long version)

[4] “Knowing each other” means having sexual intercourse.

[5] Implying that Seth was spirited.


[7] 1Chronicles 3:5; but also see Zechariah 12:12.

[8] Seth’s bloodline.

[9] Cain’s bloodline is being compared to wickedness.

References and Resources:

The Secret Book of John (long version)

The Book of Noah

The Hypostasis of the Archons

The Bible

The Wes Penre Papers


  1. From what i had watched in you mini series it shows that the queen and khan enlil order the flood.. so you mean that mini series is wrong? And now you figured it out? What tgis article stated resonate with me especially when you said about distratction and pollution. It is clear as sky … its very true and you can clearly see th evidence around the corner.. i can say that my body is over polluted but nothing can stop.the spirit within..

    Thank wes and ariel.. i have doubt your lineage are from
    Noah 😊😊😊

    1. Yes, the Khan En.lil part in the mini-series is incorrect. That was before I had any other reference than the ancient texts (dictated by the Archons). At that time, I didn’t know that Khan En.lil is indeed Christ in the 8th Heaven.

  2. Ariel@Wes : I cannot say enough thank you and how grateful I am for your work!
    Before Ariel announced the Gnosis series I started a detox process of my body at home (the last one was done 2 years ago)…and I had like a state of inner effervescence….
    I am currently on a 2 weeks mini vacation in a place where my detox process continues( body and emotions).I am the only client of this place…completely detached from the world …in the middle of a forest and I am reading reading and smiling.
    Embrace you both🤗🌹

  3. I am a little confused… was not Noah- En.Ki’s son(Utnapishtim_Toth),saved in an orion spaceship during the flood- which was voted by the Orion council and approved by the Queen?-?And after the waters resided,Noah came back with his father’s-EN.KI-knowledge,the DNA stored in the spaceship ark?
    min 2.21

    1. Yes, that’s what we learn, more or less, in Orthodox Christianity and particularly in the ancient texts, which were dictated by the Archons. This is Yaldabaoth’s perspective: he “created” the human flesh bodies, so HE is the father of all mankind, including Noah. Thoth claimed to be Noah as well as Jesus. In a sense, he was. He changed the narrative afterwards and thus “inserted” himself into history.

      The true story is, as told in the article, that Noah was spirited and protected by those from Orion and the Pleroma together with a group of awoken spirited humans. Khan En.lil/Christ did not instigate the Flood, except in Thoth’s inverted version.

      The spaceship part is true–these humans were taken off Earth’s surface to be saved from the Flood. Afterwards, they returned and started all over. More about that in an upcoming article. decided to continue capturing humans after the Flood. He wanted to created an “improved” human, i.e. homo sapiens sapiens. It was “improved” in the sense that the “new Earth” was lowered in density and the bodies more solid. This made it easier for the archons to attach their artificial spirit/soul to these new bodies (the ones we have now).

      Y and the Archons realized they need us for their own survival…

  4. The waves of the sun-3.47 min-,reminde me of something i saw a few years ago.
    from 6.22 min

  5. Y-the Orion empire and the flattery game… The God agenda- not my path . Good luck everyones. Too much non-sense. . Thx for the few moments of truths and lies.

    The suffering imposed by the God Agenda despite who is the righteous and the wicked God will never be forgiven whether it happens in the world of the demiurge or the Plemora .

    The Budhist game not better…because supported by the left wingners and also infiltrated

  6. So there will be second coming of christ? How can we know difference between real one and false one

    1. @Reprobus That’s why we need to educate ourselves, and one of the reasons why we need Gnosis, such as from the Gnostic Texts. Once we wake up to Spirit and let it flow through us, we will have no problem to distinguish.

  7. Hello Wes and Ariel, Wow … that’s the first thing I say, this version of the flood certainly makes much more sense to me where the mother goddess helps the Christic lineage and spiritual beings to save their lives. Certainly if the tablets and cylinders where the accounts of the flood were written were made at the time when Marduk began to position himself as the supreme leader in Mesopotamia, it makes perfect sense that the propaganda was against the Empire. Even the later biblical version makes more sense when speaking of the vengeful God commanding the flood, in this case Yadabaoth. Another subject, is in this second Tiamaat where in the early times both AIF and Sabaoth and the Titans worked creating the second experiment together, because if it was said that the Vulcans created the different hominids that originally populated the planet, it makes sense to be in This, in those times when there was still freedom to reach the planet, it is understood the large number of colonies of external races that also settled here, and that created so much diversity in the times of MU and Atlantis, it gives me the feeling that MU was a center of operation for the followers of Sabaoth since it is said that it was a continent with a culture and population quite spiritual and oriented to the feminine, the red race that is said to come from the pleyades speak of Mu or Kaskara as their motherland before its collapse and they passed to America, it may be that Enki created his Osirian empire in the Mediterranean as a counterpart and played like Neptune in the continent that was also destroyed and that until today we knew as Atlantis, in addition there is the empire of Rama in the east and a long etc. They were quite active times. I still wonder what happens to the Elite, the direct lineage of Enki and Marduk, and where do they come from, without a doubt now the persecution and annihilation to which the lineage of Jesus was subjected makes even more sense to me, they still exist or they were completely merged with the elite, It gives a lot to think about. And regarding a second coming if it were to manifest itself in a Human Being, how we know if we are in front of the real one and not in front of another false Messiah. Complex the subject. But if the destruction of Tiamaat and the flood are two different events, I still have not been able to put the pieces of how these events really happened in the second Tiamaat. its so exited all this and keeps my mind busy. Hugs.

    1. You have put a lot of thoughts into this, which is great–good conclusions, too!!!

      The Destruction of Tiamaat and the Flood are one and the same event (see our next article that we’ll post tomorrow).

      We will know if it’s the real Second Coming or not by opening up to our own Spirit and to educate ourselves. When we are in Spirit, it’s very easy to see what is real or not. The archons do not know SPirit, and we will see through that immediately. It’s like if you’re very good in language, for example, and someone tells you they are a professor in your language. You will be able to tell right away if that’s true or not when they write and speak.

  8. A lot to take in here. So, thinking about Sophia and The Christ; do they manifest as bodies in every plane of existence? When you talk about the Queen and Khan Enlil, do they exist in the Kenoma/KHAA? And is that also the “Third Heaven”? I know you have more to share so perhaps I’m jumping the gun, but for the longest time my translation of your fabulous material was to work on yourself, wait for death and exit the grid, don’t go into the light. Orion being a good starting point but not required. Oh and since you’ve always referred to En.Ki and the Archons as the AIF there was the War between the AIF and The Queen of Orion.

    Now though, you are saying we are not prisoners, but we volunteered to come here to give En.Ki/Yaldabaoth the Light so he could awaken. Is that true today or is that only a historical mission that no longer applies? I think what I’ve been thrilled about the most is an appreciation of the relationship between spirit and soul. Not that, knowing that relationship helps me understand what spirit or soul is, but I feel like perhaps my ignorance decreased by a nano-eyelash. Oh and every time you referred to soul as “she”, now I get it a little more I think.

    So the 9th Heaven is like the entry/exit point to The Pleroma. Those/That which inhabits the Pleroma perceive the Ignorant Creation of Sophia through the filters of the Heavens and perhaps through the reflection of their correction, The Christ? Time in this simulation = suffering. Each Heaven though has a different, less linear time moving toward timeless as it approaches the Pleroma? I’m sure I’m missing huge chunks. Our soul group is part of Sophia’s fire. Is that soul and spirit or does fire indicate something else?

    There are other soulgroups besides humans? Do they face the same dynamic or is Yaldabaoth specific to only our simulation?

    As always, thank you both for your exquisite content.

    1. I’ll try to comment in the order of your post…The entire Kenoma IS Sophia–it was created from her half-spirit (feminine aspect). So yes, she can manifest anywhere in the Seven Heavens, but it’s only from the Third Heaven and below that the bodies are physical, like in “solid form.” The upper realms also appear as physical as ours, but the bodies are much more “ethereal.” The rest of what you wrote in the first paragraph still corresponds with the WPP.

      Even in the WPP, I wrote that we are “volunteers.” We are parts of Sophia and were sent down to the Second Atlantis to inhabit physical bodies–same as in the Gnostic texts (GT). Yes, we are “prisoners” in Yaldabaoth’s/’s system so long as we’re ignorant and haven’t woken up to Spirit (haven’t received Gnosis). The Genuine Soul and Spirit go hand in hand in the sense that the Genuine Soul is the intermediary that we use to search for our Spiritual origins.

      Regarding the 9th Heaven and time… time is relative, depending on our perspective. In this construct, we even have clocks telling up what “time it is.” The movement of the heavenly bodies, including the star constellations determine how fast time goes here. Outside out planet, time as we know it is irrelevant because we are no longer following our Earth concept of time. It’s not that time does not exist outside Earth–it does. As long as there is movement and distance between two particle, time is a factor.

      The Kenoma is populated by star races and star beings. The way I see it after having read the GT is that at least the majority of these star races are offspring of the Archons, who create more archons in generations. I know there are, or at least has been, other kinds of soul groups in the Kenoma, as well, but this is something I myself need to ponder, because at this point I’m not sure exactly who they are/were.

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