Video 92: Twin Flames

Is the phenomenon real? YES. In our relationship, we are experiencing what we can only call Twin Flames. For a while, we actually didn’t have a word for it, and we were frustrated trying to figure out just who we were to each other. We knew something was unique and precious, but we didn’t know anything about Twin Flames; we had never looked into the topic, until one day we stumbled upon this concept and found our relationship being explained in depth. So, until we learn something new, we assume that the label of Twin Flames fits perfectly.

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  1. Nooooooooo…….Twin Flames are a fake programming by Enki to make us feel like we are losing our minds and believe in a fake ascension to keep us stuck in this matrix. If they could help us escape, do you think the overloads would allow this???

    When I imagine loving my Twin Flame from my heart it’s like I shift into another dimension (Heaven). This is exactly the same thing that happens when you “pray” to Jesus. Because it’s all fake subliminal programming to keep us stuck in this Matrix.

    So Enki uses love against us. To make us obsessed with the Twin Flame phenomenon and start believing in New Age stuff just like Christians with Christianity and the fake peace / love they feel when praying to Jesus.

    Christianity = New Age
    Jesus = Twin Flames

    He uses love against us (twin flames) just like he uses unconditional love when we die to make us reincarnate. And it could be that when you die your Twin Flame is the fake person that greets you to make you go to Heaven and reincarnate. I think ppl need to be warned of this…A great trick from the overloads!

    Also the reason Twin Flames can’t be together is because of the heavy 3D energy. If both are embodying 5D heavenly (fake) unconditional love within themselves then yes they can have an amazing relationship. But what’s the point? Are we still not in the trap?

    There is no proof Twin Flames are together in many lifetimes. Why can’t it just be a fake soul implant created by the AIF in this lifetime that is not our True Self. Like Kundalinis and Chakras are implants. So is the soul of your Twin Flame. It’s a fake soul.

    You said yourself that our current conscious and subconscious mind is a fake soul and not our genuine soul. So I think our Twin Flame is also a fake soul not our genuine soul.

    You say the angels / archangels / spirit guides / heaven / afterlife / astral planes….are all fake constructs to keep us in this matrix. So why is it any different when it comes to Twin Flames? Because it’s a pretty idea? That’s the whole point…….to trick us.

    Twin Flame idea should not be encouraged because it’s so easy to get obsessed with another person. This leaves you distracted with them when you could spiritually evolve and even find out the truth to escape this matrix.

    This is my opinion as I too was obsessed with Twin Flames for so long yet still looking for answers because I knew this wasn’t it. Now looking back at Twin Flames and the New Age is so scary because of how easy it is to get sucked into this type of religion bullshit.

    The only way to escape from The Twin Flame obsession is to stop believing in it and it will not have power over you. Once I started seeing that it’s fake to trick us, guess what, i’m not obsessed anymore!

    1. @Zainab Kamran ~ I agree. Obsession of any kind is very unhealthy and destructive. We come with a lot of pre-built programs already turned on and ready to go as soon as we land here. One thing that I have learned is that there is a little bit of truth in every distortion, religion and New Age included.

      Do twin flames exist? I don’t know. Did I find a partner in Wes who challenged me and helped me, unwittingly, uncover some very deep wounds that I didn’t even know I had? Yes. Did he hold up a mirror to me that allowed me to really take a good look at myself and confront my own devastating and destructive thoughts? Yes. If this could be called a “twin flame” then it’s nothing like paradise and roses – far from it. What it does (for me) is break down all the programming that I have allowed and built up on myself from a lifetime of misguided and toxic choices, and that’s extremely confrontational, brutally honest, and incredibly exposing and frightening. Whatever a twin flame is, it isn’t a warm and comfy blanket – it’s more like a flaming chunk of metal that you beat against an anvil to form a sword and shield. It’s brutal and intense, but the experience is one of self-discovery and growth unlike any other I have ever had.

      I don’t care what it’s called, to be honest. I don’t need to call it anything. It just is what it is. Nothing about the strength I have gained is fake, and I’m certainly not obsessing over it. Maybe others have different experiences, but this is mine. Nothing is ever all one thing or all another. Even “bullshit” has the potential to be a good fertilizer. It’s all about what you do with it. 🙂

      1. I know what you guys mean by that, and I can see it from that perspective because twin flame is just a label and it has a New Age stigma to it, but that doesn’t make the phenomenon invalid–we can call it something else instead, if we want to. The fact of the matter is that two people (so-called twin flames) who start a romantic relationship will find themselves being emotional mirrors of each other.

        This can be a very turbulent relationship because this couple will often trigger each other. However, this is an excellent way to heal emotional wounds in oneself because everything that needs to be healed will come to surface as triggers, i.e. childhood wounds/abuse. If the “twin flame” couple is spiritually ready to work through this, it’s hard to find something that is more effective when it comes to inner healing because of the support they can give each other. But many couples are NOT ready for this tough challenge, so they separate. This is the 101 on how a “twin flame” relationship works.

        This is NOT New Age, it’s science. It’s something psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapists are mostly well aware of. There is a myriad of information out on this on psychology Internet sites and in psychology books. It’s a real thing. In the alternative field, it’s been called twin flames–in psychology it’s usually called attachment styles.

  2. Plus Wes Penre I love you but are you sure your and Ariel are Twin Flames? Because most TF’s are not in relationships, it’s very hard. And you don’t realise the person is your Twin until a few years after meeting them.

    All it does is make you feel like your going crazy. It doesn’t end in a happy relationship. Even if you guys are Twin Flames it’s better not to give yourself this label. It’s a trick from Enki!

    When you pray to Jesus, all need and the “lust” let’s just call it for your Twin Flame AND The Twin Flame idea disappears. Why is this? Jesus is also a fake construct of Enki though… right?

    New Age / Jesus / Christianity / Twin Flames …

    It’s all the same. From Enki. Tricks. Mind games. Don’t believe in it!

    But this is just my opinion ofcourse! No one explains like this I guess…

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