Video 226: Q&A Session #52

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, June 17, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: As I’m re-reading the Gnosis articles, I couldn’t help but wonder: Are we Aeons as well? An Aeon, from what I understand so far, is a Zygote emanating from another, higher, Aeon. Since we have two aspects within us as well (Masculine/Feminine), and we are creations of Sophia (our Spiritual Mother), would that make us Aeons as well? Albeit, Aeons who have been trapped and have had their Light significantly dimmed. 

QUESTION 2: Do you think people will be able to avoid the Singularity? Cause I’m only 22 right now. Also, in the Gnostic texts, you describe there being different heavens, so I can assume that each heaven is like a different frequency layer, right? Also, how do you think meditation can help?

QUESTION 3: A. Because there are a finite number of souls spread over time, it is logical to assume that the time construct itself must have a finite length of time. Question: does that mean that time must have an end date? 

B. When souls are trapped in the cloud will each of those soul’s other aspects also be pulled into the cloud or will they continue to keep reincarnating in their respective time-period?

C. The present crisis is such that those of the human soul group who are awake will choose not to have children because they would not wish to bring up children in such a world. There has also been a leaked report that the Bill Gates funded vaccine has been developed to cause infertility.  The effect of this would be to dramatically reduce the birth rate to the extent there will be very few real humans being born. Question: Will the next generation of souled/spirited humans be the last?

D. If the singularity, where man is merged with AI goes ahead, then it seems likely there will be no new real humans being born, only artificially engineered ones.  Therefore, those of the current human soul group (present time) who choose to reincarnate cannot be doing so in the subsequent timeline. This reinforces the case that reincarnation is always back to the same timeline as the life just lived.  Question: Do you agree?

E. What is your best guess of the ratio of real humans to NPCs (Non Player Characters, i.e. people who lack a Genuine Soul)?


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  1. Thanks for the questions to those who asked them!! I had some similar inquiries …
    Thanks Wes and Ariel for the additional clarifications. Hearts up!🌹

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