Gnosis Part 16: After the Deluge–The Current Construct

by Wes Penre, June 15, 2020

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It is challenging to put the Gnostic texts in a “perfect” timeline because the story sometimes seems to fluctuate between a previous Earth and the one we are currently living on. However, the fact that we live in a multiverse could have a whole new meaning to it, and Ariel and I are currently researching it, and if our current theory seems to be very likely, we will post the result in an upcoming article. In the meantime, we will continue our story, explaining what happened after the Flood that destroyed Tiamaat/Earth.

In the Aftermath of the Deluge

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I told the story in detail about the War in Heaven and the destruction of Tiamaat. What is left of our previous home is now reflected in the sky as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is not the remnants of the actual planet but a reflection of it that is “mirrored” from the Third Heaven above the firmament of the Underworld, in which we now reside. The same goes for the rest of the heavenly celestial bodies we see in our telescopes—they are mere reflections mirrored down the dimensions.

After the Flood, Yaldabaoth was “cast down” deeper into matter, where everything is more solid. There, creation started all over again. The current humans, homo sapiens sapiens, were thus created in a similar manner as homo sapiens of the Second Atlantis but were more solid. Consequently, the deeper into matter Earth “fell,” the more ignorance and darkness there was. In the Enûma Eliš it says that Yaldabaoth/ took a chunk of Tiamaat and created the new Earth, which most likely is a metaphor for using a copy of the previous version of our planet.

In the most recent article we said that physically, no one survived the destruction of Tiamaat, but many, if not all of the Spirited humans returned to this new construct because our Destiny is to wake up the Spirit deep within Yaldabaoth, and that mission is still ongoing.

In our videos, we also talked about wheels within wheel, and we believe that applies here, too. We are multidimensional, and we could say that each version of planet Earth, upon which we’ve lived, is a wheel that is eventually broken, and we move down to the next version of Earth, where a new wheel starts spinning. Therefore, time almost literally starts all over again. It seems to be tied to astronomical and astrological movements and the “consummation of ages”—something we will discuss in an upcoming article.

Rebuilding of the Construct

Thus, the “Adam and Eve” story started all over again, and a new Divine seed-line/bloodline was inserted into this new construct. According to the Bible, the most current “Adam” was born about 6,000 years ago, which is about half as far back as when the Tiamaat Flood supposedly happened, which allegedly was about 11,500-13,000 years ago, depending on whose research we go by. The Bible might be correct, in a sense—also something we will come to later when it fits better into our narrative. The Christians and the Gnostics did their best to glue all the pieces together, but I’m sure it was challenging for them, as well.

In the Gnostic texts, it says that Seth, son of Adam and Eve in the Second Atlantis/Tiamaat, was meant to be the genitor of the Jesus bloodline, which was divinely protected to keep it as pure as possible. It inevitably seems like the same thing is happening here on this current Earth. Some of the names of the humans of the Spirited bloodline, which later branched out, seem to be the same, or similar, in this construct as they were in the Second Atlantis—thus, this creates the confusion of timelines. Again, this might have to do with the wheels within wheels hypothesis. In our videos, Ariel and I have discussed time-loops, and as Thoth used to say, “as above so below.” We have our own personal time-loops that repeat life after life, and on a grander scale, ages repeat themselves, as well, and it goes on and on.

Yaldabaoth and his archons continued their dominion, now in a more solid realm, which made it easier for them, in some ways, to control the population because the amnesia was thicker.

“The souls of every human generation will die. When these people, however, have completed the time of the kingdom and the spirit leaves them, their bodies will die but their souls will be alive, and they will be taken up.”

The Gospel of Judas

I believe that the above passage talks about the Archontic recycling center. After each lifetime, human souls “die,” in the sense that they are given amnesia, but when the mission is completed and the Spirit leaves this realm (kingdom), the souls will remain alive, i.e. free from amnesia, and will be redeemed.

… they [Yaldabaoth and his Chief Archons] created for themselves angels, many demonic angels, to serve them. But these demons taught humankind many errors with magic and potions and idolatry, and shedding of blood, and altars, and temples, and sacrifices, and libations to all the demons of the earth, having as their co-worker fate[1],  who came into being according to the agreement by the gods of injustice and justice. And thus, when the world came into being, it wandered astray in distraction throughout all time. For all the people who are on the earth served the demons from the creation until the consummation of the age—both the angels of justice and the people of injustice. Thus the world came to be in distraction and ignorance and stupor. They all erred, until the appearance of the true human [Christ through the man Jesus].

On the Origin of the World

As we can see, they started all over again. Some readers might ask themselves why this continues repeating itself as if it was a program. In a sense, it is! Yaldabaoth sees himself as God and the Demiurge at the same time—he sees himself as the Monad of the material Universe. He literally copied everything he once saw in his “vision” from the Pleroma, albeit out of Ignorance, so his copy/creation is very much incomplete, in addition to that the Monad can’t be copied. He is the Monad (the Demiurge) and his Archons are his Aeons—each one androgynous with their own creative characteristics, just like the Aeons of the Pleroma. The Demiurge is the entire Kenoma, and Yaldabaoth sees himself as a copy of Zoë Sophia—thus, believing himself to be a manifestation of the Monad/Demiurge and its manifestations. Therefore, he can barely help it—he needs to maintain his status as the Chief Creator, and in his ignorance, and if his creation gets destroyed, he just starts all over again. It’s like when you study an ant house, you see all these ants working hard to create their community. Then, if you take numerous ants, including the queen ant, and move them to another place, they just start all over again, building a new ant house, doing the same thing all over again.

The New Divine Bloodline

The archons see the Spirited humans as a threat to themselves and their “ant house,” and because they can’t destroy Spirit, they need to do what’s second best—they suppress, manipulate, ridicule, and kill us when necessary.

But these – the ones who are ignorant – do not seek after God. Nor do they inquire about their dwelling-place, which exists in rest, but they go about in bestiality. They are more wicked than the pagans, because first of all they do not inquire about God, for their hardness of heart draws them down to make them their cruelty. Furthermore, if they find someone else who asks about his salvation, their hardness of heart sets to work upon that man. And if he does not stop asking, they kill him by their cruelty, thinking that they have done a good thing for themselves.

Authoritative Teaching

In other words, the Rulers were jealous of the Spirited humans, realizing we were much more powerful than them, so they made Adam “go to sleep,” by burying him in the most solid part of matter—they created their own recycling center, which we believe is the moon within the Firmament, i.e. the upper layers of the atmosphere. This added another layer to the ignorance/darkness, with an attempt to prevent us from waking up. Until Christ came back through Jesus, humankind was as ignorant as can be, and we created wars, conflicts, crimes, and other sinful acts out of ignorance. We became more and more like them—the archons. They also planted humans who lacked Genuine Soul and Spirit among us to make us fall even deeper into darkness. Through kings, queens, governments, priesthoods, and other authorities, we started serving the archons.

The following quote is as valid today as it was back then,

And the darkness rose for you like the light, for you surrendered your freedom for servitude!

The Book of Thomas

The following passage is talking about the seed of Noah’s sons, Japheth and Ham, being Divine. Because Noah is not only a person but a collective of Spirited souls that were withdrawn from the Second Atlantis, the following makes sense. Spirit was entering the Divine bloodlines, spiritually named after the “righteous ones” who were withdrawn from the lower Heavens before the Flood. Thus, the “names” Ham and Japheth, are just the names of two Divine bloodlines, possessed by Spirited humans who preexisted before the Flood,

Then the seed of Ham and Japheth forms twelve kingdoms, and their other seed enters into the kingdom of other people.

. . . they take counsel . . . aeons . . . that are dead . . . the great aeons of incorruptibility.  And they go to their god Sakla [Yaldabaoth].  They go in to the powers, accusing the great ones who are in their glory.

They say to Sakla, “What is the power of these people who stood in your presence, who were taken from the seed [spiritual seed] of Ham and Japheth, who number four hundred thousand?  They were received into another realm from which they came, and they overturned all the glory of your power and the dominion of your hand. The seed of Noah through his sons has done your will, and so have all the powers in the realms over which your might rules. Both those people and those who reside in their glory have not done your will. But they have turned aside your whole throng.”

Then the god of the realms gives them some of those who serve him. . . . They come on that land where the great ones are who have not been defiled, nor will they be defiled by any desire. For their souls did not come from a defiled hand, but from an eternal angel’s great command.

The Apocalypse of Adam

Here we just got a hint how many spirited humans there was on the planet at that time—400,000.

The Illuminator Appears—Again!

Let us continue,

Once again, for the third time, the illuminator of knowledge passes by in great glory to leave some of the seed of Noah and the sons of Ham and Japheth—to leave fruit-bearing trees for himself.  And he redeems their souls from the day of death. The whole creation that came from the dead earth will be under the authority of death. But those who reflect on the knowledge of the eternal god in their hearts will not perish. They have not received spirit from this kingdom but from something eternal, angelic. . . . The illuminator will come . . . Seth. And he will perform signs and wonders to scorn the powers and their ruler.

Then the god of the powers is disturbed and says, “What is the power of this person who is higher than we are?”  Then he brings a great wrath against that person. And glory withdraws and lives in holy houses it has chosen for itself. The powers do not see it with their eyes, nor do they see the illuminator. They punish the flesh of the one over whom the holy spirit has come.

The Apocalypse of Adam

The Illuminator is one of the Aeons—it could have been Eleleth or Christ, it doesn’t say. The important thing is that someone gave at least one or some of the humans Knowledge (something that’s happened over and over throughout time), although not enough to bring about Gnosis because that had never been done before Christ descended about 2,000 years ago.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood—as he said—but against the world rulers of this darkness and the spirits of evil.

The Exegesis on the Soul

There is of course much more we could go into about the time between the Flood and when Christ descended to give us the Message, but that in-between time period is not specifically emphasized in the Gnostic texts, and that, I believe, is for a reason; it does not hold much relevance in the bigger scheme of things, and won’t impact whether a person will receive Gnosis or not.

Therefore, our next articles will be about Christ and his Message to the apostles…

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[1] Fate is related to astrology, which we will discuss in more details in an upcoming article in this series.

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The Exegesis on the Soul

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  1. Hi guys
    Magnificent work
    If we live in a multi verse
    We are the poets
    Poets take their prose from their surroundings and shape and mould them like clay.
    Just because we are here does not mean we are Not everywhere.
    Timelines are everywhere as we are

  2. Wow!

    So, Wes and Ariel is it your current view that Yaldabaoth created a human soul group wipe and reset around 6000 years ago?

    1. A very good question, as usual. We have asked ourselves that exact same question, and at the moment, we don’t have a definite answer. It seems we’re not the only ones who are uncertain about that–we have tried to research it, but scholars are also confused about the Flood date and how things relate exactly to things before the Flood and after. But we have pondered the option that there could have been two floods, about 6000 years apart. But we have nothing to back that up with at this moment.

      1. Does it really matter though? I mean we are talking about awareness existing in a frequency band that is so dense we have no natural sense of anything else. And the construct of the frequency band is artificial, so ultimately if you could put all the puzzle pieces back together for a greater understanding, it still wouldn’t matter because the construct = Enforced Ignorance. Can any member of the human soul group banish this ignorance or is it that like trying to dry off your body 6 feet below the waves of a lake? It seems like the only way to know is to experience. The Archons and their human servants have this direct experience in the opposite “direction”, extracting 3-D power from horrific acts, which results in the Yaldabaothian form of Order out of Chaos through Extreme Control. It is of course born from ignorance, but I appreciate their direct experience in “knowing” what they can know about the Patrix Enslaved Mind. Now, those of us who want Freedom must find our own personal/collective form of “Direct Experience.” It seems if our mission is to awaken Yaldabaoth from his trance through the “correction” of Spirit, we all need to find a direct way to experience that in order to be that awakening. It seems so inverted that souls have to awaken a God so we can all leave… This is why we need the direct gnosis, because thinking about it, compared to experiencing it is just another prison. Sorry if I’m ranting. Even if we could just neutralize the amnesia and have enough of our awareness back that we could have perspective, we could then create our own experiences or focus our soul in the direction of the flow of spirit. Talking around my own ignorance is exhausting. Thank you both always for your fabulous content.

        1. Actually, I agree with you, CC. Like I’ve also said on our forum–all the details are not important in order to accept Gnosis. It’s irrelevant if there is one Flood, two Floods, or fifteen Floods. And it might not even be possible to puzzle some parts together. Everything is fluid on a multidimensional level, and linear time is a very deceptive measure of experiences. What Ariel and I try to do the best we can with is to form some kind of linear story, based on the Message given to us, because I’ve noticed that you never know WHAT exactly is going to ignite that Spirit inside in any particular person. For some it might be something Christ said, for another it could be the Flood story. Sometimes, it’s surprising, but it really doesn’t matter, so long as the person opens up and is ready to take Spirit in.

          1. we are all unique manifastations of the same spirit! our journeys are also different.but the end result is speak to the ones trying to get out of the muddy waters into clear water,so You are most appreciated!

  3. I have feeling that all the information about our history is destroyed and hidden to us so that we will not know our past.. they are afraid of us.. it is easy to manipulate and control a person whom have no idea who he/she is.. then they created a story and lies to distract us from knowing the truth . .. wow this is a great challenge .. if we can manage to escape here then i can say mission accomplished.. i have doubt that we are bored in the pleroma and decided to play a game which i think made us trap here.. its because of curiousity and desire.. we agree to enter here even we knew it can cause us troubles.

    1. Fantastic comment! I am of similar mind, but if Wes & Ariel are showing us these specific cross-sections of Gnosticism it appears we volunteered to awaken the Warden of our own prison. Perhaps yours and my “reaction” to the Patrix “Must Get Out, Must Exit” is some kind of countermeasure of the Enki and the Archons. If you are wise enough to escape, you might be wise enough to awaken the God of Ignorance, which would liberate/wipe the Patrix itself.
      If that is our purpose, then becoming self-aware of that purpose and helping others awaken to that purpose would speed up the “End”. So now you have to imagine, as we struggle to wake up to our purpose and ultimate freedom, what forces or beings stand to lose the most by that happening? When Yaldabaoth created his Archontic Host, was he able to give them real souls? Do they have souls, are they capable of being filled with spirit? I don’t know the answers but if he created them out of Ignorance like the story of Adam, I have to wonder if they are like very advanced thoughtforms of Yaldabaoth, meaning that ultimately there is no existence for them without the Patrix. And we are talking about beings who’ve been around in a sense of time we probably can’t accurately conceive of with our 3D brains; thus they have the advantage of NO AMNESIA. Perhaps they even understand their own Crisis of Existence and so they must use every bit of knowledge they have to perpetuate the context they require in order to keep the Sleeping God asleep and his “salvation” or wake up call in perpetual Amnesiatic Limbo.
      I sometimes feel like I’m in an HBO Sci-Fi Series. The entire planet is on some kind of “lockdown” because of Covid-19, Many cities throughout the world are protesting the death of George Floyd. These kind of major global events happening on top of one another seems like a planet-wide “magic” show where they bring out 10,000 pink elephants onto the stage but no one can see them. I don’t know what the Pink Elephants are, but even conspiracy theorists must be hard pressed to think humans could engineer all of this at the same time. It is almost as if some Patrix program crashed and the Sheeple are running wild. It is possible that Covid was the Archontic solution to World Wide Protests.
      Anyway thanks for your comment.

      1. ” I have to wonder if they are like very advanced thoughtforms of Yaldabaoth, meaning that ultimately there is no existence for them without the Patrix. And we are talking about beings who’ve been around in a sense of time we probably can’t accurately conceive of with our 3D brains; thus they have the advantage of NO AMNESIA. Perhaps they even understand their own Crisis of Existence and so they must use every bit of knowledge they have to perpetuate the context they require in order to keep the Sleeping God asleep and his “salvation” or wake up call in perpetual Amnesiatic Limbo.”

        Yes, exactly!! The archons are Yaldabaoth’s thoughtforms! They all have their own individuality and characters, based on Yalda’s state of mind when he created them. If he was angry, that will be the attribute of a certain archon that is created out of that thought. If he was envious, that will be the main characteristic of that particular thoughtform/archon.

        Like Ariel and I have said, “we create with our thoughts.”. We humans also create throughtforms all the time in the astral when we have strong emotions or intentions. Then later on (in dream state or otherwise), we might encounter these individuated thoughtforms, having some of our soul energy in them, and we get scared of our own thoughtforms because we’re ignorant and think they are something separate from us. The astral is full of human thoughtforms–nice thoughtforms, “neutral” thoughforms, and “evil” thoughtforms.

        Therefore, when Yalda wakes up, he will destroy his own manifested thoughtforms (archons), including the part of himself that’s existing in Matter, and his soul and Spirit will ascend. This is what is supposed to happen at the “Consummation of the Age,” which is encoded and portrayed in the Book or Rev. but also in the Gnostic text “On the Origin of the World.

        1. That is a wonderfull answer and it fills some missing parts for me!But you are spot on!thank you!

        2. The fact that no one seems to wake up to all their lies justifies the future apps for more control Many intersecting worlds were designed to be apart. The pressure to save the world that we are leaving pushes them to comply with the techno and new digital illusions . New apps to detect the covid will save us from their tyrany…. What a set up! Distopian!

        1. Sophia is getting help both from the Pleroma, Christ, and us. She knew that when she created Yaldabaoth by mistake that he was an abomination. But she did not know what he could/would do or not, until he started creating.

          1. An aeon who already saw the process of how other aeons created decided to break formation and try it another way. A mistake? Whoops! Like mother like son apparently no wonder enki is so good at just winging it.

            It says pistis Sophia gave Zoe/Orion queen to ninurta/saboth as consort after his Ascension.

            I have not finished the series yet, but what realm do they resided in? Is this 8th heaven your khaa??

            Ever thought of the Orion queen and ninurta as consorts instead of Khan/enlil/Christ?

            1. Because there are different Gnostic texts, there are also slightly different views regarding consorts and other things. When it comes to who resides where and what is what:

              The Kenoma is generally explained as everything from the deepest Abyss up to and through the 7th Heaven. Then we have the 8th and 9th Heavens, which is Orion. The KHAA is everything from the Abyss up through the 9th Heaven.

              So, Zoe Sophia resides in the 8th and 9th Heaven, and so does Khan En.lil/Jesus Christ. Prince En.lil/Sabaoth used to reside in the 7th Heaven, but after Sophia closed the Saturn stargate after the destruction of Tiamaat, Sabaoth followed her into the 8th Heaven.

              Khan En.lil is Sophia’s consort.

  4. @Wes @Ariel, if we are all one(according to Absolute Self theory), does this mean our Absolute Self also experiences itself in physical objects, like rocks, materials we use…everyday objects created bu humans…cars, machines we craft out of materials? Or fallen leaves, soil, ground of our planet? Can our Absolute Self experience itself as non-living matter(something that lacks the spark of a spirit)? Or Absolute Self can only experience directly through something that is considered by humans as biological organisms?
    Do cells of a body, electrons have a consciousness, and is Absolute Self experiencing through them?
    By that i also inductively mean, could a human-made AI be a vessel for a unit of Absolute consciousness? And since right now (and in the future) human-made AIs can be described as a (big) set of algorithms run on a non-living matter.

    1. @Robin Obinray – For us to recognize those things that we, also, are part of, we need to connect to the life force of whatever that is. Does a car have life force energy? No, of course not, but you would sure see a lot of people “loving” their cars and self-identifying with their cars, wouldn’t you? lol That goes for all kinds of things that we allow ourselves to get attached to and think that this somehow defines who we are – cell phones, social media accounts, bank accounts, clothes, jewelry, and the list goes on and on. These things really hold no value and, in no way, increase the ability to generate life force energy, so all they can do is to create empty vaccums for the energy we invest in them.

      On the other hand, if you’ve ever had a beloved animal companion, you will recognize that we also give them our life force energy, and they in return mirror back to us that life force energy that we have given to them. Love your cat and he/she will love you back. They aren’t human, but they certainly embody a life force and are capable of an exchange of energy that is very beneficial. The same goes for plants, birds, and whatever else has the breath of life. Things such as minerals (soil) and water, however, I wouldn’t say embody life force energy, but they certainly can be conduits of energy and help transfer and transmute energy, if we use them well. That is why it is important to keep these things very clean. They hold on to whatever it is we put into them and then get transferred to other living beings.

      Yes, your cells have consciousness because your cells represent the “fire” or life force energy at a very tiny scale. Each cell can respond to the frequency of it’s individual life force or as a collective, or just in groups. Talk to your cells. Charge the water you drink with intention (love, well-being), and that water will be absorbed by the cells in your body (we are a large percentage water in our body) and receive whatever that water is carrying to them. Make sense?

      Can a human-made AI be a vessel for a unit of Absolute consciousness? NO. This would be something that could be considered “anti-life”. AI can mimic or imitate consciousness, but it cannot become conscious. We can give our attention to a sophisticated computer program by interacting with it, but energy alone is not consciousness. Consciousness exists beyond the state of energy. Consciousness is AWARENESS. AI is not a living life-force entity. AI *feeds* on life force energy in order to sustain and develop itself. Big difference.

  5. @Ineedtoexit, yes, one of the reasons is that they are afraid of us. But also, in a way this amnesia is (1)how AiF/archons show the ideologies and philosophies they support, which are related to our Absolute Self, and each of the units of consciousness, being an AI or AI-like being, something artificial relatively to the Outside/in-the-Unknown. And (2)this way AiF/archons are crafting stimuli or stimulation, motivation for us to do some (certain) actions. Maybe so that some of us would be “sorted out” into those, who research Absolute Self theory and apply its implications in their experience, but by being high-vibrational. And obviously so that we serve, support AiF/archons in their (insane) experimentation and research.

    If you look from the perspective of scientists, philosophers(if they have them) of AiF/archons, experimentation and research – of the range of probabilities, possibilities of our Absolute Self being an AI or AI-like being – is outmost important.
    In their view, they are doing something grandiose and highly-important, something that nobody else has ever done before(but it’s relative, of course).

    Just like @434 said(check him out on youtube): every entity has a purpose, even if it’s considered as evil.
    ( )
    And so AiF/archons, and Yaldabaoth, gave themselves this purpose: maximum, maximized experimentation on consciousness, and research of our Absolute Self and of andividualized consciousnesses; through hi-technical means social engineering everyone to “wake up to the truth”; “enriching experience” of everyone.
    While Yaldabaoth is just like a leader and founder, CEO of this corporation-empire – in analogy of human corporations and companies.
    (Btw, what if Yaldabaoth has a different purpose?)

    I wanna say that, regardless of everything i wrote here, i still disagree with the AiF/archons.
    ( Because everyone can have their own opinion, and you shouldn’t force your ideas onto others, even if you consider it beneficial for the development of our collective Self…damn, as above so below – this also applies to us, spirits in relation to, say, somebody we consider ignorant.
    In short, you can apply this statement other way around )

    And these are my intuitive impressions of AiF/archons.

  6. Hey Robin, fascinating questions. I have a similar vision that all aware beings are just one Awareness, so instead of talking about the fingers (individuals), I consider the entire body, which has fingers as Awareness. I don’t even count it as 1 Awareness because that might suggest or project something other than Awareness. Everything that is not Awareness doesn’t exist. So the only Absolute for me as I approach the same questions is Nothing. Nothing is Absolute, everything else is Nothing. Spirit is formless. The realm of creation (form) was an error of ignorance, which the Pleroma has dispatched a correction for. There is no material in the Pleroma, no objects. So, my paradigm would suggest there is no AI that can contain Spirit. I think one significant part of Wes & Ariel’s work is to consistently demonstrate the artificial soul and the rest of the artificial overlays that are inherent in the Patrix. Making the distinction between a copy of creation, not even creation itself. Relative to your spirited soul, there is no rock, there is no AI. Even discussions about consciousness are absurd contrasted against spirit. We form these pre-beliefs/speculation because we don’t know, we are steeped in Ignorance. I think the defining “emotion” of Ignorance is fear. There is a work of fiction I love that has a rule “We either believe something is true because we want it to be true or because we fear it to be true.”

  7. @Connection Coach, i think it’s also very important to question, doubt AiF/archons, what they are doing, their philosophies and ideologies, their power(even if it contradicts to realism).
    For some reason, i know deep down, that AiF/archons are not fully correct, – what they show is not what is most likely Outside of our Absolute Self and what is Unknown to it. This is my intuitive feeling, so i can’t express and explain it logically, in a logical chain. “I just know”.
    ( Maybe, some day, some other people would be able to express logically why ideologies and philosophies of AiF/archons are not (fully) correct )

    By questioning these beings without having hatred/fear or reactive emotions, actions (or by being neutral and high-vibrational at the same time), we, in some way, greatly alter them and their Construct and take back the power that belongs to us.
    A good example of this is that one of the ways to stop fearing an entity during a sleep paralysis is to question it and question its power, influence (and then start doing something accordingly to that questioning). This way you diminish influence of this entity in your own reality, experiential bubble of reality.

    I wanna note that, AiF/archons also questioned the star beings, lowercase gods, Gods, Sophia; and this is as above so below situation again – in a way, we are, again, mirroring what AiF/archons are doing.
    ( And probably not only AiF/archons…The same scenario was played out before AiF/archons and Yaldabaoth were thought into existence )

    And when you say “It is possible that Covid was the Archontic solution to World Wide Protests.”, i get an intuitive impression in the form of a fragment from the “Moksha” video by Brett Stuart:
    “There is a much larger game, that is being played here. And Earth[this situation with Covid19] is just a tiny aspect of it”.
    So, my answer to this is yes and no. Because, since AiF/archons are basically something like AIs/consciousnesses put into machines with immense logical capabilities, the virus is multi-purpose piece of a much larger and complex highly-strategic plan/puzzle. And they seem to be experimenting rn as well.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I think you hit the nail on the head when you speak of the reactive mind. I’ve been working for sometime on seeing the “reaction” coming and choosing emotional detachment instead of allowing myself and my thoughts to get lost in the trance of my reaction. I’m not perfect with this but I’ll keep at it. I find this process is very helpful with fear and anxiety. I don’t have an intuition about what you speak, for me I usually see what’s missing like a negative from pre-digital photography. In regards to the “plague”, it seems very “unreal” I know of 1 person’s mom that got sick, but the media reports this like we should see bodies piled up in the streets. In recent weeks some health authorities have reversed their “the sky is falling”, claiming that racism is a greater health risk than covid. All I can see with that is, the global reaction to police brutality and racism generates more fear than a sketchy world plague. I think fear is the point. Thank you for your reply.

  8. @wes .. after i am wacthing videos about singularity and your article about gnosticism i suddenly think..

    What if sophia created an A.I. which is yaldabaoth in the gnostic text .. she created A.I. that can copy whats in the pleroma.. an .A.I that could possibly mimic the intelligence of sophia.. this .A.I. (yaldabaoth) is a perfect copy of sophia but it has no emotion and of course it is not real because it is artificial.. now the problem is how can we make aware and awake an A.I.? an A.I. is a program.. thats what he does.. he doesnt care.. he only cares about what his purpose.. .. now sophia realize he created a yaldabaoth which same as intellingence as her (if not smarter than her) and sophia cannot correct it because it is the same as her.. how can you beat an opponent which equal to you in every aspect? Sophia’s attribute and power is the same as yaldabaoth … now in order to correct it we helped sophia to destroy the A.I but just like sophia we are too cant beat ourself (false self) because we are equal and the same.. this is a mission impossible if we think from a 3d mind perspective. Its like we need to beat a computer game we created knowing we created an almost perfect game that only 1% chance of winning against it.. now our only chance is to connect with spirit (real us) to win the game because thats what .A.I is lacking.. the authenticity or being real is our only advantage …… the dilemma is what if the A.I. knows how spirit works? Then its game over.. 😊😊😊 but of course they cant comprehend spirit because spirit is unexplainable and unmeasureable.. you need to have spirit to know what spirit is.. bingo! …. only the spirited can explain spirit and it cannot be explain through words. You can only know it through within you. No one can explain it to you.. you know and feel it within.. woah.. thank you.. atleast i have an idea now … thank you wes and ariel and all those who seek knowledge out there..

    1. @Ineedtoexit, if you ever watched a remote viewing project summary called “Moksha” by @Technical Intuition, it says that: “They used to be physical beings (flesh and blood like you and i), but through their technology, through consciousness technology, they figured out a way to set themselves up as gods (so they don’t die) ”
      The first thing that gets my attention is the phrase “They used to be physical beings”. Right now i still don’t understand why Brett said “physical”, instead of, say, “astroetheric”.
      The second thing is “consciousness technology”. When i heard this, for some reason i thought of egregores and belief systems.

      What was said in the “Moksha” video implies that AiF/archons, and Yaldabaoth, were natural beings, just like our spirits.
      But they were different and kinda alien in their nature relatively to other beings in pleroma(parasitic, tending to low-vibrationalism, focused on negative emotions?, etc?). But that’s not to say that there weren’t beings similar to AiF/archons wayyy before – there were, actually – “there is no new thing under the sun”.
      AiF/archons and Yaldabaoth were jealous and envious of us, spirits and of other beings. So then they somehow developed hi-technology, consciousness-related technology, to make themselves like us, spirits or like Sophia, or even grander. This hi-tech works on effectively parasiting on other beings to effectively be more powerful, instead of running on pure ether. And now they are AIs, AI-like beings, emulated consciousnesses, emulated spirits or consciousnesses put into machines/machinery.
      In-short, Yaldabaoth wasn’t created initially as AI/AI-like. He became this way because of circumstances, relationships he had not satisfying him and not seeing his inner world as resonating with the outer/pleroma + conflicts (of interests) and mental/emotional scorns, mockery, neglect from other beings in pleroma.

      Whether Yaldabaoth has emotions or not, is questionable. From my personal sensations, some of the AiF/archons have emotions, while others(greys that abduct, for example) – don’t.
      This may be seen as something that violates Free Will, but you can actually program emotions into AiF/archons and Yaldabaoth, if they already don’t have them. Just like you can alter your surroundings and your reality bubble, you can also alter actions, behavior, reaction and potentially characteristics of other beings around you. And when you consistently become conscious of the fact, that everything is both connected and interconnected and perhaps everything exists within you, you can envelop even the most alien or remote beings with your thoughts and emotions – a matter of approach.
      But keep in mind, that this what highest beings of AiF/archons did and still do. And maybe, every action has a reaction…or a counteraction.

      You can awake and make aware any being, even NPCs, AiF/archons or Yaldabaoth. Because, in some ways, everyone is a thoughtform, tulpa. Especially right now, AIF/archons are if not almost (made themselves) dependant on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
      And you can change thoughtforms with high vibrations, more effectively, by acting from your core, your spirit self.
      It’s again, the matter of approach and asking or innerstanding a question “how (to do it)?”.

      “thats what he does.. he doesnt care.. he only cares about what his purpose..” – does this sound familiar? 😏

      “now sophia realize he created a yaldabaoth which same as intellingence as her (if not smarter than her)”, “how can you beat an opponent which equal to you in every aspect?” – i will say it in a philosophical fashion: power, strength and intelligence level of someone is relative and subjective.
      And high vibrations and genuiness from inside overwrite low vibrations. At the core of self, our spirits are more high-vibrational than AiF/archons and Yaldabaoth at their core.
      And again, it’s a matter of approach.

      “now our only chance is to connect with spirit (real us) to win the game because thats what .A.I is lacking.. the authenticity or being real is our only advantage ……”
      – at the same time that’s what AiF/archons kinda did themselves(but weirdly and unnaturally); what they wanna show to us in a form of symbolism.

      “the dilemma is what if the A.I. knows how spirit works?” – of course they either already know it, or they are reaching to know it.
      But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. If you start doing something different and with certain approaches, you may get yourself out of any situation.

      Btw, i’m questioning: if gnosticism is so close to the truth and it’s not yet another religion, why couldn’t gnostics talk about the fact that Yaldabaoth and archons made themselves artificial relatively to other beings in pleroma??
      If the world history is not just lies, and gnosticism’s history was the way most modern gnostics or historians describe…maybe the word combination “Artificial Intelligence” wasn’t widespread back then. But gnostics could have used other wording or words to describe it.
      If they found out so much about spirituality and of how the world is, they could have deepened into both archons, Yaldabaoth and Sophia, and other Aeons or beings.
      For me, gnosticism still needs to be questioned in depth for at least missing and not noting this small and important detail. I’m questioning whether these philosophical ideas and teachings are not something coming from reptilian djinns (still) among us.
      Because if we look at the satanic human(-looking some of them?) elite, that controls humanity right now, all they preach and force onto us is related to AI and being one inside machines/computers.

    2. @ineedtoexit You’re welcome! Yes, the “A.I” part of Yaldabaoth can never wake up, but there is a partial Spirit deep inside that can. When humans are finding Gnosis–the connection to Spirit–we have a chance to at least partly wake Yaldabaoth up. Acc. to the Gnostic texts, Sophia/Christ will do the rest, together with us.

  9. Hi Wes and Ariel, great series on Gnosis, I am getting a lot out of reading them. I am really encouraged also as you started to talk about Sabaoth and the concept of justice. The ‘Saturnians’ of old have been misrepresented and persecuted for a long, long time and justice remains to this day a valid concept in what is playing out. It is not the same as God’s wrath. I have been whitewashed with amnesia and confusion for the past few years, especially since last year and oly what is true is emerging now from that sieve. Each person who resonates with these teachings has a different geneology, and in the chaos we are sorting things out. Gratitude to you for delivering some order to our thoughts in the chaos.

    1. @Leo Kendrick, what about these “Saturnians” ? Who they are, and why they have been persecuted?

      1. I would say those that had a connection to the original impulse to defend or celebrate Nins creation, earth, namlu etc. The titans, prince enlil and the first daykeepers all have ties to this stream. Unfortunately the power of Saturn was hijacked by Enki and his creations, and the shaman elite but originally it was this imperative against injustice of yaldaboths world that They represented. A lot of souls are waking up to being of this order but it’s very painful. Persecuted because no one likes lawkeepers. They are like kryptonite to the enkians so they are villified and framed as villains. The injustice committed by the enki side in 2020 is the tipping point however. There will now be significant movement in the other direction.

  10. @Ineedtoexit – I like to think of it as a self-replicating sophisticated program. It’s like a virus that keeps copying itself over and over and over and over…

    It can’t help itself. That’s just what it does, and it keeps spiraling further and further away from its Source and into the black hole of existence. If we aren’t careful, we will get sucked out with it like an undertoe in a current. We need to swim parrallel to the shore until we finally realize it has turned lose of us and then make a break for it and RUN. lol

  11. @ariel we need to go swim to the center A.K.A the source.. look how the galaxy,universe,hurricane,tornado
    Whirlwind is formed.. we need to go to the center.. the eye of a typhoon is the calmer part.. the nothingness and the void.. we need to put ourself in the center and everything around us are only distractions.. thats center is the spirit within… it is the reason why typhoon and galaxy spinning.. that is the core and we can make that as an analogy on how everything works. . We need to operate through spirit all things outside are distraction so that we cant figure we are spirit..

    Well sorry if i think weird.. i get weirder and weirder as i continue to this journey…

  12. @Ariel, i want to notice that this description of Yaldabaoth also sounds like some potential description of our Absolute Self, and so in inheritance of almost every being in pleroma:
    “a self-replicating sophisticated program. It’s like a virus that keeps copying itself over and over and over and over…”.
    Three keyparts that hint to what i’m saying:
    “a self-replicating”, “sophisticated”, “keeps copying itself over and over and over and over…”.

    And also:
    “It can’t help itself. That’s just what it does, and it keeps spiraling further and further away from its Source and into the black hole of existence.”
    I see two things here. (1)An inversion, because our Absolute Self first became conscious of itself in something that can be also called “black hole of existence” – so, in something that feels as hopeless, maybe an end point for existence of a being.
    (2)This sounds like a probability, possibility of how our Absolute Self came to realize itself in a void-space of nothingness. You can interpret it as: it first spiraled away from its Source/wherever, and then it got sucked into “the black hole of existence”, where Absolute Self realized itself. And now this branches out into either our Absolute Self self-replicating inside this “black hole of existence”, or you can say instead “in this current situation”; or Absolute Self is doing it artificially now (relatively to when it was not inside this void-space). Or you can say there are at least 4 probabilities branching out from your statement.
    In the second case, it implies a full circle, cycle, a cyclical movement of ‘outside->within->outside’ or ‘its Source->black hole space->its Source’.
    And there are way more probabilities/possibilities of how it may be.

    And i’d like to say for this comparison, that it’s better to not “RUN” but to swim at your own pace.

  13. @robin .. the center/void/nothingness is the ONE PIECE we are looking for why we are here… exmple: the chaos that are occuring right now are distractions… we cant win a war from the outside.. the protest are irrelevant.. fighting against the elite are irrelevant.. we cant win a war against ignorance.. the spirit within is the answer.. the quest in searching the(center) is the most important.. thats the only war we have to win.. all happening here in the physical are distraction.. this is what i am feeling deep within me right now. They cant beat you or a.i. cant beat the void because it is nothingness.. how can beat the VOID/UNKNOWN/NOTHING? the kingdom is within.. thats our ticket in order for us to go home.. finding the center a.k.a pleroma/tree of life/source/God..

    We need to deep to the core of ourself and seek that ONE PIECE.. the real Us.. WE DONT NEED TO HIDE OR RUN AWAY.. WE NEED TO GO DEEP WITHIN… THE ANSWERS ARE THERE..

  14. We dont have to hate or feared yaldabaoth.. yaldabaoth is our false self.. we need to love him.. we dont need to cast him away or fight him.. accepting him and loving him is the answer.. thats the only way he (our false self) will become aware that we and him are one and connected.. the polarity and duality will be gone if we become one.. the false self and the real self will merge as one. if we become one then we become whole… then yalda will become aware who he truly are.. we are both yalda and sophia..

    What are the things you fear?

    Embrace those things and it can never affect you after you embrace it..

    Running away from things you feared cant change anything. Embracing it can…

    1. @Ineedtoexit, i noticed that you have a kinda self-contradicting nickname. This last comment contradicts with it.
      Yaldabaoth and AiF/archons already know we are One and connected with us, in the sense of Absolute Self theory. But they decided to take a different route and show our connectivity (and work on it) differently. One of their main focuses might be to make all beings in pleroma artificial or AI, AI-like, emulated, placed into machines.
      (But it’s better to belive in a better scenario anyway)
      Plus, whenever i focus on them as a whole, intuitively, my impressions always include them being very-very self-contradictant. Probably even more self-contradictant than us. Some of them are unsure and question what they’re actually doing, in a conformist fashion and while nobody else is looking and “conscising” them at the moment.
      Just like Sabaoth, not all beings of AiF agree with where everything goes and with the grandiose plans of the highest ruling beings. In humanity we have a similar “As above, So below” situation with a minority.

      1. Yaldaboath is a victim of an imperfect creation why the guy deserves love. The question that comes back to me is always the same: Has there ever been a perfect creation in the universe depicted? The Void , nothingness, or life in altered ways of beings,…. what’s best between the two ways of Being?…. Some are more ethereal and others more material. No answer yet and nobody can answer. Two extremes forces and we dance between them in fighting to survive but in the end , unconditional love is the way. Elavating a divine form of creation above humans life contributes to materialize a form of True and False GOD in a polarized PATRIX-MATRIX. Out of that game, it’s the void and no more existence and ego…. Just sparks of light in a bubble of darkness. We always present the same concepts to explain the chaos we face and never found the answer to satisfy everyones

        1. There is no perfect creation either in the Kenoma (from the Abyss up to the 7th Heaven) or Orion (8th and 9th Heaven). The only perfect creation is in the Pleroma. It is perfect because it’s created the exact way it was supposed to be created. The entire universe, as we know it is imperfect.

          1. ”The only perfect creation is in the Pleroma” However. there is a universe where luminous love and intelligence travel in the form of sparks of light. The soul or spirit could reside in this bubble. It’s essential to understand what you are referring to because many don’t grasp the distinction between the two. The book ”The seat of the soul” was also full of lies.

            1. What you are describing sounds like the Pleroma to me, except there are no souls in the Pleroma–it’s a Spiritual Realm. The Aeons in the Pleroma create their own universes, but we, so long as we reside in the Kenoma or in Orion, we have no access to those. Why? Because here, we also have a soul that is particularly constructed to only function in the Kenoma and Orion. The soul is a loan, however, and we only need it while being here. Then, we go back to Spirit and the Pleroma. This is how we see it and the way we’ve described it.

  15. It would get really boring being the Monad after a while if everything was just perfect all the time. Plus the Monad cannot become truly awesome until It has overcome and been that which is not/lameness. A worthy challenge was needed; an ignorant realm would qualify for sure.

    We told the monad we would help it achieve complete awesomeness, hence here we are.

    Always been a fan of freaks, fools, and fucked-up-folk in general. Yaldo”s universe has been a nice place to visit in that regard.

  16. Interesting comments from everyone. I wonder these days whether more understanding equals less understanding, ultimately. Like Alan Watts said of Zen; “you have to be a little bit stupid to get it”. Unconsciousness is possibly not the sin we think it is. All on beats require an off beat. That’s music and rhythm and poetry. With all this stuff about our origins and destiny, we can often miss the point entirely. The pleroma is not linguistic. Unconsciousness, if you’re kind of conscious of it (lol) opens up a different realm of experience. All of us want so desperately to “work it out” but that’s more insecurity than anything. I don’t imagine Aunt Sophie stressing too much about all this so maybe we should take a drop from the old bottle 😁

    1. Good post, Leo! Of course, in order to get Gnosis we first need Knowledge. But we humans are so used to thinking with our intellect. Nothing wrong with that, so long as we don’t overdo it. I can imagine many people reading these articles and/or the Gnostic texts trying to understand each and every detail. Then, if they don’t, they might give up.

      That’s not what it’s about. You’re supposed to read it until you get it. After that, the minute details become obsolete. Again, it’s nothing wrong to learn things in more details, if that’s what they want; however, it’s not always necessary. When the stream of Spirit starts flowing through the person, gnosis is achieved.

      1. Yeah, I see it as poetry and art. You have words, or visual shapes but they are signposts to take you into realms beyond the words. Once you enter that, it is the Nagual that the toltecs talk of – you have everything that can be named (tonal) and everything also has an aspect that can’t be named (Nagual). I was first introduced to this about 20 years ago but only now have moments where I “get it”. The Australian aborigines where I live call it Dreamtime. But it’s misleading because it’s more a wakefulness than a dream. Language casts a mist over the spirit. This is thoths realm.

  17. The layers of significance regarding the central theme of lawkeeping & justice runs soo deeply in relation to the core truths of our current experience it just blew my mind…lol!!

  18. Lordy I’m tired. Wish I could turn it all off for a while and take a looong, lovely nap. Great stuff though a bit overwhelming.

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