Video 60: How Soul Splitting in the Afterlife affects our Daily Lives

August 12, 2018

If we look at the potential of the soul on Earth, it has more or less the same potentials as a non-split soul would have, with a few important exceptions. It was previously believed that we carry our achievements from one lifetime with us onto the next, and therefore, even if we have amnesia, we can subconsciously build on past life experiences on a soul level. If the soul is split, this can’t be achieved because there is no genuine past life. However, we still have ancestral memories from both our parents. This is where intelligence and inherited skills come into the picture—they are not soul memories but genetic memories.

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  1. Wes, I think what has me resisting your train of thought might have something to do with definitions. I would equate “soul” with being, in the sense, that ultimately, you – without any additives – are a verb. Once identity comes into play, we can no longer speak of pure spirit. Inside and outside this vast universe is Being. Set up some windows for Being to look through, and being will immediately be limited in terms of time and space. Now, you can smash some windows between lives and paste them back together in different patterns, but it’s still going to be Being looking through the windows – or, rather, experiencing the various views through the various windows. Up the ante with the game, and give each window the ability to move of its own volition. That confuses things a great deal, makes the game harder to play; but Being remains untouched – looking through the windows, or prisms as they’ve now become. The Goddess has achieved the purpose of this game and set it up to last for a very long time. Very Godlike. No matter how shattered the window Being is looking through becomes, we are still Being. Yes, we want to win the game, and the way to do that is to take the next step. Thank you for helping the team along in such a valuable way. My love and admiration for you and Ariel.

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