Video 59: More on Soul Splitting in the Between Lives Area (Some References)

August 11, 2018

“Many Taoists believe that the vast majority of human beings do not have the capacity to reincarnate intact. They believe that when a soul dies, its consciousness breaks up and later combines with parts of other fragmented souls, thereby reincarnating as a mosaic soul. The idea is also represented in other traditions, especially shamanic ones, where it’s held that a human’s body can be composed from different past lives of various entities. Thus, some Taoists believe that the human desire to become integrated is based on a literal need.”

Transcript to the video


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One comment

  1. Okay im confused. Then how do you explain to the people who remember their past experiences. Does that mean they didnt split their souls like a frankenstein yet and left it the way it is for a short while? I remember who i am and that this earth experience is my first one. Did amnesia not affect me? Would like to know your perspective on this.

    And one last thing which makes me confused alot. If we are an extension of someone else or a split i would say. What does this mean of our personalities? Is it only experiences and nothing more than that? Are we just learning sponges to collect info and experiences and that’s all? Once the learning is all over we will just forget everything/ourselves once we’ll join IT? I dont want that…. I have so many questions id like to ask too but i dont know if bombarding them in your email would be the best approach.
    -with curiosity Vee.

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