Video 57: IMPORTANT! Is the Universe Outside the Matrix a Hierarchy, too?

August 7, 2018

The KHAA, i.e. the Universe outside this Matrix, is Matriarchal, while the Matrix is Patriarchal. In the KHAA, beings live by the concept that everything is feminine in its origin, while on Earth, God is generally masculine. Those who have read the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) know that I substantially wrote about this. Here, is God, and in a sense, he is correct. He is, in certain terms, the creator of this Matrix, and he is the overseer of his creation. In the KHAA, the Divine Feminine (the All That IS or Source) is the ultimate Goddess, and the Queen of Orion is Her in a direct, manifested form. The Queen is the Creatrix of universes and the Overseer of Her Creations…

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  1. Video 57…Is the KHAA (like this Matrix) also hierarchal?

    Very worthy & needed insight a and hopium!

    However, as I ponder your sound logic regarding the surfering bring endured in this experiment, there are 2 bothersome, nagging thoughts I cannot shake.

    1….My belief that ‘the end does NOT justify the means’ (As Communism proposed).

    2…If the ‘FREE WILL’ law of this Universe justifies Queen’s decisions of non interference, how then can it be just when for the Orion Council to permit a creator god like to deny humans trapped in this matrix our free will choices? With the amnesia imposed on this soul group against our will, the choices we have are predetermined and boxed in & certainly this unjust action VIOLATES Queen’s Law. Therefore, is is not unjust that the Orion Council does not put a stop to this.

    Ansel Greer

    1. @Ansel Greer … If I were the Queen, as we usually think of her, I would very much hesitate, too, before interfering. Let’s look at an analogy: Let’s say you try to heal your own emotional wounds from childhood. You send down your thoughts into the realm of darkness (subconscious mind), where the trauma resides, in attempts to address the issues and heal them. You’re all enthusiastic about it, but then it starts getting really uncomfortable and scary. There are “monsters” there that scare the heck out of you. So, what do you do? Two options: you stop looking and go on with your life, or you push through and gain something from it. You transform your own darkness into light.

      This was exactly what Sophia/the Queen did when she sent down her “thoughts” (her “probes”/the human soul group) into the realm of darkness inside HER mind (the physical universe creation). If she comes to rescue us (or basically rescue herself, because we ARE her), she won’t heal and darkness and evil will prevail. As simple as that.

      1. Well, as usual, your logic & simile (subconscious mind) are very helpful. It is the underlying assumptions that are bothersome. First assumption is that the catalyst of ‘SUFFERING’ is the best path to learn, grow expand knowledge of Consciousness. In this matrix, life must kill life to survive & energy must feed upon energy to continue. So then, if we must limit our solutions to the methodologies operating in this dark world, then the experiences of pain, suffering do seem to be required for healing & growth.

        I propose that there must be better solutions if thought can explore outside of the box of this world paradigm & THINK in a new way.

        Secondly, the entire concept that an END result can justify the MEANS (pain, suffering, disease, wars, etc) is, in my opinion, an UNJUST premise & therefore Queen Sophia must lack Wisdom which means, as a soul group we are in deep doo doo.

        1. @Ansel Yes, learning from pain is NOT the best way of learning–that’s how we learn in this dense reality. That you and I have subconscious minds is not a coincident–we are just “smaller units” of the Queen herself. To best understand this, I need to refer to the Gnostic texts. I created two article series on these texts on this blog, but ultimately, it’s best to read the texts themselves: . The realm we are experiencing now is run by because of a “catastrophe” that happened in the beginning of this universe. We are here to help correcting it.

          In the real, intended universe, which I call Orion in my papers, we don’t learn from pain–we learn from being creative, not being reactive to outer threats, like now. So, I agree that this is an unjust premise, and ultimately, it did happen due to a “mistake” Sophia made in her creation, which created the deep VOID of darkness/ignorance.

          1. @Wes Penre. ” ultimately, it did happen due to a “mistake” Sophia made in her creation, which created the deep VOID of darkness/ignorance.”

            I believe the Sophia’s ultimate mistake was to allow her children to experiment on her creation. At this point we set off all living beings towards an increasingly chaotic fall in lower dimensions through time lines.. Yes, Enki is partly responsible and is part of her creation what you consider her worst mistake. Did I understand you well? Different Languages and change in the scenario can confuse us sometimes.
            I must add that not a lot seem grateful for allowing them to be part of this great adventure. They are still looking for the guilty one as kids usually do. The beginning of wisdom starts up when we face our own responsibility in this mess.

            1. Yes, I agree with you. It’s the same thing when we dig into our own subconscious minds and start hitting on our own “personal” inner wounds. What are we going to do? Blame somebody else, hoping the discomfort goes away, or roll up our sleeves? We have free choice to do any of it. But no one is ultimately going to save us except ourselves. We ARE Sophia, taking responsibility for our/her creation. But we weren’t sent down here completely left to our own device. We also have Spirit connected to us, so there would be a connection to the Spiritual Realm (Pleroma). That way, there is always a way back for those who are willing to find it.

              1. Thanks Wes for reminding us of our connection with Spirit & that it is up to us to use that connection to free ourselves from all the pain & suffering & strife. It is too easy for me to get tunnel vision looking with my intellect only when all the solutions lie within.

          2. Thanks for the helpful information. It does make one wonder: could the KHAA (like the Matrix we experience) be just another level of virtual reality where learning continues? It certainly does appear that the Gods (Aeons & such) who created the demi-gods are subject to making some grandiose goof ups. I guess from where we sit the learning curve is infinite or did we as Source Cause just ‘Dream up’ the whole game of life out of boredom?

    2. @Ansel Greer .In my opinion, the Queen disagrees with their claims. They will always find a reason to come between her and the rest of creation. With the destruction of Tiamaat also died a world where suffering was not an essential element to evolve. Planet Earth bath in a low frequency universe. The threat of humanity raising its vibratory rate frightens many as the commanders of Sirius, Enki , the minions and Elite. In a world of compassion, love without wars , their domain will collapse.This is the main reason why they keep transforming the original message and claim that the Queen does’nt intervene because we live in a universe of free choice. It’s Another lie. They refuse to admit their responsibility. They project their guilts on the Queen’s back. In Leaving the Pleroma to experiment on Tiamaat, we sunk into a lower frequency world and this fall led us here. However, their thirst for power and domination has led humanity to the AI paradise they are striving to implement and force us to swallow without our consent. It’s unfair to say that suffering is necessary to become enlighten. Come also with suffering , destruction, lower vibratory rate and power for the same few.

      1. @Anonymous. I think you nailed it down as to the control battle being waged. Without the emotion of Fear, the power of the demi-gods would evaporate. I always wondered why the biblical old testament prophets continuously told us to “fear God” & that “wisdom is fear of The Lord”. Not much (excepting Jeremiah) about Love until Jesus.Humans today are programmed to ‘Obey’ in the name of the god of Fear. The masses of mask wearing, social distancing, self quarantining Sheeple are primed to jump off the cliff when the next manufactured crisis is presented. Buckle up.

  2. we can‘t save this earth or humanity.
    humans act exactly the way they were intended to and there is a game plan that we and the whole physical universe follow.
    humans were never intended to be perfect and will never be! and we are not humans we just choose to inhabit them to experience their lives and and life on this crazy planet.
    humans as manifested beings and never had free will it’s just an illusion!
    humanity follows a script a story that is already written and as souls were choosing roles in this drama.
    this creation will get destroyed as well as the rest of the physical universe and after a period of rest creation will be manifested again.
    its an eternal cycle the wheels Wes has also talked about.

    1. @Delia. Your key point that “we are not humans” is central to your assertion that ‘the belief that ‘humans have free will is a delusion’.

      I agree that humans don’t (have free will) but WE do! Our belief that this human body is US (in my understanding) is the biggest & most effective (to keep us in bondage) lie the demi-gods have fed us .

      In ACIM (A Course In Miracles) there is a section of text titled ‘The Hero of The Dream’ which expands upon your premises which I believe are on track.

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