Video 172: Vertical Time and Reincarnation

Most people think of reincarnation in one of two different ways; 1) the soul is one separate unit, and when she exits the body after death, she goes through the tunnel and eventually reincarnates into a new life, or 2) we live multiple lives simultaneously in different time periods, and when a person dies, it’s only one of many aspects of the soul that goes to the Between Lives Area (BLA) and gets reincarnated—each soul fraction lives her own life, independent of the other fractions.


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  1. Seeing this video again, made a lot more sense than the first time I had watched it. Definitely believe the Queen of Orion is trying to help us.

  2. This is a great article. There is another woman named Soverign Ki who talks about a feeling of being harvested, where she is pulled out of her body almost sideways. I think I remember Wes stating in the forum somewhere if this were to happen to look up and spot the grid and intend to exit this way. If they intend to harvest us Im wondering if it will be that abrupt and automatic. Interestingly enough, Soverign Ki has also had a NDE and when she “died” she went straight to the KHAA and describes it as Wes does where everything is dark and like water but then after she adjusted her eyes she realized where she was and with excitement was going to explore, but then she was resuscitated.

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