Video 208: Q&A Session #47

Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: If we live in a simulation/Patrix, how are the authentic souls able to connect to the KHAA through your Higher Self?  I’ve never really understood that.

QUESTION 2: What does the concept of free will encompass? If we agree to something and then regret it, doesn’t free will also have a part there or are we bound by our choices to such a degree that we cannot change them, given there is time to regret before a point of no return, such as stepping into another life cycle? I wonder this because there are cases where souls have incarnated into a fetus, but then not followed through, which subsequently resulted in a stillborn child. This has also happened after birth; the soul doesn’t return and the child dies.

QUESTION 3: I’ve been thinking about those of us who decided to remain after the Deluge. I know things were misrepresented to us. Were we brave? Adrenaline junkies? Adventurous? Stubborn? Naive? What do you think separated us from Namlu’u who had had enough and returned to Orion?

QUESTION 4: Are our immediate family, down to our ancestors, part of our Soul/Fire family?

QUESTION 5: ‘The Namlu’u differ because we have the Queen’s direct soul energy and Her direct connection to Spirit, aka Source’, you say in the last Q&A. Why is it that we have to develop ourselves if we are this?

We have a direct connection to Spirit, so we are already complete. Perhaps not as human beings but as soul energy. Isn’t that the trap in the matrix; thinking that you have to develop yourself to a ‘better’ and more spiritual being?

The human life is just an experience, just as you are an actor in a movie. You don’t have to develop yourself to a better person if you are playing a bad character in that movie. You only have to step out of the movie and you are as perfect as you have always been. Do I see that wrong?

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  1. I tried to search the site for my question for an answer because I am sure someone has asked the same thing, Once we are through the hole in the grid where doe we go from there, will we run into some strange looking being wondering how we got there? will we enter somewhere where we might not be invited? Will all memories come back? is it possible someone there knows who we are and has been waiting? or will we be in shock in awe from seeing the greater universe.

  2. 🌹💙 Great Q&A as always Wes and Ariel. I’m very grateful. I have a question; I sent it in about a month ago but it hasn’t been answered, so I’ll ask it again here: I believe that it’s up to us to get ourselves through the grid—it being a freewill thingy—but once through the grid, I feel we will be able to receive assistance from either Our Queen or Orión, should we desire it. In order to receive that assistance, should we in the meantime, give permission for that assistance to be rendered then? Or would assistance be rendered by our thinking the desire to receive, it as soon as one is past the grid? Bright Blessings Friends! 🌞🙏.

  3. Great Q and A @wespenre . I learned a lot from how our souls work on Planet Earth and more. 🙂 I wonder what kind of soul am I? Sometimes I feel that I am a mix of Namlu’u original Human soul with a mix of other Star Being soul. Is strange right?

    1. As they already mentioned what you feel maybe due to inherited memory star beings can be humanized after all though don’t trust your feelings that much sometimes despair comes as a happiness, joy but if you look closely you may see malignancy behind them however if you still have yourself good luck you never know what may happen.

      1. There are two good guidelines to follow that have helped me a LOT: listen to your intuition and trust it (coming from Genuine Soul and Spirit) and use discernment (logical thinking). This way you work with both logic and intuition. We need to learn how to get in touch with ourselves on a deeper level than is the norm among humans.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. Somehow our intuition is like our guardian angel so to speak. I couldn’t tell you how many times I wishI had trusted my gut feeling. Also how many times I wish I had listened to it but still went ahead in a wrong way.

    2. Hi MaddyMaddie! I understand it’s hard to know who we really are because of everything we’ve experienced over time in this Matrix. While operating in the Matrix, both Namlu’u souls and souls from other star races have feelings, emotions, love, compassion, and empathy. Out in the KHAA, star races more of less lack emotions as we know them but do have feelings. Because the Invaders took advantage of our range of emotions and used them to trap us and embedded them in the physical body, everybody with a physical body will have emotions.

      The trick is to figure out; do I have emotions on a core level or are my emotions just “reactive?” We can’t really tell who we are until we start knowing ourselves on a deep level. The way to do that is to heal emotional wounds from childhood and adolescence. After a while, we can distinguish between what is the artificial/reactive soul and what is the TRUE us. When a person can distinguish better, they will come to insight; “do I have innate emotions? Am I a very loving, compassionate, and empathetic being at my core?” If they feel they are, there is a big chance they are a Namlu’u. On occasion, a person just “knows” whether he/she is a Namlu’u or not, but that’s not the norm…

    3. MaddyMaddie….I forgot to mention; you can’t be both a Namlu’u soul and a soul from another star race–it has to be either or…

      1. Hi @Wespenre, I actually am very empathetic and really connect with the human and even animal (such as cats and dogs) emotions. Cats and dogs know I understand them for some reason and look at me and purr and caress my hands, for example. I guess I am a Namlu’u soul, after all, who is just sick and tired of being harmed by the Overlords and the evils on planet Earth. I feel like I might have been one of the Shaman Namlu’u En Ki aka Fallen Angel from Orion, son of mother Sophia had taught. I feel it inside me very much but have forgotten most of it. (Is Sophia our mother of the Universe of Orion also Mother Mary too, or is it relating to Ishta or Nin Har Sag? Who is also the lover of En Ki and daughter of MiKhaael (St. Michael the Arch Angel)? I do not want to say Ishta’s other name because it is the name of the other negative on Earth; I want to understand if I am making sense here. Lol! I do not know why I saw I was a Lyran in my Vivid dream and awakening? Maybe it is me in the future? Perhaps is the being that woke me? I do not understand? Lol! I sound nuts and confusing, right? I never had such a vivid dream like this. My first one was when my mother in law passed away, and she came into my dream; she was young and vibrant.

        1. Sophia is the Gnostic name for the Queen (the Mother), but the Gnostic texts are distorted, although they contain some truth, as I know it. Ninhursag is another title for the Queen, but that title was hijacked by Isis, who took the Queen title in this Matrix. Mary is also a title for the Queen that has been hijacked. The daughter of Archangel Michael (Ninurta) is Isis.

          I am not saying you are a Lyran–only that it’s not impossible. The Lyrans were here, helping the Queen to build the Tiamaat Construct, and some of them were trapped here after the Invasion. Your traits can be both Lyran and Namlu’u, as I see it.

          BTW, you make a lot of sense….

          1. Thank you @wespenre for your thorough answer. I can see Ishta seems jealous of the prime creator Queen of universes and wants to keep us new humans confused as the rest of the overlords who rule planet Earth in disguise if the 1% inbreed hybrids.

  4. Wes and Ariel ,in answer to the question part 2 you have mention those people with profound disabilities are those so called advanced humans well I have a sister who has physical disabilities.
    Even if it is ,how it can be helpful to my mother ,she is already traumatized by her so called siblings, her husband now her daughter how it can be helpful she is more drained i don’t think she is having any help. l myself has to bear such pain unwanted thoughts make me feel malicious ,loonliness. Now this .please tell me is it really true or there is more .am l seeing things.

    I don’t understand anything of this why i am so pathetic .
    If l were a creator god i will never create such experiment which involves beings i don’t want tragedy .
    I do know i don’t understand them any of them .
    Everything is a lie even me .

    1. Dude, that’s stinking- thinking. Your freaking awesome and super cool. Believe that with all your heart and you’ll see that stress evaporate with ease even in the most dire of circumstances.

      I’m constantly around people with disabilities. One man in particular i help every day has an IQ of 68. Like wes penre most of what he says is total nonsense-lol. But if you know how to listen to these people they will drop some very profound wisdom.

      The other day this man was speculating. He said, “what if The planet sat-urn is like a CD” Every time the matrix completes a revolution Saturn gets a new ring.

      Listen to your sister. People with disabilities are so sharp and intuitive. Its a natural gift they posses which compensates for their lack of other abilities be they physical or mental.

      1. “The other day this man was speculating. He said, “what if The planet sat-urn is like a CD” Every time the matrix completes a revolution Saturn gets a new ring.”

        That’s pretty profound!

        1. I’d rather listen to a raving lunatic over an academic any day of the week. Why? Everything appears to be inverted. So the lunatic has more to teach me than does the academic.

  5. Question: are the matrix/patrix is the trap or it is our conciousness is trap because of false self/ego..?

    Can we bypass this trap by purifying our conciousness and realizing what is false while we are here on earth?

    Why we humans always want a magical power and abilities to make us forget how to be human being? We are human and its good if we develop ourself to be the best version of human…

    I heard the tunnel of light is being destroyed, no more trap system now..
    I dont know who removed it and how.
    Could it be they have build another trap to change the old trap? Could it be the hole in the grid is the new trap?

    Lastly, what if our enemy is ourself not satan,sirians or any ET? What if we acquired a virus of conciousness thats why we act like a hive mind and we are acting like one but all infected of this virus of conciousness? And if we act opposite from the hive mind/society we are labeled as insane..

    For me its too easy when we decide to exit through the grid. .. i sometimes think thats a lazy way.. we need to work to expand our awareness and purify our conciousness to defeat the false self.. i suspect that is the best way..

    Thank you for this Q&A..

    1. It’s both. We’re trapped in our own beliefs and belief systems and letting the artificial soul (false self/ego) control our lives. But it’s also technology involved, e.g. the silver cord that keeps the soul connected to the body until the body dies, and the artificial soul layers (light-bodies) that keeps us limited even in the afterlife, unless we go through the Grid.

      We are bypassing the trap incrementally as we learn how things are set up here and how it works. But regardless of how we accomplish this, there is one common denominator–the physical body must die before we can leave the Matrix. Why? Because we won’t take the physical body with us through the Grid.

      We probably want magical powers because that’s who we are. when we were namlu’us on Tiamaat, we did have “magical” powers. Subconsciously, some people remember that.

      I haven’t seen any evidence that the tunnel of light is destroyed, so I can’t say yes or no to that. I do believe that it WILL be destroyed, once humanity is all trapped in the Singularity. By then, we will be “immortal” and completely stuck in the Cloud. There will be no more death and no more escape, either, in a foreseeable time. So yes, there will be a new trap.

      I am convinced that the enemies, so to speak, are the Sirians and the Orion rebel faction.

      It’s a good thing to work on ourselves while we’re still incarnated–the more non-beneficial beliefs we can get rid of, the better. The artificial soul, however, will be dissolved when we exit the Grid. It can’t survive in those vibrations.

      1. Hmmm very interesting… i really love the things which are opposite to what im believing.. i love challenges.. its shaken me but at tge same time its exciting… sometimes its heartbreaking when you realized your belief system is a big hoax.. thank you.. i need to grow from here..

    1. That’s how it’s set up. Some people have deja vu, where they get the feeling that they’ve experienced a certain thing before, i.e. they get a flash of a previous reincarnation in the same life cycle. It wasn’t meant to be that way–there was meant to be no death in anyway and we were supposed to accomplish the goal of the Experiment in one go. But when the Overlords/Invaders took over, changed the rule set for the Experiment, so he gave us amnesia and had us being recycled over and over in the same time loop until we “learned our lessons.” Not at all to our benefit.

      We will learn, but we learn slowly because we don’t remember mistakes we did in previous lives and are therefore prone to make most of them again. It’s only the small changes we might make in each lifetime that propels us forward. But even then, we will not be able to leave.’s plan is to use us as shields and batteries in a war against Orion eventually. So, the only solution I see is to leave this Matrix altogether through a hole in the Grid, as we’ve discussed in the Wes Penre Papers, articles, and in videos…

  6. Has anyone ever read Anastasia, (The Ringing Cedars) books? Its a great read and I read them before I found Wes, and it is obviously about the Namaluu (Aryans). AND, I was just about to purchase the series for my nephew and re-read the description that is takes place in Siberia! She also talks about a future human like the greys in the book. But now after reading Wes papers its coming full circle. Just thought I would share.

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