Video 141: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 7 Spirit and Soul

Spirit is eternal and it is this part of us to which some refer to as being “asleep” or awake. Spirit is weak or strong, at various levels of operation, depending upon how much you have woken up this Divine aspect of yourself. Spirit is that part of you which allows you to connect to the Spirit of others. It is that part of you from which your intuition and guidance, compassion and understanding, growth and consciousness springs forth. Your Spirit is that part of you which is your Higher Self. When you connect to the Spirit of another Spirited being, your Spirits are in harmony. Your Spirits enhance and encourage the wakening process for each other and the combining of these Spirits is an increase, never a decrease in vibration or draining of energy.

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  1. Thank you for this video. Everything said resonates deep in my heart as if I always knew but didn’t know at the same time. It is a great joy getting the confirmation of what I was looking all my life for: who I really am where do I come from and where I will go. If there is one thing I am certain now is that I AM A SPIRIT AND A FREE SOUL and no matter this Patrix does to keep me enslaved this is no more POSSIBLE. Now I know who I am. Thank you Wes. When I reached 4 years ago on a page mentioning your name I was told that it’s not by mistake because I was ready to discover the TRUTH and accept another perspective from what I was used to. HARD WORK from your side but also hard work for people like me to follow you on this journey as with more texts more references mentioned to be read and explored that finally opened my horizon and filled my heart with the desire to know more and a fascinating thirst for GOING HOME.
    Great THANK YOU.

  2. How to recognise who has only soul? I wonder if my partner has spirit or is he just ‘a suit’? He’s deep asleep.

    1. It can be very difficult to notice who has a genuine spirit and who has not. Humanity at large is, and has been disconnected from Spirit for a very long time.It’s there, but it’s a disconnect. We’re going through soul loops over and over and we don’t connect with our Higher Self (Spirit). A person who might seem very much “asleep” can sometimes experience something that puts them on the spiritual path, and they eventually connect.

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