Gnosis Part 3: The Pleroma–The Spiritual Universe

By Wes Penre, May 18, 2020
[Revised: May 20, 2020]

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Before any creation was the Monad. Some people call the Monad the Father, All That Is, Source, First Source, The Divine Feminine, Oneness, or just God or the Goddess. “Mon” in Monad means one, single, or alone, The Monad is unfathomable because it has always been there and exists beyond any measure of time, and there was no one before It. It just “is,” and as soon as we try to define it, it becomes a distortion—in that sense the RA Material is correct when they talked about distortion. It can’t be understood from any perspective outside Itself. If we say that the Monad has always been, we are adding time to the equation, which takes away from what It/Isness really is.

Everything that exists in the Creation “extended” from the Monad in form of emanations, and therefore, as emanations, no one and nothing can comprehend the entire concept of the Oneness of the Monad. The Monad is all good, in the sense we perceive “good” (and more), but It is void of evil. Good and evil are terms that were added after emanations and creation, as will be discussed later.

In the Wes Penre Papers (the WPP), I attributed the Monad/Source to the Divine Feminine and therefore being feminine in nature. The reason for this was because it’s the feminine that gives birth—not the masculine, but many of the Gnostics interpreted the Monad differently. The way we human look at it, feminine is receptive—it’s an inward motion, while the masculine is projecting, which is an outward motion. If you form something, it’s feminine, and if you will and execute something, it’s masculine. Masculine/feminine has nothing to do with gender—it has to do with whether something is directed outwards or inwards. When we create, our creation first comes as a thought inside us—an idea, a concept, or a vision. We could say that we receive an idea and create it in our minds first. Then, for a creation to manifest, we need to direct our intentions outwards. The latter is the masculine side of us—it projects outwards. As we can see, every human being, whether we are males or females, inhabit both these motions. This is what is called androgyny, and this is what was discussed in the Wes Penre papers, making us humans androgynous, regardless of gender.

In the Gnostic Gospels, the Monad is referred to as the Father, and the main reason for this is because the First Emanation of the Monad was an outward motion, and thus, considered a masculine motion. Because no one can fathom the Monad in Its Wholeness, it’s impossible to know how that First Emanation happened within the Monad. What we know is that the First Emanation was directed outward as an “extension” of the Monad (God). The Universe, as we think of it, being a later creation, is feminine in nature, however, just like I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). But we’ll get to that…

What we need to understand is that describing the Spiritual Universe perfectly is not possible from our current human perspective—we simply have no appropriate words for it—it can, at best, just be a concept inside ourselves. Thus, all we can do is to try to explain it in human terms, in order to create a common understanding.

However, our concept of the Monad is that it’s neither feminine, nor masculine—it’s neuter. If the Monad is Isness (It just is), it can’t be defined, and can therefore not be defined as masculine or feminine.

The Gnostics are using the word emanation rather than creation when it comes to the appearance of the Aeons. Emanation is when you bring forth your essence. Creation is when you use your essence/emanation from the Monad to create something new. But we must use emanation to create. What you do with your Light becomes the creative part (we humans are creator gods to begin with, as discussed in the Wes Penre Papers).

There is another possible reason why many Gnostic called the Monad the Father. About 2,000 years ago, when most Gnostic texts were written down, women/females were not to be considered Divine or elevated in any form—it was reserved for men. Thus, in order to still get the Gospels out to as many as possible, many Gnostics might have taken a masculine approach to the Monad.

If you read the original Gnostic texts (which we hope you will), you will see the Monad often being referred to as He, but because this is not our perspective, we are going to refer to All That Is as the Monad, Source, or It.

The Emanation of the Aeons

In the beginning, the Monad created Its first spiritual “offspring” in the Pleroma—the Pleroma being the Spiritual Realm that existed long before any physical universes—it’s the totality of the Monad. It is the Realm of Pure Spirit. It encompasses everything, including matter and what we call the Matrix.

In simple terms, it says in most of the Gnostic texts that a Thought (also called the Word) emanated from the Monad’s “mind”.

The First Emanation, originating as a thought/word from the Monad, being an outward motion, is a masculine force, but this First Emanation could not take shape or form in the Monad unless it had a recipient, i.e. a feminine counterpart. Therefore, at the same “time” as the masculine emanation extended from the Monad’s mind, a feminine emanation came about to receive this thought. This became the first syzygy, or androgynous, Spiritual Emanation of the Monad; but there were more to come. These emanations are called Aeons in the Gnostic texts (Aeon translates to “age” or “lifetime” in Greek). These emanations were not only created for the Monad Itself, but also to have the ability to exist for themselves. The Monad gave them insight of Itself, as well, knowing that It exists.

In many of the Gospels (gospel meaning “good news”), the Aeons glorified and praised either the Monad and/or the Aeon that begat them (the Aeon that was “before” them). This has nothing to do with worship but is rather expressions of gratefulness for having been created. This glory and praise, in the Christian religion, turned into worship, which is a distortion of the original concept of glory and praise.

In the majority of the Gnostic texts, the Aeons are presented as coming in pairs and being androgynous in nature (a masculine and feminine form coming together in a sort of “merge,” but still being separate; thus, creating a zygote). Their counterpart is also called consort, which is important to remember, if we want to compare these texts with the Wes Penre Papers, where the term consort is often used to describe the relationship between other-worldly beings, rather than marriage. How all this works in the Spiritual Realm, which is supposedly void of energy, is unknown to us, but this is how the Gnostics described it—possibly in order to being able to communicate these difficult subjects to other humans. It’s one thing to get a concept inside our own Spirit (our Highest Self) of the Pleroma and the Aeons, and a completely other thing to try to express it in words.

Both the Monad Itself and the masculine part of the First Emanation are called Bythos in the Valentinus Gnostic System, which we will refer to in this case, and the feminine consort is called Barbelo, or Sige, in some Gnostic teachings. The Monad/Bythos was the One who emanated what became the zygote called Bythos/Barbelo because Bythos, the Monad, in Its emanated Thought, is Barbelo’s consort, making Her in direct connection with Source.  Thus, Barbelo could be said to be the ultimate Divine Feminine of the Monad’s Emanations, and Bythos is the ultimate Divine Masculine. This androgynous pair, Bythos and Barbelo, is often also called the Mother-Father by the old Gnostics because they were the first begotten of the Monad.

It’s important to bear in mind that Aeons are not aliens or beings, as we know it. Thus, Bythos and Barbelo are not two different “entities;” they are merely two aspects of the same Aeon, being emanations of the Monad’s Thought/Word, as discussed earlier. Also, we need to change our concept of what mother, father, sister, and brother really means from a non-physical perspective. When we hear those words, we usually think of them from a physical perspective, such as physical marriage and physical children, which is very misleading when we transfer these concepts into the non-3-D realms. There, we are talking about emanations of Spirit and/or soul (souls being for a later article). This is also precisely what we have tried to convey in our videos regarding Marduk and Thoth being soul emanations of

Aeons are Pure Spirit, where each one of them has a certain characteristic, or characteristics attached to them, which they work with and expand upon. They have no essential physical form or shape but are Pure Water and Light (more about that in a moment). They still can, when appropriate, take any etheric form they wish, to, for instance, deliver a message.

Barbelo’s characteristics are Thought, Foreknowledge, Indestructibility, Eternal Life (like with all Aeons), and Truth. From the Thought of the Father-Mother (Bythos-Barbelo), another pair of Aeons emanated, who in their turn emanated onto an additional Aeon, and so on, as the previous Aeon’s mind expanded. All these Aeons were created in pairs and were assigned their own Realm of existence within the Pleroma, where they could utilize and expand upon their own unique characteristics. Depending on which Gospel we read, there are different opinions on how many of these aeonic pairs there are. Some texts mention twelve aeonic pairs, others mention up to thirty, and in the gospel, The Sophia of Christ, the Aeons are “without number.” The number of Aeons are not so important—we just need to understand what the Aeons are and that these are the emanations of Spirit that inhabit the Spiritual Universe, which the Gnostics call the Pleroma. For the sake of what I learned while writing the Wes Penre Papers, we will work with that there are twelve Aeons. It corresponds the best with previous material, where twelve is also an important number to the Queen of Orion. Together, all the Aeons contain the knowledge and Gnosis of the Monad, as much as these Aeons, with their combined characteristics, can perceive of God, who is Perfect in the sense that It is All That Is—nothing is lacking in It. However, as soon as something is created from It, it becomes a “distortion,” as mentioned earlier, i.e. a descension from the All, and the Light becomes a little dimmer.

The Aeon Pistis Sophia

The last Aeon that was created was called Sophia, or Pistis Sophia, where pistis means faith and Sophia means wisdom. She is the only Aeon who can self-reflect. The other Aeons are also fully capable of thinking, but they are reflecting back to the Monad instead of onto themselves. They accepted their characteristics and their lot in the Pleroma, but Sophia, being Wisdom, could reflect onto herself. This was and is her nature. Sophia’s masculine consort is Thelètos, who is characterized by Desire, Willed or Longed-for.

Sophia’s characteristics are Wisdom and Faith. Because she is the last Aeon that was emanated, thus making the Pleroma complete, she also had the potential to encompass the different characteristics of all the other Aeons before her, so that she had the potential to conceive of all their personal experiences, which all together result in Wisdom. Before her, the Aeons did not think or operate beyond their own characteristic traits, and therefore, Sophia is the only one who can gain Wisdom from all the Monad’s emanations. However, although Wisdom is one of her characteristics, and Faith the other, it means she has Faith in the Monad and that It exists, but she does not know the nature of the Monad—her desire, coming from her masculine consort, is to find Wisdom through curiosity and desire, meaning she didn’t have all this wisdom to begin with—only the potential to gain it. She was created with the desire to find this Wisdom—something we humans can relate to, as well—humans being emanations of Sophia’s spiritual essence.

Here we need to explain what Water and Light are, for greater comprehension. Water is, according to the Gnostics, the feminine aspect of Spirit, and Light is the masculine, essentially emanating from the Monad through the Aeons. Therefore, most ancient texts, including the Wes Penre Papers, particularly The Fifth Level of Learning, talk about the Universe being made of water, which is quite literally true. Barbelo, being the first feminine aspect, is water. The will of the Monad is Light. Water is the body of Life, which is also why our physical bodies are made of about 80% water ( Water and Light are important to understand in order to grasp upcoming articles. Consider the following analogy:

It’s easy to think of the Pleroma as being hierarchical, but it’s nothing of the sort. Each Aeon is equally important because altogether they form Completeness or Fullness, which is the Pleroma, which is the Monad. Instead of thinking of the Aeons in a descending order of power and importance, like in a hierarchal structure, we might visualize the Pleroma as an emanation “outwards” in a plane structure, consisting of outwardly created concentric rings or circles. A conceptional way of perceiving it would be if you drop a droplet or a rock into a pond (water). This will start a ripple effect, creating concentric circles outward. Each circle represents the realm of an Aeon, until we come to the last ripple, which would be the realm of Sophia (see picture below). I am not saying that this is how it “looks like;” it’s just one way of visualizing it.

Concentric circle

Instead of calling the Monad the Divine Feminine, it would be more correct, from the Wes Penre Paper’s perspective, to call the Aeon, Sophia, the Divine Feminine, as we shall see later in this series, because we will learn that the human soul group, as portrayed in the WPP, is directly connected with Sophia. On a “larger” scale, we could also call Barbelo, as the first Emanation the ultimate Divine Feminine because she emanated before Sophia. With that said, it is the Aeon Sophia that is referred to as the Divine Feminine in the WPP.

In the next article we are going to explain how Sophia created the Universe that I called the KHAA in the Wes Penre Papers, and how she descended from the Pleroma and into the material universe. It’s this part of Sophia—the descension—that I called the Queen, the Orion Queen, the Queen of the Stars, and the Mother Goddess in the WPP.


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  1. 🌹💙 If the Monad—which was first—is all good and void of evil—from where did evil originate? Wouldn’t the concept (or at least the potential) of evil reside within the Monad? Or will this be discussed later! TY 🌞🙏.

    1. YES! and Yes, this will be discussed later, but we can discuss aspects of it, now, to give you something to ponder, if you’d like. Please feel free to add your own thoughts about it. 🙂

      Here is *my* take on it, and I am not an authority on this, so do take it with a grain of salt…

      Short answer: Ignorance or Not knowing “gave birth” to evil.


      Long answer: In the Wholeness or Fullness of Creation, in which all things are known and accounted for, eventually, in a descending cascade of generations, as the Monad began to Know Itself, it arrived at the inevitable…the first question. Instead of “I am…”, a state of being was generated which asked, “What am I?”

      A desire appeared where no desire had existed previously because everything had been fulfilled. This desire immediately emanated a contradiction to “all knowing”. It created an emanation that was representative of a lack of knowledge. It was an “unfertilized egg” or an inconceived or half-creation. An emanation which was lacking conception. However you want to visualize, process, or interpret this…all of them are just metaphors for something that cannot be described with words. We do the best we can, though. Ultimately, it was a Void or Emptiness.

      How can the ALL KNOWING *not* know something? How can Emptiness or Void exist within Fullness? It can’t, and so this emanation was kept separate from its Source so as not to corrupt the ALL KNOWING and to not corrupt the Ignorance that was created, as well. Ignorance needs to be experienced and explored just as all the others. No emanation being more important or less than any other. This was not a mistake, in my opinion, just an inevitable realization that was ultimately bound to happen the further away from Source these generations expanded. We can call it a descension, of sorts. Everything descends or expands out from Source, the way I see it.

      We exist in this area of creation formed of Ignorance/desire/longing/Void. When we think of “evil”, it might help to think of it as ignorance or lack of Spirit (as we have been discussing). The further away we get from that Light Source, the darker we become until we can learn how to be our OWN Light (and a light for others). What causes people to do the things they do that we consider evil? I know what I think, but I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about that and hopefully you will find your answers. Just keep asking, “why?” and I think you will. 🙂

      1. 🌹💙 It is my thought that if Divine Feminine wanted to “fully know” herself—which is why she sent forth emanations to begin with—how could she not know of evil? Or at least the potential for it. The desire to “know thyself” encompasses not only the good, but the bad and the ugly, as well as the awareness of “uncertainty,” which by the way includes ignorance.
        I’m not saying Divine Feminine is evil, but I am saying that she had/has the potential to know evil. I can’t conceive her as only being a “goody-two-shoes” (I don’t say that disrespectfully), or incomplete, or so naive as to not know of evil. I myself know of evil, but that doesn’t mean I choose to act upon or carry out evil.
        To “know thyself” must include a balance of both spectrums—at least the awareness of them, even between those two extremes—which includes the ignorance of “not knowing” what to expect (a form of ignorance), because it had not yet happened. Divine Feminine had to be aware that endless possibilities could result, and I do feel she is nevertheless responsible for them. 🌞🙏. PS: If Divine Feminine is truly “Source,” then she is the Source for everything, even for the (dormant) germ for evil. 🤔.

    2. I have simple thoughts about your excellent question. 1 Duality is part of the lie generated by the Patrix. A significant portion of the AIF’s efforts in regards to the human soul group is to split our group self and unique self up into as many parts as possible. Duality of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong keep humanity lost in a thick fog of “what was I thinking” and “where am I exactly?” “Oh yeah, I need to detect evil and be good, got it.;” There is no evil or good, just free will and 100% responsibility. When a human is suffering, it is easy to hand them a compass that lets them point out the cause of their pain, like the government, the Illuminati, Aliens, and even the AIF. That is not to say, that all of those groups have their own exploitive agendas, but you have to consent. You have to agree. Thank you for your question.

  2. Discussions about “Before there was anything, there was the…” I am an ignorant loosh bag, who is currently doing consecutive life sentences for the last 350k years. If I could only peep out of the Matrix into the Khaa for a solid, memorable moment, then I’d get more excited about “what else, what’s next” And though I do my best to purge my beliefs every chance I get (except for Santa Klaus and the Tooth Fairy), I still hang on to a vague belief that what I’m experiencing currently is a bad movie with a playing time of 70-100 years or so. I can’t even get up for popcorn because not only am I watching the movie but somehow I’m in it as well.
    Thank you of course for posting the writing, I have a browser reader and though I don’t have your voice installed (that would be kewl), I can still listen to it. I find listening allows me to do other things with my mind as well, like compare what I’m hearing to my most and least likely personal beliefs about what “it’s” all about.
    I love the Nag Hammadi/Gnostic texts and the constructs they present. I really love Sophia, but if Sophia is really just an aspect of the Monad – the all, the Alpha and Omega, then she’ couldn’t be separate from The First Cause or the Father-Creator of Aeons, but so many stories, even some of yours, Wes make her sound like she crash landed into or out of the context referred to as the pleroma. Into that which is not the Pleroma. So was this like that which can only be referred to as it’s aspects dipping it’s toe in the pool, to experience non-Pleroma or am I missing the point?

    1. @Bruce “then she’ couldn’t be separate from The First Cause or the Father-Creator of Aeons, but so many stories, even some of yours, Wes make her sound like she crash landed into or out of the context referred to as the pleroma.”

      Then we have failed to convey Her accurately to you because this is not our viewpoint of Her, at all.

      What got my attention the most in your comment wasn’t that, though. It was this – Why do you refer to yourself as an “ignorant loosh bag”? I interpret this to be something derogatory by the context of your comment. Why do you insult yourself and put yourself so down? I can imagine that if this is what you feel for yourself, then this is what you will see around you. No, from that vantage point, there will be no “peek” at what is beyond this hell-hole – you’re right. You are also right that you have to consent to or agree to either stay there or pick yourself up out of it. I’ve been in that hole. I didn’t like what I saw. I changed the reflection of the world around me by changing my reflection in the mirror. I love reading your comments, Bruce. I always have.

      1. Unless Bruce was speaking in jest, or attempting self-deprecating humor, yes that would be true. Bruce definitely writes the best posts I read every word too.

        Bruce dude, if you by chance are feeling blue….try taking that’s which you don’t like and building an identity of awesomeness around it. Believe that shit bro!!! Your fucking cool dude, keep it up.

        1. Thank you. More like irony than jest. I see people every day suffer because they cannot stop their reactions that feed the Patrix. For those that are close to me, I work hard to strike a balance between wanting something for them more than they want it themselves (liberation) and respecting/accepting their free will. I don’t take it personally anymore when someone doesn’t wake up even if I’m gently guiding them to an easy vantage point to do so. One of my teachers this lifetime pointed out that often the reason we try to fix someone else is a misguided way to attempt to fix ourselves. Thank you all for your wonderful positive feedback.

      2. Hi Ariel,
        Thanks for the reply. My self-denigrating comment was a demonstration of perspective. In the context of the Patrix that is the intention (loosh bag) and often the entire arc of a human’s Patrix life. I’ve worked for sometime now to reduce my loosh-factor or make myself untasty to that element of Patrix “life”, but often I will read or hear a comment in this community or communities likes this where that huge part of the function of the Patrix is side stepped as if once you know about the Khaa, the Divine Feminine, etc, you are exempt from the self-responsibility of your own peace and self-love because you have the “key”.
        I don’t focus on loosh or loosh collectors because that (as you pointed out) follows the “Where attention goes energy flows” dynamic. I make the distinction between the awareness of something and focusing on something. Apologies for misleading you or any reader, I don’t experience myself as an “ignorant loosh bag”, though I am keenly aware there is so much I still don’t know, am not aware of so the “ignorant” part is accurate. I don’t feel ignorant as a comparison of my fellow man, but our current meta-context. All the information in the world today and how many of the human soul group have any kind of awareness of what Wes and you openly share? Perhaps though as we move toward the Singularity, the desperation of the AIF will create opportunities for much larger clusters of humans to attain a liberating perspective.
        I would appreciate any correction of my misunderstanding about the “crash landing” out of the Pleroma, thank you for pointing that out.
        Thank you for the compliment and I ALWAYS enjoy hearing your responses and contributions.

        1. Thank you, Bruce. I understand where you are coming from, now.

          Sophia will be the next article and I am writing it, so I am happy to discuss any questions or clarify anything that is confusing or unclear. I’ll try my best to make it as simple as possible.

          It is no wonder that so many people are confused when the truth has been so corrupted here! I am very eager to show CLEARLY how everyone can distinguish what information has been corrupted and what has not. That will be the article after Sophia. I am going to expose Thoth so that all of you will be able to know him when you read information that is coming from him. I hope to give all of you “new eyes”. My intention is to show you (all of you) how to not be fooled, and if this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

          Our minds (Wes and I) have been totally blown out by what we are currently working on, and we hope (in all goodness) that all of you will have your minds blown as well. We need to get the hell out of here. Thank you for your interest and participation. We appreciate you. 🙂

          1. I love you both and you have my consent to blow my mind. I’m quite intrigued.


          2. Hi! The articles “Gnosis Part 1, 4, & 5” are all unavailable (“page not found” when you click it. Is there any way this can be fixed or let me know where I can find these articles? (there may be more broken links, I just haven’t gotten there yet). 💕

    2. @BB,
      Missing grammar, ..if not ‘the point’,

      ..apostrophe catastrophe, as it were.


  3. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! with every article you write,the puzzle is showing a cleaner and a more clear image! I had some pieces,but you help me to better recognize-innerstand them(Bythos and Barbelo,Sophia, being Wisdom, had self-reflection)and where they fit.
    It is my conviction that nothing happens without the Will of The Father(even The Fall – Ignorance – Forgetfulness -“she has Faith in the Monad and that He exists, but she does not know the nature of the Monad—her desire, coming from her masculine consort, is to find the Wisdom through curiosity, meaning she didn’t have all this wisdom to begin with. She was created with the desire to find this Wisdom—something we humans can relate to, as well.”-.
    CHRIST is the counterpart of SOPHIA

  4. This article reminds me of a movie-THE FOUNTAIN-.please First see the movie.
    here is the ending scene

    1. It has been a long time since I saw this at the theater. My mind was quite busy feeding the Patrix at the time that I dismissed it. Thank you for bringing it back around. What an unexpected gift!

      1. It was the same for me,the first time i saw it.but,with time and with some knowlege added,the movie made sense!

  5. “Forgive me,FIRST FATHER! I did not know it was YOU”
    WES,if you didn’t see it,please do!it has many correlations to your articles(ORION QUEEN) and the Gnostic teachings.

  6. I love your comparison with; The Fountain. I loved it and I have seen it 3 times now. It get’s in the core of me.
    Just wanted to share 🙂
    Love to you all

  7. It is Breath Taking…It is so beautiful!All Gnostic articles plus video 141 plus the creation of first Earth realm(Tiamaat) plus the “construct into the Construct”(including the technical aspects of this last artificial realm)…it fits😊
    I deeply enjoy the way in which you put all the information “on paper”.So beautiful💜!
    I’ve see The Fountain(movie) 2 times but I will see it once more having read Gnosis 3.
    Embrace you both!!!Joy!!!

  8. I read the article several times between yesterday and today, and I feel like I’m home. I understand. Thanks always Wes & Ariel.

  9. Hi guys
    Emanation implies contraction, they are in essence one of the same, like a rail road track. They are side by side, linked with sleepers. This implies that there is a direction in turn this implies that there is Organization.
    So the journey goes on. Rails begin at source, but this is a contradiction because it would mean a destination.
    If at some point self awareness, on this path chooses to separate then it will be so.
    The one could say it has become lesser, but it’s origin cannot be denied, this in essence is an acceptance,
    So this path was at source one with an acceptance by both as a division.
    Thus division is an acceptance of one.
    Spirit emanates and contracts, it cares not that of choices, burdens, will, anger, desire, love and so much more, or less.
    It’s purity is also sullied, that is the way.
    It can change direction, not by choice but because of its emanations and contractions.
    Our souls are aspects of the two, in very basic terms.
    We can be evil and kind, in infinite numbers.
    We can choose our spirits have no need to, nor desire, wanton neglect or self loathing.
    Our spirit dwells in the back seat of our soul, ask it to join you in the front seat of the car, their it can sit with a smile on its face, mirth in its heart and a laugh that can drown out all of the souls so called delusions.

    Let’s face it, there are endless journeys, when time is immemorial. The soul can leave when aligned with the spirit.
    It can stay when aligned with the spirit.

    If there is no alignment then the spirit stays in the back seat and cares little for nothing else.

    That’s what I’ve been told anyways.

    Much love

    Andrew John

  10. Hi guys
    Hers a poem

    What Was Said to the Rose

    What was said to the rose that made it open
    was said to me here in my chest.

    What was told the Cypress that made it strong
    and straight, what was

    whispered the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
    sugarcane sweet, whatever

    was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
    Turkestan that makes them

    so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
    like a human face, that is

    being said to me now. I blush. Whatever put eloquence in
    language, that’s happening here.

    The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
    chewing a piece of sugarcane,

    in love with the one to whom every that belongs!

    Poem by Jalaluddin Rumi

    Much love
    Andrew john

  11. In the Apocryphon of John translated by Frederik Wisse it says:

    “And in the fourth aeon the souls were placed of those who do not know the Pleroma and who did not repent at once, but who persisted for a while and repented afterwards”

    That’s were Wisdom/Sophia was placed. Unsure, if I am interpreting this correctly but it almost seems like Wisdom or fourth aeon was a part of Pleroma but had no knowledge about that. Therefore, it’s logical to assume, the fourth aeon was predestined to ‘fall’ because of that lack of knowledge. Wisdom wasn’t fully aware of who she is. Also don’t know how to read the repent part. Why would the Monad emanate/create something that lacks and then put in the repentance into it?

  12. Sorry if this is unrelatable to the topic of gnosticism.
    @Wes Penre, in Final Fantasy IX videogame, there were two twin-planets, gaia and terra.

    Here are some interesting excerpts:

    “Terra is Gaia’s twin world in Final Fantasy IX. It exists on the inside of Gaia and thus has a blue hue to it, being affected by Gaia’s crystal. Terra is a mysterious world that exists separate of Gaia and of which Gaians are unaware, as even though physical continuity between the two worlds exists, the way to open the portal between the worlds is known only by few.”
    ” Terra’s landscape consists of crystalline blue structures that bear little resemblance to the landscape of Gaia. Unlike in Gaia, where the earth is covered in soil with green vegetation in the form of grasslands and forests, Terra is pure rock. Due to Terra having hardly any sentient civilization to speak of, the landscape is naturally formed and without many roads or buildings. Terra has large tree-like structures and remnants of lush foliage from before the planet’s cataclysm, and the structures formed between them can be used to traverse the landscape like bridges. ”
    ” Terra used to exist separate of Gaia and was a planet like any other in the cosmos. Terra was a world with a highly advanced magical civilization and at its peak had flourishing cities. This continued until the “decay” began and vegetation and animal life died out. The Terrans, desperate to preserve their culture and technology, constructed Oeilvert as a record of their history. Ultimately, Terra’s best minds gathered to find a way to stop the decay.

    According to the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, the Terran people made use of the magical art Fusion to preternaturally attain eternal life. Fusion was used when Terra’s crystal grew old and weak, so to survive, the Terrans would seek out young planets whose cores had not yet grown and assimilate it, circulating Terra’s souls to the new crystal to finish the process.

    At each planet’s core resides a crystal that governs the cycle of souls. They send out souls to be born as living creatures, and when they die, the memories of the life lived are sent back to the crystal allowing the crystal to grow and become able to create ever more complex creatures. If the soul circulation were to stop, the accumulation of memory ends and the planet begins to decay until the crystal itself is returned to the cosmos along with the planet. The concept is similar to the lifestream in Final Fantasy VII.

    Gaia’s crystal is blue, whereas Terra’s crystal glows red. ”

    Notice how in the last quotation it talks about soulsplanet’s core relation and reincarnation + implied soul transportation.
    It’s weird how in real life we call our planet Earth or Terra, but in this videogame the planet with forrests and blue hue to it is called Gaia. Looks like some kind of inversion (and manipulation intended?).

    1. Are these two planets shards of the same bigger planet Tiamat?
    2. Does this mean there are two up close planets rn: Earth and some other?
    3. Is our planet’s core a crystal?

    And also, a ukrainian youtuber Вячеслав Котляров has a theory that our planet is actually gigantic, multi-layered and honeycomb, consists of many hexagonal “ponds”. Here is a visual example:

    1. If our planet is honeycomb and like a hornet nest, why didn’t remote viewers during the “Project PT51” (“moksha”) see it as honeycomb? Is it because it appears as honeycomb only while observing it in the upper dimensions, while in the near-physical and physical dimensions it’s a spheroid/semi flat ? And viewers simply didn’t travel with their attention to a rim level of upper dimensions?
    2. If our planet is honeycomb, does this mean there are two grids: one around our “pond” and another around the whole planet?…
    3. How would a honeycomb shard of a whole planet look like?

    1. Well, it seems like you’re building a philosophy around a video game and try to make the “reality” we live in fit in with the video game. Someone made that video game, and I have no idea what he/she had in mind, but the video game is not the reality we live in. We need to be careful because those who make these video games want us to think that is real when it’s not. They are doing this, incrementally.

  13. I remember when first reading the wpp a few years ago there was a sentence Wes wrote that struck me particularly hard. It said something to the fact that you cannot unlearn this information and your worldview will be forever changed if one does digest.

    Damn you Wes penre-lol, give me the blue pill. I swallowed the red one and now I can’t stomach the stink. 😁

    The name Ariel is also mentioned in the gnostic texts, cool. Something about the perfect ones calling Him that.

    Do ‘we’ not like the idea that enki authored these texts anymore?

    Good stuff guys, thx

    1. and his corhorts dictated almost all of the ancient texts, but there are those who are purely coming directly from spirit, bypassing all the distorted ancient texts, such as the Sumerian texts, Enuma Elish, most of the Bible, and the Vedas, etc. The original Gnostic texts are still very, very useful–the ones we are writing about now.

  14. @Wes Penre, this videogame is just example. And how are you sure that it doesn’t portray the reality, at least partially: what if there are actually two planets very near each other.
    Since there are many layers, levels, corners, perspectives of the same truth, this videogame might be somewhat right and/or it could be information that some group of entities want to materialize through worldwide players of this videogame. But then why does it feel like there is something to what is shown in the videogame? Why does it feel familiar, when i read these wikia pages?
    I’m also remembering movie Avatar, where there also were two planets, – maybe what portrays Avatar and FFIX is in some ways connected?
    I know that eventually i would need to connect to my spirit self and just verify things in this videogame against my own “database”.

    I also asked about Honeycomb Earth theory by Vyacheslav Kotlyarov, and you kinda ignored these questions. Is it because of me asking about this videogame kinda overshadowed everything i wrote and turned it into one chunk of something to disapprove?

    Sorry for being critical rn, but i must dig…

  15. I like the gnostics series, but We can only read it for ourselfes because at work and even outside from our home I and my wife are surrounded by bad people, and we have to stay with them most time of the day, because we need money for our bodies.
    I mean We get distructed by those people even on our free time, because of the bad thoughts which are coming up about those people. We have really problems to concentrate on your materials and after some time We forget what we have already read. My wife and me feel more isolated than before since your first video on youtube, but we agree with the contents.
    We are asking ourselfes: Is it how it should be? and….why we have to feed our bodies which are already broken and to swallow all bad thoughts and things from the enviroment which we don’t like anymore?
    We know that we should not waste energy …. but we are more loosing than getting energy….that is how we are feeling.

    Greetings to all!

  16. Wes, remember when you said that Ea is in the Abzu (Or maybe the Pleiades), and it’s refereed to as the holy waters, is that a copy of The Pleroma and its waters? Did he copy it?

    And doesn’t it say in the Bible to beware of the Gnostics? I don’t think we should beware of any knowledge, let’s all take notes! Just don’t make it a belief.

    1. Everything is this Matrix/Construct/System is copied and mimicked from the Pleroma. There is nothing here that is original, except human Spirit.

      Those who made the Bible excluded the parts of the Gnostic texts that explain who we are, where we come from, why we’re here, and where we’re going. I would say these exclusions are pretty important. What they DID include (and distorted) only directs us toward the false god–Yaldabaoth.

      And I agree. We must NOT make this into a new belief system. That would be detrimental. The spiritual message in these texts is to be received by Spirit and wake spirit up in each individual on their own. It’s an inner journey. This must certainly not become a new religion.

  17. Thanks you for this informations i really appreciate it , i have a question you don’t think that it’s unfair that a lot of people don’t know about these kind of knowleg i know that there is self responsability , i mean there is people who don’t even have the internet or they live in very poor countries and there is old people who don’t know how to use it there is who passed away before the internet and even there is some people who have it and search but small amount of people who will find your work for example for me i found you by chance

    1. I don’t think you found us by chance, norhen1999 🙂 . You found us because that was the next step on your journey. If you would have been “asleep,” you would never have found this material. However, I do understand your concern, and I am concerned, too, that the awakening process is not fast enough. I also understand your thought process regarding this. Although the Internet can be an excellent tool for people to find each other and certain information, it’s not totally necessary. I think I dare say that there are some so-called “primitive” tribes in a jungle somewhere that are more spiritually advanced than “civilized” humans, and they don’t have internet access or smartphones. But regardless of that, it IS a concern–I agree.

      When it comes to fairness, please continue reading our articles as we move forward. They will paint a bigger picture of who we are, why we’re here, what to do, and where we’re going. IOW, all the important questions. So, just continue pondering things, like you are now–that’s excellent! Then, as we release new articles, let each of them sink in. Just like what happened for Ariel and me, I think you will have a lot of mind-blowing insights from reading about the Gnostic message.

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