Video 2: Overview of the Penre-Glad Project

Published: May 10, 2018

When I wrote the WPP, I was working alone, and at times together with some of the sources I was using in the papers. However, in this video series, I will be working closely together with a partner, Ariel Glad, who like me has looked into these matters for years. She and I have shared information, are having long discussions, are coming to many conclusions together, and we have done quite some research on the material we are going to present for your consideration and discernment….



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  1. I think Ariel makes a perfect counter balance for you – the changes that you’ve made to your presentations since she’s been in your life are all great improvements. Plus you can support each other in this. Be a lot different doing this work as a team than by yourself.

    1. Yes, we are a great team, and we bounce things between each other constantly, making us both think. We are on a completely similar wavelength. If I come up with a topic, I never have to explain myself….she gets it right away, and it works the same the other way around.

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