Video 54: Have there Been Breaches of Freewill?

Published: August 4, 2018

The entire purpose with the freewill experiment was to see whether it would result in better creator gods, who can create with more wisdom, compassion, love, and cooperation. It is not that creator gods in the KHAA can’t accomplish this in other ways, but the Queen wanted to speed up the process of evolution in the KHAA, so that more souls can become creator gods faster and with more first-hand experiences in all kinds of creation. Therefore, we humans are allowed to create freely, without boundaries, and with NO strings attached (this is VERY important—no strings attached).

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  1. Hello Wes and Arial,

    Was interested in reading other comments from the last couple posts but can only find this section to post a comment so here goes. I am familiar with WPP (though it has been a while) and am now enjoying your new format.

    A lot of your writings resonate with me as they confirm a lot of what I have already come to know, by merely looking around and asking why. So, I will do my best to make my response as succinct as possible, once we get past the preamble LOL.

    I have to say that the information you presented in the shocking BLA postings, where our souls are torn asunder, was THE game changer on at least two levels. The first level is that this now became The High Crime, with the intent to destroy or severely alter the original intent of the soul. they never thought they would ever be held accountable.

    The second level is that these criminals didn’t stop to think that what they were actually doing was helping to introduce the Queens Fires throughout the general population of Earth, in effect strengthening Her position on Earth. they never thought She would be a threat.

    I already know that I am on Earth as a visitor, and through your posts it was not a big stretch for me to agree that I very likely could have come from Tiammat, and from the Queen herself. Even if it is just a tiny fragment, the science of Fractals comes into play. No matter how small, The Whole is still intact.

    IMHO, that would make the Queen my Higher self. Where I previously was engaged in strengthening my connection to my Higher Self, I am now focused throughout my day strengthening my relationship with Her having Her live this experience through me. I am Her, She is me and We are in this together. I can’t think of a better response to what the AIF are trying to do here.

    Now that that is out of the way, I wish to put forth my own understanding of this experiment from the perspective of “What is the Queen to do?” Continue the Experiment or terminate the Experiment?

    Imagine for a moment that and his ilk have spent tremendous effort to arrive where they are today. they convinced others to join them in committing treason, waged war on their own kind, committed destruction on a planetary scale, killing an entire planet, and enslaving whatever came within their reach. For what? So they could anoint themselves as gods and feed off of their creation.

    And now here they are, having come all this way, sacrificing EVERYTHING through deceit, scheming and manipulation and using implied consent (We didn’t say No) to skirt the rules so they could once again exact revenge. This previous sentence goes to show you how limited, spoiled and immature these psychopaths are.They had it ALL but in the end are going to ride a bunch of brain dead cyborgs into battle against an EMPIRE, who will take NO prisoners this time. Yup, certifiable.

    So, it is clear to Us that this experiment, which is what it is, has reached a state of corruption that now falls outside of the original parameters and agreements, which have been violated over and over and over again. What to do?

    Well, let me see. We can allow the show to continue to its’ inevitable conclusion, causing all manner of chaos, death and destruction. Not to mention the shredding of the reputation of Our Empire, where We have demonstrated extreme Love and Compassion by allowing Our wayward son to prove himself, which he has.

    We have treasonous traitors that have committed High Crimes, who need to be held accountable before their peers. They will be allowed to prove their case, if it gets that far and if they can.

    We have a ONE of a kind, wonderfully rare DNA library called Earth. We have Homo Sapiens Sapiens, who are a unique mix of cosmic DNA, also ONE of a kind, who are as innocent and naive as new borns.

    Or We can destroy it All??? Sound about right so far?

    Based on the above, as far as We are concerned, the proper response to this, would be for the Queen to Petition the Supreme Divine (remember The Queen is a chip off The Big Block) requesting a Special Dispensation to peacefully terminate (if possible) an experiment that had Divine Intentions but has now proven to be toxic and dangerous to the peace and stability of the cosmos.

    Don’t forget, Earth has attracted a lot of attention and We can only imagine how many other races have sat by and watched how this has been playing out and are now thinking about how they too can become gods. Spreading dark conquest, rape, pillage, plunder and slavery throughout the cosmos. This has turned into a cancer that was never meant to be and surgery is now required to save the patient.

    You may be thinking that somehow humanity can still turn the ship around and win the day. Forgetting that every reincarnation will weaken you more and more, plunging you into time lines full of electromagnetic mind control with poisoned air, food and water, vaccinations and micro chips, where you are now expected to pull yourself out by your boot straps.

    We will also go so far as to add that there is a Very High probability that NO other star race has ever had their memories erased from the day they were spawned. Imagine the disadvantages we face when confronted with that. That’s how cancerous this experiment has gotten. Oh, and the best part, no one told you your very existence is on the line and they neglected to show you the rule book. This is no longer a proper representation of Creation. It is an abomination and it must be stopped.

    Many of us know that Truth and Transparency will always triumph, as it shines a Light that removes all shadows.

    Therefore, We prefer Option C. The Dispensation We request will be to Grant the temporary lifting of All required dimensional veils, for as long as it takes (micro seconds to minutes?) , Shining the Light of Truth and Transparency for every last soul fragment, involved in ALL of this, to fully See and Understand, every detail that has transpired in this entire experiment, including access to ALL previous incarnations, in Order to become FULLY Whole.

    It will remove ALL protective barriers exposing every last participant (AIF et al.) who played a part in this experiment. None shall have the power to escape the Light or to fight their way out. They will now be caught.

    When every last fragment, including the guilty parties, have absorbed ALL that has transpired, those that have committed crimes, will now be held accountable before their peers, the Namlu’u / Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

    For those guilty of High Crimes The Dispensation will also include a stripping of their powers where they will be taken into custody to face trial before The Queen as The Supreme Divine’s Representative. May She make the Punishment fit the Crime.

    This Dispensational process will achieve a number of things. The final act of this experiment will be the creation of a race of Homo Sapiens Sapiens that will have had exposure to a unique full spectrum process, where in the end, They faced it ALL, They experienced it ALL and They absorbed it, allowing Them to now go forth into the cosmos, not as a threat but as Contributors to stability and Creators fully aware of the dangers of one sided unfettered power. As hoped, this will help to include them into the Cosmic Family as an asset and not as a liability.

    Finally, for those with Cosmic ambitions, this will send a message that Creators have a Higher responsibility and that engagement in this level of Cosmic abuse will have Consequences.

    So, let us ALL go out and Create knowing that we have a very wide breadth which has been established but that We also know that there is a line that We don’t want to cross.

    If You were stimulated by this response, please ask Our Queen Mother to Petition on Our behalf as She sees fit.

    Thank you.

  2. It matters little or not at all whether free will was “violated” or not. Let’s make sure we are differentiating between “blame” and “responsibility.” Blame looks backwards for Cause. Responsibility looks forward for solution. In this respect, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to take any actions that slow down the overlords’ agenda. Remove emotion – all emotion whether negative or positive – from the calculation. The goalposts have been changed often enough. We’re not here to pose for holy pictures. We’re here to win. No one in his right mind, who sees an accident on the highway, stops to ask what happened in the time before the accident or stands around chastising the driver. Help, and you won’t need to waffle on what to do. As for the Queen wanting things to “go faster:” This game is set up in a way to keep us in play for a very, very long time. Once we step out of time/space, it doesn’t matter one little bit. Love the videos. Thank you both.

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