Gnostic Musings #9: The Divine Mind (Part 1)

by Ariel Glad and Wes Penre, October 10, 2020

What is the Physical Universe?

This universe consists of matter. This is a material universe, and when it was created, it was the only one of its kind, and it’s made of energy. Spirit, on the other hand, is not something that could be compared to energy because energy only exists where there is matter, and vice versa. Spirit comes from that “space” which pre-existed before the creation of the Material Universe (or the Demiurge), so Spirit must be non-physical.

Most of us are dividing this universe, the Kenoma, into what is physical and what is not physical. However, everything within this universe is physical—even the astral dimensions. They are just on a different wavelength than the reality we experience while we are in our physical bodies. Energy exists within the astral, so therefore, it’s part of the physical universe.

The Basic Mind Split

In the simplest terms that we can think of, this universe is representative of our Mind, and our Mind has been fragmented into at least two facets of creation – one of awareness and one of ignorance. We perceive ourselves as having a conscious mind – AWARENESS – and a subconscious mind – IGNORANCE. We are also told that we have unconscious mind, but that is something to discuss another time.

The mind, however, works on an awareness scale from significantly expanded awareness to complete ignorance, although it’s up for debate whether there are any absolutes in either direction.

We could also say that Christ is the conscious mind, and the Demiurge is the subconscious mind or the VOID/Darkness. And all of it, from the deepest Ignorance to the highest Awareness is the Divine Mind.

This might be more easily demonstrated in the follow diagram:

We can move up and down on this awareness scale from oblivion (to the right) to more and more awareness (to the left). A human can be anywhere on this scale as he or she increase or decrease in awareness, depending on their choices (see example below).

The orb implies the range of awareness of an imaginary person.

Both Awareness and Ignorance are spaces for creation, and all things can be categorized and put in either column—Love (awareness/consciousness) and Fear (ignorance/subconscious). The creation of us and the mind that was given to us, which exists within the Divine Mind of the Aeon Sophia (or Spirit) was for the learning purpose of being able to move things out of the subconscious column and into the conscious column. This is how the Demiurge is “unmade” and how Yaldabaoth is “redeemed”. We do it, and we do it within ourselves because both aspects of the Aeon Sophia are within us, and we are within Her Mind, i.e. Her “space” or area of creation.

What is Spirit and What is Mind?

As we have been going through and really pondering on the meaning of the Gnostic texts, and Sophia in particular, we have questioned, “What is Spirit, really?” What is it about us that, according to the Gnostic texts, has the ability to be “perfected?” One conclusion is that the Spirit which passes down to us from our Divine Mother is Her Mind.

If perfection is that within us that can be transformed and achieved (which it can), then this would certainly be the Mind.

Is it possible that we are creations in the Mind of Sophia? If we are still thinking of Sophia as anything less than a Source of Creation and an Aeon, we are really not understanding the breadth and the scope of Her, as we understand it. She is Wisdom and She is Creation. She is this Universal Mind that we are created within. We exist within Her as creations from Her Mind, just like both we and Sophia exist within the Mind of the Monad, aka All That Is.

Can Sophia stand before us in physical form? Absolutely. Can we imagine ourselves in our own minds? Yes. Can we create scenarios that we imagine we are experiencing in our own minds as either daydreams or nightmares, depending on which aspect of our mind is creating the play? Do you exist in your own mind? Yes.

What if this creation, which is existing in ignorance, is literally the manifestation of Sophia’s subconscious mind, and on a smaller scale, that which is hidden in our own human minds, i.e. the human subconscious mind, is at the same time Sophia’s subconscious mind? As above, so below…

Why Shadow Work?

What do we do when we practice “shadow work?” We are confronted with all those negative and low vibrational aspects that we hide away in our subconscious mind, and therefore we become ignorant of them. We, as creations within Sophia’s own subconscious mind, were created to exist within her shadow side so that we can do Her “shadow work.” Possible? The Kenoma is Sophia’s “shadow;” the part of Herself She didn’t want to acknowledge, and which therefore became hidden.

The return home is merely a passage of what was once ignorant from one side to the other; just like what happens to us when we work to resolve our own shadows. Once we become aware of them (“shedding LIGHT” on them), they are no longer hidden, and more of ourselves becomes known to us.

However, for this to work, the human soul group needed to descend all the way down to the deepest layers of Sophia’s subconsciousness to spread Knowledge into this depth of the hidden darkness. We do that by exploring and healing our own subconscious mind, i.e. we transform our own Ignorance into Knowledge, which is where Gnosis comes into the picture.  

Nowadays, it is a pretty common thought that we live in a simulation of some type, like a computer game. Well, what is the model for a computer? A mind. This Sims game that so many people compare this reality to, I think would, in comparison, be more accurately described as Sophia’s imagination.

We know that our reality and all realities within this universe are thought-responsive. Where do thoughts come from? The Mind. We are using Sophia’s Mind to create within Her Mind and in every aspect imaginable; every single thing that exists in this “space” is inside of Sophia.

It differs from person to person when it comes to level of awareness. Does this mean that only some people have a Divine Mind? No, the Mind is the same mind in all Spirited humans, and we all have the capacity to open ourselves up to higher echelons of the Divine Mind. But it happens on a gradient scale, and it happens as we heal inside and exchange Ignorance for Knowledge/Gnosis. We are using our Divine Mind whether we are extremely ignorant or relatively aware—it’s the same Divine Mind, working on different frequency levels or in different densities, as it were. Not until the Kenoma is dissolved or integrated and we return to the Pleroma can our Mind be completely Perfected the way it was to begin with. However, even this is a paradox because the most ignorant of us is no less Perfect than if we would operate within the Pleroma—it’s the same Mind coming to use to accomplish different tasks, and depending on what task the mind is currently performing, it will determine the stage of awareness.

Yaldabaoth versus Sophia

Yaldabaoth is Sophia, but Sophia in shadow or Ignorance. We could also say that we humans are Yaldabaoth because he is an archetype and manifestation of Ignorance. When we descended to the Kenoma, we became part of Yaldabaoth’s Mind, i.e. his Ignorance.  

It is only the mind that has the capability to gain wisdom. This universe is thought-responsive and the aspect of us that is producing thoughts is the Mind. If the Mind is Spirit, then we have the Mind of Source.

For those of you who are feeling resistance or anger at the thought that your perceived “enemy” (Yaldabaoth) is actually Sophia, and if you feel that SHE is responsible for your suffering, please allow us to help you see this from another perspective. Sophia, the Aeon, isn’t responsible for our suffering; the subconscious mind is responsible for our suffering.

Please go back and review the articles and videos that we have published on narcissism, the inner critic, the inner child, and how emotional abuse creates fragmentation of the mind. This is the reason why we suffer, and when we heal our mind, we perfect our mind, and since our mind is the Mind/Spirit of Sophia, we resolve and correct the ignorance of this schism. The Archons disappear, the Darkness is now in the Light, and we (as creations in Sophia’s Mind and the stepped down one – Yaldabaoth’s mind) perfect this creation – and it all happens within our own minds because this is the Source within us. This is ultimately the Pleroma, God, Source, all of it inside of us.

We have seen interpretations that Sophia’s Creation was a “mistake” because She didn’t create together with Her consort, entering into Her own Creation, which had never happened before, but if we really read the Gnostic texts, it is not true that it was a mistake. The Aeon we call Sophia, which basically just means Wisdom, was emanated by the Monad in Perfection. Thus, Her creation in Her attempt to “know God” was predictable and somewhat predestined by the Monad—She acted in accordance to Her attributes and characteristics. We need to remember that the Monad emanated the Aeons to experience Itself through perceived separation, and for that to work, there must be some parts of the Monad that is Unknown, or nothing could ever be created. Sophia, in her yearning for Divine Wisdom, fulfilled a big part of the Monad’s Plan. She created an entire universe based on Ignorance.

Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

As we have been reading about the emanation of the Aeons, we have mistakenly visualized these aspects of God as projections outward, but they are more appropriately related to reflections and extensions inward.

We have both conscious and subconscious mind within us. We are unique!

If we want to know more about ourselves, we don’t look outside ourselves, we look within ourselves. As above so below, and as without so within; this is what Source did.

This is a slight change from our earlier conclusions of projections and emanations, but not entirely, because both exist. It depends on which perspective we are viewing all of this from, and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without the first part.

In all of our intentions, beliefs, wishing, raging, and blame, have we ever considered that by doing this, we are holding space open within this subconscious Divine Creation and preventing Sophia from healing Her subconscious of which we are part? Think about what it takes to heal our shadows. What we do for ourselves, we also do for HER and this is what “unmakes” this fracture of the Divine Mind. It also works in reverse; what we do towards ourselves and others that decreases our awareness, we are also doing to Sophia. If we REALLY want to make all this suffering go away, once and for all, then we need to heal our own minds because our mind is HER mind is the Monad’s Mind. How well does that sit with personal responsibility…?

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  1. Beautifully articulated. This brings to light what’s been happening in my Imaginations and how I keep transcending to understanding myself through the lens of the Monad, Sophia and Yaldabaoth. Everything is happening within me and it is just what it is. My thoughts, actions and decisions determines my awareness and Ignorance states and how it’s my responsibility to bring light and Joy to myself and my world.

    Question: I actually was thinking about one of your articles where you stated that (I think you still do) all we need to do avoid the recycling centers is to imagine/will or use of intentions to leave. How does this change this strategy in the light of the Gnostic text. The text really suggest that you don’t actually “decide” your destination after death, your vibrational frequency does that. Does this also suggests that our religious affiliations or secret societies are really no longer distractions (unlike you once stated), IF they help us breakthrough our darkness and open us up to the light/spirit within.

    Secondly, Y is the trick-star and Ignorant creation that begat us for which we live or are brought to earth to help in his awakening. Is it also a paradox that no matter how we try, we collectively cannot wake Y up since he is just the way he is. Why force him by destroying this construct to come back to his senses, Isn’t that dictatorial by the Monad/Sophia?

    1. Thank you, Dee! Regarding Q1: Yes, it’s true, according to the Gnostic texts, that we go where we are supposed to go, depending on our beliefs, attachments, and rigidness or lack thereof. A human is either of the Kenoma (the 7 Heavens) or will transcend to Orion (8th-9th Heaven). We’ve been talking about the Grid for a long time, and that’s still valid. We have told people who want to leave this Construct (the 7 Heavens) to go through the Grid and go to Orion. Many people say they will do just that, but when push comes to shove, how many will? How many are still hanging on and refusing to let go of their archontic belief systems and attachments to this world? When it really boils down to it, how many will choose the “unknown path” before the path well trodden? Those who choose the Grid, I would say are probably ready and will find themselves at the Gates of Orion, so to speak. The rest go where they are ready to go based on their attachments, etc. Some will be recycled right away, while others end up somewhere else in Yaldabaoth’s “ascension process.”

      Q2: We could say that our subconscious mind and Sophia’s subconscious mind are one and the same. So, if you do shadow work/healing work on your subconscious mind and you stumble upon some horrific thing that scares the hell out of you–let’s say it’s a monster you have created out of fear in your childhood deep inside your mind. This “monster” has affected you and controlled you negatively your whole life and prevented you from being happy and overwhelming you with fear as soon as you are on the path of success. Would it be reasonable to let this monster continue harassing and scaring your senseless because you think it would be dictatorial to “erase” the monster?

    2. @Dee ~ I’m going to have a slightly different answer than Wes on where we go after we die…According to Robert Monroe there is a “heaven” for everyone and every belief, and they all exist parallel to each other and in their own “space”. No heaven can perceive another heaven. There is a Christian heaven, a Witch’s grove, a Greek temple, etc. All different versions of heaven according to each, and all the gods who occupy those beliefs are there within their heavens being worshiped. There are more “heavens” than we can even imagine – even some that we can’t. If you want to land in “Orion”, then think yourself to Orion. Just be sure that you *know* where you are going and what it (Orion) means for you. If you identify yourself with a belief system of *any* kind, that is likely what you will experience.

      1. @ ariel…This means our next destination rely upon on how we shape our conciousness…

        It is truly an eye opening.. this means i have lot a things to do ( innerwork) for me to go to a place where we should reside after body expires..

        Thank you.

      2. @Ariel Glad Can we completely get rid of belief systems? It seems the mind was designed that way – get information, process it and then strongly hold unto it(believe in it).

        For example, I’ve been going through the Gnostic texts and even the WPP and found out that it definitely takes a form of belief and blind faith to really understand/grasp some of the information presented therein. I sometimes get lost with the names, terminologies used in the texts and sometimes feel they are just made up to help us understand the main message. The last one that made me laugh was the names of our archontic body parts…. Maybe it’s because I prefer things explained scientifically than through tales.

        But really, how do we get rid of belief systems even the ones presented in any text? Is it really possible to live without beliefs?

        1. I know this was directed toward Ariel, and I hope you don’t mind if I submit my input as well…

          There is nothing wrong with beliefs, per say, as long as they benefit us on our journey toward enlightenment. But from our perspective as humans in this solid realm, any belief is flawed to at least some degree. As we heal and progress on our journey, we realize that we must be willing to let go of previous beliefs when they no longer benefit us and replace them with new ones that benefit us better. Then, in the end, we might need to get rid of them all.

          The way I see it is that we humans, throughout fairly recent history at least, have mainly put our faith in science. The “left brain” is ruling the world, and that is putting us in much trouble because science is of the Kenoma/material universe. The Gnostic texts and the WPP are more directed towards the “right brain,” which is where our spiritual cognitive abilities are. This is where we think in metaphors, allegories, analogies, and pictures. The most important part is not to understand these texts intellectually, but to “take them to Heart” instead of to the brain, so to speak. That’s when we achieve gnosis. That’s why, as I see it, the Christ’s Message is relayed to us in the way it is.

          1. Well expressed Wes .. I totally agree.. Gnosis is ultimately seeing clearly with the eyes of our heart .. We also must Never become self dogmatic.. Gnosis is fully experiential , and progressive in innerstanding , to gnow within . It’s Not a belief system , it’s a progressive journey of the Awakening heart ..

              1. Thankyou Wes. I expressed myself by not saying much at all ,but I Truly believe that’s how simple our Awakening Journey is when it comes down to it.. We Must follow our conscious mind and heart , and go with the flow with Divine Love , and Desire being in the wind in the sails of our Awakening , and Enlightenment. Keep it simple , have no fear , and Enjoy the ride on the River of Life Eternal , and return Home ..
                The Orion Empire sounds good to me, I’ve already had Beautiful Dreams of our return there . No one has convinced me of this,it is my conscious awareness , and heart that have revealed it to me in countless ways over the last 20 plus years.
                Wes, we are just experiencing the same vision.. Thankyou again for articulating your vision and insights to many through all your writings over the years.. It’s so difficult to put it all into words.. You’ve done a great job.. I’ve also done my Best to share my insights , and visions with others over the years.. I never push, I just share when the doors are Divinely opened.. I always tell others to look within their own hearts with Desire , and Love for Spiritual Truth. I tell them to have No fear..We’re Family , and it’ s so,so Important that we Help one another on our Awakening Journeys.. Anyway, Im rambling just Always Excited To Share my heart..

                Thankyou , Brother..

                With Love , and Kindness


          2. Thanks @Wes Penre and @Ariel Glad. I really enjoy seeing things in your perspectives, it’s rare and difficult to find people who explain things the way you guys do.

            Simply awesome.

          3. I totally agree Science is a new age religion. What makes it worse is that nowadays almost everyone has some College degree and believes what they are being taught is true. Perhaps, there’s very little truth in it and the rest is false. We have been pretty fooled.

        2. @Dee ~ “But really, how do we get rid of belief systems even the ones presented in any text? Is it really possible to live without beliefs?”

          This is how I see it…the only thing we can be sure of as a belief are those beliefs about ourselves. This should be, in my opinion, the ONLY belief “system” that we allow to determine where we go as an experience of what/who we are. “I am… (?)” That’s for each of us to figure out.

          If we identify as a Christian…”I am a Christian…”, then that comes with A LOT of declared beliefs that we take as an identity. Let’s take my own personal Christian faith as an example: I was raised in the Episcopal church and I identified with this for the majority of my life – “I AM AN EPISCOPALIAN”. For me, that meant declaring my faith as I was instructed in the Apostles’ and the Nicene Creeds. I won’t write those out here. Anyone can look those up if they are curious and don’t know what they are. Those creeds (or statements of belief) would be the determining foundation for the “heaven” that I will go to when I die IF I hold on to them as my identity and BELIEF.

          Now, I try to not identify with ANY creed or belief – not Christian and not even WPP. “I AM only that which I know and can prove that AM I, within myself.” That way, I don’t get sucked in by any false doctrine or EXTERNAL opinion about what I *should be*. If I take my belief of who I am from an external source, that becomes an UNPROVABLE identity, after a point, and will create the need for me to take on FAITH. However, my faith should be in myself (in my opinion) and not attributed to any external “source”. Source is “in” me, right? Make sense?

          ONLY KNOWING MYSELF can I be comfortable and at peace with going to that "highest aspect" of myself. If I have done the work at exposing and recognizing my shadow then I am not afraid of my own shadow and therefore am released from the attachments to it. Wasn't there an old children's story about a child cutting off or being separated from his shadow and having it sewn back on again? Was that Peter Pan? I think it was. There's a LOT of hidden (occulted) archetype-stuff in children's stories meant to resonate with this journey we are all supposed to take. We are supposed to cut off that shadow in order to mature and grow into adulthood. We are supposed to "put away childish things" (1 Corinthians 13:11). What we identify as is VERY important because it becomes a belief we have about ourselves.

          Believe in YOURSELF. Internal – not external.

          1. Thanks Ariel.
            Expessed well. In one of my comments to Wes, I expressed that my own dreams. visions, and research line up really well with what he’s shared over the years in his insights ,and writings.This is also true with he and your writings , and insights on Gnosticism. I believe this is Wonderful, and Synchronous in nature. This is truly important on our Awakening Journeys, but we ultimately need to follow and listen our own consciousness , and hearts..We’re here to Love , Support, and Share our hearts with one another with no criticism, and judgement while we’re on our Awakening Journeys,but we should Not form ridged ,dogmatic beliefs. We should always remain open in Spirit , and continue growing as we continue our Awakening process or we’ll get stuck in the mud, and more than likely be getting a roundtrip ticket back here..We truly need to individually be as fearless as possible.. I also believe with All my heart, when we Trust , and do this, we will recieve Divine Assistance. This Truly Comforts our hearts when we Trust , and have Faith in Divine Intervention. This is what I humbly believe. Peace Always

      3. I am just curious as to where the reincarnation process happens in this model. Do you disagree about the recycling center or does each person in their own ‘heaven’ eventually get tricked into going for it?

        1. @Shawn ~ “I am just curious as to where the reincarnation process happens in this model. Do you disagree about the recycling center or does each person in their own ‘heaven’ eventually get tricked into going for it?”

          I don’t know, exactly, as it relates to this model. This was all experiences in OBEs, which isn’t the same as death. For most of these experiences, no tunnel of light (reincarnation) was experienced. I think (I may remember this incorrectly) that in a very few instances, the light was seen but only to one “side” or in a type of periphery and the OBE explorer did not go “through” it. If you are going through the tunnel, you are dead. Most people who “recycle” do not make it as far as their “heaven”, from what I understand. They come back almost immediately without having experienced any “time” lingering in “heaven”.

          I tend to think of the tunnel of light (reincarnation system) as a water wheel. lol It scoops people up, spins them around, and spits them back out to where they need to be. Some people ride that wheel all the way back around and back to earth again without ever knowing there were places to get “out”. People kind of get “sorted”, is the way I look at it. We all go through the wheel, but we don’t all get spit out in the same location.

  2. This is truly resonate with me.. we need to take the resposibility for ourselves.. the enemy is within.. and the solution to defeat the ignorance is to go inward.. the center.. the void.. the eye of the universe. .. in order to cure the problem we must first understand and know the problem..

    Thank u wes and ariel…. you are both encouraging many people to think for themselves.. we are the saviour weve been waiting for..

  3. Hello Wes , and Ariel ,

    Thanks So Much for sharing you hearts , and insights in this article. Much of what you shared resonated well within my conscious awareness.
    Wes , I’ve been reading your material off , and on over the last five years. I have Truly enjoyed it all, thankyou for all of your efforts in sharing what is within your heart..
    Everything we need to Gnow is Truly within our hearts, our conscious awareness ! I’ve gnown this for sometime now. The g instead of k in my know words in my way of expressing to Gnow within , Gnosis.
    I’ve had a Wild Ride in this incarnation on my Awakening journey.. Endless gnosis,synchronicities , dreams,and visions.. My heart is Truly Thankful for All of it !
    Simply put , in my humble opinion, to Gnow Truth, it’s All About Heartfelt Desire , and Perfect ,Divine Love Awakening Within our hearts.

    Thanks Again ,my Brother,
    and Sister.
    Love , Peace, and Hope
    to all my Brothers , and
    Sisters Sharing Their
    Hearts Here..

  4. The monad has predisposed Sophia to do exactly as she did and Sophia in her ignorance also aggravated her situation by blaming herself and that reflects in most of my victim habit. I feel she is a victim of her on creation so does it means her physical form will carry all the universal trauma, . Wes and Ariel thanks a lot for this relentless effort to free some of us who are trapped in this abyss and that’s exactly how I feel. Am trap in a damaged mind that refuses to heal no matter the efforts. I wonder what other solutions exist in this universe to heal

  5. “We need to remember that the Monad emanated the Aeons to experience Itself through perceived separation, and for that to work, there must be some parts of the Monad that is Unknown, or nothing could ever be created” – that makes sense …. BUT, BUT, BUT ….. if the Monad is perfect, it wouldn’t have to need/desire to experience Itself through perceived separation i.e. It wouldn’t have to need ANYTHING. The fact that It needs/desires to experience separation implies that it’s not perfect because It has a need/desire. Unless of course the Monad is not perfect to begin with, then it would be understandable ….. just my 2 cents. 🙂

    1. @Nikkie M. That’s the paradox behind understanding Source and it’s adventure. When critical analysis is done on it, it passes and fails the test. You cannot box it or really label it cos you’ll definitely get to the point where it doesn’t fit.

      That’s why I’ll say Source is just the way it is, put in another way – I am that I am. You just keep discovering yourself in it and move on or else you’ll be kind of stuck trying to discover it just intellectually. Just my one cent 😃

    2. I think it has to do with how we define “perfect” in this sense. In the Gnostic texts, it says that we humans are perfect, too, and so is Sophia. Still, both we and Sophia have created problems and conflicts, for example. Perfect can also mean that something is created or existing in “perfection” because that’s how it was supposed to be created. From that perfection, someone else and something new can evolve and develop. It doesn’t make that “something” less perfect to begin with.

  6. Wes, do you agree with this meaning of perfection?

    Metaphysical meaning of perfection (rw)
    perfection–A state of consciousness completely free from any shadow of negation.

    perfection, attainment of–Jesus said, “Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt. 5:48). We attain divine perfection through spiritual aspiration, by never ceasing to erase false thoughts and by affirming Truth as the law of our being.

    1. Very good! Thanks, S S ! Yes, I totally agree. It even says that we should erase “false thoughts,” which Ariel and I have been stressing a lot lately. Interesting!

      Thus, according to the definition you posted, the human mind IS perfect because it existed BEFORE shadow/darkness. It existed in the Light of the Pleroma.

  7. Thank you for this enlightened update. I think it is the most important one to date. I was raised Christian Scientist (but I don’t practice any particular religion now), became a psychologist and dabble in quantum physics as a rank amateur. These 3 things have shaped who I have become. The thing that is a major influence on me and is now my mantra is Mary Baker Eddy’s (founder of CS) Scientific Statement of Being … “There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation.” To me, this says it all in one succinct statement. The essence, as it were.

    In light of the WPP, Gnostics and today’s thoughts from Wes and Arial it reinforces my belief that ALL is infinite Mind and is therefore in a state of perpetual perfection. Imperfection is perception based and caused by thoughts and beliefs dwelling in the subconscious aside our fears, hurts, personal injustices. I don’t think matter exists as a solid – matter can be completely transformed, manipulated and shape-shifted by our thoughts and expectations for either constructive or destructive purposes. We are Creators – for good or for bad – we choose which. We are essentially Infinite Mind in that we are part and parcel of Sophia/Monad. The grand illusion is that we are matter, not spirit based creations. We have so much power and agency and locus of control because of our mind and spiritual nature. I believe the human mind is the most powerful thing in this universe. It can be used to heal or to harm, again, our choice – freewill. I just wanted to share my thoughts in case it might resonate with a fellow traveler and searcher out there and in some small way help someone.

    1. Just love what you shared here .. It’s Truly from the heart,the conscious mind. Your words resonate well within. Thankyou.

  8. Thank you, I’ve enjoyed your writing for many years now, but I’ve never thanked you for writing it. So I shall, thank you!
    I felt a lot of peace after finishing the fifth WPP, and I thought of it some months ago, only to discover there was a sixth.
    I don’t know that I could’ve appreciated it before now, things seem to find us when we’re ready for them I guess, but it was certainly my favourite.
    I very much like this chapter too, I have certainly never had the wealth of background knowledge that is presented within these papers, but I have always felt what they express, especially this one.
    I am grateful for the knowledge you have shared and I think you should both feel very proud of just how much you have learnt, I am certain it has come with no small effort and you’ve made the greatest difference to me on my own journey just by sharing it.
    Thank you very much, both of you, I wish you all the very best from here on.

  9. Hai Wes, the ignorant mind or soul could be left in Kenoma along with archons. But how about the ignorant part Spirit (divine mind) itself ? As in previous article , it is said all the spirit will be called back to Orion.


  10. Thank you Wes and Ariel. I loved this article. I am still trying to tie this gnostic slant into being able to achieve max consciousness in a physical universe with archonic bodies. My Understanding from previous discussions about chakras and the subconscious mind – that it’s pretty much got us booby-trapped to ever be able to achieve maximum consciousness or achieve maximum shadow work freedom. Thank you

    1. @Anonymous ~ “My Understanding from previous discussions about chakras and the subconscious mind – that it’s pretty much got us booby-trapped to ever be able to achieve maximum consciousness or achieve maximum shadow work freedom.”

      That’s my conclusion, too. However, it isn’t about being totally free from shadow, but what we do when confronted with it and we will ALWAYS be confronted with it, imo. It isn’t about being perfect – it’s about what you learn on the journey. Maximum consciousness is an oxymoron (as I see it) because maximum consciousness would recognize that there is always more to learn and more awareness to explore. There’s no limit, I think. 😉

  11. It seems like she doesn’t care about us at all , why y “Allah” is promoting his self and he reached for billions of people I mean that they know that there is God (religion Christianity and Islam and new age movement) he is trying to get close to people , there is few people who knows that there is Sofia and still not believing 100% , for me I accepted the Idea but why she didn’t make herself known as Allah so people have idea about here there is not much informations about here or about how she can listen to us or help us , I feel really lonely when I was believing in God I used to say I’m not alone god is with me and I pray i felt strong little bite but now if I call up on Sophia why she don’t answer or help making us fell more strong or good feelings I know I’m not taking responsibility for me maybe it’s because of programming that there is God and he care for us and he is always with us ..etc

    1. OMG I sooooo share your feelings! Yes, the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s Sophia and her minions who are the real bad guys. They are the aggressors here: First Sophia created Yald and gave him authority over seven heavens, but it was only temporary; she always wanted to get rid of him. And so the plan was conceived: “Yald can only survive in Darkness, so we need to fill his realm with Light”. So she created humans and placed them right on the border of Yald’s domain, between eighth and seventh heaven. No wonder he felt threatened and destroyed Tiamat. But it was not enough for her: so she tricked us to descend lower and lower through dimensions, taking away more and more heavens from Yald. And now we are here, at the bottom of the Kenoma, and Yald is doing everything he can to survive, hence delaying our spiritual progress with soul splitting, amnesia and manipulations like religions, New Age and the Singularity. Do you understand now? Of course she doesn’t care about us! She is just like Yald: while Yald is trying to use us to attack Sophia, Sophia used and is still using us to attack Yald! They are the same. Well, actually Sophia is worse, since it was her who started it all when she created humans. She doesn’t care if we suffer; she doesn’t care if we die. If she cared about us and not about herself, she would never sent us here, it’s as simple as that.

      1. your not supposed to take the gnostic or any of these ancient stories literally!
        these characters just represent archetypes
        theres no sophia, no allah, no yahweh,no shiva, no enki, no enlil, these gods were all invented by humanity
        we are god! you are a monad, im a monad, everyone is a individual monad, but were also form a collective super monad
        the combination of our unique frequency pattern is what resulted in the big bang – this whole creation
        this is all a big game a spectular drama created by us as a collective
        its what eternal infinite conciousness does
        its not that serious please dont get lost in this ancient texts its not healthy

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