On Hope

by Wes Penre, October 6, 2020

Can you see why hope is so detrimental to our well-being?

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  1. It’s a good thing Nietzsche wasn’t around to tell Calvin Borel that he had no hope of winning the Derby with Mine That Bird at 50 to 1. This defeatist attitude is for losers. People who achieve success at anything do not think like this.

      1. Your reply makes no sense. Neither does Nietzsche’s quote. When I bet on a 50 to 1 shot, I hope he wins. Mine That Bird did win.

        1. Interesting now did that horse/greyhound/hare/tortoise win because you hoped it would win? They called the odds you placed the bet and it won! Because you hoped? Could it have anything to do with the breeding nutrition training, and condition of horse and rider? The jockey might have hoped it would win but more likely he/she would trust that the animal was set up right and more likely to think ‘I will win’ I’m sure the horse didn’t hope it would win. My point is
          in the pursuit of excellence preparation is all. There is no space for feelings like hope, that way lies procrastination and failure. doing the hard yards, horse, trainer and rider won the race and you the wager. I have on my fridge this memo Abandon hope and fear. It keeps me centred. Neitzche’s observation in my view is so profound that it is difficult to understand at first but it is incredibly deep If examined. Hope this makes sense said the jester

          1. I have hope that Americans will wake up and fire the whole damn government. That’s why I continue making videos towards that end. If I have no hope, there’s no point in trying.
            (I can’t believe you don’t know that the Derby is a horse race.) The odds are determined by the wagers of everyone who bets on the race. They are not assigned by anyone. In the case of this particular race, the horse had the most skilled and bravest jockey on Earth riding him. On paper, if he ran his best race, he would win. The public who set the odds with their losing wagers were wrong. It’s as simple as that.
            Hoping the horse wins is much different than hoping Americans wake up. I have no direct influence on the horse. But I do have direct influence on Americans. So do you.

            1. I think I got into a disagreement with you in the past. I’m not trying to anger you, but I disagree again with your statement. You only have direct influence on yourself. You have no influence on anyone else. I have no influence on my wife or kids for that matter, who are the closest people to me. I tell them my thoughts and what I would think they should do, but in the end, they do what they want because they are their own persons. I may disagree with what they do and it may cause friction between us, but they are going to do what they want regardless of how it affects me. Everyone does what they think is best for them regardless of others. People who live for others and do what others want are not sovereign people and are not really living their life. I don’t try to influence anyone. If people ask me about stuff, I will share, but they usually think it’s wrong and I don’t care enough about swaying them to my side in the end. They will or will not figure it out on their own. I have not been able to get my wife to accept this information even though I do believe she is awake and she looks at many other spiritual sites, but this is heavy duty stuff and it’s ultimately kind of depressing. That’s the problem I have with her. She already tends towards depression, which isn’t something I have ever experienced or really understand. I’m basically happy all the time even knowing all this information. So for someone like her, to hear this is an evil place inherently and will be destroyed is too much for her. It seems hopeless to her and she doesn’t want to continue in such a reality. So she doesn’t want to hear this. She doesn’t want to hear about the tunnel being a trap. All her life people have said go to the light. Oh well. I know I am on my own ultimately after this incarnation and I am ok with it. I told her and my kids to not go to the tunnel. That’s all I can do. Look at it from another’s perspective. Are you willing to listen to others and perhaps change your point of view about things? If yes, good. You have an open mind. If no, then why would you think others would adopt your point of view? It works both ways.

              1. Are you in the US? If not, my words don’t apply to you. If you are, then you should be aware that my words are simply repetition of our supreme law that requires us to remove our government from office to reclaim our long lost freedom. It’s about unity as we the people, not about self. You can’t be sovereign and on your own when you;re a slave.
                The knowledge that Wes has shared is enlightening and very much appreciated. But Wes doesn’t understand the Declaration of Independence. I do. It’s just as important.

                1. Wes lives in America, Im pretty sure he understands the Declaration of Independence. He lives in Oregon, which is where I live. Im sure he’s been here long enough to know what it says and means.

    1. Hope is passive and keeps the problem we want to solve floating in time without resolution. The universe is thought-responsive, so if we “hope” for something to happen or not happen, we are not contributing to any change because hope does not offer a solution. It’s a doubt situation.

      If Spirit powers hope, it definitely isn’t going to create any changes because Spirit makes hope/non-solution stronger. Instead, Spirit needs to get rid of hope and instead say something to the effect, “I will make sure I will be well” or “I am well!” instead of “I hope I will be well soon.”

      1. Thanks for this explanation. I’ve needed this. Hope is like a negative intention, it gives the Universe no instructions on what you want. We’ll let me reframe that, it does give the Universe instructions on keeping the negative intention going. I clearly understand this now. Say what you want not what you don’t want. Hope is a very low vibrational thought. Thanks Wes, appreciate it!

  2. I am not familiar with this quote and it first rubbed me the wrong way. I watched the video and I can see what you’re all saying, but still, I think it’s just a nit picking way of trying to define the word. I guess I use the term the wrong way. I see it as a built in human life jacket (I know, who built it in though). Anyway, like the guy in the video said, when you’re in a boat heading for the falls you don’t hope, you just paddle. I disagree. Again, I think it’s just definitions we’re talking about because I would immediately start hoping I can paddle out of this, while starting to paddle. If I had no hope of ever paddling out of the situation, I would just passively accept my fate and go over the falls. My hope of escaping is what is propelling me. I understand the passive nature of just hoping everything will turn out right and doing nothing. But that is not me or the way I define this. There are countless examples of people in terrible situations throughout history who kept their hope alive to get out of the situation and have succeeded. If they had no hope of things getting better, they would have given up and failed. Maybe this isn’t the same ‘hope’ you are talking about. If I were lost in the woods, I would ‘hope’ that I would be able to find my way out or someone would be able to find me. If I didn’t have that ‘hope’ that I will get myself out of this, then I would think all is lost, I have no ‘hope’ of escaping, and I might as well just pull out my camp knife and slit my throat. I think this may just be semantics.

    1. I imagine a person in a boat in that situation wouldn’t even have time to hope. You just snap into survival mode aka acting positively to preserve your bio suit I have been in a number of life threatening situations myself and I know that hope or extraneous thoughts were deffo not on the agenda. They were replaced with an astounding silence and clarity, cool in texture and conducive to thinking with extraordinary concentration and focus. I am here to tell the tale but no thanks to hope or fear. The adage goes Prepare for the worst and hope for the best but I say Prepare for the worst and you don’t have to hope for the best. I’ve never had much time for hope it’s- a bit like buying a pig in a poke Or like being sold a monkey. My intuition tells me hope and fear are the currency of Sakla/Samael/Yaldaboath He foists them on us -just for his amusement

      1. When you put it that way, I suppose you are right. I have also been in life threatening situations and you are right, there is no thinking. You just get incredibly clear and you know what to do. It has happened a few times to me. However, that is because I am wired to fight. The vast majority are wired for flight. I know this first hand. While I spring into action, everyone else is terrified or freaking out or catatonic. One example is I saw my neighbor’s house on fire when no one else noticed one lazy Saturday afternoon. Without even thinking a thought and completely barefoot, I sprinted across the street to tell them while shouting at my wife to call 911, and she was kind of frozen and I had to yell at her twice to do it. I then alerted the neighbors who came out and stood slack jawed looking at the burning house and their 21 year old son actually said, “Dad what do we do?” So I ran to their hose and turned it on and started directing things and told them I had already called the fire dept. They would have just stood there watching their house burn. They were not wired for fight.

  3. When protons are fired, the brain gets re-wired
    Why even bother thinking at all?
    It a dangerous pastime.

  4. ADDITIONAL: ” Hope. – Pandora brought the barrel of evils and opened it. It was the gods’ gift to mankind, a beautiful seductive gift from the outside and called the “lucky barrel”. Then all the evils flew out, living, elated beings: from then on they roamed about, harming people day and night. Only one evil had not yet slipped out of the barrel: Pandora slammed the lid on Zeus’ will and so it remained in it. Forever man now has the barrel of happiness in his house and thinks miracles what a treasure he has in it; it is at his service, he reaches for it when he desires it; for he does not know that the barrel that brought Pandora was the barrel of evil, and considers the evil that remains to be the greatest good luck – it is hope. – Zeus wanted man, tormented as he was by other evils, not to throw life away but to continue to be tormented anew.To this end, he gave man hope: it is in fact the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torment of man”.

    (Friedrich Nietzsche – Menschliches, Allzumenschliches I
    Ein Buch für freie Geister

  5. I would say True Hope is Right Action Now, to Pave the Way. the boxed religions have taught us and other doctrines to just wait, things will get better. That’s a big problem right now Vatican is just laughing at us, as all the other satanists and luciferians. I say all this because people need to have Hope as they were taught but we just need to redefine it for them. It has Good vibrations to me I think it was just another term that was co-opted. But maybe originally it came from the Gnostics. But never let it be an excuse for inaction!

  6. I see “hope” meaning the same thing as “wish”. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.

    To the Anon who says the Vatican is laughing at us…not at all, from what I understand! lol The Vatican is toast and they know it. We are at the beginning of a change-over and Christianity is about to become null and void. It was never meant to last forever, anyway, just like all the religions of the past.

    1. I meant they’re laughing at our bulk of inaction. Mark Passio as an old Satanist person, he was involved in before his wake up, recently asked an old colleague I guess he kept in touch with what they thought of mankind right now. He sent back a picture of a clown. That’s what I mean by our inaction and what they think about it. But people are waking up! And not the stupid woke that they co-opted too. And when I say Action I don’t mean violence like they’re trying to co-opt as well I’m talking about saying No, Not acquiescing, getting involved in your local community etc. Helping to be that Guiding Light to people right now just like you and Wes are doing!

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