Video 233: Q&A Session #59

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, October 4, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: How do we know that we are making different and better decisions in this lifetime compared to previous ones? 

Can signs be bad or good depending on what vibration you are on?

For example, if you are in a lower vibration, you would be directed to see signs that keep you stuck in the same decision-making versus if you were in tune with your higher self, you would receive true signs that are from your higher self?

Lastly, I was wondering if it is signs that manifest into our reality to answer our questions OR the signs are already there and the thoughts come into our heads at the right time to meet with those signs, and if it is the latter, it’s almost like everything is orchestrated like a movie.

QUESTION 2: Anton Parks wrote “as above so below.” Does this mean that there is also manipulation in the KHAA? If so, what is the point to exist further as spirit?

QUESTION 3: Could the soul be seen as the carrier of the individual mind?

QUESTION 4: In The Sixth Level of Learning, you and Ariel mention that according to the Gnostics we agreed to come back to Earth after the Tiamaat catastrophe and after the Deluge to awaken to “Spirit.” How workable or plausible is this? 

QUESTION 5: Is the mind the precursor of the soul?


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  1. What will happen to the soul if he cant recieve the gnosis in this lifetime? How can the soul learn from here when the kenoma is scheduled to be destroy and ceast to exist? Is this too late for the soul to regain the knowledge? Is the soul ceast to exist after the consumation of the age?

    Thanks wes.. i apology to my harsh comments lately saying: there is fake and real wes penre…

  2. Thank you. 1998 I was introduced to your website Illuminati-news and then in 2014-2015 I found the WPP and had a very intense activation which lasted roughly 4 months of complete destruction, then now I come back and find the gnosis writings. Just wanted to tell you that your work has been but a very small part of my life But a very big part. At all the right times. Back in 2015 I saw 11:11 all the time, all the time, all the time. And recently (about 9 months) been seeing 2:22 and 22 22 and I’m not a person to comment on that ever because I get annoyed at people saying 11:11 and all that as it was very real to me before I knew about the phenomena. But this past week I was reading about the narcissist and I was very shaken because the man I am with could be that. I mean, he’s abusive and calls me names and has slot of rules for me. But in my activation I was promised a papa and that I would be led to him. And to trust no matter what, as I went through my destruction, and of course it was real and we did find each other so I am with him but it has been very hard because of the rules he has. But the rules some are good like no alcohol. Because I used to be a crazy alcoholic. But he won’t let me work or meet people or have friends, but I kinda like not working. And people drive me crazy. But I feel he has all the control. But maybe my higher self set it up like that. But anyway, So I did try and see him as a narcissist, and it totally disabled me and we fought but what I gotta say is this, would a twin flame resemble a narcissist? I feel like my higher soul brought me here on purpose (here with him) and knows what it’s doing, although he resembles a narcissist to the T. If I left I would be homeless and I have no where to go. I left my last husband with no where to go and homeless but I knew why I was doing it and I was being guided by alot of energies. But this time I am not hearing from any beings or anything. So I feel like I should stay. I know you can’t tell me what to do but my question is could a twin flame resemble a narcissist ? If you want to know who I’m with, look at Papa emeritus from ghost b. C. The spirit behind that mask led me to him. They are identical and that is the energy I was in touch with. That band and that frontman are real and visited my mind. And since I been seeing 222 for so many months I wonder if it means I’m where I’m suppose to be. Obviously only I know the answer to that but I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning 222 as its been very very real and relevant to me on the daily for long time. And up until now I haven’t known why. Maybe I’m where I’m suppose to be/stay? Maybe I just have to chill out and relax and get through this painful time best I can. Obviously I have a lot of studying up to do. Thank you guys for your work it’s amazing.

    1. I know you asked Wes for answer but I’m going to throw my 2 cents. Narcissists just slow down your advancement and suck an energy out of you. Personally, if I were in your shoes (I know I’m not so don’t know how practical this advice is) I would focus on myself. Get out of toxic relationships, get a job you can tolerate, be alone for a while, move away from the city if you live in one. After I have moved away from the city, I realized how toxic it is to live in one. I know this could be hard.

      Just focus on you to get better mentally, physically. To figure out life is not an easy task and you will have a hard time to figure it out living with the narcissist.

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