Quarantine vs. Tyranny

by Wes Penre, October , 2020

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  1. Trump’s handlers have now demanded that he totally reverse his course regarding the scamdemic and advocate these warp speed injections, muzzles, and useless and exorbitantly expensive Big Pharma drugs. I would strongly expect that his personal use of these drugs, like 99% of what comes out of government, is a lie. Even Trump probably is not that stupid to use these experimental drugs..

    And a few comments on the CV-1984 scamdemic also involving a little arithmetic. First, the CV-1984 virus has never been properly isolated, despite fraudulent claims to the contrary in the abstract blurbs of medical journals articles. The fraud becomes evident in the body of the articles, but few including MD’s have the expertise or willingness to read the experimental procedures. One cannot prove that Covid-SARS-2 does not exist any more than one can prove that unicorns don’t exist. However, it is quite easy to show in both cases that strong evidence does not exit for the physical reality of either.

    Secondly, the death cult must keep the credulous in panic in the northern hemisphere until respiratory illnesses re-emerge in the “traditional” flu season where respiratory deaths can once again be attributed to this imaginary virus. They have done this by constant screeching headlines about the terrible growth in “cases.”

    But in order to do this they had to totally invert the medical meaning of a case on its head. A year ago, a case always involved serious symptoms, usually necessitating hospitalization and usually with supporting lab results. Today it simply means to test positive on a deliberately fraudulent rt-PCR test. I will not go into a long explanation here why this test is both useless and deliberately fraudulent, other than saying once again that the brilliant inventor of the PCR process, Cari Mullis who died last year, said on many occasions that the test should never be used for medical diagnosis but only for biochemical research. But let’s forget about that for a moment. Why are the “cases” exploding? One answer to this is that the use of the tests among the population is exploding. If X% of the population tests positive, and you increase the testing tenfold, the 10X% of the total phony cases will result. Pretty simple, linear arithmetic. But there is something else going on, which Dr. Andrew Kaufman recently reveal.

    In order to show how this works, I will forget for the moment that both the virus and PCR tests are phony and use the CDC’s numbers. Last summer the CDC came out and stated that 0.05% of the general population was actively infected with the “virus.” This means that out of 10,000 people randomly selected from the USA population, 5 will have an active infection. The CDC also came out and said the their best estimate for false positives for THE TEST was 2.3%. This means that out of 10,000 people randomly tested, 230 will have false positive results. (The CDC never even discussed the possibility of false negatives). So let’s say you are tested and it comes back with a positive result. What are the chances that the result is from an active infection or a false positive? From the CDC numbers above, from a random cohort of 10,000 we have 230 false positives and 5 real positives, with a total of 235 positives. So the chances of your positive test being real is 5/235 or 2.1%, or one in 47. So of the positive test, we have 46 people scared shitless without cause and 1 with cause (if you accept that the virus is real and dangerous). Very nice trick. This analysis is based on the CDC’s own numbers and only involve the most basic arithmetic. So in addition to multiplying the “cases” by multiplying the tests, the death cult can vastly increase the number of fake cases through this little trick. And the beauty of it lies in the fact that the fewer real cases you have, the multiplier for the false cases increases.

    1. It’s astonishing, the audacity of the blatant fraudulence of the entire covid BS… and worse, the abject willingness of the public to believe anything put forth by clearly lying, psychopathic, manipulative “authorities” and charge headlong into obvious contradictions and tyranny. As I’ve said before – humanity is being mocked and toyed with, though it’s been brought about by conscious non-thinking and abdication of personal power… looking to be led.

  2. Is that why Yaldo quarantined our healthy Spirits? To establish sickness with tyranny?
    I would have thought you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between knowledge (Christ) and wisdom (Sophia).

    1. “Is that why Yaldo quarantined our healthy Spirits? To establish sickness with tyranny?”
      Yes, that’s one valid way of looking at it.

      “I would have thought you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between knowledge (Christ) and wisdom (Sophia).”
      Not sure what you mean by this. Can you clarify?

      1. It’s a line from a George lucas star wars movie. Obiwon is talking to an alien buddy of his trying to figure out where an artifact came from because it’s not listed in the Jedi’s archived files

        I just wanted to post that quoat here because I felt who ever wrote that line/joke was trying to tell the audience something.

        In this metaphor; we are the Jedi looking for information. But in the wrong place/archive/matrix.
        The info we really seek is outlined by the joke about knowledge vs wisdom. Or our searching for who we really are-the aeon Christ/Sophia.

        Funny eh?
        Stars wars is a story that tells this stary-eyed drama in more ways then one. Methinks that’s why Disney now has control over the franchise. To further lead us astray?

        1. @Mes ~ “Funny eh? Stars wars is a story that tells this stary-eyed drama in more ways then one.”

          I agree

          “Methinks that’s why Disney now has control over the franchise. To further lead us astray?”

          No, not in my opinion. I think we give too much credit, and therefore too much power, to some type of shadow control system that *they* (<- see how easy it is) encourage us or rather do not DIScourage us from believing in. It only benefits *them* that we believe in a *them*. We should stop giving away all our power to a phantom oppressor. We oppress ourselves, mostly. That's the way I see it.

  3. I’m sorry but I see no difference between the two statements. One can not exist without the other. Both have their own connotations, but each are interchangeable. It is this place that has to generates the illusion that they firstly exist and secondly that they are separate. The first implies freedom and the second implies imprisonment. If you are sick then you are here, if you are healthy then you are here, is your spirit sick or healthy? How would you define it. This statement is futile as it represents fear and loathing. I just don’t see the use of expending energy on overcoming this. You are already free, unless you think that there is a choice and choice is the substance that holds the illusion together.
    Sorry if this upsets the apple cart.

    1. @Andrew John burgess ~ I agree with you.

      Both are statements meant to be divisive and put people into an “us vs them” emotional state which only benefits those who encourage us to do this, regardless of which “side” you choose. People get so caught up in trying to answer the question that they get it wrong every single time. It’s like answering the riddle of the troll under the bridge so you can pass. The ONLY answer is that you are not obligated to give an answer. You may pass of your own freewill. The trick is in getting you to believe there is a troll, and you get “stuck” in answering the question. As soon as you do this, you immediately fail the test. There is no question. There is no troll. There is no “side”.

      “There is no spoon.” ~ Spoon Boy/The Matrix

  4. @Rhyme & Reason ~ I saw this posted on a forum last night and found it again being spread on Youtube this morning – word for word and even the same format with the same underlining and bold text. This is a fear-mongering propaganda piece being spread around the internet. Think of this as like an old-fashioned chain-letter that people are just passing around as if they got the information first hand, themselves. They didn’t. THIS IS NOT REAL. It’s FEAR-mongering. My advice is to not fall for things like this and do not join in spreading it.

    1. That’s interesting. Thanks for the heads up. However, I have been doing research on this and Canada is building these camps right now and Quebec is the first to have them already, apparently. I don’t trust Infowars, do you think Joseph Paul Watson is spreading disinfo? I’m trying to find actual people from Quebec who know of anything.


      I just want the truth.

      1. @Rhyme & Reason ~ You have to do what you feel is right for you. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation being spread around by ALL sides. I don’t know who Joseph Paul Watson is so I have no idea what he’s doing. I’ve never listened (watched?) to Infowars, but have heard it mentioned. I can’t help you out, there, sorry.

        I’ve heard rumors, too, of internment camps or quarantine facilities, but I’ve yet to actually see one myself or know of any. Most photos of them online are not real and are either images of abandoned prisons, hospitals, or warehouses and/or have been edited in a photo manager. Hard to tell what is real or not if it is an image these days, unfortunately. I usually err on the side of “not” until I can confirm it, like you are doing by trying to find someone in Quebec.

        Many people get excited by fear and “doom”, especially in conspiracy type communities. They are ripe targets for anything that might suggest danger and most love it. Doom scrolling and doom surfing are very real and very toxic behaviors, but social media and the internet in general takes advantage of people who get excited by conspiracy and the next catastrophe.


  5. I understand what you’re saying very well. And we are researchers and here to share with one another.

    The guy I mentioned from Infowars, I found the same article by him a lot which was a red flag to me. He also had a video on the isolation camps that is gone now I think.

    Look up Australia, they have them. Just watched a video of a mother and her child fleeing one. https://youtu.be/EYYLbkPIGQY

    A lot of the tyrannical changes going on there are hard to find now. I saw many videos and many videos were taken down. The YouTube purge is happening right now.

    In Canada, foreigners have to be in a quarantine hotel. Can look that up.

    The video I sent you says on their own gov sites that in cities in Canada they’ll have these camps.

    P.S. I have no social media, just you guys! Heh. So, from one researcher to another. I’ve shared this with one other person and told them to use with discretion. Soft language (not in terms of dumbing things down just using kind words and gentle methods of delivery) is something I advocate.

  6. @Rhyme & Reason ~ I know the stuff you are describing. I’m a Max Igan fan. 🙂 I’ve learned that I need to take care with the food I am feeding my thoughts. Food for thought, ya know? 😉 That’s all.

    I appreciate your concern and I’m sure others here do, too. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, no problem. Thanks too. None of this is pretty, that’s for sure. I have to stay informed and then meditate and dissolve from it all.

      All I know is if they try to come to people’s doors in the US there is a gun waiting for them. I’m sure the powers that should not be know that. (I’m not American though).

      I’m from Canada, so this news is troubling. And makes me want to find out more. And report from Clown World.

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