On Speaking Your Truth

by Wes Penre, October 12, 2020

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  1. I think the meme would be more precise if you cross out “living a lie” and insert “speaking lies”.

  2. It has been a challenging journey to speaking the truth. You are alone, you can even be homeless.

  3. Speaking your truth and being authentic is important.

    These are the 3 Gates of Speech:
    1) Is it true?
    2) Is it necessary?
    3) Is it kind?

    The next time you ask yourself “Should I say this?” ( …and you *should* be asking this), remember this method. This helps eliminate gossip, harmful rumors, spreading fear, and lies from your life. Even if you are unsure, then it is better left unsaid. Remember that what you put out is the vibration that you will attract.

    While some things may be true, that doesn’t mean they always need to be said. If something does not help or benefit, then keep it to yourself.

    If you are feeling the need to lash out and use your words against someone as a weapon to hurt them, then don’t. Instead, reflect back over the recent past to try and remember when this was done to you. We all have a choice to stop the spread of such ignorant and harmful speech and break that chain.

    YOU control the energy that you put out into the world, and that attracts the energy you experience for YOURSELF. Words have a frequency.

    I didn’t write this. I read this, today, and thought it was extremely relevant and I agree with it. Do you know the most effective way to humble your ego? Learn to be silent. I’ve heard that this is why people who have dedicated their lives to spirituality have usually taken, at one point or another, a vow of silence. If we are silent, we have no voice, and when we can learn to accept not having the ability to impose our own opinion or thoughts onto others around us, we learn to listen, instead.

    1. In a multidimensial universe what is kind for one is destructive for your brother or sister trapped in another dimensional reality . All is relative and the necessity to grasp the big picture is essential out of polarization. Hard truths are like showers…we clean the mess

  4. So true, Wes.. They are mad and living a lie. In my opinion, the lie they are living is one of the sleeping, or unconscious mind. When we speak to them from our heart, or conscious mind , it angers them because they don’t do this. They are sleeping within the grand illusion, and their so called truth is mostly part of the illusion. Spiritually their truth is mostly doctrinal, and dogmatic, not from Within. I really believe they think we’re off the wall,and have no right to share our hearts on spiritually what is being revealed to us within our hearts.. It offends them deeply, it is way to outside the small box of their dogmatic religious beliefs.. The sad thing is, their beliefs are what are dictated to them from the religion they believe in. They never leave that small box full of dogma. It’s so easy , and comfortable for them to dwell there.
    They are fearful to step out of the box too. Let them be angry if they want to. All we can ultimately do is plant seeds of truth with Love, dust off our feet, and move on . I never push to much, but if someone wants to have a spiritual conversation, I never pass up the opportunity to share what’s going on in my heart..Ariel brings up something so, so important too.. It’s really Kind , and Thoughtful for us to be listeners too. It really opens doors wide for us to share a little piece of our hearts.. Thanks Ariel. If we listen , we also continue grow more In Spirit Too. The Always Evolving Process Of Our Awakening ..

  5. Very true Wes and Ariel. I’ve had folk apoplectic with me. I’ve been slandered and libelled called a flat earther/tin foil hatter /conspiracy theory/nut/alt right activist/Nazi/Commie etc etc etc but no one has accused me of being what I AM A hard bitten highly qualified and experienced empiric scientist and humanitarian speaking only evidence backed truth (and then and even then keeping an open mind ) And I’m not blowing my own trumpet. FUNNY OLD WORLD OF INVERSION ISN’T IT?

    1. Yes, I know what you mean, grandalph! Over time, I’ve realized that the attacks, ridicule, and fury that we conspiracy analysts are often met with comes from fear. Unless the attackers are paid provocateurs, but regular people, they don’t want the foundation they’re standing on to be shaken–that’s scary. The bravest thing a person can do is to speak their truth that differs from the mass agreement and is radical enough to change their lives. This is not only a sign of our time–it’s “always” been like that.

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