Video 225: Q&A Session #51

Questions in this Q&A:

Question 1: In the “Invader Force” full movie – Video 196 – and his army destroy everything in Tiamaat’s path since he was demoted. That being the case, why then didn’t he just destroy the genetic centers so he wouldn’t end up working there?  Why did he destroy the innocent Namlu’us?

Question 2: …can someone be on other side of the Grid and bypass Orion all together or leave it “ASAP” to figure out their best “landing place”?

Question 3: You refer to the Humans that have a part of the Divine Feminine as spirited and other beings (including Humans) as souled. 

If they are recycling souls: 

1. Wouldn’t the A.I.F. know who has spirit and who does not?  

2. How is the spirit recycled and enter the body? And do you have a soul and spirit? 

3. Is spirit kept in bloodlines and family as well, or it is random? 

4. Do my parents need to be spirited if I am spirited? 

5. Have you found a technique (other than good ol’ persistence and hard work) to be able to peel the layers of rubbish that has been put upon us in order to reach our spirit?

Question 4: Who is Lord Sanada of The Galactic Federation of Light? The Ashtar Command? Is he the Second Coming for The New Age?

Question 5: Who created the various hominids that existed millions to a few hundred thousand years ago, was it The Vegans or

Question 6: When a person sees life from beyond this matrix/patrix and knows precisely what is going on, and yet life keeps on repeating the same neurotic patterns, with no lesson to learn from it, I’m just puzzled as of this repetition because I am awake and conscious.

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  1. 🌹💙 There were some great questions presented here! Thanks Wes and Ariel for your reflection, as always. Also—just my two cents, so no offense intended: I find that shorter Q&A session lengths, like this one of fifteen minutes, or a bit less, are better for me; not only for my time constraint—my schedule, but shorter Q&As are easier for my mind to digest. {I’d rather see more shorter videos than fewer longer ones.} Stay awesome and stay awake! Everyday is Precious! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

  2. Wes, are you aware of any other author that proposes the same method of matrix extraction? I’m trying to determine about how many of us will make it to the KHAA?

      1. hey Wes and Ariel,and thanks for this sharings with us.about this couple you recomannd ,they are very much implicated with binaural beats,hemi synch and lucid dreaming.what do you and Ariel thing about this things.they were distorted or working.thank you

        1. It seems like many people have positive effects from binaural beats, while others don’t. Dr. Joseph Campbell, who is one of those who developed them decades ago–mostly for OBE purposes–says one has to find the right beat for it to work the best. There are many to choose from. Ariel and I tried them a few years ago, but it was neither positive or negative. Didn’t have any effect on us from what we could tell…

  3. As to the last response about life here as a wheel…
    I prefer to think of it,for myself, as a SPIRAL,as in spiraling OUT of the 3-D matrix…
    I connect and tune with Higher Self-Spirit…the divine spark within,as ultimate guide…
    This is done very intuitively,thru Meditation,prayer-affirmations-reminders, my own rituals with chant,dance,drumming,spirit journying,dream recall,conscious connection with earth spirit,and subtle realms,practising music…
    Also, constant research-learning to complement the inner work….
    Nothing can separate us from our Higher Self-Spirit,except our own refusal to connect!

  4. A while back ariel speculated about inversion. The lord enki always says hes here to redeem us. Ariel was musing that it might be the other way around. Maybe we are here to redeem him? I thought this idea was fascinating and would love to see the notion explored further.


    1. At the time that I was working through that in my mind, I had a different perspective of who is and what his role has been in our situation. I have a *slightly* different understanding, now.

      No. In my opinion, we are not here to redeem him, at least, not in the way I proposed. That was a wrong turn for me, and at the same time, it wasn’t. Part of my thought processes was also about trying to gain a better understanding of the life of Christ. So, the concept of sin and our redemption by the ritual death/blood sacrifice of Jesus, is false, from what I understand. The way this was given to humanity and the acceptance of Christ’s message to humanity has been TOTALLY and completely distorted into something that risks keeping us trapped here, rather than the liberating and sparking knowledge that it was intended to be. Wes and I want to bring this forward for everyone’s consideration, very soon. This is part of what we are researching, right now.

      edit – I also want to add this last bit because my mind won’t rest about it…I dislike writing things like “coming soon” in regards to our own research. I want to explain that. It has become awesomely obvious in our chats, in the questions that people send to Wes, in the emails I receive, etc. that it seems like we are all asking the same questions, more or less at the same time. Wes and I, also, have been asking some of these questions, which prompted our recent dive into the Gnostic texts. It feels like we have all landed at approximately the same point in our own understanding and are asking for more clarity; a deeper understanding. It’s very exciting, although equally frustrating for us as well as others. Frustrating for us, in that we have to find a simple way to illustrate very complex comparisons of material and relationships. There just aren’t any words for some of this stuff! It all comes together, though. We’ll do our best to help those of you, who want to know, see what we are seeing.

      1. Double meanings all around. By definition lord enki is redeeming souls the same way we would redeem a coupon. He’s a slippery one, that old cockless coward.

        Good stuff ariel!!!

      2. Dear Ariel😊I also have some thoughts regarding the life of Christ.I feel that they equate Christ with “ the fallen shining star”(the known religious description of that Event).I also feel that the message was completely reverted.I am so happy that you brought to attention this idea!I just wanted to share this with you.

        1. Thanks, anamaria 🙂 We are going to discuss the life of Christ in detail, which will include the messages. The first article in our new series will be published on this blog today. It will not be a video series, as we originally thought. Instead, it will be a series of articles to read. Adding narration and images to these articles may influence people’s understanding and their own interpretations, which we do not want to do. Christ is mentioned briefly in this first article and then we will expand on it later. I hope you get even more insights and inner happiness as we all move forward. Any other thoughts you may have, feel free to share them.

          1. I have such a good feeling being here with you and Wes( mister Penre).If you can only see the smile on my face.Thank you🌹

      3. I m eager to see what you find out about the Christ story. I’ve always been quite turned off by the idea of “sacrifice.” Torture and death is necessary to “save” us. Never did like the drinking of his blood and eating of his flesh. YUK!

        1. Understandably so. The Gnostic story we’re about to tell has nothing to do with worship, sacrifice, being saved by someone else, or the Communion. Salvation comes from within each individual, just like I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers and the rest of Ariel’s and my material. What you mention are Christian distortions, originating from and his cohorts.

          However, there is a LOT of stigma on the exact things you brought up, and those who’ve come to understand that the Christian religion is not going to save us are often put off by certain words and terms. Ariel and I are hoping that people, after having read our upcoming articles, will be able to distinguish and put the false doctrines aside.

    1. Fascism did not want “to save the world from communism”.Fascism and Communism have the same roots😊

        1. See carl Marx…… Err, moses levy I mean. Carl liked to change his name I guess

    2. Nazism and Zionism, the Thule Society and Homosexual Esotericism : In Hitler’s Army also served more than 150,000 Jews, including many high-ranking officers and at least 5 generals and admirals.History books maintain silence regarding the connections between Jews and Nazi.Both Hitler’s National Socialism And Lenin’s and Stalin’s internationalism socialism have common sources.Moreover, Soviet agents were at the top of the Reich’s leadership.This is the case of Martin Borman, for example, the organizer and treasurer of the Nazi Party, Hitler’s right hand man.Borman signed Hitler’s bills and decided which documents should be passed to Hitler.He largely controlled the key situation and he was a decision maker.Hiller’s rise was largely due to Rudolf Hess, a disciple and student of Karl Haushofer(he had a Jewish father) …who founded the Institute of Geopolitics in 1921.Hess was a very good friend of Albrecht Haushofer – the din of Karl Haushofer (Jewish).Albrecht later worked in the MFA of the Reich, despite his origins.Hitler – a puppet – was recruited by Hess and taken to his teachers, members of occult circles, who practice pagan rituals…Hess introduce Hitler to the Thule Society (see Blavatschi).The author of the Mein Kamf, atribuyes to Hitler, was Rudolf Hess…in turn inspired by Haushofer.
      Please : read about colonel Donovan (1941.
      He become general in 1943.
      Walter C.Langer (1972) published a work titled “The mind of Adolf Hitler” – The Secret Wartime Report.

    3. SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler toured Palestine together for six months to assess Zionist development there. Based on his firsthand observations, von Mildenstein wrote a series of twelve illustrated articles for the important Berlin daily Der Angriff that appeared in late 1934 under the heading “A Nazi Travels to Palestine.” The series expressed great admiration for the pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jewish settlers. Zionist self-development, von Mildenstein wrote, had produced a new kind of Jew. He praised Zionism as a great benefit for both the Jewish people and the entire world. A Jewish homeland in Palestine, he wrote in his concluding article, “pointed the way to curing a centuries-long wound on the body of the world: the Jewish question.” Der Angriff issued a special medal, with a Swastika on one side and a Star of David on the other, to commemorate the joint SS-Zionist visit. A few months after the articles appeared, von Mildenstein was promoted to head the Jewish affairs department of the SS security service in order to support Zionist migration and development more effectively. (Jacob Boas, “A Nazi Travels to Palestine,” History Today (London), January 1980, pp. 33-38.)

    4. The official SS newspaper, Das Schwarze Korps, proclaimed its support for Zionism in a May 1935 front-page editorial: “The time may not be too far off when Palestine will again be able to receive its sons who have been lost to it for more than a thousand years. Our good wishes, together with official goodwill, go with them.” (Facsimile reprint of front page of Das Schwarze Korps, May 15, 1935, in: Janusz Piekalkiewicz, Israels Langer Arm (Frankfurt: Goverts, 1975), pp. 66-67. Also quoted in: Heinz Höhne, The Order of the Death’s Head (Ballantine, 1971, 1984), p. 377. See also: Erich Kern, ed., Verheimlichte Dokumente (Munich: FZ-Verlag, 1988), p. 184.10)

      Four months later, a similar article appeared in the SS paper: (Schwarze Korps, Sept. 26, 1935. Quoted in: F. Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Palestine Question (1985), pp. 56-57.) Am citat mai sus din studiile istoricului american Mark Weber

    5. Hitler was surrounded in the administration of the Reich by a multitude of Jews, including:
      Alfred Rosenberg, who developed National Socialist ideology using Edwars Bulwer-Lytton’s esoteric book “The Coming Race” (written in 1871), and Joseph Goebbels, the head of Propaganda, as a model. Rosenberg, an emigrant from Russia, experienced a rapid rise in the Nazi Party, launching the theme of the pagan cult of “blood, race, and earth,” on Nordic saga rhythms, and relying on the resurrection of the myths of Odin, Thor, and the primitive Teutons in combination with solar invocations of Indian and Tibetan origins.
      My natal country still have very few great journalists.One of them is a highly documented one.I put excellent fragments from a long and detailed art piece of work. For the sake of the Truth and Freedom.😊

    6. Thank you Peter for this link. This documentary makes a history puzzle (nearly) complete. On the other side there Wes’ Learning Lesson Papers and I ask myself, how this fits into the whole puzzle. When it was always shown that Hitler is pure evil and wanted to do harm on other races with his NSDAP party, when it was all about defending a nation and the people of it. Maybe, when we look at the occult background of the NSDAP and SS we may see the answer. Maybe this is the root, the same root that comes from the allies ? What about the Nazi UFO’s Haunebu and Vril ? Think I have to review The Lesson Papers again to understand the part of Enki in connection with NSDAP. Churchills mind was really darkened and evil, but when I watch the documentary I can’t recognize any evil intensions in Hitlers mind.

      I’m a totaly soul splittered person like many others with bad karma. I was born with a whole in my heart, that had been fixed by surgery when I was eleven. On my back I have a big birthmark, that is now vibrating when I’m attacked by scalar waves that I recieve constantly through my daily life. The morgellons sending constantly frequencies, high frequencies, till it hurts. I don’t know how sick I realy am, because there’s nobody, no doctor that will help me. I’m alone and I fight for my life. Maybe I was not a good person in my previous lifes, may it’s lie that has been programmed to my soul. I am a nobody drug addict, with no education and no income. With these frequencies I have no chance to become clean. Not the only one, but they try to make ME sick. My sword and my shield is the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives me the power to fight and survive.

      I don’t ask for help, but if there’s a way please let me know.

      Thank you Wes and Ariel for helping us to understand, what life in a simulation and realy naturel life means. Thank you for all your help and answers.

      1. Check out Toni Pantelleresco. He has a huge website and has done tons of research on frequencies and targeted individuals. Lots of home remedies. He himself has suffered from Morgellons, etc. He also has a YT channel and a weekly podcast. But the website is humongous. You can also e mail him and possibly call his store. He is in Canada.

        1. Thank you very much for linking me to Tony Pantelleresco, Going Clear,Didn’t know about him, a really great man His videos are really helpfull in many ways. Many things that I have to learn and try out. Another good channel is Lookoutfa Charlie, where some of the sounds and voices have been recorded on audio/video. Thank you brother with best regards and wishes.

    1. Thank you Peter.I did😊And yes I am interested in history.Believe it or not there are still WW II pacts…in place…considered legitimately.Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. @Wes Penre, @Ariel Glad, if our souls get fragmented in the Between-Lives Area and gathered up again from soul splinters/shards of different souls, how does such thing as human soul group exist? Is human soul group just group of frankenstein-like souls with genuine spirits behind?
    Does this mean that NPCs/quotemark-humans/organic portals might have multiple incarnations, and we and them share each others soul fragments? I mean, do our souls consist of fragments of souls of NPCs(artificial souls) + other fragments of genuine souls? Or are only genuine souls get fragmented and gathered up back from different soul fragments/shards, while NPCs don’t get fragmented and just kinda die forever/transform into soul energy without intelligence or each NPC’ mind returns back to our spirits…?
    What did Brett Stuart mean in his remote viewing summary “Moksha”, when he talked about “empty ghost shells” or “something that’s used up, like a ghost” – is it about our souls or also about souls of NPCs?
    I don’t get it.
    And if our soul is an avatar of our spirit, hence it can be replaced/manipulated before a spirit decides whether to reincarnate again or not. So what is the human soul group, and is it actually a namlulu, or should we look deeper at our spirits instead of the souls? Is the human soul group a part of the reincarnation matrix?

    1. “Should we look deeper at our spirits instead of the souls?” YES. You’ll find your answers when you do that. Instead of thinking in terms of “soul group”, try thinking about it as a Spirit group. 🙂

      1. @Ariel Glad, why do you and @Wes call it the “human soul group” ? Does this mean this group is of fragmented souls or souls gathered from different soul fragments…how do you see it?
        And also, can fragments of souls of NPCs(artificial souls) be part of our souls, or are our souls only gathered up from shards of genuine, non-artificial souls? And the genuineness of a soul is also questionable: since it can be hijacked/replaced(while spirit is untouchable), our souls may be part of the reincarnation matrix. And i think our souls are like reptilian/insectilian hybrids on the astroetheric level, so they are tuned to saturn-moon’s electro-magnetic +some biochemical broadcasting influence(but actually the whole solAr system probably is broadcasting the reincarnation matrix (or the ideologies, philosophies of AiF/archons + comfortable environment) – since almost all planets are modified with massive amount of naturally-looking? hi-tech(rings of Saturn didn’t exist before?)).

        But my questions were:
        1. what do you mean by the term “human soul group”?
        2. how does it work, if our souls get electricuted, shattered into pieces/fragments and then compiled again from fragments of different souls/avatars?
        3. Are souls of NPCs also used as fragments/shards to compile our souls?

        1. 1. what do you mean by the term “human soul group”?
          *The original grouping of those who, through a series of unfortunate/fortunate events, incarnated into physical bodies to particpate within this matrix (creation). This original group had, as part of their make-up, the eternal essence of Divine Spirit contained within their avatar.

          2. how does it work, if our souls get electricuted, shattered into pieces/fragments and then compiled again from fragments of different souls/avatars?
          *I don’t know.

          3. Are souls of NPCs also used as fragments/shards to compile our souls?
          *No. To the best of my understanding, they are not. Those souls are destroyed/eaten(?) after one “life”.

          1. @Ariel Glad, i think the term “human soul group” is partially incorrect – it’s more like “human spirit group” (meaning group of spirits of humans). Also, to not confuse with artificial souls of NPCs.
            I get that all individuals of the human soul group have the eternal essence or a spark as their core. And this spark is something that can’t be fragmented out and separated from our soul avatars.
            But to me, our souls now look like part of the Construct/reincarnation matrix, while spirits are (collaborative?) creation of Devine God(s) from the KHAA.

      2. Fascinating discussion between you and Robin Obinary ( his intospective thinking and his stuborness made me smile ). All of your answers are extrordinary to me !!!…but this one deeply touched my core being.
        So…basically I should not fall into the attempt to use my conscioussnes in order to see my larger aspect of myself/ my higher Self.
        Thank you!
        I hope that you and Wes will do some videos with those mentioned above topics : sin, redemption, life of Christ. The video on the subject of forgiveness and adjacent comments was extrordinary , at least for me.
        Once more : Thank you both!

        1. @anamaria, wait, why not try to see it?
          If anyone at any moment anywhere can feel/claircognize or channel? what he/she feels as in being our Absolute Self, with smallest details and deep contemplations + subjective view, then it’s way easier to see how and what you are on your spirit self level.
          I personally had spent more than a week trying to touch/understand our Absolute Self…from my spirit self level. So, it’s possible.

  6. @Wes Penre, i have few thoughts on Q3.

    * maybe instead of using word “body”, use “physical body” or “physical avatar” to be specific.
    And also word “mind” is an umbrella term, a synonym of consciousness, and spirit can also be the mind of a person. No?

    * The mechanisms of assigning a person(a spirit or a NPC/artificial soul) to specific bloodlines/family are not random!
    My intuitive impression is that: it’s a combination of manipulation on both mass and individual scale of individual spirits and NPCs(for example, to create a family individual humans as components are artificially drawn together through social engineering+influence of different entities), statistical analysis, AIs, creating and analyzing (scalable) simulations.
    It’s like AIs and machinery is being fed (real-time) surveillance data(akashic records is example) + some other data to analyze.

    1. “It’s like AIs and machinery is being fed (real-time) surveillance data(akashic records is example) + some other data to analyze.”

      Something like “collectors”?

      What do NPCs do? They collect data from the interactions they have with others in order to mimic or form an artificial ego. They take in data/impressions from those they admire and then form a falsely created self (many, in fact) that they project out into the world. They are fake/pretenders. If sophisticated computer programs could be called terrestial AI, perhaps this could be called something similar to cosmic AI. Artificial intelligence, yes, but expanded out to also include artificial *creation*. Here, we seem to have artificial creation co-existing with natural creation. Artificial creation being void or lacking the spiritual essence of natural creation.

      I’ve once heard it described as Thanatos (Greek). Thanatos resides within these beings, where we have Spirit residing within. What is Thanatos? Death/Void. Its twin named Hypno (sleep), which may be US. We are asleep (most of us) and we look like our twin, but there is a big difference in being asleep inside and being void/dead inside.

      NPCs are also “collectors” in the way that they extract and store loosh. I believe this is what Robert Monroe called them, too – “collectors”. They were called that because this was their task and their purpose.

      The way you expressed this concept that I quoted, to me, can be applied to machine but it can also be applied to NPCs. Same. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. These are such interesting things to think about, at least to me. 🙂

      1. @Ariel Glad, yeah, the NPCs is an interesting topic to think about.
        It seems NPCs are not a single, but multi-purpose astroetheric AIs.
        “They collect data from the interactions they have with others in order to mimic or form an artificial ego.” – i don’t know why, but i have an intuitive impression of chain reaction, in which it’s like in the online videogame – smaller and bigger circles – of influence and input…

        When i wrote “It’s like AIs and machinery is being fed (real-time) surveillance data…”,
        i mostly meant that AiF/archons have some stationary machinery(with AIs+simulations+etc) that exists in higher than physical dimensions (or maybe in the physical dimensions as well?) and that process very gargantuan amounts of data from different sources. For example, NPCs and ufos in the sky are these sources and also are local data processing AIs, while that machinery in the higher dimensions relatively to physical is remote/cloud to which everything is being sent/fed.
        It could be similar to this: ( )

        What do you mean by “falsely created self” and why many? You mean like shapeshifting/flexible self?

        “What is Thanatos? Death/Void.” – the symbology of our Absolute Self again, where (being in the) void is thought as death/dead state/non-existence?

        “We are asleep (most of us) and we look like our twin, but there is a big difference in being asleep inside and being void/dead inside.”
        This coul mean three things:
        * Absolute Self as probabilities of either being asleep or void/dead inside, or as polarization of Self.
        * sounds like existentialism of AiF/archons is reflected in how they made NPCs to be in contrast to us.
        * may represent existentialism of any being in the cosmos?

        I also have had an intuitive impression that through our (physical) eyes, AiF/archons are literally able to see(like somewhere remotely on multiple monitor screens) and to gather all this visual data. And hence our physical avatars and our soul avatars + NPCs are creation/modification done upon for surveillance and data processing.
        Not sure if this is fully true and don’t wanna overpower AiF/archons yet again.
        Another impression is that we might be possessing physical bodies that have an embedded main-system AI, automatically operating the human body…subconscious mind interface?

        @Ariel, btw have you had experience with reptilian/insectilian djinns that operate some of the NPCs in the royal families, politicians, etc + among us? I personally had, and my intuition tells me these beings are something like (multi-)interdimensional AIs/emulated consciousnesses. They are like a subrace/group of one of the races/civilizations of AiF/archons.
        I’m clairsentient, and right now i slowly develop this skill. I even have a howto guide on my youtube channel.
        My experience of them is that, on a deeper level, they emit frequency signature of malevolency + signature of being robotic.
        They often felt as something that precalculates its moves and steps and that uses step-ahead strategic thinking.
        And no matter which reptilian/insectilian person i encounter, they all, with slight changes, share the feeling of sameness and roboticness; overstandardization of self and actions, thoughts.
        When i focus on and channel their character rather than a specific entity, it’s always impressions of some kind of mental and emotional obsession + strive for being as precise as possible in everything + strong desire to serve purpose that their managers gave them + unconditional love? towards their higher archontic creators.
        I felt as if not all of them like what they do and how they are executing orders given to them. There is self-contradiction and inner laceration felt in some of them – as if not all of them want to do what they do – like a tiny minority of them has different views and desires…You know, like some of the agent Smith in the Matrix movie dispised the system and didn’t want to serve it anymore.
        I channeled that it’s possible to use your psychic abilities + frequencies of love to reprogram these beings into high-vibrational or at least to make them actually help us. And the same applies to NPCs: we can reprogram them to serve us and to help us free ourselves.

        1. @Robin Obinray ~

          “What do you mean by ‘falsely created self’ and why many? You mean like shapeshifting/flexible self?”

          No. I mean that NPCs will create false self-images for themselves depending on how they want the world to “see” them. I say many because these people may need their boss to see them as a certain person, their spouse another, and their friends yet another, etc. ALL of these personalities being a copy or mimic of behaviors and responses they have observed from others in order to create whatever “self” they need. That will depend upon what relationships they are trying to manage successfully.

          “@Ariel, btw have you had experience with reptilian/insectilian djinns that operate some of the NPCs in the royal families, politicians, etc + among us?”

          No, I have not. If there are such entities, I don’t really care about them and I’m not concerned about them. They aren’t something I spend any time thinking about.

          “And the same applies to NPCs: we can reprogram them to serve us and to help us free ourselves.”

          No one can free me except myself, and I absolutely DO NOT want anyone to serve me. That does not sit well with me, at all.

  7. Dear Wes&Ariel, regarding the area you are researching currently, you stated that it might be a good idea to think to oneself: “I am going to the absolute highest aspect of me” when exiting the grid. Do you feel that this could make us lose our individuality and merge with the highest Source who created us?

    1. @dreamer ~ If my Spirit is emanating directly from its Source, then Source IS the highest aspect of myself, and the highest aspect of myself is already within me. We are individuals which are separate from Source while at the same time being the embodiment of Source. We are both, and we do not need to lose one to gain the other, the way I see it. In other words, we already are merged, in my opinion. If what you mean by merge is something similar to “absorbed by” or consumed, then this is something that I have not come across, yet. While I feel that my answer would be “no”, I have nothing to support it.

      I am right in the middle of stretching my ability to understand who I am in a way that I have never been challenged before. I’ve held certain perceptions of God (Source) and myself for most of my life and then those perceptions were stretched and expanded into what they have become the last ten years or so. Now, they are getting stretched again. Nothing that I have learned or perceived has been wrong, per say, but I certainly did not have to confront this level of understanding before now. This is WAY beyond anything that I can relate to or even describe effectively because language ultimately becomes a barrier.

      I hope this is clear and you are able to understand what I am trying to say.

      1. Thanks Ariel, yes very clear and I understand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…

  8. Dear Wes and Ariel,

    There is so much seemingly like worship of the Third Eye/Eye of Horus by New Age movement and Satanists alike, it is difficult to understand if it is benevolent and in what capacity. Would you know the original meaning of the Third Eye, and what does it mean now?

    Thank You, T

    1. The original meaning is what you want. Was the divine feminine eye, then taken over.

    2. Why is the largest statue at the Vatican a Pine cone? Is it representing the pineal gland? If only what they have kept in their private underground libraries was made public. A lot of questions like yours would be answered.

      By the way, the riots and fake killing of G Floyd was only a distraction for the media to focus on while the Bilderberg Meeting takes place this weekend. Smoke screen

  9. I cannot stop smiling!I would just like to add that the idea of not associating images with the narrative took my breath away : just so so brilliant.It is like you are reading my mind💜Blessing for both of you and for the entire community.

  10. Wes, good answers in this. In reading your latest comments you said that the KHAA is a part of the material universe, but it is the Real universe and it is at a higher density right? I always interpreted from your research that the KHAA was the fullness of the universe and also a spiritual realm and not physical. Also, recently you mentioned the void and the KHAA being different, for some reason I recall you mentioning the void as being the KHAA, as another name for it. Can you please clarify, thanks.

  11. A lot of us are eager, eager for some answers from you. Even Though we have them within ourselves. We do, it’s just nice to also have it the physical realm, I guess. Maybe it doesn’t Matter anymore. Let’s leave in a light, light field.

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