Video 231: Q&A Session #57

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, September 7, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: I’ve noticed the LOA (Law of Attraction) and manifestation have become quite popular amongst young people, which I find empowering and good to see because in a way, it could represent people realising the control and power they have within themselves. However, if we are placed in’s reality, how is it that we have so much power to manifest and maybe even override his simulation in terms of manifestation? I’ve talked with a dear friend of mine and they stated it’s because our higher selves are more powerful. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

QUESTION 2: What are the characteristics of us original humans with pure souls and its Flame, and the DNA modifications Enki did to us? What is originally left of us? Is for example doing business an Enki thing, or an original human occupation, or a mix of both?

Is for example a violin player after years of practice, the talent he has developed to play beautifully, original human nature, or is it again an Enki’s DNA manipulation? I ask this because I’m now confused in how to determine which is who or what. Also, maybe I just should not care about that.

QUESTION 3: In the not so distant past Marduk had the Library of Alexandria burned and, in our history, ancient records have either been wiped out, buried deep underground, or are kept in a vault in the Vatican. Is our knowledge of previous civilizations and increased knowledge in general that much of a problem for the AIF (the Alien Invader Force)? Is it true that our unpredictability is a major issue for them as well?

Looking at how we humans have been treated over time, they seem to go through great lengths to keep us in ignorance and or in the dark about information and knowledge in general. I know The Global Elite and The AIF don’t fear us, so what is it?

QUESTION 4: I have a question regarding spell casting and how it works. Or does it really work?  Does it really help in removing toxic narcissist people?

QUESTION 5: I just wanted to mention I knew about Sophia through John Lamb Lash’s “Not in his Image”, but now I understand She (Sophia) is our Mother Goddess and Creator. He tells She is entrapped in our Earth and thus named Gaia.

Anyway, She is very fascinating, and I want to meet Her, but I feel some resistance because I’m tired of gods, kings and queens, and I’m tired to feel I have no control over my life because someone wants to rule me.


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  1. Hi. WES! I believe now and I have come to the conclusion but I may be wrong again when I say that, Yaldabaoth, the Architect of this world is the Sun. The sun is Lord Archon and the planets are the same Archons from the Gnostic texts.
    Lucifer-Demiurge-Architect of this World is the Sun and on every Planet in our Solar System there is a World but each of them is in another dimension-frequency-vibration.

  2. Hi, WES! I now believe and I have come to the conclusion, but I may be wrong again, when I say that Yaldabaoth, The Demiurge, The Architect of this world is the Sun. Sun is The Lord Archon and planets are the same Archons from the gnostic texts. Lucifer-Demiurge-Architect of this World is the Sun and on every Planet in our Solar System there is a World but each of them is in another dimension-frequency-vibration. I once had the opportunity to see an oath taken by initiates in the Masonic lodges and in that oath the initiate said something like: “I swear I will not divulge the secrets revealed to me by the Architect of all worlds. If I break this oath, let me be cut off tongue, to cut off my hand or foot, my dead body to be put in the temple at the initiation of the newcomers.”…Something like this…Sorry for my bad english.

    1. I believe you’re on the right track, Green Acid Burn. This is what it says exactly in the Gnostic texts, the Book of John (the names are the names of Archons):

      The first is Athoth
      The second is Harmas [called the eye of flame]
      The third is Kalilaumbri
      The fourth is Yabel
      The fifth is Adonaiu [called Sabaoth]
      The sixth is Cain [called the sun]
      The seventh is Abel
      The eighth is Abrisene
      The ninth is Yobel
      The tenth is Armupiel
      The eleventh is Melcheir-adonein
      The twelfth is Belias
      Who rules over the very depth of Hades.

  3. In The Book of Pistis Sophia Chapter 136 the secret name of Jesus is – Aberamenthō – which is a name for APOLLO or HORUS – A fragment: The apocalypse of the heavens.

    Again did Jesus,–that is Aberamenthō,–make invocation, speaking the name of the father of the Treasury of the Light, and said: Let all the mysteries of the rulers and the authorities and the angels and the archangels and all powers and all things of the invisible god Agrammachamarei and Barbēlō draw near the Leech [Bdella] on one side and withdraw to the right.

    And in that hour all the heavens went to the west, and all the æons and the sphere and their rulers and all their powers flew together to the west to the left of the disk of the sun and the disk of the moon.

    The figures of the disk of the sun and of the moon.

    And the disk of the sun was a great dragon whose tail was in his mouth and who reached to seven powers of the Left and whom four powers in the form of white horses drew. And the base of the moon had the type of a ship which a male and a female dragon steered and two white bulls drew. The figure of a babe was on the stern of the moon who guided the dragons who robbed the light from the rulers. And on its prow was a cat’s face. And the whole world and the mountains and the seas fled together to the west to the left.

    Here is the whole Chapter >>>

  4. Do we currently have 1 unique soul? Which, if you don’t manage to escape, gets wasted (split) and merges with other soul splinters into a new soul, just like they put together a Chicken Shawarma role? So that we, as a soul have only 1 chanche to escape? If you can’t escape, are you perished? A word that the bilble use.
    Do our overlords have these harvesting technology to split souls?

    1. Souls who are not very mature and evolved (which is the majority of humanity) go through the tunnel toward the light, and their souls get splintered, but not entirely. There is a “core” part of the soul that remains intact, which the person calls “I”, when they’re operating in the Matrix/Kenoma. So, the core of the soul is recycled together with fragments from other people’s souls, unrelated to themselves. Thus, even though they have amnesia, they can subconsciously “remember” some of what happened in their last incarnation because they incarnate into the same life as last time, over and over, until they advance. But the other soul fragments that are part of someone else can easily make the core soul confused and distracted–it is like a continuous “identity crisis” that happens inside.

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