Gnostic Musings #6: Enlightenment and Self-Reflection

by Wes Penre, September 1, 2020

“Enlightenment is a destructive process…
Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.
It’s seeing through the facade of pretense.
It’s the complete eradication of
everything we imagined to be true.”
— Adyashanti

The above quote is quite interesting, and based on experience, it’s very true. I think many people have the idea that becoming “enlightened” is equivalent to feeling bliss, joy, and happiness. Although it can eventually lead to having glimpses of such states, the road to enlightenment is definitely a destructive and very challenging process. In this article, we will explain how this works. We have touched on this subject before, but now we want to address it from a different angle, more in line with what we have learned from reading and absorbing the Gnostic texts.

In the Gnostic texts, we’ve learned that humanity has descended from the Upper Heavens all the way down to the bottom regions of the Kenoma/Matrix. We now reside in something called the Underworld or Netherworld—an isolated and quarantined section of the Kenoma.

In order to leave the Kenoma and return from whence we came, we need to undo as much as possible of what we have accumulated on our way down, i.e. what has been added into the subconscious mind in form of wounds, beliefs, trauma, and trauma-based responses/uncontrolled reactions.

We live in a universe of energy and vibrations. Because we vibrate differently, we can’t experience what we are not ready to experience. It’s of course up to each individual to decide how much “shadow work,” i.e. inner work they want to do, if any, but our experiences in the afterlife are dependent upon how much of our baggage we have managed to confront, heal, or overridden. To what degree do we really operate in Spirit? Our destination in the afterlife depends on our beliefs and fear or the lack thereof. As I stated in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), we need to question everything here because this is a construct of lies, deceit, and manipulation—everything is inverted.

As William Buhlman so correctly points out in his excellent book, “Higher Self Now! Accelerate your Spiritual Evolution,” we take all the baggage with us when we leave our bodies because whatever we’ve learned here—good and bad—becomes our reality. Although some people might have more spiritual knowledge than the average person, it doesn’t mean they have confronted the archontic parts of themselves and transformed their old beliefs into knowledge and understanding.

In his book, Buhlman includes a chart to make it easier for people to realize what they might want to work on. He calls it, “Mobility of Soul/Consciousness in the Afterlife,” and these are the specific things he points out:

Limited to a Single Nonphysical Reality (Heaven)

Least Freedom of Movement

Indoctrinated physical self-identity

Rigid mindset

Follower of belief systems

Attached to a familiar physical environment

Many physical attachments

Inflexible thought patterns

Negative mindset


Unresolved baggage and regret

Holding on to self-destructive thoughts

Ability to Experience Interdimensional Movement

Enhanced Freedom of Movement

Nonattachment to dense human form

Open minded

Spiritual explorer

Open to change

Detachment from material possessions

Flexibility of consciousness

Positive approach to challenges

Selfless acts

Physical life goals complete

Filled with love and forgiveness

With the above chart in mind, we can see that there is no way to escape our mental baggage, except by working on ourselves to the best of our ability. We create our own prison and attachments to this reality with our beliefs and fears.

Although we, as Spirit/Divine Mind, are untouchable, eternal, and uncorrupted, we still inhabit a soul, which, contrary to Spirit, is made of energy and is therefore of the Kenoma. Metaphorically speaking, we can’t run equipment that is made to operate on 110 volts from a 360 volts outlet—it would self-destruct. It’s nothing different with our souls. We are the ones responsible for what we experience after death.

This is why I posted a Chinese proverb on our blog, on Facebook, and on our forum a few days ago, where it reads,

“He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey.
He who blames himself is halfway there.
He who blames no one has arrived.”

Chinese Proverb

Blaming others means we are not looking inward to improve ourselves. Everything is someone else’s fault—we project our own issues outward. When we become a little more aware, we start going inward and start blaming ourselves for situations in our lives. We realize that we all live in our own beliefs, and we approach life by acting out on those beliefs—often in a reactive and non-productive manner. Gaining more awareness, we then understand that there are higher spiritual powers at work, and we are all part of them. We start seeing our reality without blame, from a perspective of acceptance, and when we, en-masse, learn to do this, the real changes will occur within the human mass consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that the world will be “saved” because when we, as a group, come to the point of no-blame, we have already realized that this reality is not our home—it’s an abomination, a copy, and a bad mimic of the real Spiritual Universe. It will never become a benevolent world, even if people change to the better. It was not created to be that way, and it’s not a part the “rule-set” that created this universe, the Kenoma. This is a universe of decay, death, with a dog-eat-dog mentality, and that will never change as long as Yaldabaoth and his archons are in charge of the metaphysical realms. Instead, this universe needs to be absorbed into the Spiritual Universe, i.e. Sophia’s Mind (more about this in an upcoming article). There is literally nothing here to save. The wonderful experiences most people are yearning for cannot be achieved here on Earth—never has and never will.

However, we can make the little time that’s left of the existence of this planet more endurable by making changes within ourselves. Regardless, Yaldabaoth and the Archons will still be around, and our success on a mass scale becomes their failure—their existence depends on their ability to control and manipulate us, which will always prevent us from reaching any consistent higher state of beingness here. We’re in the densest part of the material universe, where the vibration is at its lowest. This is the reason why it’s important to achieve Gnosis and understand who we are, what are true purpose is, and where we’re going—we need to connect with our Higher Self—the Spiritual Realm—from which we’ve been disconnected for so long.

As the situation is right now on this planet, there is no one, calling themselves enlightened or not, who don’t experience various degrees of pain and suffering because that’s the way this universe is set up in Yaldabaoth’s kingdom. But not even he can be truly blamed—he is a byproduct of this creation, and he does what he is “supposed” to do. He is the archetype of Ignorance and Darkness in the Kenoma.

Thus, don’t confuse enlightenment with bliss. If someone tells you that they are enlightened and now they experience only pleasure and peace and no pain and suffering whatsoever, that person is most likely not confronting their Ignorance/Darkness within, i.e. what is buried in the subconscious mind and is thus still in ignorance; such a person is not enlightened. It doesn’t mean that a person who is on the path to enlightenment can’t feel peace and pleasure at times, but they are not immune to pain and suffering. If someone works hard on themselves to improve and repent, they might, at one point or another, reach a level where they feel they are ready to return Home, but they are still to some degree affected by this reality.

Our five senses and our intellect keep us constantly busy with focusing on the outside, material world. There is drama, threats (real and imagined), distractions, and problems in an endless stream that prevent us from going inward and process things around us on a spiritual level. And we have constant inner thoughts and chatter that are not even us but originate from the archontic forces within. This keeps us even more distracted from finding out who we really are.

We cannot become perfect so long as we are in the Kenoma, but the more we confront our shadows and ignorance, the better off we will be, and we can more easily reach the Upper Heavens and the Pleroma—the Spiritual Realm.

I am sure there are many people who feel that “now I know everything I need to know, so I’m just going to relax and go on with my everyday life, wait for my demise, and return to Orion or the Pleroma.” Contrary to that, if we want to reach there we need to work on it. It’s when we do get Gnosis that the work actually begins for real. As mentioned earlier, we go where we’re ready to go. And don’t forget that this is an inward journey. We are ultimately not going anywhere, except inside our own minds. How pristine is your mind? What do you want to work on? Do you have courage to go inside and reach your “inner core,” which is your Spirit/Divine Mind? If this sounds scary, but you want to still reach there, you need to do the work, nonetheless. You know when you’re ready. Even if you perhaps can’t reach all the way in this lifetime, the closer you get, the less work after this incarnation.

I’ll quote Buhlman once again,

“When you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, look at it as an opportunity to learn something new. Always remember that you have a choice in how you react to any situation. Learn to flow with life instead of resisting things that are different than what you had expected. Practice the art of being transparent to all the dramas that surround you.”

William Buhlman, “Higher Self Now!“ p. 30 (Kindle version)

When you can do this more naturally and without judgment, you know that you’ve hit home. The closer you can come to what it says in the quote, the higher your vibration, and the easier things will become after you have left this physical plane.

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  1. hmm…yes, quite interesting and makes much sense though it’s safe to say Buhlman hadn’t any notion of what was to come when he wrote ‘learn to flow with life instead of resisting things that are different than what you had expected.” How does one flow with muzzling, ‘distancing’, and shutdown? My family and everyone I speak to is having terrible struggle with this insanity. I can’t help but be strongly resistant. It’s aberrant and against flow in and of itself. How to flow with this?

    1. I know what you mean…It’s true that Buhlman doesn’t have the full picture (although he has a bigger picture than the majority of people), but going with the flow from our perspective means going with the flow of Spirit/Divine Mind, which is not part of this material universe. It’s a matter of learning how to be an observer and not get engaged in the drama of the world. The more we can do so, the less it will affect us–Spirit is stronger than both Yaldabaoth, the Archons, the EL-ite, or the material universe as a whole. When we realize that, we can become like people who are watching a movie. We are not part of the movie–we are the observers. But to be able to do that, we need to rid ourselves of being effect of the fear-mongering thrown at us from the “authorities.”

      This may sound like fantasy or sci-fi, but that’s only because we have invalidated ourselves to such a degree that we think everything else is more powerful than us. This is where Gnosis comes into the picture. It will help us to become observers instead of participants. We are IN this world, but we’re not OF this world. Every time we engage in the drama, we lower our vibration and continue playing the game of the oppressors. To use the movie analogy again; it’s like if you watch a horror movie and decide to throw yourself into the movie. If you were able to do that, you would be a part of the horror movie. However, if you sit in your living room and watch it, you are just the observer.

      1. The problem Wes is that we are FORCED to participate in the idiocy. For eg. we can’t buy groceries without wearing a mask, etc. etc. We are forced to be IN the movie. For all practical purposes being just an observer is not an option for most people.

        1. Right, it’s not an “option” for most people who are still in darkness/ignorance, which is the norm here. Some things we DO need to participate in, but HOW do we participate? In a reactive way (with anger, disgust, blame, and hopelessness), or as observers—EVEN if we wear masks to be able to enter the grocery store, for example? It’s all about attitude. Can we place ourselves above the crowd of reactivity and start operating from our Higher Mind?

          1. @Wes – Even if you have the “right” attitude, the fact that your very action of doing what the PTB wants albeit forced/mandatory actions, and mutiply that by the population on earth, just reinforces the PTB’s agenda moving closer and closer to their goal. Like Ariel said below – “we can do all the positive thinking we want ……….” – and I agree with her opinion.

            1. We are not here to save everybody–it’s up to each person to break out of the programming. No one can do it for anybody else. The best we can do is to work on ourselves and try to educate those who are willing to learn and listen.

              There is only one direction to go if we want a better existence than the one we have, and that is to wake up and start working on ourselves. We can choose not to, of course, which many people do, but there are consequences to that.

              It’s all a matter of overcoming fear. Particularly fear of death, which is the biggest fear humans have. It’s a powerful implant. That’s interesting because it’s actually inverted. People are dead when they are going on with their daily lives on Earth in ignorance. Death is life and life is death in this construct, where everything is inverted. When people are afraid of death they are actually afraid to live.

              Our choice is to either break the programming and learn to see the world from an observers viewpoint (stepping back and watch what happens) or keep the programming and not making any progress. However, we have freewill here, so each individual needs to make the choice. It might sound harsh, but we are not exactly living in a paradise, either. We need to choose between living our lives without much spiritual progress or we invest in eternity instead, where we CAN get what we want. But yes, it requires some work, unfortunately. The more work, the better off when we leave. The resistance we might feel against this is not the core person–it’s the archontic forces inside us “talking.” Here, we call it the subconscious mind, and Ariel and I have called it artificial soul or artificial spirit.

            2. @Nikkie M.. i agree with wes penre ..
              Earth is beautiful but not a paradise anymore.. it was infested with parasites and viruses. .. fighting with PTB is useless.. the only fight we can win is within and it is not an easy fight.. you have to sacrifice your physical existence to achieve the freedom.. there is no freedom here.. you are only free within.. are you ready to surrender everything here in physical/material for the real freedom?

              The real freedom can only be achieve when death occurs… are you ready to die? And of course after you die are your mind/conciousness ready for the true reality?

              1. Yes, that’s what it’s about. When the Consummation of the Age is here, no one will come back here because the Kenoma will be destroyed, including Earth. But the more we work on ourselves and our “frequencies,” the more options we have immediately afterwards.

                1. So True , Wes ! The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within Us , the Best Place to Store Up Treasure . A place where mold , and rust can’t consume them , like if we were to store up treasures here.So I Totally Agree , the more work we do within our hearts to Awaken , boost our Frequencies,and Grow In Spirit while we’re here ,the More Opportunities we’ll have in many ways, especially after the Consummation of This age.

          2. Interesting, I’m curious Wes and Ariel, do you wear a mask? I understand if you going to do something do it with vigor, resolve, and hopefully and authentic smile on your face. Not that anyone would see it if you were wearing a mask. 😉 I know you were just giving a timely example of your point. It just made me evaluate my stance on the current times. I feel non consenting to the mask is important part for me and the collective consciousness of the human spirit group. It’s paramount to remain authentic. However I never wish to be authentically Ignorant. I tire of the virtue signaling and the de evolution of the psyche. I know I’m not saving anyone however to see the one person across the store whom is not falling for the bs it’s all worth it. I don’t feel I can be authentic and wear a mask with a smile or vigor. I’ll take the nasty stares, I just giggle inside on how far I have grown that people’s opinions don’t me shit to me. Be well

        2. I clicked like to your first comment Nikkie M but satanic wordpress bans me of doin it!Anyway as you said sis we are forced to participate in this shit one way or another.Bein an observer is not an option for the poor masses and all hard workin for the daily livin in this HELL!

          1. So what is the better option? To “fight back?” That’s exactly what “they” want. Why do you think they provoke us like they do? Why the riots, for example? That’s not even the people fighting back–it’s started by agent provocateurs ( Fighting back and getting involved in their game is what ‘they’ use against us, and have always used against us throughout time, to feed from us, and to help them to get more leverage to introduce martial law, so they can legally take away ALL our rights if they want to. We need to be smarter than that.

        3. I have no answers about the masks. I doubt most do. I just don’t wear one as much as I can get away with. I am in a part of the country where I can get away with some things. I realize other places are more strict. I have been the only one in the grocery store without one and it can be intimidating, but no one has confronted me. I just create that reality ahead of time. When things got more strict and I couldn’t get away with it, I now wear a bandana, barely. I justify to myself that it is not a mask and I wear a bandana routinely anyway in my work to protect my face so I feel it is not too much of a compromise and it’s not a mask. I purposely make the point of it stop before my chin and make a point of blowing it up as I walk along. I can breathe, I am technically covering my face, and I am simultaneously showing how stupid it is by blowing it up and down always. One of my sons is in Las Vegas where things are strict, but he is on the UNLV hockey team and he and his teammates do not wear masks. It is easier to do things like that with a group. They simply walk into whatever store and are told they need to wear masks and they say OK and just keep walking and go about their business. They don’t fight with anyone and no one is going to say anything to 6 hockey players. So there’s ways to justify things to yourself and get away with stuff. Get a group of like minded people to shop with you. If there are several people not wearing masks, they probably aren’t going to confront you. If you’re alone, it’s harder. You could always just say you have an exception and walk on without arguing or confronting the people yelling at you. It’s not going to change. Not enough people are awake and will not wake up. I saw I person riding a bike all by themselves wearing a mask. Every other person driving yesterday had a mask on, even alone in the car. I’m in Florida and people routinely walk into gas stations and such straight from the beach with no shoes or shirt on, which is technically illegal, but it’s Florida, and they make them wear a mask. There is no hope or help for many. Some are still awake though. I just had a meeting with several clients yesterday, in person, no mask, and several shook my hand. So every day there’s some spark, but it’s not enough.

          1. Shawn, I love you! Your comment could have been written by me it’s so similar to how I operate, down to the bandanna. I, too, say a quick prayer/intention before I go in to do necessary shopping – maskless- and when I create that bubble of reality I’m not confronted by the ‘mask police’ though I still feel anxious and intimidated. It boggles the mind that our world has come to this. I hate every second of it; I feel so oppressed that I hardly go anywhere so as not to have to see the masses with their muzzles happily on. My grandkids and I are losing our stability and minds, not from fear of a hoaxed, fake ‘pandemic’ (ha!) but of the intense weirdness. I’m aware it’s only the beginning…

      2. Hi wes.. it puzzled me when you say William Buhlman does not have the full picture.. what do you mean by that? I started reading his books ADVENTURE BEYOND THE HUMAN BODY and it seem that he had only traveled to a 4% universe or the astral plane where the archons ruled.. he actually not pass the 8 or 9th dimension …. what are your thoughts about his travel during OBE?

        i hope you respond ..

        1. Just like Robert Monroe, Buhlman has made journeys through the different heavens of the Kenoma–not only what we call the “astral” (which is within this Earth construct–the lower 5 Heavens, aka the Underworld, in which we are quarantined). But none of the two has been able to get into Orion, and that is for obvious reasons. First, they were not dead–they were still connected to their physical body. Second, if they would have been dead, they would have gone where they are ready to go, which includes the possibility to go to Orion.

          Both M and B realized that what they were doing was an Inner Journey–they traveled deeper and deeper within their own mind. B is also talking about that when he reached the “highest” heaven on his journey (7th Heaven, I would presume), there was a veil or barrier that prevented him from moving onward (the veil between the Kenoma and Orion). I think M had a similar experience.

          This also means that both of them went through the Grid, probably unbeknownst to them.

    2. @MoonStars ~ “How to flow with this?”

      I don’t know. We can do all the “positive thinking” we want, but at the end of the day, we have reached a point in our own global society where we have allowed certain individuals, systems, and organizations to own us and own the things we need to survive. We put the chains around our own ankles and now we are being shown just how far those chains will allow us to move. It’s a pretty short chain.

      I don’t have an answer to this, to be honest. I’m just as clueless about what to do like everyone else. I also have people I love who are struggling daily with the extremely unrealistic expectations and regulations they are required to keep. Yes, it’s insanity and insanity has been allowed to control the world. That’s nothing new, actually, but now it’s in our faces (no pun intended). We are all getting a good look at the hearts and minds of those we gave (or sold) our sovereignty. People have woken up to the fact that they have been wearing a chain on their ankle this whole time. Every way that you see your life being restricted is showing you everything they own — medical care, education, travel, policies/legislation, the judicial system, identification, the media (online, social, and otherwise), sports, movie/music/television production, banking, employment, housing, food industry, and on and on…Basically, if whatever it is has been affected by this *thing”, then they own it because they are using this as a means to yank our chains about it.

      I don’t know how to change that.

      edit – my answer is a little different than Wes’.

      1. How to flow? It’s real easy. Gotta love yourself. Be an attribute like those aeons. I’m awesomeness! It’s really that simple

  2. If humans will unite and recieve gnosis then we can make earth a paradise.. i believe the attitude of all beast and flesh eating animals will change.. never underestimate the power of the divine.. humans will become powerful ,if all humanity recieve the knowledge.. i feel we can do what namluu done before.. being the care taker of the wild beast…

    Of course i could be wrong but there is no impossible in the divine.. we can override the archons and eradicate the virus even here on earth if all humans become enlightened and gain the lost knowldege..

    1. This entire physical universe is scheduled for termination by the Divine because it is, has always been, and always will be corrupted. It will be destroyed and absorbed into the higher realms. We are here to help out with that process. If you want a paradise-like place (and who doesn’t?), that’s where we’re heading. It can’t be found here, regardless of our efforts. All the 7 Upper Heavens and the 5 Lower Heavens (in which we dwell) will cease to exist at the end of time (the Consummation of the Age). Yaldabaoth and his archons will be destroyed in that process…

      1. Wes, HOW are we here to help it dissolve into the upper realms? What is our task when we are attacked so often?

        1. @Lover NOT a fighter ~ “Wes, HOW are we here to help it dissolve into the upper realms? What is our task when we are attacked so often?”

          We (Wes and I) were just talking about this today. It has to do with our own ability to see this for what it is and apply our own awareness to it for the purposes of learning/growing, *OR* ignoring our own part of this process in favor of continuing to perpetually cast blame and accuse an “enemy” which can only result in the victim state of mind. We must be willing to at least consider that the possibility exists that we are *not* victims to anything except our own choices.

          Think of it this way, maybe ~ We have a mind and that mind allows us to either see our pain as opportunities to blame/attack/accuse someone else or use this due to our own awareness that we are eternal (Spirit) and therefore never *die*, to understand that there must be a bigger or more profound reason that we experience these things. For me personally, there is. There is a MUCH bigger reason and that is to take my light (Spirit), enter into the darkness of what I have been calling the Divine Subconscious (darkness, hidden, ignorance created when an Aeon for the purpose of experiencing this aspect of Its Divine Self sank into darkness and wanted to explore Its own ignorance [a paradox exists here with this scenario]), expose as much as I can of this darkness to this Little Light O’ Mine and transform what I once perceived as pain into what it really is which is an opportunity for my own Spiritual development. How do I do this? By rooting around in my OWN subconscious (because we share the same mind-scape fabric of the Divine – same mind, same subconscious/conscious design) and redeeming/resolving my own ignorance about myself. Because I am an aspect of Divine creation, sharing the same mind, when I do this for myself, I also do it for the Aeon aspect of Divine Source (ONE) through which this experience is being carried out and explored. We have to be willing to *go there* and we do that by *going there* within ourselves.

          Take what we know about the upper realms and lower underworld (<- subconscious aspect of the Divine mind), with all of its levels, realms, or “heavens” and now overlay or transpose that onto/into yourself. YOU are the process that you undertake, internally, to climb your way "up" from the bottom of your own depths of darkness. ALL of this exists inside your own "mind" as a process, just as we exist within the "mind" of this Aeon (Sophia) who is also doing this process Herself via US, who exists within the "mind" of GOD/SOURCE/PRE-EXISTENT ONE who is benefiting from this experience on our behalf. We are ALL connected to this process and we redeem it by redeeming ourselves.

          I heard this last night and I don't know where it comes from, but I agree with it ~ " When you hate evil, you just create another evil by your own hatred."

          I hope that makes sense.

            1. @Robin Obinray ~ “@Ariel, at the same time you’re right. And at the same time, it’s such a masochism…”

              I don’t see it that way. I feel very humbled by such a very, very intelligent and complex Divine design. I’m in awe of it, to be honest, and I feel honored to be part of it. You are entitled to your own feelings about it, of course.

          1. Yes, Ariel, it makes sense. I printed your answer to read again and again until I absorb its meaning for me more clearly. Thank You and Wes for all You do. 🙂

    2. If humans will unite and receive gnosis , Most people are indoctrinated and very few would even take time to to even learn what gnosis is. Even with an awaking souls many are in the Matrix ascension under Enki. Im not saying that we can’t lesson to a much more peaceful world but how long would it last? I feel that we will always get dark ones that come here and start all over again and again . I see leaving this matrix is the only way.

      1. @Alex ~ “Im not saying that we can’t lesson to a much more peaceful world but how long would it last? I feel that we will always get dark ones that come here and start all over again and again.”

        I feel the same way. This is a dark world (suffering), and it was created this way. It always was and it always will be because of the density and vibration at which it sits. This world was *never* a paradise. Never. It was created *for the purpose* of being dark. It has never been about how to remake it or transform it into a paradise, because we can’t. It has always been about discovering that we don’t belong here and doing what it takes to get ourselves out of here, in my opinion.

        “I see leaving this matrix as the only way.” ~ I agree. 100%

  3. I love this Wes. Thank you for the reminder. Seems like I’ve been on the search most of my life. Very little progress as far as I can tell. I KNOW a lot of things but have not realized much. My darned mind won’t shut up. I remember a meditation teacher mentioning how when we die our consciousness will seek it’s own level, a bit like water does. It sounds to me it’ll be an almost automatic process, so it really, really matters that we do the work here, as you have laid it out. The distractions are rampant right now, made worse by survival concerns. Luckily I’m getting bored and tired of what’s going on outside my window, so hope to spend more and more time going inward. Thank you again for laying out the task before us. Much love.

    1. Excellent post, GC. Yes, it becomes an automatic process. At the time of body departure, where we are in our process determines where we’re going.

      Regarding mind chatter, etc. This is something we can train ourselves to diminish and manage to a large degree, although it requires some work. Studying the Gnostic texts help–not once but several times, until it really hits the heart more than the head space (heart being an expression for the Higher Mind/Spirit). We recommended a book in the article, as well, by Wm. Buhlman, “Higher Self Now!” It’s a really helpful book for self-realization ( for Kindle or paperback).

      But the Gnostic Texts, when they hit the Heart, are really the most helpful, IMO, because they definitely teach us to distinguish between the Higher/Divine Mind and the Conscious and Subconscious mind we operate from in this reality. Once we can much more easily spot the difference, we know where the work needs to be done to heal and/or override our inner wounds and the archontic forces inside.

  4. @Wes – Even if you have the “right” attitude, the fact that your very action of doing what the PTB wants albeit forced/mandatory actions, and mutiply that by the population on earth, just reinforces the PTB’s agenda moving closer and closer to their goal. Like Ariel said below – “we can do all the positive thinking we want ……….” – and I agree with her opinion.

  5. For what it’s worth; when I was four years old I experienced a situation of being in excruciating pain my father placed me on the bed I recall screaming uncontrollably one minute the next minute I was sitting on the foot board watching my body screaming but I was feeling no pain. That experience changed me forever I felt the freedom from physicality. My outlook on this life experience as I grew was always different than others and still is.
    There’s no stopping what we’ve all participated in creating would be like trying to stop an avalanche half way down a mountainside. People say oh I have firearms to defend my home,that’s not a bad idea if you feel like getting shot. Those in control like defiance they feed off demonstrations and resistance.
    Time to be still and know thyself study the message that was left for us so long ago and know exiting this prison is the only way to freedom.

    Thanks to Wes and Ariel information is so clear and easily available.

    Bless all

    1. @Mike ~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes, we have to live with and resolve (within ourselves) the consequences of what we create, and hopefully learn from it. People who buy a gun to defend themselves against a home intruder have just put themselves in alignment with an intention in which their home is at risk for being invaded. They have created that possibility by buying the gun for that purpose. How ironic, yes? That’s how it works. If a person does not want to fight a perceived enemy then they shouldn’t create (within themselves) the attitude of defense, or offense for that matter. If you are “on defense” then you have simultaneously created something to defend against. If you perceive that you need to protect yourself from predators, then you have just invited predators into your reality so that you can protect yourself from them. lol

      Best wishes to you 🙂

  6. Quantum Pause Breathing helps you go within. It must be practiced daily!
    Consider it a mediation which becomes the gateway to Spirit!!
    Especially when in difficult times (around masked people and/or others)
    It can change so much about your own mind’s growth & development
    It naturally separates you from conflict and from people you no longer resonate with.
    Going within is not easy & it HURTS but it is worth seeing your fears/shadow dissolve.

    Thank you Wes and Ariel.

  7. I’m just going to leave this here for everyone to think about. I’m currently reading William Buhlman’s book “Higher Self Now!”, and I read this passage today. Here is an excerpt:

    “8. Our evolution is centered on our ability to master our thought projections within every dimensional reality of the multiverse.

    9. We remain cloistered within the dense epidermis layers (physical and astral dimensions) of the vast multidimensional universe until we master our thought projections.

    Just imagine the complete havoc and destruction one primitive, undisciplined mind would create within an immaculate, instant thought responsive heaven! Who would you want standing by your side in an instant thought responsive reality? The physical and astral dimensions provide the essential training required for souls to eventually enter the higher dimensional realities (heavens).”

    Much of this comes from his own experience as well as Robert Monroe. As we think about these different levels of reality, both upper “heavens” and lower “underworld”, there exists many different vibrational realities in each. As we perfect our mind-state, we gradually accelerate past these realms of experience and achieve what Robert Monroe calls “escape velocity”. The speed at which we move or pass through these dimensional realities is determined by the state of our mind (thoughts/beliefs). Agree with it or not, that’s for everyone to decide for themselves.

  8. Enlightenment can be tough at times but it is a beautiful feeling to feel awake in this world while everyone else is asleep. I like having an expanded perception of reality beyond the 5 senses. When I became awake in 2013, I was researching so much …..I began to notice how beautiful nature is. I also started seeing repeating numbers such as 11:11 and 4:44 and 1234 everywhere I went. I am 39 but look like I am still 21.
    When I was born I had surgery the day I was born. I had a part of my right lung removed because there was a cyst in it. I flat lined as a infant 3 times on the operating table. I was brought back to life by good doctors.
    Despite all this I became a great athlete. When I woke up I also realized the majority of the population is sound asleep. Even most of my family and long time friends are asleep. They are great and wonderful people but they have their belief systems…and even after you show them videos or articles about the real truth of this world, they still won’t believe it…..but you have to be patient and let others wake up on their own time.
    This site is one of only places I can come where I can find like minded people Who understand the awakening process.

  9. Hi Wes and Ariel!

    Thank You for everything You do for humanity. Being attacked profusely lately, the more Gnosis I gain and more I discover within my own Self. Being a Twin Flame I feel I am being attacked through my Twin as this person does channeling and Energy work.

    I ame across this article today about the Tree of Lofe and wonder what you think about it. It also seems to explain the 144 phenomenon.


  10. Interesting. While this reflection was to a large part about transitioning from the physical to the non-physical, i.e. preparing for death, I saw no mention of finding a hole in the grid and making our way to Orion if we so wish. Should I regard this previous suggestion as no longer valid? I very much do not want to return here for another “life” and have my memories wiped again. If we come from spirit, what exactly was the gain to ourselves and others from being submerged in Yaldabaoth’s cesspool for eons? Also, would you regard refusing to comply with this tyrannical idiocy in a non-violent fashion as David Icke suggests to be counter productive to our spiritual growth?

    1. Previous information is still valid, such as going through the Grid. The soulution we present is to gain Knowledge/Gnosis, which is Light, so we, one by one, can become lighthouses in a world of darkness.

      What happens when you turn on a flashlight in a dark room? The room lights up, and whatever is in the room is revealed. So, whatever is hidden in darkness in this world will be more and more revealed as more and more people wake up.

      Our task is to wake up, and if we want to, we can do our best to actively wake up others by referring them to where they can find Knowledge–ultimately the Gnostic texts. That will eventually put us in a position where the dark forces can no longer control us. If we fight against them–physically or through protests–we are still participating in their agenda, and they will take advantage of it, and they are. They can instigate new laws and rules, so they welcome even peaceful demonstrations, for example. It helps them propel their agenda.

      Instead, we wake up to Spirit and stop participating in one thing after another, as a group and as individuals. There is no other way around it.

      1. Somewhere at the center of the universe is a little man with a flashlight looking for a circuit-breaker

  11. @* , what if planets are kinda constructs…they may not be spheres, but rather external lands…?
    What if our planet is much-much larger, and escaping from what we know as Earth is not an actual escape? A trap within a trap?
    What if beings from pleroma are much closer than we think?
    ( )
    What if are not entirely enclosed in Sophia’s realm, and there is more than that?

  12. Wow. I just watched this NDE from this woman and I felt compelled to share! When you die, it really is thought-responsive!!!
    So when you think GRID, it should just appear.

  13. @Anonymous ~ YEEESSS…Thank you for sharing this video. This woman’s experience with manifestation and thought-responsive creation is NO different than what we do *here*.

    In this Universe, THIS is how reality is created. It is no different in “physical reality” than it is when you leave the body. The only thing that makes us *perceive* it as different is the filter of the five senses. We must process it through the limitations of this particular part of our avatar (body). That makes it very difficult to perceive and be aware of what we are creating, but we are still creating everything with our own thoughts, nonetheless.

    I was watching the Netflix series “Surviving Death” and the first episode is about NDEs. It’s very interesting to listen to these people tell their stories. I’m glad you posted this one. 🙂

  14. Wow. Thanks for the share! I get it so much more now. You are right, we do create our own reality and its such a shame because my life kind of sucked even though I have always had a strong connection to Spirit, I created all of my problems. Even with affirmations, yoga, therapy etc., I just couldnt come out of trauma. Sanity Fare recommended this channel and I have been enjoying this playlist. Full of goodness!

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